William Summers (Human Battle Magus)

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William Summers (Human Battle Magus)

Postby William Summers » Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:52 am

Player Name: Alex
Hangouts: dmblackhaunt

Character Name: William Virgil Summers
Alias: Will, Billy, Summers, The Wanderer (Thanks Cale!), Cupcake (Thanks Nero!), The Man In Black (Thanks Barry!)
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Techno-Wizard (Apprentice)/Battle Magus (Frozen)
Occupation: Adventurer
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level (Battle Magus, Frozen): 8
XP Points: 69,961 (Armstrong 11/06/20)
Next Level @ XP: 69,961

XP Level (Techno-Wizard, Apprenticeship): 0
XP Points: 1,777 (Armstrong 11/06/20)
Next Level @ XP: 4,601

Sentiments/Non-Humans: Treats all sentient beings with the utmost respect and courtesy until they prove undeserving of it. Has a high regard for life and personal freedom.
Sentiments/Coalition: Suspicious and fearful of the CS. Sees them as a nation of misguided zealots who hate, fear and destroy what they fear and don't understand. Wishes that would change.
Disposition: Confident in his abilities and therefore overprotective of others. Easy going. Wants to be friends with most people he meets.
Insanity: Phobia: Being Alone

I.Q.: 17
M.E.: 15
M.A.: 12
P.S.: 29
P.P.: 19
P.E.: 30
P.B.: 14
Speed: 35 (75' per action)

P.P.E.: 178
I.S.P.: 19
H.P.: 60
S.D.C.: 62
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210 lbs.
Description: Shaggy black hair, blue eyes, beard trimmed down to stubble. Large and muscular, but agile.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 51% (+3%)
Max. Carrying Weight: 580 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 1160 lbs.
No fear of heights.
Jump/Leap: Running Start: 26' forward, 10.5' high. Without running start: 10.5' forward, 4' high.

Special Abilities
One with Mind
☞ Spells, psionic attacks, drugs and disease that cause confusion, dizziness or dull the senses are half as effective.

One with Body
☞ Fatigues at one third the normal rate
☞ Hold breath twice as long (about 4 minutes) as the average human
☞ Exceptional balance (+10%)
☞ Leap 10% farther.

Master of Weapons
☞ Quickdraw Initiative: Swords and Handguns
☞ ☞ Paired Weapons
☞ W.P. Sharpshooting Specialties: Magic Spells
☞ ☞ Shoot accurately while standing on head or hanging upside down; all bonuses applicable at full.
☞ ☞ Dodge, roll or somersault and come up shooting (normally a wild shot), no bonuses or penalties to strike; straight roll of the dice.

Pilot Automatons

Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: 13
Level 1:
Death Trance (1)
Globe of Daylight (2)
Lantern Light (1)
Level 2:
Cleanse (6)
Cloak of Darkness (6)
Manipulate Objects (2+)
Mystic Direction Sense (6)
Throwing Stones (5)
Level 3:
Armor of Ithan (10)
Breathe Without Air (5)
Energy Bolt (5)
Float In Air (5)
Invisibility: Simple (6)
Light Target (6)
Magic Shield (6)
Orb of Cold (6)
Paralysis: Lesser (5)
Level 4:
Blind (6)
Carpet of Adhesion (10)
Chromatic Protection (10)
Deflect (10)
Electric Arc (8)
Energy Field (10)
Fireblast (8)
Fire Bolt (7)
Fist of Fury (10 or 50)
Magic Net (7)
Multiple Image (7)
Quickaction (8)
Quickstrike (10)
Ricochet Strike (12)
Starburst (12)
Weight Of Duty (10)
Level 5:
Circle of Flame (10)
Escape (8)
Superhuman Agility (15)
Superhuman Speed (10)
Superhuman Strength (12)
Level 6:
Fleet Feet (20)
Frostblade (15)
Ice (15)
Power Bolt (20)
Sheltering Force (20)
Shooting Star (18)
Thundermaul (16)
Level 7:
Ballistic Fire (25)
Dispel Magic Barriers (20)
Fighting Spirit (20)
Lightblade (20)
Sub-Particle Acceleration (20)
Level 8:
Invincible Armor (30)
Lifeward (40)
Lightning Arc (30)
Luck Curse (40)
Magical-Adrenal Rush (45)
Power Weapon (35)
Sorcerous Fury (70)
Wall of Wind (40)
Level 9:
Cosmic Armor (45)
Level 10:
Magic Warrior (60)
Level 11:
Cosmic Force Field (200)
Energy Sphere (120)
Level 12:
Amulet (290+)
Level 13:
Talisman (500)

O.C.C. Skills
Lore: Demons and Monsters--88% (+5%. Frozen)
Literacy: American--103% (+5%, Frozen)
Language: American--102% (+1%, Frozen)
Language: Spanish--89% (+3%, Frozen)
Language: Dragonese/Elven--89% (+3%, Frozen)
Basic Math--103% (+5%, Frozen)
Intelligence--78% (+4%, Frozen)
Tracking--83% (+5%, Frozen)
Land Navigation--82% (+4%, Frozen)
Horsemanship: General--81%/61% (+4%, Frozen)
  • +1 to parry and dodge on horseback
  • +1D4 S.D.C. damage to melee weapons and kicks
  • Charge Attack w/ Polearm or Spear: +1D6 damage. Counts as two melee attacks. Must roll under second percentile to stay mounted.
  • Horse attack (no bonus)
Detect Ambush--78% (+5%, Frozen)
Detect Concealment--73% (+5%, Frozen)
Camouflage--68% (+5%, Frozen)
Trap/Mine Detection--68% (+5%, Frozen)
Climbing--103%/93% (+5%, Frozen)
Prowl--78% (+5%, Frozen)
W.P. Sword (Frozen)
W.P. Archery (Frozen)
W.P. Staff (Frozen)
W.P. Knife (Frozen)
W.P. Handguns (Frozen)
W.P. Energy Rifle (Frozen)
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (Frozen)

O.C.C. Related Skills
Lore: D-Bee--63% (+5%, Frozen)
Lore: Faeries and Creatures of Magic--63% (+5%, Frozen)
Lore: Magic--68% (+5%, Frozen)
☞ Sense of Balance--108% (+5%, Frozen)
☞ Walk Tightrope/High Wire--89% (+3%, Frozen)
☞ Climb Rope--102% (+2%, Frozen)
☞ Back Flip--103% (+5%, Frozen)

Physical Labor (5th level)
Mythology--53% (+5%, 4th Level, Frozen)
W.P. Rifle (3rd Level, Frozen)
Fencing (1st Level)

Secondary Skills
Gardening--67% (+4%)
General Repair and Maintenance--73% (+5%)
Art--73% (+5%, 5th Level)
First Aid--83% (+5%, 5th Level)
Pilot: Hovercycles, Skycycles & Rocket Bikes--82% (+3%, 4th Level)
Field Armorer & Munitions Expert--58% (+5%, 4th Level)
Basic Electronics--48% (+5%, 4th Level)
W.P. Targeting (2nd Level)
Metalwork and Forge 36% (+3%, 2nd level)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 8 (9 when using Magic Blasts for entire round)
Initiative Bonus: +10 (11 when drawing a sword or gun)
Strike Bonus: +4
Parry Bonus: +7
Dodge Bonus: +7
HTH Damage Bonus: +14
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +8
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +13
Bonus to Disarm: +8
Bonus to Entangle: +2
Crush or Tackle: 1D4
Knee, Elbow, or Backhand Strike: 1D6
Karate Punch: 2D4
Karate Kick: 2D6
Leap Kick: 3D8 (2 APM)
Body Flip/Throw: 1D6 (-1 APM & Initiative)
Power Punch: x2 Damage (2 APM)
Backward Sweep: No damage, but knocks down opponent if strike is successful (-1 APM & Initiative)
Trip/Leg Hook: No damage, but knocks down opponent if the strike is successful (-1 APM & Initiative)
Power Kick: x2 Damage (2 APM); cannot be done with a Leap Kick.
Critical Strike: NAT18-20
Knockout: NAT20.
Pin/Incapacitate: 18-20
W.P. Paired Weapons
Can perform Holds
Back Flip
Back Flip Escape

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Sword--+4 to strike, +4 to parry, +2 to strike when thrown, +1D6 to damage.
W.P. Archery--+5 to strike, +1 to parry, +2 to disarm. ROF: 5
W.P. Staff--+3 to strike and parry
W.P. Knife--+4 to strike and parry, +5 to strike when thrown, +1D6 to damage.
W.P. Handguns--+4 to strike
W.P. Rifle--+2 to strike
W.P. Energy Rifle--+4 to strike
W.P. Paired Weapons
+3 to all aimed and called shots

Saving Throw Bonuses
Impervious to disease.
Save vs. Coma/Death: +50%
Save vs. Toxins: +10
Save vs. Magic: +8
Save vs Horror Factor: +8
Save vs. Possession: +6
Save vs. Mind Control: +4
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William's Equipment

Postby William Summers » Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:56 am


William Summers' Room
Roughnecks' Garage
William Summers' Account @ Merctown State Bank

Secure Universal Credit Card: 31,500 Credits (Augur 1/25/2019)
Non-Secure NGMI Card: 1,777,778 credits (1/29/19 - Blackhaunt)

Allocate your items into the categories listed in green!

