Oculus (Cyclops Scathach Druid) LEVEL UP!

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Oculus (Cyclops Scathach Druid) LEVEL UP!

Postby Oculus » Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:24 am

Player Name: Lindsy
YIM Handle: lwhiting_01

Character Name: Fulger Dé Brighid Taranaich
Alias: Oculus the Tyrant Eye
Race: Cyclops
O.C.C.: Scathach Druid
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 5
XP Points: 24.425 (10/01/2019 - Rogue Trader)
Next Level @ XP: 24,001
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Hasn't met any repentant supernatural evil; kills on sight and gives all else equality in the wheel of life.
Sentiments/NGR:Treats the same manner they treat him. Sad that with such knowledge they lack generosity and the wisdom of community without.
Disposition: Stern, thoughtful, even tempered, sometimes arrogant.
Insanity: Psychosis: Reborn. Was previously the Miscreant alignment, where he was a brutal individual among the Blood Druids. His past catches up to him at times in his travels as well as haunts him.

I.Q.: 13
M.E.: 7
M.A.: 12
P.S.: 27
P.P.: 14
P.E.: 19
P.B.: 5
Speed: 7

P.P.E.: 109
M.D.C.: 66 (Heals at 2d4 MDC per 24 hours)
Age: 119
Sex: Male
Height: 15' 7"
Weight:757 pounds
Description: Olive skinned giant with one large eye centered on his head with full black braided and knotted hair.

Racial Abilities
Enhanced/Bionic strength
Horror Factor: 11
Nightvision 60'' (see in total darkness).
Good hearing and vision.
Impervious to Lightning/electricity(Including MDC magic and electricity;no damage).
Resistant to energy(laser, fire, etc; half damage).
Magic and psionics do full damage except if energy, then half.

Natural Abilities
Perception: 24%
Charm/Impress: --
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: --
Max. Encumbrance: 454.2 pounds
Max. Carrying Weight: 908.4 pounds
Max. Lifting Weight: 1816.8 pounds
Max. Jumping Ability: 14" high, 29' length

Special Abilities
--The creation and use of magic herbs of all kinds
Meditation: One hour of meditation restores ten(10) PPE; must be a full hour.(Restore 5 P.P.E per full hour of sleep.)

Cyclops' Lightning Shafts (magic): Four types of MDC javelins and two arrows.
Javelins: Light: 1d4x10, Medium: 1d6x10, Heavy: 2d6x10, Mega: 4d6x10.
-Javelins appear to be crooked rods pointed at both ends and range from six to ten feet long.
-Magically enhanced throwing range is 1,000". (Cyclops throw Lightning Javelin's twice as far.: 2,000".)
Arrows: Light: 1d4x10, Heavy 1d6x10.
-Appear like crooked rods similar to the javelins.
-Can be designed for any type of bow be it short, long bow or crossbows.
-Range is 200" more than normal weapon; 600" more fired by Cyclops.

O.C.C. Skills
Mystic Herbology -- 40% (+5%)
Identify Plants and Fruits -- 50% (+5%)
Wilderness Survival -- 55% (+5%)
Land Navigation -- 58% (+4%)
Boat Building -- 55% (+5%)
Carpentry -- 55% (+5%)
Cook -- 65% (+5%)
Mathematics: Basic -- 75% (+5%)
Language: English -- 74% (+3%)
Language: Gobblely -- 122% (+3%)
Language:Troll/Giantese -- 107% (+3%)
Language: Dragonese/Elven -- 99% (+3%)
Language: Russian -- 74% (+3%)
Language: Euro -- 74% (+3%)
Horsemanship -- 62%/42% (+4%)
Pilot: Sail Types -- 85% (+5%)
Pilot: Motorboat, Race & Hydrofoil -- 80% (+5%)
Pilot: Boats: Ships/Seamanship (Sailing ships) -- 70% (+5%)
--Sewing -- 55% (+5%)
--Rope Work -- 45% (+5%)
Body Building

O.C.C. Related Skills
Law(General) -- 60% (+5%)
Gardening -- 53% (+4%)
Public Speaking -- 30% (+5%)
Intelligence -- 44% (+4%)
W.P. Sword (Level 1)
Research -- 50% (+5%) (Level 1)

