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Hung Lei

Postby Hung Lei » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:51 am

Player Name: Ryan
YIM Handle: GreyMystik2001

Character Name: Hung Lei
Alias: Great Thunder
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Demon Queller
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 5,876 ((9/11/2012 JAEGER))
Next Level @ XP: 10,000
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Hates demons and any supernatural evil. Otherwise, doesn’t really care about race.
Sentiments/NGR: New to the NGR and Russia, but any foe of demons is a friend of his.
Disposition: Quick to anger, but quick to forgive (if you’re not a demon or supernatural evil, that is). Gregarious and enjoys having a good time. Animated storyteller and loves to show off his skills.
Insanity: Obsession: Revenge. Driven to exact revenge for injustices and wrongdoings to innocent people and teammates (especially if it involves supernatural beings)

I.Q.: 12
M.E.: 18
M.A.: 15
P.S.: 25
P.P.: 22
P.E.: 24
P.B.: 11
Speed: 38 (26MPH)

P.P.E.: 98
I.S.P.: 35
H.P.: 40
S.D.C.: 254
M.D.C.: When using Chi-Gung, Hung Lei's S.D.C. and H.P. are converted to M.D.C. (294 combined maximum)
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 240 lbs. (all muscle)
Description: Wears ornate, flowing and colorful (black and green, with yellow symbolic stitching) silk robes of a scholar, wide-brimmed Chinese style hat, prayer beads, black boots.

Natural Abilities
+2 Perception
Invoke trust/intimidate: 35%
Horror Factor 15 to lesser demons, Horror Factor 10 to greater demons
Max. Encumbrance: 3600 pounds
Max. Carrying Weight: 3600 pounds
Max. Lifting Weight: 7200 pounds
Max. Jumping Ability: See natural abilities

Special Abilities
1. Mystic Body Hardening Exercises:
The demon queller has undergone
brutal martial art training to toughen his body. The character
possesses the following mystical abilities:
--Stone Ox (incredible endurance/S.D.C.)
--Chi-Gun (M.D.C. skin)
--Iron Hand (M.D. punches)
--Kick Practice/Chagi (M.D. kicks)
Hands are immune to normal fire, take 1/2 from Magic/plas
Fatigues at half normal rate, can lift & carry 50 times normal amounts
Palm strike does 1d6+14 MD, Power punch = 2d6+14MD, +4 dmg on all hand strikes!
Jump kick 3d6 MD, Roundhouse 6d6 MD
Skin has Natural AR = 18
Can leap amazing distances: 10ft +2ft/lvl high (currently 16 feet) from standing start, 28 feet length when running start
In addition to these powers and their bonuses, the body hardening
exercises enable the character to draw on mystic energy, at a cost of 1
P.P.E. point (thanks to Chi-Gung), and transform the S.D.C. and hit
points of their bodies into M.D.C.! Duration of the M.D.C. transformation
is two minutes (8 melee rounds), and the change is instant, a simple matter of willpower and mentally
manipulating magic energy.

2. Chi M.D. Death Blow (special):
Demon Quellers can use a chi death blow attack against
oni/demons, dragons, elementals and other supernatural beings and
creatures of magic! When used against supernatural opponents, the
attack inflicts mega-damage, even if it is normally an S.D.C. attack.
The character can inflict the mega-damage strike with a punch, kick
or hand-held weapon like a sword, axe, spear, club, etc., and does
double normal damage plus P.S. bonus in mega-damage.
The chi attack is so devastating to the creature's body that it cannot
bio-regenerate injury from a chi death blow for 1D4 hours! This is what
makes the attack so deadly to the supernatural.
1. In addition to being limited to the above O.C.C.s, the
character must be pure of spirit and intent. This means there can be no
possibility of regret when this spiritual inner strength is used and it cannot
be used in anger, fear or for revenge, even if the character wants to.
2. Counts as two melee attacks/actions.
3. Limited to supernatural beings and creatures of magic. The chi attack
is not applicable against M.D.C. bots, borgs and power armor, nor
ordinary human beings or S.D.C./hit point creatures.
4. The chi M.D. death blow is not applicable to guns or ranged attacks.

3. Meditation: Involves engaging the mind and body so that the
body remains motionless, but without fatigue or pain, and the mind
stays in a clear, calm and rested state. While meditating, a character recovers
I.S.P., P.P.E. and other internal resources at an accelerated rate
(three times as fast as normal). Although it is not a substitute for sleeping,
characters will usually feel alert and refreshed after any period of
meditation. When in a meditative state, the character is, at a subconscious
level, well aware of what is happening in the environment and
can instantly leave the meditation position with no combat penalties.
Base Skill: 20% +6% per level of experience. Currently at 38%
Base Meditation Time:
The amount of time that a character can continue to meditate: one hour
at first level, plus one additional hour per level of experience.

