Cpt. James Howlett (Human, Cyber-Doc)

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Cpt. James Howlett (Human, Cyber-Doc)

Postby James Howlett » Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:45 am

Player Name: John
Hangout: GarrisonBurne

Character Name: Captain James Howlett M.D.B.S.
Citizen ID Number: LS10-C29-074-1BF3-00FC
Alias: Doc
Race: Human (Anglo)
O.C.C.: Cyber-Doc
Occupation: Coalition Medical Officer
Rank: Captain
Alignment: Aberrant
XP Level: 10
XP Points: 113,003 XP CSHC 10/1/19
Next Level @ XP: 129,101 (for lv.11)
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Hates and distrusts all non-humans! The only good one is a dead one!
Sentiments/Coalition: Believes the CS are heroes and humankind's salvation until proven otherwise
Disposition: Paternal: Tends to be overprotective of others, especially friends, and is especially overbearing towards young characters and children.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 28
M.E.: 20
M.A.: 21
P.S.: 22
P.P.: 22
P.E.: 15
P.B.: 17
Speed: 58

P.P.E.: 4
H.P.: 43
S.D.C.: 64

M.D.C. by Location:
• Hands (2): 50 each.
• Forearms (2): 50 each.
• “Concealed” Forearm Weapon: 40
• Upper Arms (2): 70 each.
• Legs (2): 90 each.
• Bionic Ribs: 13
• Bionic Pelvis: 13
• Bionic Spine: 13
• Modular Modified Extra Arms (2): 60 each.

Age: 36 (December 29, 74 PA.)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 300 lbs.
Description: Captain James Howlett is a lanky man with a well sculpted face, with short black hair and dark brown eyes. James has an extensively modified his body with bionic limbs, even going so far as adding a modular second set under his normal arms. James tends to wear well tailored uniforms or suits, or his trademark lab coat.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 75% (+3%)
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 65% (70% vs Armed Forces Personnel)
Charm/Impress: 35%
Max. Encumbrance: 120 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 440 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 880 lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 22 feet lengthwise, 11 feet in height.
Speed: 39.5 mph, 870 feet per melee, 174 feet per action.

Special Abilities
Install Bionics
• -5% to Cyber-doc skill to remove Bionics or any prosthetics, If in poor working conditions, or with inadequate tools.
• -10% if the Bionics are more advanced, or a different but comparable technology.
• -20% when dealing with extremely alien physiology and/or alien cybernetics.
if there is any penalty for working under pressure or on a time limit, it should be reduced by half.

Find Bionics and Cybernetics Contraband
• +20% to Find contraband when involving medical supplies and Cybernetics/Bionics.
Recognize Quality of Bionics & Cybernetics: 101% (+3%)
Repair and Soup-Up Bionics
Military Etiquette 61% (+5%) (for being a member of the CS Military)
Officer Advanced Training Skills [Full Course]:
  • History: Pre-Rifts (+10%; main focus is Military History)
  • History: Post-Apocalyptic (+15%; main focus is Military History)
  • Literacy (CS): American (+20%)
  • Military Etiquette (+20%)
  • Public Speaking (+15%)
  • W.P. Handguns
  • W.P. Sword
Payment for Epic 2018
Advanced Medical, Science, Cyberware & Bionics Knowledge:
  • +25% to Bioware Mechanics
  • +10% to any other Cybernetic or Medical Skill
  • No penalty for working on alien or advanced stuff

Bionics & Cybernetics
Partial Bionic Reconstruction
Two Modified Bionic Hands & Arms (Enhanced Sensitivity)
Modular Modified Extra Appendages (Enhanced Sensitivity)
• P.P. 20, P.S. 20
• M.D.C.: 60
• Bonus: Adds one attack per melee.

Two Bionic Foot & Legs
Reinforced Bones: Bionic/MDC (Pelvis & Ribcage)
Reinforced Spine: Bionic/MDC
Combat Computer
• +1 Initiative, +1 Dodge, +1 Disarm, +2 Roll w/, +2 Pull Punch
Advanced Bionic Headjack
• Acts like a Universal Headjack, in addition character can absorb more data directly to their brain, and transmit mental images to either a monitor or holographic projector. (Images only; no sound)
Skelebot Control Interface
• Range 1,000’; Can send Orders without special equipment.
Right Eye
Cybernetic Multi-Optic Eye
• Telescopic: 4-8x30 magnification, range: 6,000'
• Macro Lens: 2x to 8x magnification, range: 3'
• Passive Nightvision: 2,000'
• Thermo-Imaging: 2,000'
• Light Filters: Reduces glare.
• Targeting Display: Imposes cross-hairs on a target, adding a bonus of +1 to Strike with any ranged weapon.

Left Ear
Basic Universal Headjack & Ear Implant
Amplified Hearing
Sound Filtration System
Anti-Toxin and Super Digestive System
• Can eat anything organic and get some form of nutrition out of it.
• Reduce O2 intake by 50% for up to 12 hours. Survive 30 minutes with one breath of air and a week without food or water.
Bionic Lung w/ Gas Filter and Oxygen Storage Cell
• 2 hour oxygen supply, (3 hours of normal breathing to refill); 94% chance of filtering toxins.
Right Forearm.
“Concealed” Explosive Bullets Forearm Weapon
• Damage: 1D6 M.D. or 4D6 M.D. if C-5 rounds are used.
• Range: 800 feet.
• Payload: 8 Rounds Internal, 30 Rounds with Clip.

Right Hand
Sensor Hand
• Heat: Temperature at 4-6 inch range.
• Motion detector: Bionics Sourcebook page 36-37
• Radiation Detector: As per Geiger Counter
• Gyro-Compass: All cardinal directions as well as up down
• Clock-Calendar: Date/Time down to the hundredth of a second.

DNA Analyzer:
• Can ID DNA by touch or scratch
Laser Finger Blaster:
• Damage: 1D4 M.D.
• Range: 300 feet
• Payload: 6 Shots (recharges 1/hour) or 18 with Micro-E-Clip (Loaded).

Laser Utility Finger
• Damage: 1D6 S.D.C. or 3D6 S.D.C.
• Range: 50 feet
• Payload: 12 Shots (recharges in 30 minutes)

Finger Vid Camera
• Records Video, to HUD or computer for viewing.
Finger Jack
• Allows for connection to machines & electronics.
Palm Needle
• Damage: 1 S.D.C., injects chemicals.
• Payload: 2 doses of Qink Toxin.

Retractable Silver Knuckle Spikes
• +1D6 S.D.C. to punch or backhand.
Left Upper Arm
Hacking Computer
• Similar to mini-computer in appearance, packed with top grade computer systems and software for hacking and heavy computer operations.
• Bonuses: +20% to Computer Hacking, +10% to Computer Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Research.

Left Forearm
Weapon Rod: Neural Mace
• Damage: 2D6 S.D.C. Non-lethal. -8 to strike, parry, dodge. Reduce Spd and number of attacks by half. Stun Effects last for 2D4 Melee Rounds. Save vs. Neural Mace: 16 or higher. • • Ineffective vs. EBA, Power Armor, Borgs, or Supernatural Creatures.
Left Hand
Medical Sensor Hand.
• Blood Analysis/Tox-screen
• Epidermic Analyzer
• Epidermal Temperature Gauge
• Laser Scalpel Finger
• • Damage: 1D4 S.D.C.
• Pulse & Pressure Detector
• Stethoscope Feature

O.C.C. Skills
Literacy: American 159% (+5%)
Language: American 98%
Language: Euro 111% (+3%)
Advanced Mathematics 124% (+5%)
Basic Mathematics 144% (+5%)
Basic Mechanics 109% (+5%)
Basic Electronics 104% (+5%)
Biology 119% (+5%)
Chemistry 109% (+5%)
Computer Operation 104% (+5%)
Find Contraband 86% (+4%)
Medical Doctor
• Diagnosis: 129% (+5%)
• Treatment: 119% (+5%)

M.D. in Cybernetics & Bionics
• Diagnosis: 119% (+5%)
• Surgery: 139% (+5%)

Pathology 119% (+5%)

O.C.C. Related Skills
Research 109% (+5%)
Computer Programming 104% (+5%)
Electrical Engineer 99% (+5%)
Field Surgery 100% (+4%)
Forensics 119% (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical 99% (+5%)
Chemistry: Pharmaceutical 104% (+5%)
Computer Repair 94% (+5%)
Sensory Equipment 109% (+5%)
Lore: Demons & Monsters 84% (+5%; 6th level)
Mechanical Engineering 64% (+5%; 5th level)
Genetics 72% (+3%) (3rd level)
Public Speaking 64% (+5%; 2nd level; AT)
Computer Hacking 54% (+4%; 1st level)

O.C.C. Related Skills via EP
Bioware Mechanics 104% (+5%; 5th level)
Juicer Technology 84% (+5%; 4rd level)
Leadership (4th level)
Weapon Systems 74% (+5%; 3rd level)
• +1 to Strike when using these Weapons.
Clinical Genetics 79% (+5%); 3rd level)
Law: CS 74% (+5%; 3rd level)
History: Post-Apocalypse 89%/84% (+5%; 3rd level)
Lore: Magic 59% (+5%; 3rd level)
• Recog. Magic Circles, Runes, etc: 48% (+4%)
• Recognize Enchantment 43% (+4%)