Secondary Skills
Performance -- 30% (+5%)
Climbing -- 60% (+5%)
--Rappelling -- 45% (+5%)
Prowl -- 45% (+5%)
--Sense of balance -- 63% (+5%)
--Work parallel bars & rings -- 69% (+3%)
--Back Flip --76% (+2%)
--Rappel -- 66% (+2%)
Lore: Fairies & Creatures of Magic -- 30% (+5%) (Level 1)
Lore: Demons & Monsters -- 35% (+ 5%) (Level 1)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: +1
Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +5
Dodge Bonus: +5
HTH Damage Bonus: +12
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +8
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: +0
Other: +1 to strike with lightning weapons.
-Karate and any hand strike/punch.
-Karate-style kick(2d6 damage)
--Any Foot Strike except Leap Kick
Knockout: Natural 20 (1d6 melees)
Power Punch: 2x damage or 1d4 MDC (2APM)
Power Kick: 2x damage or 1d4 MDC (2APM)
Power Headbutt: 2x damage or 1d4 MDC (2APM)
Kick: 2D4, Knee: 1D6
Body flip/throw: 1D6 damage, victim loses initiative and one attack.
Body Block/Tackle, Body Flip: 1D6

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Archery -- +2 strike, +1 disarm, +1 parry.
W.P. Targeting -- +2 strike with thrown
W.P. Blunt -- +2 strike & parry
W.P. Spear -- +2 strike & parry & +1 thrown
W.P. Shield -- +2 parry
W.P. Energy Rifle -- +1 strike
W.P. Sword -- +2 strike & +1 Parry
Saving Throw Bonuses
Horror Factor: +2
Coma/Death: +8%
Magic (varies): +4
Lethal Poison (14+): +7
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +7
Insanity (12+): -1
Psionics (15+): -3
Possession/Battle of wills/mind control(drugs, magic, psionic): -1
Illusions: -2
Special: +3 vs fairy magic, food & drink, unwanted magic potions and foods.
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Re: Oculus (WIP for Eurasia)

Postby Oculus » Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:46 am


Oculus' Burkov Mastodon
-RWB17 pg 167
Alignment: Animal: generally considered to be of selfish alignment.
I.Q.: 4
M.E.: 5
M.A.: 11
P.S.: 49
P.P.: 13
P.E.: 25
P.B.: 8
Speed: 41 (27.95 MPH)
Physical Data
M.D.C.: 170
Horror Factor: 9 (+3 when charging someone)
Dimensions: The body is 14'-16' long, with the neck and head adding an additional 7'-9' and the tusks are 5'-8', for an overall body length of 24'-30' from the tip of the tusk to the hindquarters. The comparatively short and rope-like tail adds another 3'-4'. Height: 10'-12' at the shoulders; overall height is 15'-18'.
Weight: 7-9 tons.
Sex: Female
Average Life Span: 25-30 Years
Natural Abilities
• Can run at maximum without exhaustion for one hour. The Burkov can walk or trot at a steady pace (6-10 MPH) for up to six hours without rest or becoming exhausted. Can carry up to ten tons on its back and pull up to 60 tons. The tusks and neck can be used to pick up or pry up and roll out of the way, up to four tons. It has fair vision, keen sense of smell(can locate and identify plants and roots it can eat up to 8'/2.4m under snow; skill equivalent of 75%), swim 60% and the equivalent of land navigation at 45%. The Burkov is a herbivore with a gentle disposition, making it easy to train and domesticate; a gentle giant, except when threatened.

Combat Data
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 3 if female; 4 if male
Damage: 1d6 extra MDC for females except for restrained attacks.
Bite - 6d6 SDC
Restrained head Butt or Tusk Strike - 1d6x10 SDC
Head Butt - 1d6 MD
Tusk Strike - 4d6 MD
Power Tusk Strike -4d6x2 MD (Counts as two attacks)
Stomp - 5d6 MD
Kick from rear Legs only - 1d4x10 MD
Body Slam/Butt - 6d6 MD
Charging Body Slam/Ram - 2d4x10 MD (Counts as two melee attacks)
R.C.C bonuses:
+1 initiative, +3 to strike, +2 to parry, +1 dodge

Saving Throw Bonuses
• +6 vs horror factor.

Skill Equivalents
• Identify plants and roots -- 67% (up to 8' under snow.)
• Swim -- 60%
• Land navigation -- 45%

Carried/In Hand
M-30 Dual Energy Rifle(large) (carried over shoulder strap)

• Weight: 90 pounds
• Range:
-Particle Beam: 2.000'
-Laser Beam: 3,000'
• Damage:
-Particle Beam: 1d4x10+6 MD
-Laser Beam: 4d6 MD
• Rate of Fire: Equal to Hand to Hand attacks
• Payload: Uses 60 shot E-clip magazine
-Self-charging energy supply that can fire four laser beams or one particle beam per hour without an E-Clip.
-Note: The Mindwerks E-clip is different than the Triax or CS magazine which means magazines produced by manufacturers other than Mindwerks must be modified to fit this weapon.
• Modifiers: +1 to strike using laser targeting beam from the upper shield.
- Designed for P.S. of 24 or greater and 14'-20' height. Awkward to fire for cyborgs, ogres, brodkil and other beings of 7' to 10' tall. (-2 to strike.)

