Ernie Peterson

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Ernie Peterson

Postby Earn » Tue May 15, 2012 7:19 pm

Player Name: Matt
YIM Handle:

Character Name: Ernie 'Earn' Peterson
Alias: Earn
Race: Nightbane
O.C.C.: City Rat
Occupation: Street Urchin
Alignment: Aberrant
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 4,926 (Updated 2012 07 07 - CC)
Next Level @ XP: 7,251
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Ever since the Becoming he is antsy around non-humans, as if they remind him of his inhuman other self.
Sentiments/Coalition: Associates the Coalition with rules/law, which are lame.
Disposition: Not a bad kid, though he has the typical tough kid act. Eager to please and extremely loyal to those he considers his friends. This has gotten him into trouble in the past (see background). Earn dislikes authority, including the MercTown Defenders, though part of this is from feeling the need to impress his former peers.
Insanity: Kleptomaniac

I.Q.: 15
M.E.: 12
M.A.: 11
P.S.: 15 (28 SN)
P.P.: 18 (27)
P.E.: 19 (33 SN)
P.B.: 10
Speed: 28 (51) 18mph/140 yards per melee round (35mph/255 yards per melee round)

P.P.E.: 155
I.S.P.: 3
H.P.: 24
S.D.C.: 59
M.D.C: 123 (Morphus only)
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 10" (7' 9")
Weight: 145 lbs. (280 lbs.)
Description: Typical pubescent kid, pimples and all. Greasy, messy hair, usually covered by an over sized hoodie. For his age he is tall with long limbs. He has dark features, a long face and a pierced lip, all of which make his deep blue eyes more remarkable-splashes of color on an otherwise dreary face. He shuffles his feet when he walks, apparently never in a rush. Despite his gangly appearance and gait, he can move with surprising grace and silence, often unintentionally surprising people as he seems to show up behind them from nowhere.
Description (Morphus): A huge humanoid rat creature, he stands on two hind legs and has a long, wormlike tail. His hands and feet end in rusty metal claws, apparently bolted to his body. His head is long and rat-like, with long sharp and rotten looking teeth. The body is wrapped in dirty and bloody bandages that are a part of the Morphus-if you cut them away, there always seem to be more underneath. From his forearms down to his fingers, he excretes a black, bloody ooze, which constantltly drips, soaking and matting his fur. The tail is prehensile and ends with a rusty blade which has also been bolted into his flesh.

Racial Abilities (Morphus form)
:arrow: Able to change from Facade to Morphus at will (01-33% chance it takes 1 action, 34-66% chance it takes 2 actions, 67-00% chance it takes 1 full melee round). Clothing/Armor are absorbed into the body when transforming to the Morphus, and return when transforming to the Facade.
:arrow: 200 ft nightvision
:arrow: Regenerate 10 HP/SDC per melee
:arrow: Sense other Nightbane, 330'
:arrow: Immune to all forms of mind control
:arrow: Immune to all forms of transformation
:arrow: Supernatural PS and PE
:arrow: HP and SDC become MDC
:arrow: Regenerate 2d6+2 MD per melee
:arrow: Mirror Walk
While wearing their Morphus form, the Nightbane can use mirrors to cross over into and out of the Nightlands. To perform this ability, a mirror of any size, even a small hand mirror, will do, but the mirror must have a counterpart in the Nightlands. Typically, mirrors built into homes and buildings will have a counterpart in the alien dimension. Mirrors on vehicles rarely do because there are no cars in the Nightlands. Once the mirror walk is begun, the Nightbane's body will flow like thick liquid to pour through a mirror of any size. Seeing a Nightbane pour himself into a small mirror has a Horror Factor of 12 for those not familiar with the process. The Mirror Walk costs 2 P.P.E. points and takes one melee round (15 seconds) to perform.
:arrow: Bite inflicts 3d6 MD
:arrow: Claws add 1d6 MD to punch damage
:arrow: Prehensile tail with blade adds 1 attack, 20% to climb/balance and does 2d6 MD
:arrow: 1000 ft nightvision

Natural Abilities (Morphus)
Perception Bonus: +3 (+5)
Encumbrance: 43 lbs. (280 lbs.)
Max. Carrying Weight: 150 lbs. (1400 lbs.)
Max. Lifting Weight: 300 lbs. (2800 lbs.)
Jumping: 15' Hz, 6' Vert (46 Hz, 22' Vert)