Lore: Psychics & Psionics 59% (+5%; 3rd level)
Weapons Engineer 54% (+5%; 3rd level)
• +1 to Strike with Heavy Weapons & Vehicular Weaponry
Artificial Intelligence 75% (+3%; 3rd level)
Robot Mechanics 49% (+5%; 3rd level)
Robot Electronics 59% (+5%; 3rd level)
Command Skelebots 88% (+2%; 3rd level)
Cryptography 49% (+5%; 3rd level)
History: Pre-Rifts (North America) 79%/71% (+4%; 3rd level)
Lore: D-Bees 59% (+5%; 3rd level)
Boxing (3rd level)
Lore: Vampire 49% (+5%; 2nd level)
Literacy: Techno-Can 47% (+3%; 2nd level)
Psychology 74% (+5%; 2nd level)
Cooking 54% (+5%; 2nd level)
Fishing 59% (+5%; 2nd level)
Pilot: Automobile 81% (+2%; 2nd level)
Field Armorer & Munitions Expert 54% (+5%; 1st level)
Pilot: Robots & Power Armor 70% (+3%; 1st level)
Robot Combat: Basic (1st level)
Xenology 44% (+5%; 1st level)

Secondary Skills
Language: Spanish 91% (+3%)
Radio Basic 104% (+5%)
Wilderness Survival 89% (+5%)
W.P. Targeting (5th level)
Wardrobe & Grooming 68% (+4%; 2nd Level)

Secondary Skills via EP
W.P. Paired Weapons
W.P. Quick Draw
Intelligence 58% (+4%; 4th level)
Prowl 74% (+5%; 8th level)
Electronic Countermeasures 54% (+5%; 3rd level)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 8
Initiative Bonus: +6
Strike Bonus: +4
Parry Bonus: +9
Dodge Bonus: +11
HTH Damage Bonus: +9
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +7
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +6
Bonus to Disarm: +1
Other: Kick Attack: 1D8, Critical: 19-20, Judo-Style Body Flip/Throw (1D6 Damage, Victim loses Initiative and 1 attack)
Robot Combat Basic
HTH Type: Robot Combat: Basic
Number of Attacks: 9
Initiative Bonus: +6
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +10
Dodge Bonus: +12
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +7
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +6
Bonus to Disarm: +1
Other: Power Armor Body Block/Tackle/Ram: 1D4 M.D. plus a 01-50% chance of knocking an opponent down, causing him to lose initiative
and one melee attack/action. Counts as two of the power armor's melee attacks.
Robot Body Block/Tackle/Ram: M.D. equal to Robot Punch M.D. plus a 0-60% chance of knocking down an opponent that is approximately the same size or larger. Increase the odds of knocking down an opponent that is half the size or smaller than the robot to 01-80%. The victim suffers M.D. and loses initiative and two melee attacks/actions. Counts as two of the robot's melee attacks.

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Knife: +5 to Strike, +4 to Parry, +5 to Strike when Thrown
W.P. Energy Pistol: +5 to Strike
W.P. Energy Rifle: +5 to Strike
W.P. Targeting (5th Level) +4 to Strike
W.P. Paired Weapons
W.P. Quick Draw +2 Initiative
W.P. Sword (2nd level) +1 to Strike, +1 to Parry

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: --
Magic (varies): --
Lethal Poison (14+): --
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): --
Insanity (12+): +3
Psionics (16+): +3
Toxins & Disease: +1
Ingested Toxins: +4
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Official CS Equipment

Postby James Howlett » Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:03 pm


Worn on Person
DS-45AT Reinforced Custom Fitted Tuxedo
IFF Tag: Howlett, CSSM, CPT (O-3), CO
Weight: 5 lbs. (3.2 kg)
Mobility: Superior; no movement penalties of any kind.
M.D.C. by Location:
• Arms (left): 5/5
• Arms (right): 5/5
• Legs (left): 8/8
• Legs (right): 8/8
• Main Body: 15/15
    • 1. Built-in Tracking Device: To aid in retrieval, the soldier can activate the built-in tracking beacon and strobe light for friendly forces to find them easily. Both subsystems can be activated independent of each other, or together, as needs dictate.
    • 2. Access Panels: The suit can be configured to allow access to bionic weaponry without tearing the fabric.

Undercover Harness: Concealed as suspenders on the front and by an armored plate in the jacket on the back.
Concealed Holster containing: (Requires Perception at -30% to spot)
    CP-20 Laser Pistol (Small of Back, on dominant side)
    • Range: 800'
    • Damage: 2d6 MD
    • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
    • Payload: 21 shots per E-clip or 30 shots per LE-Clip
Pistol Ammo Pouch: 2/2 Pistol E-Clips (small of back; non-dominant side)

Undercover Leg Sheath Containing:
    Covert Slim Vibro-Knife (Dominant Side)
    Damage: 1D6 M.D.

Stored at Armory
DS-1U Reinforced Duty Uniform
IFF Tag: Howlett, CSSM, CPT (O-3), CO
Weight: 5 lbs. (3.2 kg)
Mobility: Superior; no movement penalties of any kind.
M.D.C. by Location:
• Arms (left): 5/5
• Arms (right): 5/5
• Legs (left): 8/8
• Legs (right): 8/8
• Main Body: 15/15
    • 1. Built-in Tracking Device: To aid in retrieval, the soldier can activate the built-in tracking beacon and strobe light for friendly forces to find them easily. Both subsystems can be activated independent of each other, or together, as needs dictate.

Utility Belt: (4 lb)
    Canteen (half gallon).
    Walkie Talkie Pouch: Communicator (with 10-mile range and 72-hour continual use battery)
    Compass/inertial mapper.
    Firestarter kit (solar-powered lighter and flint & steel).
    Flashlight/signal light (with bright halogen and infrared options).
    Mini first aid kit (+1 Healing check, only one use).
    Power bars (three, each can sustain a normal human for a day).
    Hip Holster containing:
      CP-20 Laser Pistol
      • Range: 800'
      • Damage: 2d6 MD
      • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
      • Payload: 21 shots per E-clip or 30 shots per LE-Clip
    Knife Sheath Containing:
      Damage: 1D6 M.D.
    Pistol Ammo Pouch: 2/2 Pistol E-Clips
    Rifle Ammo Pouch:
Combat Boots - Boot-Sheath
    Survival Knife
    Damage: 2D4 S.D.C.

CS-S2 Basic Survival Pack
• Two Person Tent (Folds up to the size of a paperback book; good for -40 degrees, Water filtration +20% to water supply)
• Sleeping Bag
• Flashlight with Concealed Pocket Knife (1D4 S.D.C.) and 6 Batteries (48 hours per battery)
• Compass/Inertial Mapper (+10% Land Navigation) Mirrored for use as signal mirror.
• Short Range Radio (Range: 5 Miles)
• Mini-First-Aid Kit (Roll of Gauze, 48 Adheasive Bandages, Roll of Medical Tape, Small Scissors, Pocket Knife (1D4 S.D.C.) Tube of Protien Healing Salve (doubles natural healing rate))
• Hunting/Fishing Kit (Wires, Fishing Line, Several Hooks, Pulleys)
• Saw Wires (3)
• Fire Starter (Pocket Cigarette Lighter, Flint Striker (with 6 extra Flints))
• Survival Knife (1D6 S.D.C.), Small Hatchet (1D6 S.D.C.), Wooden Cross, 4 Signal Flares.
• 30 feet lightweight climbing cord, climbing gloves, 4 ceramic spikes, small mallet.
• Personal Hygene Kit, incluing a bar of soap & washcloth
• Canteen & Food Rations Bag.
• Air filter and Gas Mask
• Extra CS uniform
• Dress CS uniform

Secure Universal Card: 4,659
Salary: 3,900 Credits/Month
Expense Reimbursements: 241,014 Credits
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Mercenary Gear [Clear this tag when done]

Postby James Howlett » Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:01 pm

Mercenary Gear
Held in Hand

Armor/Worn on Person
  • LI-B2 Light Infantry Armor w/ Overcoat
  • WI-LP3 Pepperbox Laser Right Hand Holdout Speed Holster
  • Bandito BigBore BB-2 "Holdout" Derringer Left Hand Holdout Speed Holster
  • 1806 .68 Cal Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol Right Coat Pocket
  • NG-T6 Taser Neural Disruptor Left Coat Pocket
  • IDF Commando Wristwatch
  • MH-550 Armored Huntsman’s Choice Jumpsuit or Fatigues
  • Combat Boots

Utility Belt
Belt contains Pistol Holster, 3 knife sheaths, 4 Ammo Pouches and 1 equipment clip
  • Bandito BigBore "Big Boss" Magnum Revolver
  • [Equipment Clip] Portable Language Translator
  • [Ammo Pouch 1] 4/4 Pepperbox Speed loaders
  • [Ammo Pouch 2] 2/2 Long E-Clips (Pistol)
  • [Ammo Pouch 3] 2/2 30 Round Clips of C-5 Pump pistol rounds.
  • [Ammo Pouch 4] 8/8 BigBore "Revolver" Rounds
  • [Ammo Pouch 4] 8/8 BigBore "Shotgun" Rounds
  • Vibro-Knife
  • NG Grenade Vibro-Knife 2/2

Web Gear
Contains Pistol Holster, 6 grenade loops,
  • NG-45LP "Long Pistol"
  • Plasma Grenades 2/2
  • Smoke Grenades 2/2
  • CS Stun/Flash Grenades 2/2