Magic Spell Abilities:
The demon queller only knows the spells
taught to him to fight demons and really isn't interested in learning
more. At best, the character will learn one or two spells to add to his demon
fighting repertoire every three levels.
Initial spells include:

Globe of Daylight (2) Lv 1
See the Invisible (4) Lv 1
Sense Evil (2) Lv 1
Turn Dead (6) Lv 2
Breathe without Air (5) Lv 3
Impervious to Fire (5) Lv 3
Circle of Flame (10) Lv 5
Fireball (10) Lv 6
Call Lightning (15) Lv 6
Charismatic Aura (10) Lv 4
Magic Net (7) Lv 4
Tongues (12) Lv 6
Words of Truth (15) Lv 6
Exorcism (30) Lv 8
Banishment (65) Lv 10
Protection Circle: Simple (45) Lv 9
Magic-Adrenal Rush (45) Lv 8
Lifeblast (15) Lv 5

Major psionic, has following powers:
Bio-Regeneration (6)
Mind Block (4)
Sense Evil (2)
Psychic Purification (8)
Psychic Diagnosis (4)
Psychic Surgery (14)

O.C.C. Skills
--Climb: 65% (+5%/lvl)
--Climb Rope/Rappel: 80% (+5%/lvl)

Swimming: 65% (+5%/lvl)
Dance 60% (+5%/lvl)
Sing 55% (+5%/lvl)
Wilderness Survival : 55% (+5%/lvl)
Land Navigation :58% (+4%/lvl)
Tracking (humans and demons): 55% (+5%/lvl)
Mythology : 65% (+5%/lvl)
Demon Lore: 65% (+5%/lvl)
Literacy: Chinese - - 98%
Languages: Euro and Chinese - - 98%
Language: Demongogian : 74% (+3%/lvl)
Mathematics, Basic: 70% (+5%/lvl)
W.P. Sword
W.P. Blunt
W.P. Spear
W.P. Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand: Kendo

O.C.C. Related Skills
Holistic Medicine 45%/35% (+5%/lvl)
--Sense of Balance: 59% (+3%/lvl)
--Work Parallel Bars/Rings: 69% (+3%/lvl)
--Back Flip: 76% (+2%/lvl)
--Prowl: 30%

Physical Labor

Secondary Skills
Running (can run at half speed for 24 miles or 8 miles at full speed before fatigue sets in)
Athletics (taken @ 3rd level)
Calligraphy 50% (+5%/lvl)
Bodybuilding & Weight Lifting

Combat Data
HTH Type: Kendo
Number of Attacks: 6
Initiative Bonus: +1
Strike Bonus: +6
Parry Bonus: +7
Dodge Bonus: +6
HTH Damage Bonus: +10
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +6
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm: -
Other: Break Fall: +1
Combat Attacks: disarm, break fall, roll w/punch/fall/impact, pull punch, karate punch, kicks, knee and elbow strikes
--Body Block/Tackle: 1d4 damage, must dodge/parry to avoid knockdown (lose 1 attack/init for remainder of round)
-- Pin/Incapacitate on natural 18,19 or 20.
--Crush/Squeeze for 1d4 per attack
Also see M.D. attacks under “special abilities” above

Weapon Proficiencies
WP: Blunt +8 to strike, +9 to parry
WP: Sword: +8 to strike, +8 to parry
WP: Polearm: +8 to strike, +8 to parry, +7 when thrown
WP: Energy Rifle: +1 to strike
WP: Paired Weapons
Saving Throw Bonuses
    +18% vs Coma/death
    Impervious to vampiric bite or mind control of any kind!
    Impervious to possession!
    Impervious to poison! (provided by Black Scarf)
    +1 vs Magical vapors and disease (provided by Black Scarf)
    +1 vs Mind control
    +2 vs HF
    +5 vs Magic
    +3 vs Psionics (needs to roll 12 as major psionic to save)
    +3 vs Insanity
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Hung Lei

Re: Hung Lei (Eurasia PC)

Postby Hung Lei » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:53 am

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Hung Lei

Re: Hung Lei (Eurasia PC)