Worn on Person

Gurgoyle Vibro Axe
    Damage: 4d6 MD
    Length: 6 feet
    Modifiers: None

Chest: Gray wool shirt
Legs: Gray Wool pants
Hands: Brown leather gloves
Feet: Brown insulated boots

Utility Belt
7 Pieces of Enchanted bark
--2 satchels
--2 pouches
Air Filter
Laser tool
Metal Knife (1d6 SDC)
Map to Doctor's Village

Cyclops Lighting Javelin Mega RCB1 (revised) P.88(Strapped vertically on like a stave.)
Metalworking tools: Large tweezers, pliers, prongs, clamps, files, large mallet, and work hammers, all kept inside a sturdy, reinforced satchel.
Portable tool kit: For more delicate work.
10' length of chain
30' of rope
6 spikes
36 Large nails
Leather forge apron

Stored on Calibri
90 pound fur-wrapped satchel (tied like a bedroll)

-- 9,000 credits Secure NGR
-- 3,000 credits in valuable metals.
Secure Universal Card: 300,000 (4/9/19 ~Consumer)
Various Gem Stones: 50,000 credits (4/9/19 ~Consumer)
Gold: 50,000 credits (4/9/19 ~Consumer)

New Items
1 week Preserved Rations
1 Barrel of Beer
1 Barrel of Wine (table-wine quality)
1 week of fodder (for Canibri)

Herbalist Magical constructs:
Magic Cauldron of Plenty - 100 gallon (WB 3 England pg 41): Made using the materials of a TX-001 Defense Shield, to shield others from hunger if not harm.

Enchanted Herbs: RWB3 p.27
  • Oak Tea Holly Water qty 1 Gallon
  • Oak Bark qty 7 (Utility belt)
    Eaten or drank in a tea gives Armor of Ithan 60 MDC for 20 Minutes.
  • Black Hellebore qty 5
    Mental Protection as a tea Duration 15 Minutes
    +6 vs Hallucinogenics , +6 vs Chemical Mind Control , +5 vs Psionics , +2 vs Possession
  • Ash Healing Tea qty 5
  • Ash Healing Salve qty 5
  • Solomon's Seal(Enchanted Sprig): Lesser Elemental Control (Burn 3 leaves, 50 PPE each leaf, summon one lesser elemental): 3 Leaves

(not yet enchanted Herbs)
  • Ash: Rowan Bark 3 Lbs
  • Black Hellebore 1 Lbs of leaves
  • Oak: 10 Acorns, 3 Lbs of Bark
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Re: Oculus (WIP for Eurasia)

Postby Oculus » Thu Feb 26, 2015 6:54 pm

Background Story

Sitting upon an outcropping of moss hidden stone with the insects, centipedes and milling worms Fulger watched dutifully while the crimson fire of the sun descended below the horizon. This was a new ritual he partook, one of several that informed his beliefs that the wheel always turns and that he was apart of it now, always. Sitting too was nearly a ritual in itself when traveling the road. Strangers rarely reacted well to his full height as he rested and slept waiting for night. Small for a giant, what little travelers did see was still a formidable eight feet while resting on his laurels. Not many would forget the sum of fifteen, nor forgive Fulger their fright without hostilities of which he wanted no more of...as though that were all he ever knew before. The killing of fearful men.

As twilight came Fulger began his march onward with the crickets and nocturnal fauna the only witnesses to his heavy steps that trailed imprints away from his past, his betrayers, and his murderers. An entire existence snuffed out upon an alter of blood in the hopes of steeling his vital knowledge. And still that existence remained fully recallable, though as if from figment or insanity. Fulger remembered fighting and commanding a host beside the druids where he terrorized, maimed, and desecrated places and peoples in the name of chaos. Except they weren't druids, they didn't follow the wheel, they ruined it and drenched it in blood sacrifice. Worshipers of the Sanguine Oak or Blood Druids they were called and Fulger was known as Oculus the Tyrant Eye among them and the countryside.

That was before the Druids intervened. While the blood druids ritually exsanguinated him just as he'd done to innumerable victims himself, Oculus felt a rising bile not from his impending death, but of something deeper and mystically forbidden. The blood druids were not destined to learn his secrets without a vicious price, a toll he knew they could not afford. That was when the druids assailed them to interrupt what had been begun. Whether it was chance that the Druids raided their vile counterparts amidst their ritual or providence by divine intervention that prevented them from sundering Fulger of his cyclopian secrets, either way the blood druid succeeded in taking part of what they sought, his life. Fulger's heart stopped moments after he was whisked to another place upon a gout of air that was headless of its lifeless burden's massive weight.