Vehicles/Mounts are listed first.

Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Dweomer Military Uniform
P.P.E. Battery Talisman
Ring of Eyes of the Wolf
See the Invisible Amulet
Talisman of Invincible Armor
Turn the Undead Amulet
Ear Mic Radio Receiver and Transmitter

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: Eye of Odin
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:

Stored in NE-ATRV

Thirsty Pete - Techno-Wizard extraordinaire (Powerful Contact)

Gear Stats

8th Ring of Elder
Magic Features:
☞ Reduces by half the amount of P.P.E. required to perform any magical feat, ability or spell.
☞ Doubles the duration of any magic feat, ability or spell.
☞ Doubles the range of any magic feat, ability or spell.

Eye of Odin (Patron Item)
Greater Rune Item
Lesser Rune Item Abilities
2. Communicates through limited empathic transmission.
3. Totally indestructible.
4. Made of black metal and encircled with minute runes.
6. Links to its wielder/owner within six months of constant contact. Man & eye can sense each other's presence within a four mile radius.
7. Adds +1 to all saving throws.
Greater & Special Abilities
  • Cast incantations:
    • See Aura (6), See the Invisible (4), Aura of Power (4), Detect Concealment (6), Fear (5), Energy Bolt (5)
    • The Eye knows only the six spells but can cast them in any combination.
    • The number of spells it can cast per 24 hours is limited by its P.P.E. (60)
    • P.P.E. recovers at a rate of 10 every three hours.
    • Spells are equal in power to a sixth level wizard.
    • The P.P.E. of the Eye cannot be drawn upon by the user or practitioners of magic.
  • If the bearer replaces one of his eyes with the Eye of Odin, he permanently loses 2 P.B. but gains:
    • 20/20 vision, Nightvision (600', constant, no cost)), See Aura (constant, no cost), See the Invisible (constant, no cost)
Curse: The eye constantly urges its bearer to replace his own eye with the Eye of Odin. This becomes harder to refuse over time. He will have vivid nightmares about cutting his own eye out every time he sleeps until he has done so. The bearer is -10% to all skills & -1 to all combat actions for the first six hours following sleep due to the effects of the nightmare.
Personality: The Eye of Odin does not communicate or have an independent personality of its own
History: The origin of the Eyes of Odin are lost to the annals of time. Legend has it that they were coveted artifacts during the great Elf-Dwarf war, but after the war and the consequent purge of rune items, most are believed to have been lost. The nightmares that come with the Eye gives some credence that they are somehow psychically linked to Odin.

P.P.E. Battery Talisman
Magic Features
    P.P.E.: 50
Book Reference: p.150, BoM

Ring of Eyes of the Wolf
Rare Enchanted Ring
Magic Features
    Nightvision: 60'
  • Duration: 35 minutes
  • Uses per day: 2

See the Invisible Amulet
Uncommon Amulet
Magic Effect:
  • Enables the wearer of the medallion to see the invisible (200')
Curse: (if any)
History: (if any)

Talisman of Invincible Armor
Magic Features
  • Invincible Armor (9th level)
  • Charges: 3
Book Reference: p.150, BoM

Turn the Undead Amulet
Uncommon Amulet
Magic Effect:
  • Prevents any undead from physically touching the wearer while they wear or hold the amulet.
Curse: (if any)
History: (if any)
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William's Background

Postby William Summers » Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:58 am

Background Story

Sitting on a snowy hillside, staring at the sunset, William Summers remembers the day his father gave him his first sword.

“Now, listen son. Listen! The damn thing is bigger than you are, so you’re gonna want to hold it with both hands. Make sure that you keep it an arm’s length away from you so’s you don’t cut yerself.”

If only his father could see him now. A full grown man. A graduate from Dweomer Military Academy. A Battle Mage. Larger and bulkier than most of his classmates, the physical part of it came easily to him. It was the magic that was a process. He’d spent so much of his life in the Academy that his father had aged from a hard-working man into a feeble elder that needed taking care of. During his downtime, William would visit him often and tell him stories about what he’d seen in the world.

One day, William’s Dweomer Defense Patrol Away Team was tasked with offering assistance to the town of Duncan. He was to scout ahead and report back to his group. Paying no mind to the circle of stone pillars surrounding the town, he was shocked to find himself becoming translucent within ten minutes of entering. Duncan was a Fadetown and it relocated itself somewhere cold and unfamiliar. Separated from his city, William decided it was time to become an adventurer. When and if he made it home, he’d have a great story to tell his father. He stood up, took one last look at the sunset and then headed out into the cold.
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Diamond Level Patron
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Spell Descriptions (Levels 1-7)

Postby William Summers » Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:11 am

Level 1:
Death Trance
Range: Self only.
Duration: 10 melee rounds (two and a half minutes) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: One
A magically induced trance which makes the spell caster appear to be dead. There is no breathing, pulse, heartbeat, or any other signs of life. While in the trance, the mage is quite helpless, unable to speak, move or invoke magic. Only minor physical sensations felt by the character are recognizable, like being jostled, carried or hearing voices, but no specific identification or memories are possible. The magic can be canceled at will at any time.

Globe of Daylight
Range: Near self or up to 30 feet (9.1 m) away.
Duration: 12 melees (3 minutes) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Two
A small globe or sphere of true daylight is magically created. The light is bright enough to light up a 12 foot (3.6 m) area per each level of its creator's experience. Because it is daylight, it can ward off vampires and most other types of undead and demons who fear or are hurt by sunlight, keeping them at bay just beyond the edge of light. The creator of the globe can mentally move it along with himself, or send it up to thirty feet (9.1 m) ahead. The maximum speed at which the globe can travel is equal to a speed attribute of 12.

Lantern Light
Range: 10 feet (3 m); can light up a room.
Duration: 30 minutes per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: One
The Lantern Light spell creates a small sphere of light that is less brilliant but longer lasting than the Globe of Daylight. It floats within 10 feel (3 m) of the spell caster and can be mentally moved to hover at direct angles and positions as the mage desires. This magic light may be thought of as a magical floating lantern or light bulb with a dimmer switch. The intensity of the light can be mentally adjusted to the equivalent of a 50 to 300 watt light bulb, whatever suits its creator. Note:This is not sunlight, so it will not damage vampires nor keep them at bay.

Level 2:
Range: Self, one person and the clothes he's wearing up to 10 feet (3 m) away, or two people by touch.
Duration: Instant.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Six
This is a simple but useful spell designed to remove dirt and grime from the body of a living being and the clothes he wears. Magic energy flows over the person and magically removes dirt, grime, stains, and just about anything that the spell caster considers " unclean." The recipient of this magic instantly becomes spotless, from head to toe. The hair and body look as if right out of the shower (only dry) and the clothes as if freshly washed and dried. The spell cannot be used on body armor, buildings. vehicles, streets. or anything else, only living creatures and clothes/fabric. One pile of clothes, weighing no more than 25 pounds (11.25 kg; no living person) can also be washed in place of a specific character's clothes. Note: This spell only cleans off the surface of the target and will not rid them of diseases or poison, although it will kill most surface parasites, such as ticks and fleas.

Cloak of Darkness
Range: Self plus a 5 foot (1 .5 m) radius around the character.
Duration: Four minutes per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Six
This magic cloaks the spell caster in a field of darkness that follows him or her everywhere. The mage can see perfectly from within the darkness, but those outside the radius of magic cannot see in. At night, it renders the cloaked individual virtually invisible, although he can still be detected by infrared and/or heat sensors, thermo-imaging optics, motion detectors and similar sensor systems. Furthermore. the aura of darkness may noticeably obscure a particular part of the background/area around him, making it obvious to visual detection, especially in daylight or when bathed in light - the magic darkness cannot be dispelled by ordinary light. Consequently, this cloaking spell is ideal in darkness for hiding, escape and setting up an ambush.
In combat, opponents who attack a character cloaked in darkness from any distance (beyond the 5 feet/1.5 m area of magic) are -3 to strike, unless guided by thermo-optics or similar heat based optic systems, and even then are - 1 to strike. Those who step into the darkness for hand to hand combat will see their quarry without difficulty; no penalty unless they step outside the 5 foot ( 1.5 m) radius of effect.