Postby Hung Lei » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:54 am

”Sure, kid… have a seat. I’ll be right with you…” I say, watching the boy and his parents carefully as they approach with apprehension in their eyes. Approaching a total stranger during the night? Only desperate people travel at night. Even more risky to approach a campfire in these parts … no matter, I’ll indulge them for a bit. I’ve nothing better to do right now, anyhow.”So, you want to hear some stories of…” I pause for dramatic effect, look the boy directly in the eye and continue, ”adventure and excitement?” I continue, as the boy slowly nods his head, an eager look on his face. His parents, brows furrowed, have not stopped staring at me since they approached. Out of the corner of my eye, I see another figure approach. ”Mind if I join you? says the female voice, smooth as silk and think with an Eastern accent.," I’m travelling to Russia, and it is cold outside. I would appreciate the warmth of your fire.” I close my eyes for a few seconds as I put the Mind Block in place. As I turn to face her, the figure’s shape comes more into focus… and what an alluring shape it is. ”Absolutely, my dear,” I say, gesturing toward the crackling flames and turning back to the family.

”Now, boy… I’ll tell you the story of a real demon queller… a man that strikes fear into the hearts of demons everywhere. Are you ready to hear the legend of Hung Lei, the Great Thunder Demon Queller?” I say, the words rolling off my tongue as if I am telling a story to a room filled with an audience. The boy nods, grinning with anticipation as his parents smile and the attractive woman smirks, a twinkle in her eye. The air is electrified as I begin to weave my tale.

“Not too long ago, in a distant province, there was a young boy, named Hung Lei… not much different from your age, as the legend goes” I say, gesturing to the young boy as I begin the story I have relayed a hundred times before. ”Hung Lei’s parents were very poor, and after one particularly bad seasonal harvest, they could not afford to feed everyone. Fortunately, he had an uncle who was well off, and so they took him to live with his uncle. Unfortunately for them, they never made it that far…” I trail off, waiting to see what happens. The boy, unable to resist, takes the bait. ”What happened then, mister?” he says, eyes bright with wonder.

”Well, this particular area was known to be infested with the worst sort of bandits, and the boy’s parents could not afford any protection. Therefore, they travelled at night time to avoid the bandits… but they didn’t count on the dark ones who wanted to feast on their souls…” I say ominously. The boy leans in closer, hanging on every word. His parents are wide-eyed as well, and even the beautiful woman seems interested. I have a captive audience where I want them to be.”The boy’s parents were the lucky ones, killed in a matter of moments. The boy, however, was not so fortunate. They had different plans for him, oh yes. Being young, he was a sort of delicacy for these foul creatures… they wanted to enjoy making him suffer as long as possible!"

”Stop, please! You’ll give the boy nightmares!” his father exclaims, a pleading look on his face. I close my eyes and focus for a moment. It's all I need to confirm what I already suspect. ”We should go, boy. Come with me and your mother…” begins the father, who then stops suddenly as I abruptly leap up.

”Nightmares? NIGHTMARES? What do YOU know of real nightmares?” I exclaim back to him, my voice rising dangerously. The color drains from his face and he starts to shake. ”I…uhh… please, sir… we don’t want any trouble…” the man says with a quivering voice. The attractive woman stands and watches, the smirk still on her face. I have a hunch, but I need to play it smoothly.

”If it’s trouble you are concerned with, I assure you that it will not find you…” I say, glaring at the man with eyes of steel, as I walk toward the fire. Eyes on all of them, I bend down and reach directly into the flames, removing a hot coal with my bare hand and withdrawing it from the flames in my palm like naught but a smooth stone. The boy and his parents gasp with amazement. ”It’s sorcery!” exclaims the boy’s mother as he nearly stumbles over himself to get to her and cling to her dress. My peripheral vision registers an arched eyebrow on the attractive woman traveler who has come to join us.

”Not sorcery…” I say, smiling as I slowly walk towards them with the hot coal in my hand. There is no sizzling sound; no smell of burning flesh as I stop walking directly in front of the amazingly hot woman while closing my fingers around the white-hot coal and continuing to talk to the boy and his parents.

”As I said, if there’s trouble, you can be certain it won’t come looking for you, as you are pure of heart and intent. However…” I pause and close my eyes as I concentrate momentarily to fill my body with chi energy, and then reopen them… ”This traveler is another story!” I exclaim as I pivot and sink into my Thousand Pillar Horse Stance while my arm shoots out, driving directly into the attractive female’s chest, releasing a shower of sparks cascading over my hand and her body as I simultaneously crush the white-hot coal and drive my Enlightened Buddha Palm into her midsection. Any unarmored mortal should instantly die from such a telling blow… but this is no mere mortal. Still, she gets knocked several yards off her feet from the force of the blow and has a smoking crater in her sternum now. Not a bad start.