Nightbane Talents
:arrow: Doorway
Creates a door of dark energy that leads to a specific location desired by the creator of it. Takes one melee round (15 seconds) of concentration. Range: To a location up to 1 mile (1.6 km) per 2 P.P.E. spent. Usable by the Morphus only.
:arrow: Nightbringer
Absorbs light around the Nightbane, creating an area of darkness equal to 10 feet (3.0 m) in diameter per every 2 P.P.E. spent. The power also absorbs energy attacks, except Shadow Blast, Darkwhip and other darkness-based attacks and magic. People other than the nightbane caught in the unnatural darkness are at -6 to strike, parry and dodge, and -4 on their perception rolls (penalties are half for creatures with nightvision). Usable by the Morphus only.
:arrow: Shadow Shield
Creates a force field of dark energy around the Nightbane, providing 20 M.D.C. per 2 P.P.E. spent (P.P.E. spent cannot exceed 4 per level of experience). The Shadow Shield completely surrounds the character, protecting him from toxic gases, disease, punches, bullets, heat, fire, and similar dangers as long as it remains in force; it is the shield that takes the damage inflicted by such attacks. Duration: 30 minutes. Usable by the Morphus only.
:arrow: Shadow Blast
Fires a black energy bolt that does 1D4 M.D.C. for every point of P.P.E. spent on it, so 10 P.P.E. would result in a 1D4x1O M.D.C. bolt, and so on. Usable by the Morphus only.
:arrow: See Truth
Every time this power is activated, the Nightbane will be able to see the true nature of one person or object. The alignment of the target can also be seen by the character. Furthermore, it will reveal strong magic emanations, the undead/vampires, serious illness, and strong emotions (hatred when the person is smiling and being nice, etc.); all considered aspects of the soul and/or personality of the target. The subject saves against magic (12 or higher) to resist revealing the truth. The Nightbane can increase the difficulty of the save by expending more P.P.E.: every additional 4 P.P.E. raises the save number by +1 (maximum of 18, for 24 P.P.E.). Usable by the Facade or Morphus.
:arrow: Shadow Slide
The character becomes an insubstantial shadow, or, more accurately, like one of those mirages you can see on a paved road during a sunny day — a flickering shadow that seems to sink into the earth and fades away as if it never was. While in this two-dimensional form, the Nightbane can slither along walls or across the ground, virtually invisible and able to slide through any opening, no matter how narrow (only air tight containers will prevent the shadow-slider from coming through). The Nightbane's clothing and small personal effects are transformed automatically; additionally, he can carry objects at an additional P.P.E. cost (2 P.P.E. per pound/of weight). Usable by the Morphus only.
:arrow: Shadow Storm
This Talent creates a swirling cloud of dark energy that fills an area equal to one yard/meter radius per 4 P.P.E. spent. This cloud can be sent forward at a Speed of 30; maximum distance away from the creator is 500 feet (152 m). The dark energies of the cloud inflict damage on anything or anybody in its path, doing 3D6 MD three times per melee round. Dodging the storm requires a 16 or higher. Each time it hits, the sound of thunder is heard overhead. Usable in Morphus only.
:arrow: Air Grab
The Nightbane can "grab" somebody up to 50 feet (15.2 m) away +10 feet (3 m) per additional level by making a grabbing gesture in the direction of the target. The grab simply holds a person for two melee actions, or roughly 5 seconds, during which time he cannot move or physically attack. The captive of an air grab can break free with one, flexing, melee action of his own, but only if his strength is equal to or greater than the Nightbane's. An "air squeeze" does supernatural P.S. damage; use the Nightbane's P.S. minus five points, and counts as two melee attacks. The Nightbane can also use the power to grab and bring/pull the victim to him in one melee action (2 seconds). The captive of an air grab can break free or resist being pulled only if his own P.S. is equal to or greater than the Nightbane. Instead of pulling the grabbed character to him, the Nightbane can throw him up to 10 feet (3 m) away. Unless the victim makes a successful roll with fall/impact he takes 1D6 S.D.C. damage and loses two melee actions/attacks and initiative. Victims must know they are being targeted with this power to avoid it, and even then they need to roll a 16 or higher to dodge. Usable in Morphus only.

O.C.C. Skills
Language: American 92%.
Literacy: American 70% (5%)
Language: Gobbley 75% (5%).
Barter 57% (4%)
Computer Operation 70% (5%)
Streetwise 52% (4%)
Tailing: 70% (5%)
Pilot: Automobile 76% (2%)
Pilot: Bicycle 76% (4%)
Pilot: Motorcycle 87% (4%)
Math: Basic 70% (5%)
W.P. Knife
Hand to Hand: Assassin

O.C.C. Related Skills
Computer Hacking: 50% (5%)
Find contraband: 53% (4%)
Concealment: 55% (5%)
Palming: 50% (5%)
Pick locks: 65% (5%)
Pick pockets: 55% (5%)
Prowl 60% (5%)
Boxing (2nd Level)
    -Sense of Balance 74% (3%)
    -Work parallel bars & rings 76% (3%)
    -Back flip 91% (2%)
    -Climbing 25%
    -C1imb Rope/Rappel 79% (+2%)

Secondary Skills
Juggling: 50% (5%)
General Athletics
Law (MercTown): 50% (%5)
Appraise Goods: 45% (5%)
Gambling: 45% (5%)
Salvage: 50% (5%)
Basic Mechanics: 45% (5%)
W.P. Targeting
W.P. Handgun (1st Level)