Manipulate Objects
Range: 50 feet (15.2 m) + 10 feet (3 m) per level of experience; line of sight.
Duration: Two minutes (8 melee rounds) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None for inanimate objects. Living beings are immune to this magic.
P.P.E.: Varies; two P.P.E. per five pounds (2.3 kg).
The Manipulate Objects spell was designed to help a sorcerer when he needs an extra pair of hands, but has nobody to assist him. It is used mainly to hold an item in mid-air, to bring an item from across the room without having to get up and get it, and to use magic energy to pick up, move, carry or hold one or more small objects.
The spell caster summons forth blue strands of magical energy that wrap around an item and bring it to him, hold it near or in place or st ill, or to pick up and carry it, following the mage around at waist or shoulder level. Being able to magically hold an item in mid-air until needed, or to magically carry or retrieve an item allows the mage to keep his hands free to perform more delicate tasks. This also means the mystical movement of objects weighing less than 10 pounds (4.5 kg) is very simple and requires little concentration. When the mage is not consciously manipulating an object, the item hangs suspended 3-5 feet (0.9 to 1.5 m) above the ground, usually within arm's reach. The P.P.E. cost varies with the combined weight of the objects, two P.P.E. points per five pounds (2.3 kg).
Inanimate objects get no save against this spell; this means that even tiny, lightweight robots get no save, although they may struggle or attack.
Maximum speed of moving objects that weigh 10 lbs (4.5 kg) or less is a speed factor of 10. Reduce speed by half when the total weight becomes 100 lbs (45 kg) or more.
Maximum height: Six feet ( 1.8 m).
Maximum number of Objects: Two per level of experience.
Maximum weight: 10 pounds (4.5 kg) per level of experience. The spell caster cannot manipulate more than his maximum weight, so a first level spell caster can manipulate up to two items with a combined weight of 10 lbs (4.5 kg). while a third level mage can manipulate as many as six items weighing up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg).
The magic force has the equivalent P.S. of 8, +1 per additional level of the spell caster (9 at 2nd level, 10 at 3rd, etc.).
The magic energy is designed to hold and carry objects, so it can not be used to open a container. open a door or window. shoot a gun, pull a trigger or lever, press a button, or tum a knob, however, a small object can be "manipulated" to gently press or tap against a button or switch to tum it on or off. The spell caster must concentrate to direct the object and each action by the object counts as one of the character's melee actions.
Likewise, the slow speed of movement, relatively low P.S., and the fact that this spell is not intended for combat, means that small objects can NOT be hurled or used to stab or pound an opponent. Each object manipulated to hit/attack requires the conscious focus of the spell caster, uses up one of his attacks per melee. and is easy to dodge or parry (the magic force is -2 to strike, and no other combat bonuses apply). Note: This magic cannot be used to pick pockets or steal items unnoticed. Nor to grab an item, lift it in the air and drop it. The magic energy will not drop anything, because it is designed to hold and carry.
A few seconds before the spell duration elapses, the objects are gently lowered to a tabletop or the floor.

Mystic Direction Sense
A self-empowering spell.
Range: Self or other by touch.
Duration: 10 minutes per level of the spell caster's experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Six
An enchantment that bestows upon the recipient an uncanny sense of direction, making it impossible for him to lose his way. The enchanted character always knows the direction of true North, knows the direction from where he started, can estimate the exact distance traveled to within 10 feet (3 m), and is capable of navigating as per the Land Navigation skill at a proficiency of 92%. However, that all instantly vanishes the moment the spell ends.

Throwing Stones
Range: 200 feet (61 m) + 100 feet (30.5 m) per level of experience. Self only.
Damage: 1D6 M.D. + 1 M.D. point per level of experience.
Duration: Two melee rounds.
Saving Throw: Dodge.
P.P.E.: Five
This spell enables the caster to draw upon the earth to magically make a hardball-sized, circular stone appear in his hand per each of his melee actions. The stone can then be magically hurled with surprising accuracy and distance. The magical stone hits with the force of a Cannonball, and is temporarily a Mega-Damage structure and weapon. The spell caster chooses the target, then throws the magical stone as he would a ball, but with a +2 bonus to strike (P.P. attribute and targeting bonuses are also applicable). The target may attempt to dodge the attack, but the stones are thrown too fast for most normal beings to parry (-4). After the stone hits. it crumbles into dirt. Creating and throwing count as one melee attack/action.

Level 3:
Armor of Ithan
Range: Self or other by touch.
Duration: One minute (4 melee rounds) per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Ten
This powerful spell instantly creates an invisible, weightless, noiseless, full suit of mystic armor upon the spell caster. Or the magic armor can be instantly created upon anyone, as long as the spell caster invokes the spell while touching the intended recipient. Named after the magic armor of the Dwarven King Ithan, this mystic armor has an M.D.C. of 10 per level of the spell caster's experience. Magic fire, lightning, and cold do half damage to it.

Breathe Without Air
Range: Self or others by touch.
Duration: 12 melees (3 minutes) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Five
This invocation enables the character to function normally without air, whether it be underwater or in a vacuum, or in an area with little or no oxygen. Unfortunately, the magic does not protect the character from magic toxins or other types of magic, but does protect against natural and man-made gases. Two characters can be given this enchantment simultaneously provided the mage is touching each at the time the spell is invoked.

Energy Bolt
Range: 150 feet (45.7 m).
Duration: Instantly.
Damage: 4D6 S.D.C.
Saving Throw: Dodge of an 18 or higher.
P.P.E.: Five
The incantation creates an energy bolt that the mage can mentally direct by simply looking at his intended target. The bolt may appear to fire from a hand or finger Or the eyes, but needs no physical gesture, such as pointing. S.D.C. damage is normally four six-sided dice (4D6), but is increased to 6D6 under the influence of a ley line and 8D6 at a ley line nexus; P.P.E. cost is still only five despite the increased damage capability. One energy bolt can be fired at one target per each spell invocation.

Float in Air
Range: Self or others within 30 feet (9.1 m).
Duration: 10 melees per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Five
This spell creates air currents which hold a person or object aloft, hovering about one or two feet (0.3-0.6 m) above the ground. It can be used to slow someone's descent from a fall or used to float on top of water. Movement is awkward and slow while in the air. The floating individual suffers the following penalties: All attacks, strikes, parries and dodges are at -1; normal speed/movement is reduced by half.

Invisibility - Simple
Range: Self only (includes clothes and articles on one's person).
Duration: Three minutes (12 melees) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Six
The spell caster and anything he is wearing or carrying at the time of the invocation are turned completely invisible. Any object picked up after the character has become invisible remains visible. Likewise, any item on his person that is dropped becomes visible. Neither normal nor nightvision can detect ·invisibility; only beings who can naturally, psionically or magically "sec the invisible" are able to sec an invisible person. Infrared and heat detectors can also pinpoint an invisible character.
Although the invisible character is imperceptible to the eye, he still retains physical mass. This means he can not go through walls nor can weapons pass harmlessly through him. The character still makes noise, leaves footprints, and physical and magical contact/attacks still affect him as usual.
While invisible, the mage can talk, weave spells, walk, climb, run, open doors, carry objects, and perform other acts of physical exertion, including combat, and remain invisible. The invisibility is terminated when the magic's duration time elapses or the mage cancels the spell.
Note: If cut only the blood is visible, and so is anything sprayed on the character.

Light Target
Range: One target up to to feet (3 m) away or two by touch.
Duration: Two minutes per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: Six
This spell may seem quite harmless but is designed for ill intent. The sorcerer can Create a rather bright glow of light around anyone victim (two if by touch). The glow is intended to mark the character and make him stand out in a crowd (as a thief, outsider, fool, troublemaker, enemy, or target); it is especially effective at night. Covering oneself with other clothes, blankets, rags or armor in an attempt to obscure the glow is fruitless, for the glow remains - it is the person, not his clothing that is "targeted" and the aura of light remains around him no manner what he wears (this magic does not work on inanimate objects). Hiding behind closed doors, in a closet or trunk, or inside a vehicle may conceal the character. provided that the radiating light can not be seen through cracks, keyholes, windows or other openings through which light can be seen. A simple yet potentially nasty spell.

Magic Shield
Range: Self or other.
Duration: Two minutes per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Six
This spell creates a pale white field of energy in the shape of a large, round shield with 60 M.D.C. The shield can be used by the spell caster or be given to someone else. It functions as a normal shield to parry melee attacks (sword blades, clubs, etc.), with a bonus of + 1 to parry. The shield wielder can also attempt to parry energy blasts and projectiles, but the user has no bonuses and suffers a -8 penalty to parry. The shield takes one quarter damage from all attacks it parries and disappears when all M.D.C. are used up, the spell duration elapses, or if the user loses contact with the shield.

Orb of Cold
Range: Throw: 200 feet (61 m).
Duration: One melee round (15 seconds); 1D4 minutes for numbness.
Damage: 3D6 M.D. plus numbness penalties.
Saving Throw: Dodge; standard.
P.P.E.: Six
The spell caster summons a globe of magically charged ice (the size of a softball) into his hand to hurl at an enemy. The character must roll to strike, getting his usual P.P. bonus (if any) and a magical bonus of + 1 to strike. The orb disappears in one melee round ( 15 seconds) if it is not thrown. If the orb hits, it shatters, inflicting impact and cold damage to one target. If it misses, it is gone, unless the G.M. thinks it may have hit something or somebody else. Those struck take 3D6 M.D. and must make a save vs magic or suffer from a sudden, debilitating, numbing cold. A numbed opponent loses one melee attack, is ·2 on initiative, -1 to strike, parry, and dodge, and speed is reduced by 10%. These penalties are not cumulative, and last for 1D4 minutes.

