- Ipseity Ontologia (NPC)

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- Ipseity Ontologia (NPC)

Postby Ipseity » Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:39 am

Player Name: Ian George
YIM Handle: ian_p_george

Character Name: Ipseity Ontologia
Alias: None
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Rifts Priest
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 5,051 ((5/27/2013 JAEGER))
Next Level @ XP: 8,201 (Uses African Priest OOC table from WB4 p.160)
Sentiments/Non-Humans: They are all me. We are all true to our true nature.
Sentiments/NGR: They hold too tightly to misguided false beliefs. There is still time for them to learn.
Disposition: Action orientated and Eager to explore and experience human life to the fullest. Egocentric, “I am everything”.
Insanity: Psychosis: God Syndrome

I.Q.: 12
M.E.: 13
M.A.: 18
P.S.: 20
P.P.: 23
P.E.: 23
P.B.: 7
Speed: 35

P.P.E.: 93
H.P.: 33
S.D.C.: 96
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1”
Weight: 230 Lbs
Description: Average looking German man with a lean muscular athletic build. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. He and his clothes always seem to be perpetually clean and dry, free of sweat and dirt. Tends to often wear basic 'everyman' type of clothing (aka: jeans, t-shirt, light jacket, hiking boots).

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: +2
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: MA 18 = 50%
Max. Encumbrance: 69 Lbs … 30% Body Weight
Max. Carrying Weight: 500 Lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 1,000 Lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 16' Long 6.5' High ( -60% from a stand Still )

Special Priest Abilities
  • Prayer of Communion 2x per day -- 35% [+7Lv] Cryptic messages and warnings from one's higher power
  • Prayer of Intervention One of the following 1x per day:
    • Can cast any one spell of any level , is cast as if +5 Current Character Level (NO PPE Cost for the spell) -- 35% [+7Lv]
    • Ability to create a Magic scroll (only 6th+ lv Preist) -- 9% Lv
    • Super Healing two touches each does 2d4x10 HP/SDC or 4d6 MDC -- 35% [+7Lv]
  • Miracles: Most Desperate and Important of circumstances -- 22% [+2Lv] See Rifts Conversion Book 2, p.14

Spell Knowledge (PPE)
Spell Strength: 13 (Advancement Same as Mystic)
  • Spell Level 1
    Lantern Light (1)
    Cloud of Smoke (2)
  • Spell Level 2
    Mystic Alarm (5)
    Aura of Power (4)
    Cleanse (6)
    Chameleon (6)
    Extinguish Fire (4)
    Levitation (5)
  • Spell Level 3
    Telekinesis (8)
    Create Wood (10Soft or 20Hard)
    Armor of Ithan (10)
    Breath Without Air (5)
  • Spell Level 4
    Chromatic Protection (10)
    Charismatic Aura (10)
    Fist of Fury (10 Self or 50 Other)
    Deflect (10)

O.C.C. Skills
Dance -- 60% [+5Lv]
Native Language Speak and Literate German -- 98%
Language Speak Euro -- 70% [+5Lv]
Literate Euro -- 60% [+5Lv]
Language Speak Russian -- 70% [+5Lv]
Literate Russian -- 60% [+5Lv]
Basic Math -- 75% [+5Lv]
Lore Demons and Monsters -- 55% [+5Lv]
Land Navigation -- 54% [+4Lv]
Wilderness Survival -- 55% [+5Lv]
W.P. Knife
W.P. Paired
Hand to Hand: Basic

O.C.C. Related Skills
  • Work Bars and Rings -- 66% [+3Lv]
  • Prowl -- 35%
Acrobatics (No Fear Of Heights)
  • Sense of Balance -- 70% [+5Lv]
  • Walk Tight Rope or High Wire -- 66% [+3Lv]
  • Climb Rope -- 84% [+2Lv]
  • Climb -- 45%
  • Back Flip -- 70% [+5Lv]
  • W.P. DeadBall WB10 p.64
    Called Shoot (2Attacks) -1 Strike per ricochet bounce floor, wall, ceiling, etc.
    (Without Skill other Characters are -4 Strike for each bounce)
    -2 Parry or Dodge for 1 ricochet additional -1 for each additional ricochet
Juicer Football
Forced March