  • Portable Computer (Non-Military Computer)
  • Computer Reference Libraries (Botany)
  • [Ammo Box] 8 BigBore "Revolver" Rounds, 8 BigBore "Shotgun" Rounds, 4 Pepperbox Speed loaders (Fully Loaded), 2
  • 8-round Neural Disruptor Clips
  • Wilk's PRC-5 Secure Walkie Talkie
  • Wilk's Ultra Pocket Laser Distancer
  • Wilk's FLIR Distancing and Recording Binoculars
  • Protective case with 10 one-inch disks

Old-Fashioned Medical Bag
Strapped to underside of Backpack.
Contains several padded interior pockets.
  • Surgical Kit (scalpels, clamps, suture, needles, etc)
  • First Aid Kit (Holds the Following: Bandages, Antiseptics, Protein Healing Salve)
  • IRMSS/Robotic Micro-Surgeon Kit
  • RMK robot medical kit
  • Portable Compu-Drug Dispenser (10 Penicillin, 4 Pandisporin, 10 Candaniricin, 10 Tributomol, 5 Penthydrocodine, 2 Qwik-Clot, 1 Universal Anti-Toxin, 3 Dentiricin, 3 Necromycin)
  • Two Packages of Hydrating Salts
  • Five Tubes of Protein Healing Salve
  • Two Spray Cans of Qwik-Clot
  • Hypodermic Gun
  • Hypo-spray Injector.
  • Stethoscope
  • Pen Flashlight
  • Hand-held Blood Pressure Machine (computerized)
  • Six Unbreakable Vials
  • Dozen Pairs of Disposable Gloves
  • Pair of Reusable Gloves
  • Bottle of Whiskey (½ full)

  • Portable Computer (Non-Military Computer)
  • Computer Reference Libraries (Botany)
  • 2 8-round Neural Disruptor Clips
  • [Ammo Box] 92 WI-LP3 Batteries
  • [Ammo Box] 136 BigBore "Revolver" Rounds
  • [Ammo Box] 136 BigBore "Shotgun" Rounds
  • [Ammo Box] 6 Pepperbox Speed loaders (Fully Loaded)
  • Remington 870 Police Magnum

  • Salary: 3,900 Credits/Month
  • Black Card: 443,974 (CS HC 10/6/14)
  • 1 year membership to the Stogies Men's Club (James Howlett)

Vehicle Locker
  • Armored Custom-Made Suit
  • Branaghan EBA w/ Overcoat
  • NG-A12 Anti-Ballistic Body Armor with built in Naruni Light Forcefield
  • NG-P7 Block III
  • Grenade Case
    (1'x1'x8”; 3 lbs.) Holds up to 20 standard sized grenades.
    • 3 Plasma Grenades
    • 3 Smoke Grenades
    • 3 CS Stun/Flash Grenades
  • Communicator (M.D.C. Version)
  • 2 Dress Shirts
  • 2 Pair of Pants/Slacks
  • 2 T-Shirts
  • Custom made suit
  • Labcoat
  • [Ammo Box] 20 12g solid slug shells & 24 12g buckshot shells
  • [Ammo Box] 120 Shots of .68 Cal Shot and Powder
  • [Ammo Box] 8 Long E-Clips (Pistol)
  • [Ammo Box] 15 Long E-Clips (Rifle)
  • 1 decanter (person selling it says it is the finest crystal) and 4 matching glasses
  • Bottle of Whiskey

  • 8 Dress Shirts
  • 8 Pairs of Pants/Slacks
  • 8 T-Shirts
  • 2 Bottles of Whiskey
  • A Fully grown Uzain Plant (Dinosaur Swamp pg. 44)

Vehicle Storage/Cargo Bay
Cargo Box
Hermetically sealed temperature controlled cargo crate, with a electronic lock
  • 2 cybernetic feet
  • 2 cybernetic hands
  • 2 cybernetic arms
  • 2 cybernetic legs
  • 2 cybernetic eyes
  • 2 cybernetic inner ears
  • 1 cybernetic heart
  • 1 cybernetic lung
  • 1 cybernetic kidney
  • 1 cybernetic liver
  • 1 cybernetic spleen
  • 1 cybernetic intestine
  • 100K credits worth of cybernetic bone (parts to rebuild joints)

Cargo Box
Hermetically sealed temperature controlled cargo crate, with a electronic lock
  • 10 Bottles (20 pills each) & 10 IV’s of Penicillin. (Pills: +1 vs. Disease for 12 hours, 1D4 S.D.C. worth of healing due to illness. IV: +2 vs. Disease for 24 hours, 1D6+1 S.D.C. worth of healing due to illness.)
  • 10 Bottles (12 pills each) & 10 IV’s of Pandisporin. (Pills: +2 vs. Disease for 12 hours, 1D6+2 S.D.C. worth of healing due to illness. IV: +3 vs. Disease for 30 hours, 1D6+4 S.D.C. worth of healing due to illness.)
  • 10 Bottles (30 pills each) & 10 Spray Cans of Cadaniricin. (+2 vs. Disease specifically brought on by Fungus.)
  • 10 Bottles (20 pills each) & 10 IV’s of Tributomol. (Reduces all effects by 25% from pain, and doubles recovery effort when used routinely as directed. Lasts 12 hours per dose, 24 hours for the IV.)
  • 2 Bottle (10 pills) & 2 IV’s of Penthydrocodine. (Reduces all effects by 75% from pain, and doubles recovery effort when used routinely as directed. Lasts 8 hours per dose.)
  • 8 Packages of Hydrating Salts. (heals 1D6 S.D.C. from Dehydration, max of 2 doses per 24 hours)
  • Field Medic Kit. (Contains the Following: Sterile Bandages, Gauze, Medical Tape, Miniature Diagnostic Computer for monitoring life signs, Complete set of medical/dental tools, Basic Painkillers and Medicines, quick hardening cast, Fast acting burn salve (1D6 S.D.C. or 2 HP.) Protein Salve, Mini-Oxygen Supply)
  • 5 Tubes of Protein Healing Salve. (Doubles the rate of natural healing.)
  • 8 Powdered Doses & 8 Spray Cans of Qwik-Clot. (Causes wound to instantly clot for up to 10 minutes.)
  • Vial of Universal Anti-Toxin. (Gives +10 Bonus to Save vs. Poisons/Toxins)
  • 2 IV’s of Necromycin & 1 Bottle of Necromycin (6 pills)
  • 2 Tube of Dentiricin (5 doses)
MM-16 "Coffin" Pepperbox Man-Portable Multiple Mini-Missile Launcher

Gear Stats
Gear Stats
LI-B2 Light Infantry Armor w/ Overcoat
Weight: 90 pounds plus 6 lbs. With overcoat
Mobility: Good; -5% to climb, swim, perform acrobatics and similar physical skills/performance. Add another -5% to each when the overcoat is worn with the armor. If only the overcoat is worn, the movement penalty is only -5%, but -10% to swim.
M.D.C. by Location:
Head/Helmet: 15
Arm (L): +5/20 each +0/8 w/overcoat
Arm (R): +12/20 each +0/8 w/overcoat
Legs: +35 each +12 w/overcoat
Main Body: +97/150 +0/28 w/overcoat

Branaghan EBA w/ Overcoat
Weight: armor―15 lbs.; Overcoat―6 lbs.
Modifiers: Heavy plate armor: Fair mobility; -10% to climb, -20% to prowl, swim, perform acrobatics and similar physical skills. Add another -5% to each when the overcoat is worn with the armor. If only the overcoat is worn, the movement penalty is only -5%, but -10% to swim.

M.D.C. By Location:
• Helmet: 40
• Arms: 28 each +8 w/overcoat
• Legs: 38 each +12 w/overcoat
• Main Body: 75 +28 w/overcoat[/size]

Armored Custom-Made Suit
• Weight: 12 lbs.
• Mobility: Good; -2% to movement skills
• A.R.: 19
• M.D.C.: 26

NG-A12 Anti-Ballistic Body Armor with built in Naruni Light Forcefield
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Head/Helmet – 40
  • Arms – 35 each
  • Legs – 45 each
  • Main Body – 80
  • Force field – 45
Weight: 35 pounds
Modifiers: Fair mobility; -10% to Climb and -15% to other physical skills.
Features: Impact Absorbing Systems: Armor takes half damage from all kinetic attacks, including punches, kicks, falls, impact damage, and explosions. If the character also manages to roll with impact/fall, damage is reduced by half again. Also, the character wearing the armor suffers only 20% of the usual damage from falls and crashes.
Built-in N-F10A Light Force Field: • 12 hour duration per E-clip

MH-550 Armored Huntsman’s Choice Jumpsuit or Fatigues
  • M.D.C.: 11

WI-LP3 Pepperbox Laser
• Weight: Less than 1lb
• Damage: 1D4 per Battery – all 4 can be fired for one action
• Range: 100 feet
• Payload: 4 shots, 1 per Battery
• Reload: 4 actions, or 1 with speed loader
• Modifiers: Hair Trigger (+1 to initiative)
• Holdout Speed Holster (strapped to right arm): At the beginning of a fight where no guns have been drawn, a character is at +3 to initiative (+4 including the bonus for hair trigger) to be the first to draw this weapon and fire. If the character is the one to initiate the attack, it counts as an ambush/sneak attack (automatically wins initiative).