Paralysis - Lesser
Range: 60 feet ( 18.3 m).
Duration: The effect lasts one minute (4 melees) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: Five
This magic attack temporarily paralyzes a part of its victim's body; immobilizing that particular limb. A paralyzed hand means that the person can not pick up or hold objects or write, or use the hand in any way. A paralyzed arm means the limb dangles uselessly at the character's side. A paralyzed leg makes standing difficult and movement almost impossible; reduce speed by 90%, -2 to parry and dodge. Note: The incantation will paralyze only one limb per each invoking of the magic. Internal organs can not be affected, so the mage can not paralyze a heart or lung. Etc. Paralysis can not affect people inside a vehicle, robot. power armor, or environmental M.D.C. body armor.

Level 4:
Range: Touch or 10 feet (3 m) away.
Duration: One minute (four melee rounds) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: Six
An enchantment that can blind one person or animal each time the spell is cast. The intended victim must be visible and within range. The victim will be temporarily blind; - 5 to strike, ·10 to parry and dodge, and likely to stumble and fall for every 10 feet (3 m) of movement (50% chance). Does not affect people inside environmental M.D.C. body armor, power armor, robots or vehicles. If the Blind spell is cast upon another spell caster he can not use any spells that require vision/line of sight. If the blind spell caster uses any defensive/assault spells, such as Magic Net, Call Lightning, Fire Ball. etc., there is a 01-65% chance that the spell will be misdirected upon his own comrades.

Carpet of Adhesion
Range: 30 feet (9.1 m) per level of the spell caster.
Duration: 10 melee rounds (two and a half minutes) per level of spell caster.
Saving Throw: Special.
P.P. E.: Ten
The spell caster creates a sticky carpet, up to 10 feet wide by 20 feet (3x6 m) long. that will adhere firmly to anyone who touches it. The victim stays stuck until the carpet spell lime elapses or until the spell caster cancels the spell. The carpet can be cast on a floor, table, wall, etc., or actually cast upon a person. The spell caster can create this super-flypaper up to 90 feet (27.4 m) away and can alter the size and shape (without exceeding the stated limit of 200 square feet/18.6 sq. m).
Saving Throw: If a successful saving throw vs magic is made, that player rolls two six-sided dice to see how many melee rounds it will take him to pull free. Those failing to make the saving throw are stuck for the entire duration of the spell. Effective even against cyborgs, power armor, and robots.

Chromatic Protection
Range: Self or touch to cast the magic; 10 foot (3 m) range for the protective light against attacking enemies.
Duration: The protection magic remains in effect for one minute (4 melees) per level of the spell caster and will automatically activate against each and eve!), attacker (including simultaneous, multiple attackers) within its 10 foot (3 m) radius of influence. It can not protect against long-range attacks. Victim is blind for 1D4 melee rounds.
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: Ten
This is a unique spell of protection that can be cast around anyone living being or an inanimate object no bigger than an automobile. The only evidence of the spell being in place is a faint, blue glow around the enchanted person or object. The glow is virtually unnoticeable in day light but obvious in the dark (making the recipient of its protection a more noticeable and easy target - attackers are +1 to strike him).
The magic is activated when an enemy tries to make a move to strike and hurt the character or object protected by the magic. The attacker, and only the attacker(s), is struck and blinded by a burst of brilliant, pulsing light, as if a dozen flash bulbs with the light intensity of the sun suddenly went off in rapid succession. Only the would-be attacker sees the light and is affected by it, so those around him will be unaware of any magic or even that the attacker has been afflicted by magic, unless they can sense or see magic energy. Furthermore, the light frequency magically adjusts to the spectrum of light by which the attacker sees, so it is effective against most life forms. (Note: It is not effective against those rare beings who use psionics, feelers, sense of smell and/or other senses to see/identify their victims and surroundings, including the Splugorth's Altaran Blind Warrior Women.)
The victim of the magical light pulses is temporarily blinded for 1D4 melee rounds, making him -10 to strike, parry and dodge, as well as -4 on initiative and loses one melee attack/action each round he is blinded. Furthermore, his impaired vision makes it impossible for the character to read, he can not move faster than a speed of 8 without stumbling and falling (loses initiative and two melee actions per each fall) , and any attempt to perform a skill is done as if blind, with a skill penalty of -80%.
Further Notes:
1. The spell caster must touch the recipient of this magical protection or can cast the spell on himself.
2. The light is magical and will penetrate non-magical armor and visors, so even characters in environmental body armor or power armor will suffer its effects. Only magical, rune or Bio-Wizard armor, Techno-Wizard armor, and rare items created by the gods designed to protect the eyes from magical light can negate the effects of this spell.
3. Dragons, greater demons, demon lords, gods (even lesser ones) and alien intelligences are not affected by this spell, and most lesser/minor supernatural beings recover in half the time (reduce the duration of penalties by half).
4. The spell will affect those who make a clear and obvious physical move to attack, including raising one's hand in a hostile gesture, a punch, kick, bite, pointing a weapon at the character, or making a verbal threat followed by drawing a weapon or even picking up a chair to use as a club or to throw. In all cases, the attacker must make the first hostile action.

Range: Self.
Duration: One melee "action" per level of experience. Thus, a 3rd level mage can try three magical deflections, a 6th level mage six deflections. Each attempt to deflect counts as one of the spell caster's melee attacks/actions. If the mage chooses to take some action other than Deflect, he loses that Deflect option. Thus, if five Deflect actions were left and the mage throws a punch, he loses one Deflect, leaving him with four. Each action taken after the Deflect spell is cast uses up one available Deflect action.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Ten
This spell allows the spell caster to attempt to magically parry and deflect incoming ranged-weapon attacks such as arrows, bullets, lasers, particle beams, rail guns. fire balls, called lightning, etc. The spell caster gets to roll a normal 20 sided die +4, for his or her parry (plus any P.P. Attribute bonus; other parry bonuses do not apply). If successful, the attack is deflected by a small energy field , and harmlessly hits the ground 1D4xl0 yards/meters away. Such a deflection may hit an ally or innocent bystander if used in a crowded area.
This spell can also deflect missiles, even volleys, but the spell caster might get caught in the blast radius and innocent bystanders are likely to get hurt. When missiles or powerful energy blasts (those that inflict 1D4xl0 M.D. or more damage) are deflected, the character must roll a 20 sided die again, but without benefit of a bonus, to see whether or not the attack is deflected away without harm to others, or whether it strikes an innocent bystander. A roll of 1-4 means the attack is deflected into the ally nearest the mage! A roll of 5-8 means it hits an innocent bystander. A roll of 9 or higher means the attack is deflected without harm to others, unless the area is densely populated or crowded, then innocents are almost certain to be injured. Area affect attacks like exploding rockets, missiles, and grenades, or rail gun bursts may strike and injure or kill dozens of people; G.M.s should use their discretion in such determinations. No, the spell caster cannot accurately deflect the attack into a specific enemy target or location.

Electric Arc
Range: 30 feet (9 m) per level of experience.
Duration: One melee round.
Damage: 2D6 M.D.
Saving Throw: Dodge.
P.P.E.: Eight
A simple offensive spell, the Electric Arc causes a crackling bolt of blue energy to leap from the spell caster's hand(s) to the intended target; point and shoot; +2 to strike.
Each electrical blast counts as one melee attack/action and is limited by the character's total number of attacks. This means a character with four attacks per melee round uses up two attacks to cast the spell, leaving him with two electrical attacks possible that melee round. While the damage is not great, it is accurate, and is an easy, inexpensive spell to cast.

Energy Field
Range: Self or others up to 60 feet (18.3 m) away.
Duration: One minute (4 melees) per level of experience or until it is destroyed.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Ten
The magic creates a protective field of energy that can be placed around the mage, others. or an object. The maximum area of protection is about 8 feet (2.4 m), which means it can protect a small room full of people (about 6 to 8 individuals). The energy field appears as a semitransparent wall or bubble that shimmers with a blue-white light. The field normally provides a total protection of 60 M.D.C., but is doubled at ley lines and tripled at a ley line nexus.

Range: 50 feet ( 15.2 m).
Duration: Instant.
Damage: 3D6 M.D.
Saving Throw: Dodge,
P.P.E.: Eight
Fireblast is a simple offensive spell in which the mage shoots Mega-Damage flames from his or her hands. The blast is only one foot (0.3 m) wide, but extends for the full 50 feet (15.2 m). Everything in its path will take damage unless those in its path can dodge or is so massive (i.e. a tank, giant robot, wall of an M.D.C. building, etc.) that it stops the blast from traveling its full range. The blast can be stopped by doors, walls, etc,. but only if the spell's damage does not destroy the object first. Otherwise, the flames keep going. This is a great spell for clearing out passageways.

Fire Bolt
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m) plus 5 feet (1.5 m) per level of experience.
Duration: Instant.
Damage: 4D6 M.D.
Saving Throw: Dodge.
P.P.E.: Seven
The spell caster creates and directs a bolt of M.D. fire that is +4 to strike. Damage is normally 4D6 M.D., or 1D6x10 S.D.C. (the mage can pick which).