Combat Data (Morphus)
HTH Type: Assassin
Number of Attacks: 6 (8)
Initiative Bonus: +2 (+4)
Strike Bonus: +4 (+10)
Parry Bonus: +5 (+11)
Dodge Bonus: +5 (+11)
HTH Damage Bonus: +0 (5D6 restrained punch, 3D6 MD punch, 6D6 MD power punch)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +5 (+8)
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +5
Bonus to Disarm: +0

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Knife: +1 Strike, +2 Parry, +1 Strike when thrown
W.P. Targeting: +2 Strike with thrown weapons
W.P. Handguns: +1 Strike
W.P. Paired (From HtH Assassin)

Saving Throw Bonuses (Morphus)
Horror Factor: +1 (+3)
Coma/Death: 8% (33%)
Magic: +4 (+6)
Disease/Poison: +3 (+5)
Psionics: +0 (+3)
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Re: Ernie Peterson (Equipment)

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Re: Ernie Peterson (Background)

Postby Earn » Thu May 17, 2012 7:15 am


"GET OUT!" It was strange to hear Bellaron yell. He never lost his cool.

"Where am I gonna go?"

"Hell if I care. You're lucky I don't cut you to ribbons. I should. Get your shit and get out before I change my mind." The kid knew it was true. He'd seen Bellaron's fleeting joy when he cut on someone. Hell, he'd learned how to fight from the assassin. The kid grabbed his old bookbag off a stool, knocking it over on his way out. He didn't turn around, he didn't want the man to see him cry.

On the way out of the Ravenshome Tavern he saw he would have to pass by Gandafar. He avoided eye contact, but could see the sad look on the big man's face as he approached him. At the edge of the bar Gandafar leaned in, patted him on the shoulder, and almost whispered, "There's more to life than the Warrens. Take advantage of this, it may have saved you." Gandafar loved to tell stories about his travelling days. A travelling hero - helping the weak, not helping himself. He used to think Gandafar soft, even weak. Now, he wasn't so sure.

Outside he hopped on his bike, kicked the engine to life, and rocketed through the side streets and alleys of the Warrens at top speed. After a brief ride he nearly crashed into the front door of Arcadia. He dropped his bike on the ground and pushed through the busted screen door. Jimmie was in the back, so he popped open the cash register and took a hand full of quarters. The empty arcade was dark and hot, with flies buzzing around strips of fly paper that dangled near the only working fluorescent light on the ceiling. Darkness....welcoming, comforting, it would hide him. He passed by the flashing video poker machines to his favorite pinball game at the back...


Lost in the game his mind began to did this happen to him...

"Its an easy job Earn. There's only one door and no windows, so they only put a guard at the front of the warehouse. But they aren't covering the sunlights. They don't open, so you'll have to cut them. Slide down a rope and find the mirror in the back. I don't think they even know it's value, doubt it is even locked up." Flavarrel's voice flowed like soothing water, almost comforting to hear, even when he spoke of misdeeds. "I only want the mirror, for my personal collection."

It went as Flavarrel said it would. He climbed up a downspout to get on the roof of the flat topped warehouse. His feet crunched in the pea gravel covered roof, which he was afraid might alert the guard, but the man seemed to be asleep. He cut the glass of the sunlight and dropped a climbing cord down into the darkness. When he got inside he clicked on his flashlight, and crouching to the ground as he began to search the stacks of various goods.

He was almost ready to give up on the mirror when he saw the reflected flash from his light peeking out from under a heavy canvas tarp. Pulling back the tarp revealed a life-size ornate wooden frame, clearly a pre-rifts artifact. The glass was old too, and showed signs of drooping over time, creating a wavy affect on the reflection. How the fuck am I gonna get this outta here? He flicked off his flashlight and put it away. But...the reflected light was still there, and the image of Ernie in the mirror wasn't moving. Ernie - the real one - jumped back at the startling sight. The reflected Ernie only grinned at the reaction. Then, it dropped the flashlight on the ground and stood erect for a moment. The image began to waver more, shifting like a fun-house reflection. The reflected Ernie began to grow, a second set of joints caused his legs to bend, like the rear legs of a dog. His clothes seemed to absorb into his body as they were replaced by thick, matted hair. His face grew longer as he let out a scream - a scream that Ernie could hear in his head. He looked down at his own hands, not the reflected ones, and saw them dripping in a black ooze. His clothes were gone, bloody bandages wrapped around his furry arms instead. Looking back in the mirror, he saw....


He never went back to see Flavarrel. He couldn't explain why he hadn't taken the mirror. Or how he woke up in an alley, covered in old newsprint and garbage. Two days later, Bellaron came to find him at the Tavern. Where had he been? Where was the mirror? Earn had to tell him...and he didn't take it well.

"GET OUT!" It was strange to hear Bellaron yell. He never lost his cool.

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