Bandito BigBore BB-2 "Holdout" Derringer
• Range: 50 ft.
• Damage (BigBore "Revolver" Rounds): 1D6 M.D. per single BB revolver round/bullet fired, plus knockdown.
    Knockdown Effect (Revolver): Human and human-sized D-Bees who are shot must roll a 20 sided die to maintain their footing. This balance roll must equal or surpass the attacker's natural roll to strike.
    A successful save vs knockdown means the character feels like he's been kicked, but remains standing and suffers no penalties, ecxcept he loses initiative if he had it.
    A failed roll means the victim is knocked off his feet, and falls back onto the ground (falls back 1D4 feet/0.3 to 1 .2 m), loses initiative (if he had it) and loses one melee attack/action ! Even characters in M.D.C. body armor will be knocked down, however, those in power armor, full conversion cyborgs, robots, giants, supernatural beings (demons) and creatures of magic (metamorphed dragons, etc.) are not.
• Rate of Fire: Single Shot only. Each shot counts as a melee action.
• Payload: Two rounds, breech load
• Weight: 3 lbs.
• Modifiers: Hair Trigger (+1 to initiative); Steady Aim (additional +1 to strike for aimed shots only)
• Holdout Speed Holster (strapped to left arm): At the beginning of a fight where no guns have been drawn, a character is at +3 to initiative (+4 including the bonus for hair trigger) to be the first to draw this weapon and fire. If the character is the one to initiate the attack, it counts as an ambush/sneak attack (automatically wins initiative).

Bandito BigBore "Big Boss" Magnum Revolver
• Range: 200'
• Damage (BigBore "Shotgun" Shells): 2D4 M.D. per single BB shotgun shell fired, plus knockdown.
    Knockdown Effect (Shotgun Rounds): Human and human-sized D-Bees must roll a 20 sided die with a -6 penalty to stay standing. The roll must equal or surpass the attacker's natural roll to strike. A successful save vs knockdown means the character is staggered, feels like he was kicked by a mule and loses the initiative. A failed roll means the victim is knocked off of his feet and flung 8- 10 feet (2.4 to 3 m) before hitting the ground! The victim loses initiative, is momentarily dazed (reduce all combat bonuses by half for one melee round per each blast endured), and loses one melee attack/action!
    Knockdown Note: Even characters in M.D.C. body armor are knocked down and suffer the penalties above. Those in power armor or who are full conversion cyborgs, man-sized robots (11 feet/3.3 m or smaller), lesser supernatural beings and lesser creatures of magic (including Dragon Hatchlings) are +6 to save vs knockdown. If knocked down they are staggered with each shot and lose initiative. True Giants (20 feet/6. 1 m and larger), giant robots ( 1 2 feet/3.7 or larger), Demon Lords, deific level supernatural beings and powerful, giant creatures of magic such as adult and ancient dragons and Greater Elementals take damage only. They do not lose initiative, nor do they suffer knockdown or related penalties.
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 4 shots
• Weight 4 lbs

NG-45LP "Long Pistol"
• Damage: 5D6 M.D. per shot
• Rate of Fire: Standard
• Range: 1,200 feet
• Payload: Long E-clip: 13 shots

NG-P7 Block III
• Weight: 12lbs
• Range: 1,200ft
• Mega-Damage: 1D4x10 M.D., +50% Damage on a natural 19-20
• Rate of Fire: Each blast counts as one melee attack
• Payload:8 Shots with Standard E-clip, 12 with Long E-clip

MM-16 "Coffin" Pepperbox Man-Portable Multiple Mini-Missile Launcher
• Weight: 85 lbs
• Range: 1 mile
• Mega-Damage: Armor Piercing 1D4X10 M.D., Plasma 1D6x10 M.D., or Fragmentation 5D6 M.D.
• Rate of Fire: One volley of four missiles per attack
• Payload: 12 mini-missiles (3 volleys)
• Bonus: Advanced Targeting System: +3 to Strike.
Note: P.S. of 28, an Augmented P.S. of 22, or a Robot P.S. of 18 or better is required to handle the MM-16 Coffin as a two handed weapon. Those with a lower P.S. shoot with a -3 penalty to strike. An Augmented P.S. of 36 or greater is required to fire it one-handed (or a Robot P.S. of 26, or a Supernatural P.S. of 22).

1806 .68 Cal Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol
• Range: 65'
• Damage: 3d6 S.D.C.
• RoF: One Single or Double shot per melee round. Takes the remainder of the melee round to reload.
• Payload: 2/2
• Ammo:
• Misfire Rate: 10%

NG-T6 Taser Neural Disruptor
• Range: 100'
• Damage: 1D4 S.D.C. + victim is rendered unconscious unless a save vs neural stun (16+) is made. Even those who save suffer penalties of -4 to strike, parry and dodge for 1D8 melee rounds from the disruptive attack. Note: The pistol is not effective against even minor Mega-Damage beings or characters in full environmental body armor that has more than 40 M.D.C.
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: Eight.

Remington 870 Police Magnum
• Range: 150'
• Damage: 5d6 Slug or 4d6 over 3 foot area at 30' and 10' area at 60'.
• RoF: Single shots only
• Payload: 4/4 Round tube magazine (Solid Slug)

Damage: 1d6 M.D.

NG Grenade Vibro-Knife
• Range: Approximately 30 feet.
• Damage: 1D6 M.D.C. on Impact, 4D6 M.D. at epicenter, 3D6 M.D. to a 12’ radius.
Note: W.P. Targetting is required, or user can only throw knife 10 feet at -3 penalty.

Plasma Grenades
• Damage: 5D6 M.D.
• Radius: 12 feet.

Smoke Grenades• Radius: 20-40 feet.
• Effects: -5 strike, parry and dodge. -1 initiative. Attackers shoot wild through it

CS Stun/Flash Grenades
• Radius: 20 feet.
• Effects: -8 strike, parry and dodge. -1 initiative. lose one APM for 1D4 melee rounds.

Wilk's PRC-5 Secure Walkie-Talkie
☞ Weight: 1 lb.
• M.D.C.: 2
• Range: 10 miles
• Battery Life: A rechargeable battery provides 96 hours of continuous operation before needing to be recharged.
• Note: attempts to crack the encryption suffer a -25% modifier.

Portable language Translator
• Weight: 0.5 lbs.
• The device must be pointed towards the speaker(s)
• Can monitor up to 3 different voices and two languages or dialects at the same time with an accuracy of 98.7% with with a three second delay if pointed at just one individual, but drops to 78% with a six second delay when translating multiple speakers simultaneously. Translator can also be set to translate the operators words into the language of those he is speaking to.
• Transmits via earphones, broadcast over a small built in speaker or via connection to a cybernetic headjack.
• Comes Programmed with the nine common languages spoken in North America.
• Can hold up to 3 additional languages in memory.
• Up to 12 additional languages can be added with a supplemental language data disk.
• Conversations can be recorded onto a one inch size audio disk with a 3hr capacity (20cr per disk)

Wilk's Ultra Pocket Laser Distancer
• Weight: 4 lbs
• M.D.C.: 2
• Range: 6 miles.
• Bonus: Laser Guided Rockets and Missiles are +3 to Strike designated targets.
• Additional Effects/Information: How the LRD-10 works is that it projects an invisible laser beam to target objects for precision, laser-guided targeting. To employ this feature the operator s imply has to look through the optical device, place the reticle squarely on the target, then press and hold the "designate" button. Laser-seeking guided missiles and bombs will then hone in on the reflected beam, impacting on the specified/laser tagged target. LRD-10s are used to guide missiles fired from any launch platform, including ground launch systems (mines and guns), armored vehicles, helicopters and aircraft . All that has to be done is to program the LRD-I0 with the laser frequency matching that of the missile, accomplished using most any handheld, portable computer.
Moreover, it has a rangefinder feature that works the same as that of the Wilk's FLIR binoculars (gives digital readout of distance, bearing and speed; 96% accuracy) and an integrated recording system that will record images on standard one inch discs (great for confirming strikes and bomb damage assessment). Each disc can record up to four hours of images .

Wilk's FLIR Distancing and Recording Binoculars
• Weight: 2 lbs
• Range: 2.5 miles
• Effect: This is a second generation FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) optics system that is an improvement over the old style IR distancing binoculars . It is a passive, thermal-imaging system that uses ambient infrared radiation which means that, unlike with traditional IR binocs, these binoculars do not emit any infrared light that can be tracked back to the user. The binoculars also feature a laser distancing module with digital display that provides an accurate digital readout of the distance, within two centimeters, and the estimated rate of the target ' s travel (96% accurate) if it is moving . Moreover, this device has an integrated recording module that can be used to record visual images on a standard one inch disc. Each disc can record up to four hours of images .

IDF Commando Wristwatch
The hallmark watch of the Ishpeming Special Forces.
• Durable: AR: 14; 60 S.D.C. Waterproof to a depth of 3,000 feet.
• Atomic Clock accuracy.
• Has an Alarm feature, vibrates instead of beeps.
• Functions as a Altimeter for Parachuting.
• Can be used as a Demolition Detonator.

