Group Fund Purchase Requests

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Group Fund Purchase Requests

Postby CS High Command » Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:24 pm

Post as a reply what you think we should purchase with group funds, what fund it would come out of, and why you feel we need it. Purchases will be a group decision. If we split on something I will put up a poll. Please keep discussion in this thread limited to what we need to purchase.

NOTE: This is an OOC thread. Once you know you have been approved here to purchase something, it MUST be purchased (or attempted to be purchased -- you don't know what's available, I do) IN CHARACTER. if it doesn't happen IC, it doesn't happen at all.

Things you cannot sell here:
  • Anything listed in the catch-all thread under the CS merc company creation rules. Those items are owned by the CS Supply Depot and are LOANED to you for use -- your group does not own them.
  • Things that are illegal to own in the CS-- You're stuck going to the black markets of the world with contraband.

Things you can buy/sell: Group funds are best used to buy expensive and/or non-CS supplied equipment. Want a Railgun or Devastator and not willing to wait until one is assigned to you? Need to sell group loot? THIS IS WHERE TO DO IT. Yes, you can sell your personal gear and add it with group funds for purchases. We will ensure a receipt is put on the item in your PC sheet showing partial ownership amounts.[/b]

Remaining Annual Funds: (funds will reset and be increased
Electronics, Tools & Equipment:
Cybernetics & Hospitalization:
Weapons, Ordinance, Armor & Repairs:
Black Credits:

Items supplied under the merc group creation rules are owned and loaned to you by the CS for your use. Those items are listed in the catch-all thread and improve over time when you obtain points for completed missions and add them to a specific category such as weapons or vehicles. They can't be sold, because they are simply "loaners" owned by CS.

However, anything you buy with group funds CAN be traded back at value for group funds to purchase better equipment. Why the difference? Because they aren't owned, maintained and loaned by the Supply Depot with what they have "on hand and available." They were bought and now maintained by YOU using your group funds. Therefore, you have a LOT more flexibility with how you handle them. They're still not "yours" -- they belong to the CS (since those were CS funds that bought them), but in game terms, they are another form of "currency."

Here's another example why you might want to buy group gear with group funds and not just use it for repairs: The CS through the merc company creation rules will keep you supplied with CS gear. That's great, but what about non-CS gear? You'll need to spend group funds there, because the CS will not have it in its inventory to loan to you. Nor do they carry equipment by other manufacturers.

I hope this helps you better imagine and decide what should be purchased and what should be "borrowed"...

Railgun Rounds:
Standard Ammo: 4 rounds per 1 credit for human-sized weapons. 2 rounds per credit for giant-sized weapons.
Silver Ammo: 3 rounds per 1 credit for human-sized weapons. 3 round per 2 credits for giant-sized weapons. (Vampire Kingdoms, pg. 30)
Wood Ammo: 1 round per credit for human-sized weapons. 1 round per 2 credits for giant-sized weapons. (Vampire Kingdoms, pg. 30)

*Because Railgun Ammo is physical rounds fit in drums, not E-Clips, there is no free recharge.
**Double all these prices if you are purchasing ammo outside CS military bases.

Standard E-Clip: 9,000 credits. Recharge is FREE in CS military bases -- Everywhere else it's 2000 credits.
SDC Rounds: MercOps, pg. 122

See pg. 256-257 of RUE

Fuses, detonators, etc.: MercOps, pg. 113-114
Fusion Blocks and other CS Explosives: RUE pg. 260

Ghillie Suits: MercOps, pg. 109
Camouflage Netting: MercOps, pg. 109
Camouflage Sheets: Mercenaries, pg. 125
Camouflage Paint, Tape, Compact: Rifts GM Guide, pg. 186

Field Rations:
MercOps, pg. 115-116

Spell Scrolls: listed for sale prices only
If you find them, here are the typical prices (RUE, pg. 190)
Level 1: 5000
Level 2: 10,000
Level 3: 20,000
Level 4: 30,000
Level 5: 40,000
Level 6: 70,000
Level 7: 90,000
Level 8: 120,000
Level 9: 180,000
Level 10-15: 500,000 and up
Spells of Legend: TBD
*add 10% for offensive spells
**add 20% for metamorphosis and summoning spells
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Re: Group Fund Purchase Requests

Postby James Howlett » Fri Mar 13, 2020 12:05 pm

James would like to Requisition one SAR FASSAR-30. (Secrets of the Coalition: Heroes of Humanity pgs 114-115)

Military Etiquette 1d100 = 23/61% (-10% chance)
James Howlett
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Constant effects: Amplified Hearing, Sound filtration system, Targeting Sight, Motion Detector, Gyro-Compass, Clock/Calendar
Current Conditions: None.
Armor & Weapons/Ammo
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CP-30 Laser Pulse Pistol
CP-20 Laser Pistol
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