Fist of Fury
Range: Self or one person by touch.
Damage: Varies with P.S.
Duration: One melee round per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Ten for oneself or fifty to cast upon another.
This spell causes the spell caster's dominant hand to glow with a fierce red light. The character can then punch with Mega-Damage power as if his or her strength were supernatural (1D6 M.D. minimum damage). However, the mage can only do normal punches, not power punches, and does not get any additional attacks per melee round. Furthermore, the character can not parry Mega-Damage energy attacks, but can grab and parry physical Mega-Damage melee weapons such as a magical sword or Vibro-Blade. The fist is encased in magical energy and releases a shower of energy sparks on impact. Note: This spell cannot be placed on Automatons, robots or other non-living things, nor the supernatural.

Magic Net
Range: 60 feet (18.3 m).
Duration: Two melees (30 seconds) per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: Dodge of 16 or higher.
P.P.E.: Seven
This spell creates a net composed of magic fibers and can snare up to 1-6 human-sized victims within a 10 foot (3 m) area. Normal weapons can not cut through the net; only Mega-Damage weapons, magic weapons, and magic can affect this net. Even then, it requires a full two melee rounds to cut or blast out (a Dispel Magic Barriers will dispel it instantly). Anyone caught in the Magic Net is helpless and unable to attack or defend. The spell caster can cancel the net at any time.

Multiple Image
Range: Self.
Duration: One minute (4 melees) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: -4 to save. Viewers may be able to see through the illusion and identify the true person, but must roll to save vs magic at -4.
P.P.E.: Seven
An illusion that creates three identical images of the mage, each of which mimics his every movement exactly. Only piercing the false image with iron will dispel that particular image. This is a great way to confuse, scare and distract an opponent. Provides the mage with a bonus of +2 on initiative, +2 to dodge, and +1 to strike.

An offensive spell (even though it is also self-empowering).
Range: Self.
Duration: One melee action.
Bonus: +10
Penalty: Each Quickaction uses up two melee attacks.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Eight
Casting the spell enables the character's next action to be done with blinding speed and accuracy. This enchantment can be used to parry, dodge, roll with impact, leap or dive for cover or to knock someone out of harm's way; grab, catch or reach something before an opponent, flip a switch first, and similar “actions.” In every instance the mage gets a bonus of +10 to his roll on a D20 (i.e., +10 on initiative, +10 to parry, +10 to dodge, etc.) in addition to his usual bonuses (if any) for that type of action. Such a high bonus almost always guarantees success. However, a poor die roll (1-7) could defeat this spell (consider it fate) and if his opponent rolls a Natural 20, the mage must better that roll by at least five points (rolls a 25 or higher with bonuses) to beat a Natural 20. Note: Does NOT apply to a roll to strike, disarm, stun, knockout, or kill.

An offensive spell.
Range: Self.
Duration: One melee action/attack.
Bonus: +7 in physical combat using punches, kicks, knife, sword or other melee weapon. +3 to strike using a gun, bow and arrow or a thrown weapon.
Penalty: Each Quickstrike uses up two melee attacks.
Saving Throw: Dodge or parry may be applicable.
P.P.E.: Ten
Casting the spell enables the character's physical attack to be done with blinding speed and accuracy. This enchantment can only be used on rolls to strike, disarm, stun, knockout or kill (death blow); the strike must always be an attack. In every instance the Quickstrike bonus is in addition to the character's usual bonuses to strike with that particular weapon or fists. Such a high bonus helps to guarantee success. However, a poor die roll could defeat this spell (consider it fate) and if his opponent rolls a Natural 20, the mage must better that roll by at least five points (rolls a 25 or higher with bonuses) to beat a Natural 20. Note: Does NOT apply to pull punch or entanglement.

Ricochet Strike
Range: Varies with the type of weapon - must be a physical weapon, such as a knife, throwing axe, spear, arrow, or stone. Not applicable to missiles, rail guns, machine-guns or any "burst" weapons, nor energy blasts.
Damage: Normal for the weapon used.
Duration: One melee round (15 seconds).
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Twelve
This spell places a temporary enchantment on any melee weapon that could conceivably be thrown : Ordinary or magical knife, axe, shuriken (throwing star), boomerang, throwing stick or iron, hammer, sword, spear, javelin, arrow, sling stone, rock, Vibro-weapon, Neuro-mace, magical weapon, etc. (energy blasts, bullets, and similar projectiles can NOT be enchanted by this magic. A thrown hand grenade can be made to ricochet, but will only explode and inflict damage upon one designated target). The magic can be used on S.D.C. or M.D. weapons.
When the weapon is thrown, it can strike multiple targets by ricocheting off the first to hit the second, bounce again and hit a third. The weapon can strike up to three targets with a single attack/melee action. It can strike the initial target twice, but only if it ricochets off something (or someone) else as its second strike. The spell caster rolls to strike as normal, and if the weapon hits, it inflicts damage, then skips off the initial target and streaks towards the next. The same strike roil is used, and if it hits again, it does damage and goes to the third target. The weapon can be parried or dodged as appropriate, and yes, if a 20 is rolled, all the intended targets are hit for double damage. However, if it should, at any three, miss, or be dodged (not parried, a parry will still cause ricochet), the spell ends. In any case, it ends after the maximum number of targets (three) have been hit or parried.

An offensive spell.
Range: 30 feet (9.1 m) per level of experience; line of sight.
Damage: 3D6 M.D. and possible temporary blindness.
Duration: Instant with lingering effect.
Saving Throw: Dodge at -2.
P.P.E.: Twelve
The spell caster fires a burst of blazing light from his hand; point and shoot. The intended target can try to dodge, but does so with a -2 penalty. Furthermore, unless the eyes are shielded against bright light (quality sunglasses or tinted goggles will do the trick), the victim is momentarily blinded (-10 to strike, parry, dodge, and other combat moves) for one melee round (15 seconds). Increase the duration of being blinded by 7 seconds (a half a melee round) for each Starburst fired at the same person within in the same melee round. Note: Vampires suffer an additional 1D6 points of damage and are blinded for twice as long.

Weight of Duty
Range: One victim up to 200 feet (61 m) distant or two by touch.
Duration: One minute (4 melee rounds) per level or the spell caster.
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: Ten
Weight of Duty affects all characters it is cast upon. A standard save vs magic can be made against this magical mental assault (a high M.E. Or other mental save bonuses do not apply). The spell only affects intelligent, mortal beings with an honorable alignment (including Aberrant) or a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Supernatural beings and creatures of magic are immune. Those who fail to save suffer the feeling that the task set before them is too great and they are doomed to failure. This magical melancholy makes them lose all inspiration. Drive and initiative, and their limbs actually seem to become heavy as if straining to lift a tremendous weight. Those affected suffer the following penalties: No initiative, - 1 attack per melee, -4 to strike. parry and dodge, speed is half, and skill performance is half of normal, plus skills and actions are done halfheartedly and take twice as long as normal. Worse, they are likely to surrender if things go badly.
Note: If the save is made, however, the target benefits from renewed determination and they are +2 on initiative and +2 to save vs this spell and similar mind control magic if it is used against them any time in the next hour!

Level 5:
Circle of Flame
Range: 10 feet (3 m) around self.
Duration: Two minutes (8 melee rounds) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Ten
The spell caster can create a circle of flame around himself. No combustible material is required. The flame is five feet (1.5 m) tall and inflicts 6D6 S.D.C. damage to anybody who tries to pass through the tire.

Range: Self. touch or 5 feet (1.5 m).
Duration: Instant.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Eight
The escape invocation enables the mage to magically escape any bonds, or open any locking mechanism that bars his way. This includes being tied with rope. handcuffs. prison cells, doors, trunks, locks, straitjackets, etc. One restraint or lock can be undone per each invocation (one per melee round is possible). Only gagging the mage will prevent the use of this magic.

Superhuman Agility
A self-empowering spell.
Range: Self of other by touch or within 20 feet (6.1 m); line of sight.
Duration: Two melee rounds per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Fifteen
This enchantment empowers the recipient with the balance, reflexes and agility of a jungle cat. Without the need of any training the character can walk a tightrope or narrow ledge at a base skill of 88%, as well as fight, leap and dodge on narrow beams, tightropes and ledges without fear of losing his balance and falling. The character is also totally unafraid of heights when this spell is in effect.
+1 on initiative, +1 to parry, +5 to dodge and +5 to roll with impact.
Automatic Dodge (+5; the act of dodging – moving out of the way of an attack – without spending one of his own melee attacks).
Automatically rolls with impact from falls, when struck by a moving vehicle or when struck by explosions/concussive blasts (including sonic blasts).
+20% to Climb/Rappel skill.

Superhuman Speed
Range: Self or others by touch.
Duration: One minute (4 melee rounds) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Ten
The invocation bestows the character with the equivalent of a Speed attribute of 44 (equal to 30 mph/48 km) and adds a bonus of +2 to parry and +6 to dodge for the duration of the magic. All movements performed during this period are done without fatigue.

Superhuman Strength
Range: Self or others by touch.
Duration: 2 melee rounds (30 seconds) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Ten
The incantation magically gives the character a Supernatural P.S. of 30 and a P.E. of 24, as well as adds 30 S.D.C. for the duration of the magic. Supernatural strength, endurance and bonuses last for the duration of the magic.