CDS-RA "26"
Model Type: NEMA-RX 2020-RA
Class: Fully Automated Self-Sufficient Infantry and Rescue Robot
Crew: None, Artificial Intelligence

MDC By Location
Hands - 22 Forearm Ion Blaster (1, Left) - 40
Arms - 40 Vibro Saber (1, Right) - 25
Legs - 65 Air Tank - 10
Head* - 60 Hand & Forearm Attachment: Multi-Tool - 25
Main Body** - 128 Entry Entry

* Destroying the head of the robot eliminates all optics and sensory systems. In most cases the robot shuts clown as a safety feature. However, in some cases, about one in ten, the robot continues to operate. Under these conditions, especially if in combat, the robot has no combat bonuses to strike, parry, or dodge and shoots wild. However, there is plenty to salvage from a headless robot. and replacing the head re­turns the unit to full fighting function. The head is a small and difficult target to hit, especially on a moving target. Thus, it can only be hit when character makes a "Called Shot" and even then the attacker is -2 to strike.
** Depleting the M.D.C. of the Main Body effectively de­stroys the robot, shutting it down completely and there is noth­ing viable left to salvage.
Running: 75 mph
Leaping: Six feet high and eight feet across
Flying: None, except by jet pack
Range: Unlimited
Underwater Capabilities: Reduce speed by 25%. Maximum Ocean Depth: 1000 feet
Statistical Data
Height: 7 feet
Width: 3 feet
Length: 2 feet 9 inches
Weight: 360 lbs
Physical Strength: 28 (Robotic)
Cargo: None
Power System: Solar/Electric with Nuclear battery backup

Climb (96%/86%)
General Repair & Maintenance (80%)
Intelligence (85%)
Land Navigation (94%)
Language: Basic (speaks/understands/reads): American, Euro, French, Spanish and Techno-Can (94% each).
Mathematics: Basic (98%)
Military Etiquette (96%)
Parachuting (90%)
Pilot: Boat, Motor Type (86%)
Pilot: Hover Craft (ground; 92%)
Radio: Basic (94%)
Weapon Systems (90%)
W.P. Paired Weapons
WP. Blunt
W.P. Sword or W.P. Knife
W.P. Rifles
W.P. Energy Rifle or W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons
Hand to Hand: Expert, 6th level.
Technical: Rescue Package
Excavation 80%
Firefighting 88%
First Aid 90%
Mining 86%
Rope Works 90%
Rescue Protocol Program 75%
Specialized Labor: Electrical Package
Basic Electronics 96%
Computer Repair 92%
Electrical Engineer 86%
Electricity Generation 86%.
Specialized Labor: Mechanics Package
Aircraft Mechanics 70%
Robot Mechanics 80%
Robot Electronics 85%
Basic Mechanics 90%
Computer Operation 90%
General Repair and Maintenance 90%
Salvage 75%.

Weapon Systems
RX-2020 Forearm Ion Blaster (1): Built-in ion blaster for heavy, mid-range combat. The weapon is tied directly to the robot, its combat computer, sensors and nuclear power pack.
    Primary Purpose: Assault
    Mega-Damage: 3D6 M.D. (single shot) or 1D4x10 M.D. (triple blast)
    Rate of Fire: Single shot or three blast burst
    Effective Range: 1,200 feet
    Payload: Unlimited (21 single shot or 7 bursts per standard E-Clip)
RX-2020 18 inch Vibro-Saber (1): In a special forearm housing is a narrow, curved, retractable Vibro-Saber.
    Primary Purpose: Assault
    Secondary Purpose: Defense and anti-personnel
    Mega-Damage: 2D6 M.D.
    Range: Hand to hand
    Rate of Attack: per hand to hand combat skill
    Payload: Not applicable
Hand to Hand Combat:
Attacks Per Melee: 5
Combat Style: Equivalent to Hand to Hand: Expert
Initiative: +1
Strike: +2
Strike w/ Ranged Weapons: +3, +4 Aimed, +1 Burst
Strike w/ Vibro-Blade: +4
Parry: +4
Parry w/ Vibro-Blade: +6
Dodge: +3 (+4 while running)
Disarm: +2
Roll w/: +2
Pull Punch: +2
Special: Impervious to poison, gas, and biological agents, as well as psionic and magic mind control, charms, BioManipulation, and S.D.C. attacks.
Restrained Punch: 2d6+15 S.D.C.
Full Strength Punch: 1d6 M.D.
Power Punch: 2d6 M.D.
Kick: 2d4 M.D.
Body Block: 1d4 M.D.
Head Butt: 1d4 M.D.
Vibro-Saber: 2d6 M.D.[/size]
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2nd Lt. James Howlett Background

Postby James Howlett » Tue Jul 24, 2018 11:53 am

Personnel Record wrote:Name: HOWLETT, James, Brendon. M.D.B.S.
Service Branch: Coalition Army
Service Number: LS10-C29-074-1BF3-00FC
Pay Grade: O-3
Rank: Captain
Date of Birth: 29 December, 74 PA
Primary Specialty: Cyber-Doc
Military Education:
Basic Training, Army, Lone Star
Officer Candidate School, Army, Chi-Town
Cybernetics Integration Training, Army, Lone Star
Communications School, Basic, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Computer Systems Training Course, Basic, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Computer Systems Training Course, Advanced, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Monster Identification and Elimination Training Course, Army, Chi-Town
Linguistics 100, Spanish, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Linguistics 101, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Linguistics 200, Techno-Can, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Military Engineering, Electrical, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Military Engineering, Mechanical, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Medical Corpsman Triage and Treatment School, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Close Quarters Combat School, Army, Chi-Town
Medical School, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Cybernetic Medicine, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Bionic Medicine,Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Forensic Science, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College

Decorations, Medals, Badges, Citations, and Campaign:
PHD Medical Science, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
PHD Cybernetic Medical Science, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
PHD Bionic Medical Science, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
PHD Electrical Engineering, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
PHD Mechanical Engineering, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Numerous Supporting Undergraduate Degrees Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Field Experience Badge, Tolkeen Front
Marksmanship Badge, Army, Chi-town
Medic, Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College
Crimson Heart, Army, Lone Star
Cybernetic Heart, Army, Lone Star
Minnesota Cross, Army, Tolkeen Front
Joseph Prosek Medal for Valor; Army, Great Lakes Region.
Iron Star; Army, Tolkeen Front.
Joseph Prosek Medal for Valor- CS 110th SOG

Disciplinary data and court martial record:
--Redacted-- 08 March 101 PA, Under orders of Director Desmond Bradford Lone Star Genetics Complex.
--Redacted-- 17 February 104 PA, Under orders of Joseph Prosek II Department of Propaganda.
Tours of Duty:
Basic Training: 18 Months
Lone Star Genetic Center, Army Technical Training College.
Tour of Duty: 2nd Engineering Brigade: Garrison Duty: Lone Star Genetics Lab (Cybernetics/Bionics Division)
Tour of Duty: 221st SOG: Occupation/Police Action: Old Chicago: Convoy Duty (Large Battle)
Tour of Duty: 221st SOG: Garrison Duty: Chi-Town.
Tour of Duty: 221st SOG: Occupation/Police Action: Old Chicago: Convoy Duty (Major Combat)
Tour of Duty: 221st SOG: Long Range Patrol: Great Lakes: Pirate Action (Large Battle; Joseph Prosek Medal for Valor)
Tour of Duty: 31st SOG: Garrison Duty: Tolkeen.
Tour of Duty: 31st SOG: Combat Zone: Tolkeen (Major Combat; Iron Star)
Tour of Duty: 31st SOG: Wounded in Combat: Northern Lone Star (Lost Eye, Ear, and Hand)
Tour of Duty: 31st SOG: Long Range Patrol: Jonesboro, AR : Monster Attack (Major loss; unit disbanded)
Tour of Duty: 110th SOG: Long Range Patrol: Current.

Northern Gun ICMN Mercenary Report wrote:Northern Gun ICMN Mercenary Report
[insert pic if desired]
Name: HARRISON, James M.D.B.S.
Callsign or Nicknames: Doc
Rank: Captain
ICMN ID Number: 2B16-1C83-B9ED-D8DD
Specialty: Cybernetic/Bionic Doctor
Trained: Ispeming School of Medical Science (26 August, 101 PA - 4 June, 108 PA), ICMN School of Soldiery (10 Feburary, 109 PA - 15 May, 109 PA)
Experience: Occupation/Police Action: (Major Combat; Captured enemy commander. 8 July, 109 PA)
Garrison Duty: (Repelled Enemy Attack; Wounded, Fractured Bones. 22 November, 109 PA)
    Evaluation: Competent Line officer, best suited to small unit tactics, guaranteed results.
Extra-Martial Accolades: None.

Best Suited for: Line officer, Special Operations, Medical Services.

Powerful Contact: Lt. Col. Carol Black (CS Psi-Battalion)

Birth and Early Childhood

James Brendon Howlett was born in a small town called Wellborn, on the western border of the Coalition State of Lone Star. James’ parents were David and Martha Howlett, they tended a small farm with James’ older sister Olivia. Life was no harder than anywhere else, thanks to regular patrols from Lone Star. James’ father supplemented the family's income by both being a veterinarian and a bit of a local handyman. James’ mother worked the farm and sewed clothes for sale. James’ early education was really rudimentary, he learned counting and basic letters, due to his father James learned a bit of basic mechanics and medical training, mostly from having to assist his father in his duties.

James family suffered a great tragedy. A large raider group came into Wellborn, they caused a great deal of mischief before the Coalition Army arrived and dealt with them. In the ensuing firefight James’ parents were killed. James never found out how they died specifically, the reports from the action were rather spartan. The Military took the Howlett children to Lone Star where they were thrust into the government child care system.


James and his sister were unprepared for the child service system, and had several issues in the early years of being in the orphanage. Even going so far as running away once. James got into many fights while in the orphanage, mostly in defense of his sister. James didn’t give up hope that he would find some way out of the system and to a better life for his sister and himself.

James’ wish came true in the form of an aptitude test. Director Bradford was in search of new bright minds, and looked in many locations to gather them. James scored exceptionally on the test, while his sister scored adequately enough that they were chosen for a special program. This program would educate them, and put them on the path to working with the brightest minds in the Coalition States.

