Rose Junolo

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Rose Junolo

Postby Rose Junolo » Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:27 pm

Player Name: Casey
YIM Handle: Tcrpg2

Character Name: Rose Junolo
Alias: Rose
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Gunfighter
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 4,201
Next Level @ XP: 8,401
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Grew up with D-Bees, treats them the same.
Sentiments/Coalition: Hates them passionately, believes they killed her father and leveled her home.
Disposition: Eager to learn; quiet with a great deal of underlying grief and anger.
Insanity: Demophobia (a subset of agoraphobia; fear of crowds)

I.Q.: 11
M.E.: 12
M.A.: 21
P.S.: 13
P.P.: 23
P.E.: 14
P.B.: 14
Speed: 09

H.P.: 25
S.D.C.: 27
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 133 lbs.
Description: Caucasian, long black hair, green eyes; wears jeans, shirt, leather vest, black cowboy hat, long duster type coat, and hip holsters for a revolver and an energy pistol.

Natural Abilities
Charm/Impress: 20%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 65%
Max. Encumbrance: 86 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 130 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 260 lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 7' 6"

Special Abilities
1. Weapons Master & Bonuses: Can pick up, figure out, and use most types of handguns and rifles as well as rail guns, rocket launchers, and light artillery, whether they fire projectiles or energy. +1 extra attack per melee round when using any type of gun, from old style revolvers or bolt-action rifles to energy pistols, energy rifles and rail guns. +3 to disarm on a "called" shot (the intent to disarm must be announced).
2: Weapons Repair: A Gunfighter can take apart, clean and put together her favorite types of weapons blindfolded. She can also clear jams, make repairs to weapons, pack her own bullets (a.k.a. "load shells") or make/modify her own special ammunition, jury-rig an E-Clip recharger from a vehicle, generator or robot, and similar. Base skill: 60%+ 5%
3. Quick-Draw Initiative: Handguns & Rifles (special): This is really a special P.P. bonus exclusive to the Gunfighter O.C.C.: +1 to initiative for every two P.P. points above 16 (maximum P.P. 30; for a bonus of +7). This means a Gunfighter with a P.P. of 24 is +4 on initiative (plus any other initiative bonuses from skills or magic). Remember, the winner of the initiative roll shoots first. This skill combined with W.P. Sharpshooting, makes for a deadly combination. Note: The full bonus applies only to the use of handguns (i.e. Derringers, revolvers and pistols) and rifles (energy and conventional types). Reduce by half when using shotguns, archery, knife throwing, laser rods, or magic rods and staffs that fire bolts of energy. Not applicable to the use of rail guns, artillery, explosives, hand grenades, power armor, or weapons built into vehicles.
4. Paired Weapons: Revolver & Pistol (special): The Gunfighter and Gunslinger can draw and shoot two handguns (or throw two knives) simultaneously at the same target, inflicting full damage from both weapons, but counts as one melee attack! In the alternative, the two-gun attack can be divided between two different targets visible to the shooter and within his range of peripheral vision. The divided attack counts as one simultaneous melee action against two different foes. The quick-draw initiative bonus still applies, but the shooter must roll two separate times to hit each target (roll to strike for each) and the bonuses to strike each is reduced by half.
Note: Parrying is not possible when two handguns are being used as paired weapons, but the character can dodge (which uses up one of his attacks) and counter by shooting.