Level 6:
Fleet Feet
Range: Self or by spell or ritual.
Duration: Two melee rounds per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: 20
Fleet feet is an extremely popular and powerful magic spell; it is its popularity and therefore commonness that makes it a 6th level spell.
The incantation doubles the physical prowess, speed and mobility of the enchanted person for 30 seconds (2 melee rounds) per level of the spell caster. This means the character's speed, and P.P. are doubled (providing increased P.P. bonuses to strike, parry and dodge) and perhaps most notably, the character's attacks per melee round are all doubled for the duration of the spell.
While the character is a veritable whirlwind of action, the enchantment does have some drawbacks. He is moving so fast and doing so much that the character is -2 on initiative and not likely to see a surprise attack coming (in most cases a surprise attack or strike from behind is automatic). Furthermore, the performance of delicate skills like picking locks or pockets, carving, writing, etc., are all at -20% and the character cannot control his precise movement. This spell will not effect the mage's spellcasting or psionics, but only his physical actions. Consequently, all future spellcasting or psionics cost twice as many actions. Cannot be cast into a Talisman, nor used in alchemical enchantments.

Range: Close, hand to hand combat.
Duration: One minute per level of experience.
Damage: 4D6 M.D.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Fifteen. A Water or Air Warlock can create a Frostblade for the same P.P.E. cost but with a duration of two minutes per level of experience. This spell transforms an ordinary (S.D.C.) sword or knife. or metal rod or strip into an icy, four foot sword that glows with a pale white, misty energy. After creating it, the spell caster can give the sword to someone else if he so desires. The weapon can be used in much the same manner as any sword, but can parry energy blasts (however, with no special bonuses). The Frostblade inflicts Mega-Damage through a combination of magical force and numbing cold, so fire creatures take 6D6 M.D., unless their description says they take double damage from cold (in that case, 8D6 M.D.). The weapon will not be damaged by parrying attacks. but returns to normal when the spell duration elapses. Yes, this weapon can be used in combination with the Ricochet spell.

Range: 50 feet (15.2-m) per level of experience.
Duration: Five minutes per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: Fifteen
This spell allows a mage to transform magical energy into ice, creating one of the following three effects.
1. A wall of Mega-Damage ice, having 50 M.D.C. per level of the spell caster, and covering a 10x10x10 feet (3x3x3 m) area + 10 feet (3 m) in length per level of experience. The wall can be created anywhere within range and can be made small or big as the spell caster desires (i.e. a 3rd level mage can fill the opening of a small, six foot (1.8 m) wide corridor completely, like a door made of ice, or 30 feet (9 m) down the length of the corridor}. Anybody in the area where the spell is cast is pushed out of the way. If the ice wall would crush or encase a living being (because the area is too small), the magic will not work! Likewise, as a "wall ," the ice appears on the ground and can not be made to appear in the air above an opponent's head or inside a vehicle. There is no save against this ice wall.
2. Magically cover the floor, wall, ceiling and objects out in the open in a thin coating (an 8th of an inch/3 mm) of ice, plus frost particles twinkle in the air. Can affect a six foot ( 1.8 m) radius per level of experience. People caught in the icy covering will suffer from cold and surprise, losing initiative that melee round and are -1 on all combat actions. Characters not protected by body armor will suffer incidental frostbite damage (1D6 S.D.C.) unless they knock the ice off. The main advantage of this spell is that movement on the ice is extremely difficult; reduce speed by 75% and even then there is a 01·75% chance of falling if the character moves faster than a speed of 4! Since everything is covered in ice, there is no hand-hold to grab onto for support. Furthermore, the magical ice does not melt even in extreme heat, but disappears when the spell duration elapses.
3. Freeze water. The mage can use this spell to instantly freeze two gallons (7.6 liters) of water per level of experience. Freezing can be done to one container or several in a 6 foot (1.8 m) radius (puddles, canteens, soda bottles, etc.), provided the total amount frozen does not exceed the spell caster's maximum limit in total gallons. Freezing water may cause full containers to rupture or shatter. The ice melts as normal under the circumstances.

Power Bolt
Range: 1,600 feet (487 m) + 1 00 feet (30.5 m) per level of experience.
Damage: 5D6 M.D. +2 per level of the spell caster.
Duration: Instant.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Twenty
Power Bolt is a long-range magical attack that causes a blue beam of energy to shoot from the spell caster's hand and strike a single target within its range. This attack never misses, unless the intended victim rolls a natural or modified (with bonuses) 20 or higher to dodge, The bolt blazes into the target, inflicting massive energy damage, With its long range, this is one of the few spells that can compete with the heavy weapons carried by vehicles and robots, and can be especially effective against aerial targets and ships at sea. The spell caster may regulate the damage of this spell by increments of 1D6 points but P.P.E. cost is unchanged.

Sheltering Force
Range: Around self, or up to 20 feet (3 m) away.
Duration: One hour per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: Twenty
The Sheltering Force is essentially a light force field that appears as a semi-opaque (can see figures, outlines and blurred colors. but not faces or details), bluish-white dome. The "shelter" can be small enough to accommodate two people or big enough to accommodate six (eight cramped), In either case, it resembles a dome shaped tent made of semi-opaque plastic. It is dry inside and maintains a temperature that is 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than outside in hot weather and 10 degrees warmer in cool weather. It will hold smoke in, so any campfire must be made outside. The magical shelter keeps rain and insects out, but animals, people, 'bots and spirits can come and go as they please, much like a real tent. Furthermore, if attacked, the Sheltering Force will only stop 1D6 M.D. per each attack/blast/arrow/whatever, with the remaining damage penetrating the force field and possibly hitting those inside the shelter. The semi-opaque nature of the force field means that those attacking from outside can not get a clear shot and are -3 to strike, but they can see shapes and shadows inside to shoot at.

Shooting Star
Range: 500 feet (152.4 m) per level of the spell caster in space; half that range in an atmosphere or on a space station or spacecraft.
Duration: Instant.
Damage: 1D6+1 M.D. per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: Not applicable except as a dodge.
Bonus: The spell caster is +2 to strike with a Shooting Star.
P.P.E.: Eighteen
A spell that is common to most Space Warlocks, the Shooting Star is a burst of blue magical energy that shoots from the outstretched hand of the mage. Halfway to its target the magical bolt separates into a dozen smaller sparkling stars that pepper an area like a mystic shotgun. Everything within the 10 foot (3 m) radius takes full damage. This spell can be cast anywhere, but is most effective in space, where it has the greatest range.

An offensive spell.
Range: Self or other.
Damage: 2D6+2 M.D.
Duration: One melee round per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Save vs Horror Factor.
P.P.E.: Sixteen
A Thundermaul is a magical hammer, or maul, that appears out of thin air and is composed entirely of crackling blue energy. Every time it strikes something, the weapon not only inflicts Mega-Damage, but it also produces a loud boom like a small thunderclap. The spell caster can use the Thundermaul himself, or give it to someone else if so desired. This weapon is used like any normal hammer in hand to hand combat and can also be used to parry Vibro-Blades, energy weapons, flaming swords and even energy blasts (though no bonuses to parry apply when trying to parry an energy blast, straight roll only, and the blast may only be parried if it was anticipated before it was fired).
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Spells Level 7+

Postby William Summers » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:50 pm

Level 7:
Ballistic Fire
Range: 1,000 feet (30S m) + 10 additional feet (3 m) per level of experience.
Damage: 1D6 M.D. per fiery missile.
Duration: Instant.
Saving Throw: None. Potential victim(s) can attempt to dodge at -10 and without benefit of any other bonuses.
P.P.E.: Twenty-Five
Ballistic Fire is an anti-infantry spell designed to mow down large numbers all at once. The spell creates one fiery missile per level of the spell caster which can then be directed and tired simultaneously at whatever multiple targets the mage desires. Actually, these mini-missiles can be directed at several different targets (as few as one target per missile). as volleys of several missiles directed at two or more targets, or all concentrated as one large volley to all hit the same target. The balls of fire are magically guided and rarely miss! Regardless of the missiles created and the way they are distributed, the attack of a Ballistic Fire takes only a Single spell attack (approximately 7 seconds to cast).

Dispel Magic Barriers
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m).
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: The magic spell being attacked automatically gets a standard saving throw (12) as if it were a person. If a successful save is made. the negation spell has no effect; the barrier remains.
P.P.E.: Twenty
The Dispel Magic Barriers invocation negates/dispels all magic barriers of any kind, including the Sorcerer's Seal, Carpet of Adhesion, Magic wall spells, ward spells, etc.

Fighting Spirit
An offensive spell.
Range: Self or other by touch.
Duration: 2 melees per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Twenty
For the duration of the spell's effect the caster is imbued with the hand to hand fighting ability of a high level warrior. The spell provides the following bonuses: +2 attacks/actions per melee round, +1 on initiative, +1 to strike with guns, +3 to strike in melee combat, +2 to disarm, parry and dodge, +4 to pull punch, +2 to roll with impact, +4 to save vs Horror Factor/fear, +2 to save vs possession, Critical Strike on a Natural 18-20, karate kick (1D8 S.D.C.), jump kick, Paired Weapons, leap attack and judo flip/throw. While the spell is in effect, the caster moves with an agility, confidence and skill (normally) beyond his own natural abilities.