The druids leaving the vile ritual grounds behind arrived to a hilly glade of seemingly natural mounds that the druids lived in. Taken to its center Fulger's gaping wounds were sealed and made whole once more, though that was little to the wonder that was his revival and now inwardly conscious mind upon waking. Greatly bewildered Oculus came to realize himself as Fulger Dé Brighid Taranaich yet at once his former self the Tyrant Eye. At odds with the two realities of marauder and the individual now bereft of hate, Fulger fell to a deep sleep.

When he awoke he found himself alone, shivering soaked in sweat with a diminutive, comparably to his size, animal skin thrown aside from fever. Somehow he'd been moved once more as the glade no longer surrounded him. Next to him lay two bundles one of food and supplies and another of which his instinct was to leave wrapped and unviewed. Pinned to the second bundle he dare not open was a hastily written message,"They have attacked us in numbers, follow the rising sun, we will find you before the moon wanes. Patience will reveal all."

That was six moons ago. Since then Oculus has worked to reconcile his confusion and the profound guilt he harbors as well as acceptance that the druids are presumably in the otherworld now and that answers will never be forthcoming. Still the package they left him remained wrapped, it's weight a penance until the proper time to reveal its contents. Now he traveled the roads at night, finding villages along the way in his trek east where in darkness he could explain his size to those he meets. Those that permit, he has crafted fair trade in supplies for them, taught what wisdom he could impart, healed those wounds he could, and took to task those needs that his great bulk made a simple matter. Sometimes though he was chased away, where he would graciously depart. Yet even for such an insult, he found contentment that the former self that always seemed to exist in the background that would have crushed them, could not and would not. And other times, he encountered those who knew him as Oculus the Tyrant Eye, to which he often found no repentance ever enough for those he'd harmed...
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Impervious to Lightning/electricity(Including MDC magic and electricity; no damage).
Resistant to energy (including MDC psionic versions of laser, fire, etc; half damage).

Horror Factor: 11
Nightvision 60'' (see in total darkness).

Health: 60/60 MDC
Armor: None
Weapon: M-30 Dual Energy Rifle(large) --
(+1 to hit; laser beam targeting)
Magazine E-clip: 60/60 (Self charge:(1/1: 1 Particle or 4 Laser)
• Range: Particle Beam: 2.000' / Laser Beam: 3,000'
• Damage: Particle Beam: 1d4x10+6 MD / Laser Beam: 4d6 MD
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Re: Oculus (Cyclops Scathach Druid) (Level Up!)

Postby Oculus » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:21 am

Minor Air Elemental

Attributes: I.Q. = 4, P.S. 24+2d6:
1, 2
=27, P.P. 16+1d6:
=20, Spd 3d6:
5, 2, 3
x10=100 Speed
Size: Between 8-12ft
M.D.C.: 1d6:
x100= 600
P.P.E.: 1d4:
HF: 12
Natural Abilities: Immune to poison, chemicals, drugs, disease, heat, cold, punches, normal weapons (Magic weapons do full damage.) Does not breathe air. Nightvision 1,200 ft, see the invisible, see in all spectrums of light, turn invisible, identify all components and contaminants in the air 80%, land navigation 98%, prowl 70%, and can squeeze through small cracks, keyholes and similar openings (counts as one melee action.) Magically understands all languages and bio-regeneration of 1d4x10 M.D.C. every minute (four melee rounds). Fly and Hover at maximun speed of 200mph
Vulnerabilities: Energy and Magic Attacks inflict double damage. Large Explosions disperse the elemental but do not damage it. Psionics do full damage.
Bonuses (in addition to attribute bonuses): +3 Initiative, +3 Strike/Parry, +3 Dodge, +4 Pull Punch, +4 Roll with Impact, +5 Save vs Magic, +3 Save vs Psionic. Impervious to HF, +14 Save vs Possession
APM: 6 HtH or 2 Spells
Elemental Magic: All level 1-4 Air Warlock Spells. Spell Strength is 14.
Impervious to Lightning/electricity(Including MDC magic and electricity; no damage).
Resistant to energy (including MDC psionic versions of laser, fire, etc; half damage).

Horror Factor: 11
Nightvision 60'' (see in total darkness).

Health: 60/60 MDC
Armor: None
Weapon: M-30 Dual Energy Rifle(large) --
(+1 to hit; laser beam targeting)
Magazine E-clip: 60/60 (Self charge:(1/1: 1 Particle or 4 Laser)
• Range: Particle Beam: 2.000' / Laser Beam: 3,000'
• Damage: Particle Beam: 1d4x10+6 MD / Laser Beam: 4d6 MD
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