Secondary Skills
Computer Operation (Lv1) 40% [+5Lv]
Running (Lv1)
W.P. Targetting Critical on Natural 19+ Can do Aimed and Called Shoots Gets PP +4 to Strike with thrown +2 from WP
Swimming -- 60% [+5Lv]
Philosophy -- 40% [+5Lv]
Athletics (General)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: +1
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +9
Dodge Bonus: +11
HTH Damage Bonus: +5 SDC
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +11
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
K.O. on Natural 20
Combat Moves: Kick Attack 2d4, Punch d4, Elbo d6, Knee d6, Disarm, Entangle, Tackle d4, Power Punch 2d4 (2At)

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Targeting +2
W.P. DeadBall ( reduced penalties for Bounce Attacks )
W.P. Knife (+1 Strike, +2 Parry, +2 Thrown)
W.P. Paired

Saving Throw Bonuses ( Advancement same as Mystic )
H.F.: +4
Possession: +2
Coma/Death: +16%
Magic (varies): +7
Lethal Poison (14+): +4
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +4
Psionics (15+):
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Re: Ipseity ( Pending Review )

Postby Ipseity » Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:42 am

Back Ground Story:
Ipseity was born in the NGR. His parents Karen and David were both teachers. His mom was a high school coach and his dad was a philosophy teacher at a small community college. As a kid Ipseity was more into sports and being active. He excelled at many sports. It seemed they all came easily to him, and he was good at them.

When he was about 12 years old he and his parents went on a camping trip. A fun time was had by all. Until Ipseity came back from collecting fire wood to find the camp site trashed. A Gargoyle stood over his parents motionless bodies. Ipseity had seen the NGR videos growing up. The last thing a unarmed human kid should do was attack such a deadly and power predator. But attack is what he did. His fists flying in blind furry. It was all a blur. When it was over Ipseity looked down at the Gargoyle he had somehow just beaten to a bloody pulp with his bare hands. What he saw was his own reflection in the glazed and confused Gargoyle's eyes. It seemed like time stood still as Ipseity looked at himself there in the Gargoyle's eyes. It was him, but not him. Then the moment was broken suddenly as the Gargoyle ran into the night.

Ipseity moved to his parents. They were still alive. They were beaten , bloody , and still bleeding , but alive. His dad was unconscious. His mom looked up at him, coughed blood, pain and fear in her eyes. Ipseity also saw himself in those eyes. Like before it was him , but not him. He didn't want to loose his parents. Tears flowing down his face. He asked ”What do I do?”. His mom passed out, eyes rolling back. ”NOO!! What do I do?” Ipseity yelled into the night sky.

That's when he first remembers that feeling. A greater self. A greater being, beyond and above him, but at the same it was still him. In that moment it suddenly seemed so obvious what to do. Almost like watching a TV show of his own body moving under the direction of someone else. When that someone else was him, but not him. He touched his parents and then in seconds the wounds closed. The sense of greater self was gone. Both his parents were healed, but unconscious. He couldn't remember what he did, or how he did it. But he had done it.

Ipseity stayed up that night. A soldier might have been doing it to stay on guard. But, Ipseity couldn't sleep. He was confused. At the same time he felt empowered. He did hours of soul search and thinking that night as he kept his parent warm and tended to the fire. Exactly how long he doesn't know. In the next day his parents awoke sore and weak but alive and otherwise unharmed.

Over the next few years Ipseity would go on extended wilderness trips. During these times he would reflect, think, and often come back with new enlightenment. When he wasn't going on the wilderness trips he was doing more and more extreme sports. His parents were concerned about some of the changes they saw in their son. Still Ipseity showed no signs of stopping or slowing down.

When he moved out Ipseity wasn't wealthy by any means. But he did win enough money from the sporting events to live a modest life. It wasn't enough, he wanted more. He wanted to see new things, face new challenges, gain new enlightenment about himself and his other self he's made contact with. He did a little traveling , and had a few adventures , but now his path has taken him back to the NGR.

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