Range: Self; close combat/hand to hand.
Duration: One minute (4 melee rounds) per level of experience,
Damage: 1D4x10 +1 M.D. point per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Parry or dodge.
P.P.E.: Twenty
This spell causes a sword of brilliant white light to form in the spell caster's dominant hand. The size varies with the blade's power, which is represented by the character's level of experience. Thus, a first to third level mage creates a Lightblade the size of a short sword and rapier thin, a mid-level sorcerer makes a blade resembling a bastard sword, while at 10th level or higher it is a large lightblade with the length of a two-handed sword (although it can be easily wielded one-handed) and as thick as a two-by-four. The blade is weightless, serves as an extension of the sorcerer, is +1 to strike, and can be used to attempt to parry energy attacks (no special bonus to parry, however).
Against vampires, Shadow Beasts, and other demons vulnerable to light, the Lightblade inflicts double its normal damage (double Hit Point damage to vampires). However, the sword inflicts no damage against those immune to light or energy, and only the spell caster can use the Lightblade he creates.

Sub-Particle Acceleration
Range: 100 feet (30 m) per level of experience; line of sight.
Duration: Instant.
Damage: 1D6x10 +1 M.D. point per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: Twenty
This magic enables the spell caster to create and direct a particle beam blast! Just point, cast the spell. and shoot! Damage is an impressive 1D6x10 M.D. plus one M.D. point of additional damage per level of experience.
This spell can also be used to recharge most types of M.D. E-Clips! The spell provides a standard E-Clip with six energy blasts. Spending more than one spell on the recharging of the E-Clip can recharge it entirely, up to its usual amount. Pumping in more energy than the storage clip can handle will cause the E-Clip to explode, doing 2D6x10 M.D. to a 10 foot (3 m) radius! The damage and range for that weapon is unchanged by the magic, because this magical channeling of energy only serves to recharge the energy clip. Note: This spell can not be used to recharge nuclear energy cells, although it can be used to attempt to recharge any battery or storage cell capable of containing M.D. Energy. However, the chance of an accidental explosion and 2D6x10 Mega-Damage is more likely; 01-15% (roll percentile) for each magical recharge.

Level 8:
Invincible Armor
Range: Self or one other by touch.
Duration: Three minutes per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Thirty
Although not quite as " invincible" as the name suggests, this impressive magical armor encases the wearer in a suit of shimmering, translucent plate armor, complete with full helmet. The armor has 25 M.D.C. per level of the spell caster, and regenerates damage at the rate of 1D6 M.D.C. per melee round. The armor offers complete environmental protection from heat, cold, disease, pollution, toxic gases, fumes, etc., and provides the wearer with an independent oxygen supply. Furthermore, all energy attacks, magic or mundane, inflict only half their usual damage to the armor! Should the armor be destroyed, it absorbs all the extra damage and disappears in a flash of light. No damage is carried over to the wearer. Note: Magical armor can not be placed on giant Automatons, power armor or robots. Limitation: Cumbersome; the wearer is -15% to prowl, climb, swim or perform other physical skills.

Range: Self or one character by touch.
Duration: Special delayed reaction. The spell is not activated until the enchanted and marked outer armor is destroyed. Then it activates and lasts one minute per level of the spell caster.
Special Requirement: Magic symbol of Life and Strength.
Saving Throw: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: Forty
Lifeward takes two melee rounds to perform, and requires a circle with a dot in the middle and lines radiating from it like a sun painted on the recipient's chest or forehead and on his M.D.C. body armor while reciting the incantation. This powerful spell is designed to help the character survive Mega-Damage attacks after losing his M.D. body armor! If the body armor is shredded (reduced to zero M.D.C.), all subsequent Mega-Damage attacks are turned into S.D.C. damage. The unarmored character takes damage from his S.D.C. and/or Hit Points, but survives attacks that would normally have atomized him! Of course, the character falls into a coma and may die if reduced to zero Hit Points or less. Note: This spell cannot be placed on Mega-Damage creatures such as dragons and demons or automatons.

Lightning Arc
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m) per level of experience.
Duration: One melee round per level of experience.
Damage: 4D6 +2 M.D. per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Dodge.
P.P.E.: Thirty
This is a more powerful version of the Electric Arc spell, pumping more magical energy into the jolt for greater range and damage; point and shoot. +4 to strike targets within 100 feet (30.5 m), but only +1 to strike those at greater distances.
Each lightning blast counts as one melee attack/action and is limited by the character's total number of attacks. This means a character with four attacks per melee round use up two attacks to cast the spell and fire once. This leaves two more electrical attacks that melee round, but in the next three melee rounds the mage in our example can fire up to four times (once for each of his attacks per melee round). In addition, the character may vary or combine attacks. That is to say, a sorcerer with four attacks may elect to fire once, cast another spell and draw and fire a weapon or perform a skill, and so on.

Luck Curse
Range: Touch or 10 feet (3 m).
Duration: 24 hours per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Standard; 12 by spell, 16 by ritual.
P.P.E.: Forty
The incantation inflicts the victim with bad luck. The character's normal bonuses to strike, parry, dodge, initiative, and roll with punch are all reduced to zero; no bonuses! Critical strikes do normal damage (except a Natural 20 which always does double damage); a death or knockout/stun punch does only 1D4 damage. Kick attacks have a 01-60% chance of causing the character to trip and fall down (losing initiative and one melee attack). Prowl skill turns into a clumsy roll, making noise every time it is tried. All skills are minus 40%, but only during critical situations. The G.M. can add other minor occurrences of bad luck.
Only a "Remove Curse" invocation can negate the effect of this enchantment.

Magical-Adrenal Rush
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m); line of sight, self or one by touch.
Duration: One melee round per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: Forty-Five
This powerful spell produces a magical rush that puts Juicers to shame. P.S. is raised to supernatural equivalent (punches and kicks do M.D.), the character gets two additional melee actions/attacks per round, speed is increased by 50%, fatigue has no effect, and the sorcerer is impervious to drugs, mind control, possession, illusions, pain and Horror Factor, as well as able to endure triple the normal damage to his body, and is +3 on initiative, +1 to strike and dodge, and +1 on all saving throws while the enchantment lasts.
The spell does have consequences, however. Once the enhancements wear off, the once hyped-up character feel s so tired and weak, he is barely able to move for 1D4 minutes. During this period reduce attacks per melee round, speed, skill performance and all combat bonuses by half. After this "down" time, the character returns to normal (minus the effects of normal fatigue or any damage sustained in combat).

Power Weapon
Range: One weapon by touch.
Duration: Two melee rounds (30 seconds) per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Thirty-Five
This spell temporarily infuses an S.D.C. melee weapon (knife, spear, sword, club, etc.) with great magical energy. For the duration of the spell, the weapon will inflict the Mega-Damage equivalent of the S.D.C. weapon; i.e. a knife that docs 1D6 S.D.C. now does 1 D6 M.D., or a mace that does 2D6 S.D.C. now does 2D6 M.D., and so on.
In the alternative, this spell can be used to increase the damage capability of Mega-Damage melee weapons (Vibro-Blade, etc.) or M.D. magic weapons (rune sword, TW-weapons, etc.) by 25%. So a magical flaming sword that normally does 4D6 M.D. now does 5D6, a Vibro-Blade that does 2D6 now does 4D4 M.D., etc. Note: This magic does not work on long-range weapons like the bow and arrow, projectile weapons or energy guns. Casting this spell on the same weapon repeatedly has no cumulative effect.