Young Adult/Teens

James took to the advanced education like a fish. He soon was the score to beat across the board, which gave him both friends and enemies. James excelled in each task put towards him, this likely is what shaped his personality as it is today, with his attempt at perfect english and his seeming inability to call someone by anything but their rank and last name.

James’ sister continued to score sufficiently high enough to keep in the program, but it became obvious she was on the low end of the scale. James made every effort to help her, but in the end she wasn’t what the Director was looking for. Olivia didn’t lose out though, she was whisked away by a young lieutenant and married. James missed his sister, but he had so much more to look forward to.

Basic Training

What can really be said of boot camp, you're a sixteen year old boy who is tossed to the wolves with less hair than the day your born. James was abused, battered, and beaten, but all that mattered to him was passing the course. The Coalition States had given him the perfect opportunity to advance in life and be more than a no-name burb dweller who would more likely die from violence than old age. Even through all the hardship James managed to pass, not with flying colors, but enough to get sent to his next course.

Army Technical Training College

Calling James smart is an understatement, there may have only been one man smarter, and his name was Desmond Bradford. James was fast tracked into the Army Technical Training College. Where most recruits took one major, James took multiple, his classmates weren't even sure how he managed it, less than four hours of sleep a night, multiple hours of homework and labs. It was madness, but it was also where James had a chance to excel. His mind was designed for the kind of hardships that ATTC forced it's students to endure.

James spent what seemed to be a lifetime in the schools halls learning medicine, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, cybernetics, and bionics. All of these majors had subsequent required minors, though many overlapped. James may have left ATTC with more degrees that any other student ever. His time in ATTC came to an end when Director Bradford came for James personally. Just another one of his projects coming to fruition.

Lone Star Genetics Center: Cybernetics and Bionics

James was thrust into the world of research and development. James' specialty was cybernetic/bionic systems. His peers saw James as some sort of prodigy, barely out of his teens and already a name in the field. James preferred working on intricate head ware systems that could turn the tide in the war against the inhuman. Bionic brain implants were art to him, and he strived to be a master. James made discoveries that improved man/machine interfaces.

James spent many wonderful years working under the tutelage of Director Bradford, but eventually James caught on to a secret that he should not have. He was worried for his life at the very least. James began to quietly petition the other Coalition R&D centers to see if transfers were and option, but it seemed that Bradford was one step ahead of the young doctor.

The Fateful Dinner.

James was lucky enough to be invited to a dinner in CHi-Town that would be hosting many of the movers and shakers of the Coalition States. James was able to rub elbows with generals and politicians. It was here that he made the attention of two individuals that would change his life forever. James was introduced to Lieutenant Colonel Carol Black, who took to the young Cybernetics doctor like a fish to water. James impressed Lt. Col. Black with his knowledge and imagination. She was determined to have James as part of her organization. Little did either of them know, Colonel Lyboc overheard their conversation and decided he needed an expert like James as a part of one of his black ops teams.


James was moved to some advanced training in Chi-Town. Here he learned the basics of being a soldier. He received some advanced training in Monster identification, close quarters combat, and officer candidate training. James eked along in the physical aspects, but dealt with the book learning easily enough.

James had some time to see his older sister Olivia. She had married the young lieutenant, now Major David Harrison. James didn’t get along with his brother-in-law almost instantly. He kept cordial for the sake of his sister. James was surprised to see his sister had become a member of the social elite in Chi-Town. James again found he was at a disadvantage, his years of lab work and short stint in basic training didn’t prepare him for the machinations of the political elite.

James received the transfer he was hoping for, or so he thought. Lyboc changed James’ final destination so that he wound up with the CS 221st SOG better known as the “Screaming Devils” James was attached to them at the very end of their rotation as a garrison force in Chi-Town.

Tour of Duty: 221st SOG: Occupation/Police Action: Old Chicago: Convoy Duty

The “Screaming Devils” were sent on a series of Convoy duties, supplying troops stationed in Old Chicago with necessary supplies. The work was somewhat fulfilling, though relatively boring. The occasional firefight occurring, but nothing too dramatic. James learned allot of interesting things being attached to a SOG. James was never sure of it, but he thought that the leaders of the “Screaming Devils” were skimming supplies from the convoys and selling them on the black market.

Towards the end of their tour, the “Screaming Devils” became involved in a major conflict when a surge in Rift activity dumped a swarm of Gargoyles into Old Chicago. Several hours of fighting, brought an end to the threat at a moderate loss.

Tour of Duty: 221st SOG: Garrison Duty: Chi-Town.

James and the “Screaming Devils” were recalled to garrison duty in Chi-Town. James watched as the 221st were given a dose of new recruits that were quickly put through their paces. James spent some of his free time in the company of his sister. Again stumbling about the niceties of political society. James just not a people person, always came off as aloof or rude. James had a singular run in with Colonel Lyboc, during this time. Lyboc was entertained by James’ unknowingness of his part in the machinations.James was glad when the 221st were sent back into the field.

Tour of Duty: 221st SOG: Occupation/Police Action: Old Chicago: Convoy Duty

James followed the 221st into the Ruins of Old Chicago once more. The 221st continued their usual business running convoys into the ruins. Again James was certain that the leadership of the “Screaming Devils” were skimming off the top of the convoys. James did his job with little complaint, enjoying being out doing something. Several conflicts happened while directing the convoys. A wizard by the name of Kallidor Blackmantle moved into the Old Chicago ruins, to use the rampant ley line activity to help him in his mission to bring the Coalition to it’s knees.

The conflict that ensued when Blackmantle sprung his plan was no less than epic. Hordes of demonic entities and D-bees poured out of Rifts. The 221st waged a bloody battle into the heart of downtown Chicago. James was with the team that fought Blackmantle’s Lieutenant a Gallu Bull demon in the remains of one of Chicgao's former subway stations. Blackmantle managed to escape the end conflict.

Tour of Duty: 221st SOG: Long Range Patrol: Great Lakes: Pirate Action

James and the 221st were given long range border patrol. Something new for the group at large. James had finally figured out what the leaders of the 221st were up to, they were selling military surplus to the black market. James kept his mouth shut for the most part remembering his troubles with Director Bradford what seemed a lifetime ago. Intel passed to the 221st found a large pirate fortress that was causing all manner of problems for shipping on the Great Lakes. What the intel didn't say was that the pirates out numbered the 221st ten to one.

The 221st did what they did best, they split into three major groups and proceeded to stealth into the base, sabotage the pirates defenses and transportation. Not everything went according to plan. James was attached to a small squad directed to take out automated weapons systems. Somehow the team got lost in the labyrinthine fortress and wound up confronting the pirate lord and his bodyguards. The fight was vicious, wounds and casualties were the norm. The squad managed to deal the pirates the blow that would ultimately break them, killing the pirate lord. When the rest of the 221st arrived, James was busy giving medical attention to the others. In the official report, James killed the pirate lord, and for that he received the Joseph Prosek Medal for Valor. The commander of the Screaming Devils had found out that James knew about his scheme, so he pushed to have the doctor transferred to keep himself safe.

Tour of Duty: 31st SOG: Garrison Duty: Tolkeen.

James was transferred from his place with the 221st, bringing much needed medical support to the 31st “Marauders” SOG. The “Marauders had just came off of a series of successful raids on the Tolkeen countryside and were given a nice easy garrison duty in the back lines. James spent most of this tour of duty patching up other units, and dealing with equipment issues.

James enjoyed the change of pace being stationed in a large operations base. James became familiar with the movers and shakers of the war, even going so far as meeting General Drouge once in an officer’s dinner.

Tour of Duty: 31st SOG: Combat Zone: Tolkeen

The 31st was moved to a forward operating base, just in time for the devastating Sorcerers Revenge. James and the 31st were hard pressed to find time that wasn’t combat. They were sent to probe defenses across the board. James found the whole situation harrowing, but tried not to complain as it set a bad example.

James had the pleasure of being near Tolkeen when the shields fell and the city burned. James fought like a savage, going so far as engaging mages with only vibro knives at time when ammo ran low.James received the CS Iron Star for his actions. In the end, the Coalition stood triumphant and the 31st were transferred once more to Lone Star.

Tour of Duty: 31st SOG: Wounded in Combat: Lone Star

Northern Lone Star had become a hub for terrorist attacks, James and the 31st “Marauders” SOG were tasked with dealing with a Tolkeen Retribution Squad that had been raiding fuel depots and farms. Intell had been woefully inadequate for the action as usual, making the cell particularly had to locate. Only a few minor skirmishes with what the 31st thought was remnants of a larger fighting force.

One fateful day the 31st was hit hard in a coordinated attack. Of the squad less that twenty percent survived. James suffered grievous wounds when a combat cyborg detonated after taking a direct shelling from a mortar strike. James was found several hours later barely clinging to life, by Psi-Hounds sent to investigate the battle.

James spent nearly two months in a coma, while in the coma Coalition doctors under the direction of Desmond Bradford patched James up. In his spite, he made sure that James face would never be the same. James intimately familiar with bionics and cybernetics had minimal trouble becoming adjusted to his new limbs, and soon was rejoining the “Marauders” in the field.