5. W.P. Sharpshooting Specialties (3):
Sharpshooting Revolver
Sharpshooting Energy Pistol
Sharpshooting Energy Rifle
A combination of special expertise and trick shooting with a particular type of weapon. Includes +1 melee attack when using that specific weapon for the entire melee round, shooting bonuses, and trick shooting, which includes:
1. Can fire a traditional two-handed weapon, like a rifle, one handed without penalty (normally the shooter loses all strike bonuses).
2. Can shoot over his shoulder by holding up a mirror and using the reflection to aim; no penalties, keep full bonuses to strike.
3. Accurately shoot while riding a horse or a moving vehicle (normally a wild shot), but strike bonuses are half and a "called" shot is impossible.
4. Shoot accurately while standing on head or hanging upside down; all bonuses applicable at full.
5. Dodge, roll or somersault and come up shooting (normally a wild shot), no bonuses or penalties to strike; straight roll of the dice.
6. Ricochet shot! The shooter can bounce bullets, arrows, slings, and other fired projectiles (depending on the specific W.P.) off of one surface and angle the shot in such a way that the projectile ricochets/bounces off and hits a different/second target! Inflicts only one point of damage to the first surface and full damage to the second. Reduce bonuses to strike by half. This can also be done with laser weapons but the ricocheting surface must be mirrored or highly polished. Glitter Boys are excellent reflective surfaces for performing a ricochet laser shot. Particle beams, ion blasters, rail guns, mini-missiles and other types of weapons cannot be used.

O.C.C. Skills
Language: American 100% (+5%)
Language: Spanish 100% (+5%)
Land Navigation: 54% (+4%)
Detect Ambush: 55% (+5%)
Detect Concealment: 35 (+5%)
Find Contraband: 46% (+4%)
Recognize Weapon Quality: 55% (+5%)
Basic Electronics: 50% (+5%)
Field Armorer and Munitions Expert: 70% (+5%)
W.P. Revolver
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Rifle
W.P. Shotgun
W.P. Bola
Piloting Skill: Hovercycle 86% (+3%)
Horsemanship: General
Hand to Hand: Expert

O.C.C. Related Skills
Trap and Mine Detection: 45% on visual alone/95% using special equipment/55% using equipment (+5%)
Wilderness Survival: 55% (+5%)
Lore: Cattle and Animals: 50% (+5%)
Trap and Track Animals: 20%/40% (+5%)
First Aid: 45% (+5% 1st Level)

Secondary Skills
Literacy: American 50% (+5%)
General Maintenance and Repair: 55% (+5%)
Recycle 30 (+5% 1st Level)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 4 (5 when using any type of gun)
Initiative Bonus: -- (+3 when using any type of gun)
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +7
Dodge Bonus: +3
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: +2 (+5 on called shots, must be announced to disarm in advance)
Kick Attack: 1D8
Karate Punch: 2D4

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Revolver +2 to Strike
W.P. Energy Pistol +2 to Strike
W.P. Energy Rifle +1 to Strike
W.P. Rifle +2 to Strike
W.P. Shotgun +2 to Strike
W.P. Bola +1 to Strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Horror Factor: +2
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Rose Junolo

Re: Rose Junolo

Postby Rose Junolo » Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:50 pm

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Rose Junolo

Re: Rose Junolo

Postby Rose Junolo » Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:19 pm

Rose rode slowly towards home. I don't wanta get hitched, 'specially to some town boy; a shopkeeper no less. How could he? She sighs, knowing she’ll go through with the marriage, because she loves her Father. He said I'd be safe in town. She frowns. I don’t need nobody to ‘tect me, I can shoot better than most of the hands. She remembers her 13th birthday, demanding to shoot; surprising them all by hitting the target. He gave me my first gun, that day. She smiles, touching her colt, then noticing the column of smoke, she pours on the speed.

Weeks later Rose's was again on her firefly, her thoughts were very different after find everything destroyed, her Father laying there shot in the back. Luck thing that Fennodi ranch hand survived to get to town. I know who to be going after now. She her face burns as she remembers the sheriff locking her in jail, telling her she was too young, she wasn’t good enough to go after the ones who destroyed her whole world. I may have sworn to the Sheriff not to go riding right out after them, but I never said nothing about going after them later. I'm going to get those bastard, eye for an eye! She scowls again, then suddenly grins, remembering the hours she spent in the local saloons; trying to find someone, someplace where she could hone her skills.. Those old guys sure were talkative, didn't take much liquor, neither. Merctown sounds like the place to learn what I need to kill those CS Bastard. Rose checks her location to be sure she’s in the right spot. That Shifter fellow should be here any moment; wish he would hurry.

Moments later the shifter shows; Rose's hands over the money. He opens the portal, and she drives through, alert, ready for trouble.
Rose Junolo

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