The boy and his parents freeze with terror, jaws on the floor and white as ghosts. Like a deer in headlights I think. Bellowing thunderously, I verbally taunt the demon:” Did you really think you could deceive a mighty demon queller such as myself, foolish demon? You shall not feast upon my soul tonight, foul creature… nor the souls of these innocents… for tonight, the souls you have tormented will be avenged” I exclaim in a thunderous voice, eyes blazing with righteous fury as I settle into my Infallible 5 Sages Stance and prepare to renew my assault. As the demon hears my words, I catch a glimpse of fear, but then her look morphs to one of resolve as she smiles slyly.

”Foul creature? Surely you must be mistaken, Demon Queller… “ says the vixen, words dripping with honey and with a voice sweet as sugar. A sweet perfume fills the air as she continues, but without the Russian accent now, “Why I’m just the woman of your dreams, and I’m here to give you the time of your life… why don’t you take off those stifling clothes so I can rub you up and down and show you what REAL pleasure feels like, big boy?” she continues flirtatiously. I feel a subtle mental touch on my mind, but with Mind Block in place, she doesn't stand a chance. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that the boy’s father is not as lucky, as he gazes lustfully at the woman and begins to approach her as his wife and son stare on in horror.

I carefully maneuver to place myself between the demon and the family, unfazed by her charms. I have to think fast, or this may end badly. She springs back to her feet like lightning, beginning to close the distance between us, but I rapidly invoke a Globe of Daylight which springs into existence between us. The demon shrieks with rage as she falls back, cursing the whole way. The man stumbles and hesitates for a moment as her mental grip on him wanes, and I quickly take advantage of the moment and cast my next spell, Banishment. ”You will come out here no more!” I exclaim, as the demon wails and is gone.

I stand up, straighten my robes and continue with the family where I had left the story:”Where was I? Ah yes, the torture. You see, the demons decided to have some infernal fun with Hung Lei. They filled a cauldron with oil, brought it to a rolling boil, and suspended him upside down as they slowly lowered him head first, toward the bubbling oil. The young boy’s pleas were sweet music to their demonic ears, but they paid him no heed as he came closer and closer to the vat, savoring the terror that young Hung Lei felt.”

By the campfire, the boy begins to turn pale again as tears well up in his eyes.

I sigh wistfully. I have no intent to terrorize children, after all. Better to let this one go, I think.”You may spend the evening here, so long as you are quiet. Stay inside this circle and you will remain safe” I say, as I pull out the chalk and draw the circle of protection around them before expending the last of my psychic potential for the day to activate the magical protection.

As I retire to meditate, thoughts plague my peace. Perhaps I have done enough damage for one night. These people do not need to know that I am the boy in the story. No, the less these people know about the identity of the man before them, the better. My foes in Russia, which I will reach within the week, will not not be so fortunate. No, the supernatural evil there will soon fear the blade of Great Thunder Demon Queller Hung Lei!

"Great Thunder"Demon Queller Hung Lei has a mysterious, shrouded past. What IS known, to those who manage to get close to this enigmatic being, is that he trained in the Taoist mountain of WuDang for over 20 years while he developed natural psychic power that resided within him, learning herbal medicine, psychic healing and the finest martial training available. Hung Lei trained relentlessly using mystical body hardening exercises to toughen him up in his quest to eradicate supernatural evil. He has no family to speak of; they were lost when he was but a boy. His only friends are 2 other demon quellers, the esoteric "Rain of The Ten Thousand Immortals" and the deadly "Lightning Fist". Of the Three Storms trained at WuDang, Thunder is the most physically powerful, while "Rain" is known for his incredible speed and "Lightning" prefers a magical assault. Hung Lei claims that his master at WuDang was assassinated, while sleeping, by a cadre of vampires who poisoned him to weaken his chi and attacked like cowards in the night. They then split up in three directions to improve their chances of escape. The Three Storms split up, each going on direction to find the killers. Thunder went North, to Russia, while Rain went to Japan and Lightning to Africa where they remain to this day. Hung Lei eventually discovered that that the vampires he was looking for were rumored to be in the Black Forest area of the NGR. Determined that his master's killer be found and brought to justice, he travelled west across the vast areas of Russia to the NGR, ready for wherever his quest took him. When not engaging in his occupation, he is known to be fond of singing and dancing, and he has taken up calligraphy.
Hung Lei

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