Tour of Duty: 31st SOG: Long Range Patrol: : Monster Attack, Jonesboro, AR

If anything could be said about Jonesboro Arkansas, it is that the whole operation was a mess. The 31st were sent in to investigate why a supposedly loyal town went silent. While on route to the town the 31st were attacked by Black Winged Devils. The 31st was reduced to three survivors, a combat cyborg named Taylor, a scout named Bonaduce and James. The 110th was sent on the same mission, showing some sort of divine providence or bureaucratic screwup. The survivors were absorbed into the 110th. Bonaduce eventually succumbed to stupidity by taking a defective hovercycle on a nose dive into the earth.

The mission turned out to be relatively straightforward, a spell caster had subverted the population, in hopes of summoning a demon entity to ravage the Coalition States. The battle was pretty straight forward with the 110th being successful in defeating the beast and capturing the mage. The town was brought to order and the communication array was repaired. Upon completion Corporal Taylor and James were officially brought into the 110th and sent on the next mission.

Diary Entries

January 14th 110 P.A.

Due to many constraints on my mind and body I have decided to keep a journal of my experiences as they happen. Starting with today. We have been given a mission to go behind enemy lines, we will be heading to the continent, or island of Atlantis to search for a Stone Master named Sandror Mondul, who is making some sort of magic device that would be bad for the world at large.
I headed into MercTown early this morning to acquire equipment. I left the base with only a black jumpsuit and my utility belt with a sidearm and a vibro-blade. I’ve never felt so vulnerable, not even when facing demons from the rifts. The gate guards were shocked by my appearance, I noticed him flinch when I spoke to him. I got inside with little difficulty and using the map that the guard gave me I headed to the section of town known as The Arms Bazaar. I walked into Northern Guns Weapon store first and purchased a NG-45LP for a replacement sidearm, they were extremely popular during the Juicer Uprising. After Northern Gun I headed over to Wilk’s store and perused there wares. Even though they’re illegal in the states and the shop was being run by a D-Bee, I found it to be a pleasant experience. Once I finished my shopping there I had heard word that a Black Market Outfit was running out of Outriders Armaments. I wanted to pick up a suit of Branaghan armor with the coat that is so popular in Lone Star as well as a Speed Holster for another gun that I want to get. The Black Marketeer is a uncouth and crass individual who though despite his appearance seems to know his job well. After dealing with the black market I headed into the area known as the spokes, a market district of sorts. I stopped in a rather expensive shop to pick a couple of suits, they happened to sell an armored suit that interested me, so I ordered one of those and a regular suit for the time being. A few hours later I walked out of that shop with a custom made charcoal grey suit. I have decided to hit the area mall for a few other odds and ends before finishing up at the MercTown State Hospital for a few more medications that will be useful for my team. The trip to the hospital was pleasant enough, the weather is brisk at best, chilling at worst. Upon entering the facility I was truly surprised that a town, even as big as MercTown has such a state of the art facility. It pales in comparison to the Lone Star Facility, but they cannot be blamed for that. After speaking with the watch nurse to inquire about there pharmacy, I headed over there. I ordered some potent anti-biotics for the group as well as inquired about Qink toxin, a paralytic that may prove useful in the days to come.
Thinking of the events of the last day, I have bought hundreds of thousands of credits worth of stuff. Now this was money given to us as part of an operations budget from the Coalition States, and the people here had no problem with using the charge accounts that I was allowed access to. I wonder If we can withdraw credits to take with us to Atlantis, incase we need to buy something like food and lodgings. I know that I may be able to sell my services as a doctor down there for some quick cash so to speak, but what of the others. When this day is over I still have several more things to take care of for my preparations to go to Atlantis, Corporal Taylor and Corporal Avery want cybernetics and bionics put in and I need to modify the sensor hand that I had installed after the incident. Albeit the parts are already here and awaiting my whims, I’m not sure if my second is up to the job of installing the unusual systems that we have considered putting into Corporal Taylor. Making a human being look like a demon, it almost seems distasteful.
Anyways the hour grows late and I must retire for another busy day tomorrow.

January 14th 110 PA, Late.

The team has captured a mage that Second Lieutenant Von Petra believes will help us in our mission to Atlantis. I am actually against the idea of torture, but the group as a whole doesn’t seem to have it in there hearts to torture anyone in any degree of cruelty. I as usual am on hand for the proceedings, in my capacity as a doctor. I will monitor his health and make every effort to keep him alive. The last prisoner we had Died/was killed/Murdered right after we had gotten most of the useful information out of him. I don’t know what happened for sure but, I do know the results were quite dramatic. I don’t believe I have ever seen that much fear in a humans eyes, even if he was a stinking mage, no man deserved that. Anyways to the moment at hand. The rest of the team has brought in there quarry, a mage of a youngish age if I were to guess I’d say middle to late twenties, human male. He has several contusions to his head and a rather nasty cut to his right forearm. I guess from the initial reports he was bludgeoned about the head and neck by Corporal Genet, Corporal Taylor, and Private First Class Max. After the subject was subdued Corporal Grimmsley had a momentary loss of self control and cut him to drain his mystic essence. Either way I patched the subject up as best I could, and poured some cheap painkillers in him to get him in shape to talk. Second Lieutenant Von Petra was in charge of the interrogation, while I watched over him with my medical equipment, she asked a series of questions that would reveal the precise points that we would have to strike. He seemed to have it in his head to keep those details to himself. I had sat in on a few interrogations in my time so I laid on a story about chopping him up and putting bionics on him. You should have seen the look in his eyes, pure terror. He spilled his guts to every little detail we asked him. Once the interrogation was over I packed my things and headed over to the medical facility. I spoke with the doctor there and learned that he is a veteran of the Tolkeen war. He used to perform surgeries out of the back of a Deaths Head transport, due to having nowhere else to work. He helped me get the new features I had ordered installed in my new cybernetic hand. Once we were finished he helped me prep the two surgical theatres for the work I would do tomorrow. All that being said it is late so I will retire for the night.

January 15th, 110 PA

I awoke early this morning to start my busy day. Bright and early Corporal Avery showed up for his installations. The surgery went off without much fuss, when I was done I put him up in one of the beds and told him to take a day to heal. Once he was done it was off to turn a fine young man into a monster. The work was simple enough and all in all Corporal Taylor took to it like a champ. Though I can’t help to think that he may get a bit of a complex over this. I’ll look into him in a day or two. Tomorrow we head off to Port Houston for the first leg of our journey on the CSS Freedom. From there we hope to capture a pirate vessel and go on to Atlantis. Where we will set up a base of operations and play gladiators. Luckily I get to still play team doctor, and not a gladiator. Either way this is going to be not only the strangest mission I’ve ever been on, but also probably the most dangerous. Well I have some reports to file and a plant to take care of, so I’ll write later.

January 16th, 110 PA

Take off, I have never been one in particular to enjoy long flights, or flights in general. Though it was a smooth ride there I was displeased with the trip. That and the fact that we landed on the flight deck of the ship while it was underway, made me a bit nauseous. We were greeted by the ship's captain, a Commander Dawson, he was polite and offered Lieutenant Von Petra and I refreshments in the ward room. Now I was impressed at the size of the ship, I must have looked like a tourist and not a officer in the Coalition military. The refreshments were pleasant and so was the company, we were introduced to Chief Engineer Holly Lane. While in the ward room we discussed our needs with the captain and he educated us on the finer points of ships. He was concerned about attempting a capture, mostly due to the fact that his ship is primarily used to destroy enemy ships. He offered to give us a crash course on the guns of the ship. I personally could care less about learning the guns, but I do what I’m told, which probably won’t be that. Once we were done the Captain offered to arrange for a tour of the ship for me. We had a dinner that could be best described with bodily noises. The tour of the ship was interesting and educational. I am a bit appalled at the size of their sick bay, but what can be done for the space. We ended the day by gathering on the flight deck. We discussed the current mission and what steps it will entail at the very least. We watched the sun set, and not being much of a writer I would fail to describe it’s beauty. I think I will call it a night, until tomorrow.

January 18th, 110 PA

I had a restless night as the nightmares returned, after a few trips to the head for water and a few sleeping tablets, I managed to get something of a nights sleep. The dreams though are truly vivid, I’ll probably need to see a psychiatrist before long. I visited the sick bay and lo and behold every little issue that the sailors could be having cropped up today. Some imaginary, some real, some minor, nothing too serious, though a few were a bit disgusting. The medics were right cherry folks who have there hearts and minds in the right place. Though I am again shocked that there is no doctor onboard this ship, maybe I’ll ask the captain about that later. I decided to make my rounds in the early afternoon once there was a lull in patients. I first approached Corporal Taylor, I cleared out the sick bay to examine him, and ask him a few questions. I tried to be reassuring, but with a face like mine It’s a hard thing to show. After Corporal Taylor, I sought out Corporal Avery, He was on one of the balconies on the bridge looking out over the sea, if I remember his profile right he is a trained sniper, so it doesn’t surprise me. He let me know that he was okay. The rest of the afternoon seemed rather uneventful, I sat with the Captain, the Chief Engineer, and Lieutenant Von Petra for our second dinner on the ship. I had forgotten what being an officer got me on occasion. We were nearly finished with dinner when several alarms began going off, and an announcement went off that we were being attacked. I later found out it was a giant sea serpent, but at that moment I was rushing to sick bay. When there’s battle there’s wounded. Not long after I got there, the first casualties started showing up. A man had lost his arm, I patched him up as quickly as possible. The medics being extra helpful, these were followed by more after the ship shook from a direct hit. I am fearful of whatever makes a ship this size shake with a strike. We then received a crewmember who had a nasty head wound and one that couldn’t breathe. I left the head wound to the medics and managed to get the crewmember breathing again, he had swallowed a lot of water I found out. I then took over cleaning up the head wound. And like that the fight was over and we had won. Several minutes later I received a private channel call to head up to the CIC for a mission planning session, so I packed my kit and let the medics know that I would be back down a little later. The CIC is like something out of a dream, if I had been asked when I was younger if I would ever be in a command center, I would have said no. Lieutenant Von Petra gave a very convincing plan that to me seems not only simple, but relatively fool proof.

January 24th, 110 PA
The last few days have been crazy, We found a ship that will do for the operation, the fight was short and brutal, and the ship was structurally sound, but the overzealousness of my teammates made a mess of the controls. So we headed back to Port Houston for repairs and supplies. We found a captured Coalition Juicer amongst the slaves onboard the Whitewing as she is dubbed. His name is Sev Ba’ro he was captured along with his squad by a much larger slaver group. I can only imagine where they may be now. We also commandeered a technical specialist from the CSS Freedom, his name being Corporal Joshua Rivers, a talkative and inquisitive individual. Always tinkering or fixing something. On a side note while on shore leave in Port Houston, Corporal Genet nearly killed himself again, luckily he only damaged his new cybernetic arm. I have let him know of my concerns of his constant need to blow himself up. After two days we were back on the open seas again heading for the continent of Atlantis. On the way there we were greeted by an unusual sight of a massive storm front moving in on us. Ironically I was asleep during this time, when I awoke it was morning and we were in a location that I didn’t know of. We lost Edwin to whatever magic of the storm. His things were there but he was not. Lieutenant Von Petra has instituted what I will call the buddy system. Every remaining member will be teamed up with another. I by blessings of rank have been partnered with Lieutenant Von Petra. The rest of the men have taken this new system in stride, with Corporal Rivers and Genet being a team, Sergeant Portlant and Corporal Taylor making up another team, and Corporal Grimmsley and Corporal Ba’ro as the last group. Though I cant say I agree with her allowing the men to select there own partners, it seems to make them happy so who am I to really complain. Once we had a few hours to navigate, Sergeant Portlant managed to find out where we were and how to get to where we are going. We were “Transported” several hundred miles closer to our destination which made the trip a lot easier. Either way it is getting late and Corporal Grimmsley is complaining of a headache, I’ll write more later.

May 27th.
Been a while since I could update this journal. I'll gloss over most of the last four months to make note of my current location and mission. Currently I am back in the Coalition state of Lonestar, specifically in the complex. We've been tasked to retrieve some sort of magical trinket that an Indian Tribe says is vital to Lord Vilargo's (or however his name is spelled) plans. We plan to leave in the morning riding in a re-purposed mark five APC, and make our way to the pre-cataclysm state of Arizona, somewhere south of it's former capital of Phoenix. (Irony of that name... I would wonder if they had assumed it would rise from the ashes of the dying world.) We have acquired two new recruits. A service specialist named Lana Dunbar and a Battle cat named Mane. (where the higher-ups get the ideas for these names I will never know. personally I think serial numbers would be fine.) Haven't met the Battle cat yet, but if he's like any of his other genetic brethren, he'll be likely lazy and less than attentive. S-Spec Dunbar on the other hand has proven to be an intelligent individual, which is a pleasant surprise in the 110th. We are looking into creating a program to translate the damnable runes painted all over the APC.

We've been here for a little under two days, and in that time I have ran into many of the people I used to call coworkers. Major Claval is dour and taciturn as usual. Doctor Santiago was friendly (maybe a bit too much if you were to ask me) and likely scheming. Director Bradford is unreadable as ever, I am uncertain if he still resents my leaving the scientific fold that he so much wanted me to be a part of. I will keep a wary eye out for repercussions, likely sleeping with a pistol under my pillow. I took a tour of the Habitat today and it is much as I remember it, the training continues to grind out more fodder for the endless war against the D-bee and mage. I made a stop at the cybernetic clinic where I did my residence as a medical student. Ran into an old friend, Doctor Myra Bailey, she let me in on some insider knowledge on newer Coalition cybernetic/bionics. We had drinks tonight, it was a good time, almost made me forget about the problems of the day. Either way that gets this relatively up to date, I'll likely write again when the mission is over.

May 28th.
What can I say about today… It was a draining day to be honest, we arrived in Roswell, a town built on the ruins of the previous Roswell, in the pre-cataclysm state of New Mexico. We were attacked by a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex, that I am fairly certain was man-made versus being some sort of unusual dimensional being. We managed to chase it away with us little worse for the wear. Lieutenant Freeman was nearly killed, but his armor staved off actual harm, save maybe his dignity. We made way to Roswell as I mentioned moments ago and stopped at a place called U-mart. The store is a large warehouse affair; that caters to mercenaries and civilians alike. We decided to go in the disguise mercenaries, I, as always the team’s doctor (of course). I was paired up with Private Grey, I think to make certain I would not get into “Trouble”. We were tasked to find out information on our robot dinosaur adversary and any other useful information that could be gleaned. I smartly headed to the weapons and armor section of the store, for both Private Grey and I’s needs. Private Grey purchased a few suits of armor while I gave into my fascination with firearms and purchased a new derringer and a revolver. I had the technicians at U-mart modify the derringer and my Wilk’s derringer with a hair trigger for faster firing; I also purchased a new quick release sleeve holster, so I can use the two derringers like a cowboy of old. I really should pick a few firearms and stick with them and not carry an entire armory worth of weapons at any given time. I tarry from the quest at hand, the local population, likely uneducated and superstitious were of no real use to Private Grey and I, revealing no information that was use to the mission at hand.

Once our purchases were concluded, all we had to do was wait for special orders to be finished. Private Grey and I joined Lieutenant Freeman, Private Johnston and a local tracker for an afternoon repast. I am willing to admit I miss the south west’s food, the chili was top notch. After some small talk, we were informed that Lieutenant Freeman had gotten a meeting with the mysterious masters of U-mart. As a precaution we kept an eye on the meeting, but it proved unnecessary. We retired to the APC to speak over a contract Lieutenant Freeman was offered, only to find that Service Specialist Dunbar had fled. We carried on after a brief but extensive search for the missing Service Specialist. The contract Lieutenant Freeman had been offered, gave extensive benefits and compensation for capturing or destroying the mysterious robot dinosaur we had fought earlier in the day. The contract seemed benign at best, though I noticed a Doctor named Janet Halstead had attached herself to the U-mart’s medical center. This was a cause for concern as she was murderer as far as I can tell (several years prior, she was tried in Ishpeming, though she was never actually convicted of the crime due to a lack of evidence). I shall make inquiries in the future about it I think.

We have been requested (ordered more aptly) to present ourselves to the local Coalition Embassy. The building a modern marvel in this backwater country, greeted us with open arms so to speak. Once inside, we were escorted to a briefing room, where soldiers from Lonestar came and apprehended Private Johnston on the accusation that he may be infected by a demonic parasite, form our battle at Merc Town a few weeks ago. It is disconcerting that Private Johnston recently became psychicly active, though I believe several things can be factored into his newly developed abilities. In either case he has been taken away to be studied. We have been given a new team member, a Class F Psychic Mutant, which I vaguely remember that precluding to her ability to not only use psionic abilities but also to manipulate other energies. We officers have been given her dossier, and to be bluntly honest I am neither impressed nor happy about this. Leave it to administration to leave the 110th with a potentially threatening ally. Do they not read our reports? I requested several pieces of information, including a reference library on psychics and psionic phenomena (seeing as they are becoming more prevalent in our small team). I also made a humorous connection between an implant Service Specialist Sanders has and a conversation Dr. Bradley and I had a few days ago. She had told me of tracking devices in new commando cyberware suites, and after perusing the schematics and technical readouts, I can easily see where the device is hidden, leave it to administration to bungle a cover up.

I plan on a new series of check-ups to get a baseline on the newest members of our team, to better facilitate medical response if needed. Today is definitely turning out to be a quite busy day. I shall write more later as the day progresses.

Date: ?

The last several days have been relatively hectic. We have achieved great strides in our mission. At the current moment we are retrofitting a newly acquired APC, a Free Quebec model designed for transporting platoons of Glitter Boy power armors. We have begun stripping out all of the amenities of the Mark V and have begun installing them into the Air transport. It shall be heavily armored and heavily gunned. That being said, we have captured, interrogated, and executed the D'norr Devil Woman Mage in charge of the operations of Lord V. From the conversation with the woman The Shadow Warriors are under Lord V's employ at least on the western front. She also was very frightened of betraying her lord, an interesting turn of evens to say the least. I summarily executed the woman with a single laser blast to the head. I had the team incinerate the body for safety reasons. Private Grey (Commendations will be given) brought up the fact that the ancient suit of armor we recovered earlier likely will have a IFF system similar to our own. I believe we can spoof the signal and make retrieving the artifact easier. By the way, one of the pieces of information we have acquired information that the artifact was hidden in a pre-cataclysm bunker. The Shaman figured the automated defenses would keep would be thieves away. There was an issue between the troops the other day that if I had caught it earlier, I think it wouldn't have escalated as such. We had freed several slaves, one of them is a Corporal Maddox. The Nightstalkers may have hazed him to far, Specialist Mane acting as a ringleader of sorts. After a dressing down, I think I have the situation under control. I see at least two more days of modifications before we are finished. After the repairs, we will make our way to Roswell to acquire more munitions and supplies before making our way to the facility to acquire the artifact.
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