Sorcerous Fury
Range: Self for the Fury, 300 feet (91 m) per level for lightning bolts.
Damage: 2D4x10 M.D. from lightning bolts; 2D6 M.D. per touch.
Duration: One minute per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: Seventy
This dangerous spell unleashes the fury and power of the spell caster in what can only be called a sorcerer's berserker rage! Fueled by the character's unbridled rage and uncontrolled magical energy, the mage turns into a living storm of power and destruction. To many, he or she appears as an angry god, larger than life and electrified with blue energy and rippling bolts of lightning. The spell caster's body is transformed, turned into a Mega-Damage structure with 50 M.D.C. per level of experience (deduct damage from this before deducting it from the character's Hit Points or even his body armor), 1D4 feet (0.3 to 1.2 m) larger, with the mass and muscle to match. The furious mage walks 1-4 feet (0.3 to 1.2 m) above the ground and can unleash his rage as magical lightning bolts at will (at no P.P.E. cost; each counts as one melee attack/action) to strike down his enemies. Each bolt inflicts 2D4x10 M.D., 300 foot range per level , and is +4 to strike (in addition to possible P.P. and targeting skill bonuses). Each blast counts as one of the mage's melee attack actions, but while berserk, the mage gets two extra attacks per round. Anybody even touching the mage suffers 2D6 M.D. from the energy rippling around him and his fearsome countenance gives the berserk sorcerer a Horror Factor of 16!
As if this were not enough, the practitioner of magic is +4 on initiative, +3 to save vs magic and poison, impervious to mind control, possession and Horror Factor, has an extra 40 P.P.E. to draw up on (pulled from ambient energy and the life forces of all living things around him) and bio-regenerates 1D4x10 to M.D.C. per melee round!!
On the down side, the mage is consumed by anger, revenge and/or frustration or sorrow, giving in completely to the overwhelming emotions. This means he is beyond reasoning and savagely lashes out at those who have invoked his rage and anybody who gets in his way - including lawmen, friends, loved ones and innocent bystanders. While enraged, the character only wants to hurt and destroy. Thus, the only spells he can cast are offensive ones such as Energy Bolt, Fire Ball, Electrical Arc, Call Lightning, Energy Disruption, Wind Rush, Agony, Life Drain, Annihilate, and similar spells of destruction. Magic involving strategy, deception and cunning is out the window, as the berserk sorcerer is very direct and brutal in his attacks. Likewise, the performance of all skills, other than combat ones, is impossible. While berserk, the character has no regard for his friends or their common goals, nor the code of ethics and conduct of his alignment. Fortunately, a mage of good alignment is likely to stop just short of killing a friend or innocent.
When the rage is over, the sorcerer returns to normal and feels exhausted and sad. For the next hour, the number of his attacks, combat bonuses and speed are reduced by half. Worse, P.P.E. is recovered at half the usual rate for the next 24 hours, and the actions (deaths?) of the mage while berserk may haunt him forever. Note: The potential destruction and grim consequences of this spell are such that it is seldom used by practitioners of magic of a good alignment, and even evil ones tend to use it as a last resort or in terrible anger or lust for revenge. The feeling that comes from the loss of control is repugnant to all but the most chaotic (Anarchist and Miscreant alignments).

Wall of Wind
Range: Can be cast up to 100 feet (30.5 m) away.
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Special.
P.P.E.: Forty
Wall of Wind creates a barrier of rolling air currents intended to stop others from passing through it. The wall is 10 feet (3 m) long and six feet (1.8 m) high per level of the spell caster; actual size can be adjusted by the mage. The wall has an equivalent Supernatural Strength of 32 + 1 per level of the spell caster. Only characters with a higher P.S. or that weigh over two tons can move through its fierce winds, but even then only at 20% their normal speed. Items not securely fastened or held tight will be pulled off the body and hurled the length of the wall plus 2D6x10 yards/meters away. Furthermore, characters are unable to hear anything while inside the roaring wind tunnel, are relentlessly buffeted by the rolling winds and may be struck by flying debris and/or people who could not withstand the winds. Roll to maintain balance each time the character is struck by an object (percentile if the character has a skill with "balance" or the equivalent of a parry to keep one's balance. In the latter case, a 12 or higher is needed). Failure to keep one's balance will send him flying down the length of the wall plus 1D6x10 yards/meters! Should the character lose his balance, the Wall of Wind can pick up and hurl weights of 3000 to 4000 pounds!
Wind Damage is 2D4 M.D.; not severe if a Mega-Damage being or if protected by M.D.C. armor, vehicle or magic, but deadly to most ordinary mortals. Plus the character is thrown around in the air along the wind wall for one melee round (15 seconds) before being thrown clear. During that melee, the character can not perform any actions of any kind (no spell casting, no skills. no melee attacks, etc.) and is dazed after impact for another melee round (only has one melee action attack; no combat bonuses). Note: This "wall" can be cast lengthwise down a corridor to create a wind tunnel.

Level 9:
Cosmic Armor
Range: Self, or one other by touch.
Duration: 10 minutes per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: Standard for unwilling recipients.
P.P.E.: Forty-Five
Cosmic Armor is as close as one comes to a magic, armored combat spacesuit. It appears as a form fitting suit of EBA body armor that covers the wearer from head to toe in what looks to be a silver or chrome colored, metallic material with a faint blue tint to it. The head is covered in an ornate, chrome helmet with a tinted, polarized visor, and the entire armor resembles something akin to a Cosmo-Knight.
Cosmic Armor is an enhanced version of Armor of Ithan that also provides complete protection from all the negative effects of outer space (cold, radiation, lack of air, etc.) as well as provides basic flight capabilities.
Features of Cosmic Armor:
  • The character can breathe for as long as the spell is in place.
  • Enjoys a constant comfortable internal temperature and is protected from cold, radiation and extreme blasts of heat.
  • Cosmic Armor can hover, and flies at a speed of Mach One.
  • Armor has 50 M.D.C. per level of experience!
  • Magic and M.D. cold and heat/fire/plasma attacks do half damage to the Cosmic Armor.
  • Spells may be cast and psionic powers used while wearing Cosmic Armor, and additional magic may be combined with it, such as other methods of flight, communications, etc.
  • Reduce flying speed by half in an atmosphere.
  • The armored protection also restricts movement a bit, and inflicts a penalty of -5% to all Physical skills such as Acrobatics, Climbing, and similar, and -10% to Palming, Pick Pocket, Prowl, Safe-Cracking, Seduction and most Medical and highly technical skills that require a delicate touch.

Level 10:
Magic Warrior
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m).
Duration: Two melee rounds (30 seconds) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Special " disbelieve" option,
P.P.E.: Sixty
This spell creates the image of an armored warrior tailored to the caster's imagination. The magical phantom is slightly translucent, which may cause some to believe it is an illusion. This is only partly true. The Phantom Warrior is constructed of magical energy, and as such, is mostly real. However, if the enemy chooses to "disbelieve" it is real, allow each disbelieving character a normal save vs magic. If successful, the Phantom Warrior only inflicts half its normal damage. The Warrior is completely under the mage's mental control, but does not require his concentration to maintain it, provided it is given a clear and simple command, such as, "Kill anybody who enters the room," "Stop them," " Destroy so and so," or "Protect me (or a particular item)," etc.
Magic Warrior Stats:
    M.D.C.: 50 +6 per level of the spell caster's experience.
    Size: 4 to 12 feet (1.2 to 3.6 m) tall.
    Attributes: I.Q. 9, P.S. 30, P.P. 22, P.E. 30, Spd. 20; all physical attributes are Supernatural and the magical essence is impervious to pain, poison, cold, heat, and fear.
    Horror Factor: 12.
    Combat: Five physical attacks per melee. does 2D6 M.D. with fists, 3D6 M.D. kicks or via some particular weapon, modem or ancient, and it can parry projectiles (bullets, arrows, etc.).
    Bonuses: +4 on initiative, +5 to strike, parry, and dodge, Spd. 20; the Phantom Warrior can lift up to 3000 lbs ( 1350 kg), but will not carry things. It can aid in clearing rubble, move objects, etc., but is not a beast of burden (it does not last long enough anyway).
Limitations: If the Warrior moves more than a 100 foot (30.5 m) distance from the spell caster, it instantly vanishes. Does half damage if people don't believe in it.

Level 11:
Cosmic Force Field
Range: Self or others up to 1000 feet (305 m) away. Range is doubled at a space ley line and tripled at a ley line nexus point.
Area of Effect: The Cosmic Force Field places a dome-like bubble over a 50 foot (15.2 m) diameter plus 15 feet (4.6 m) per level of experience. In the alternative it can be cast as a "wall" along a line that is 10 feet tall (3 m) and 50 feet (15.2 m) long (+ 15 feet/4.6 m per level of experience).
Duration: Three minutes per level of the caster.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Two Hundred
A spell that creates a strong magic force field that can be used to cover a large area to protect people and property. It can be used on the surface of planets and moons, in and on spaceships as well as to encapsulate people, cargo, or small spacecraft such as fighters as a protective containment bubble. While the force field protects from physical damage, it does nothing to protect people from the hazards of space (does not hold or create air, and cold, radiation, etc. goes right through it). The spell caster can scale the force field to be as small or large as required within the mage's limitations.
M.D.C. of Force Field: 250 M.D.C. per level of experience (325 S.D.C. per level and an A.R. of 19 in S.D.C. worlds). The protection is doubled on a ley line and tripled at a nexus. Vulnerable to all attacks including physical, magic, and psionics, all do full damage.
Limitation: The Cosmic Force Field is immobile and stays in one place, vanishing only when the duration ends, the field is destroyed or the mage cancels the magic.
Note: This spell is commonly built into a TW dome mounted on the tops of most UWW spacecraft where most of the Space Warlocks can cast their spells with a degree of protection.

Energy Sphere
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m).
Duration: Two days per level of experience, or until used up.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: One Hundred Twenty
Energy Sphere creates a globe of blue energy similar to that seen along ley lines. The mage can create this sphere through the expenditure of 120 P.P.E. but then must pump additional P.P.E. into it with in the next 10 minutes or it fades away. This additional energy (up to 100 P.P.E. per level of the spell caster) must come from the mage, another sorcerer, dragon, god, blood sacrifice or drawn from a ley line nexus when energy is high (eclipse, solstice. etc.). The magic energy contained in the basketball-sized energy sphere will follow the mage wherever he goes, floating in mid-air above his right or left. shoulder, and holds the energy until he needs it. This storage of potentially large amounts of energy can be drawn upon by either the mage who created it or one specific person whom the mage gives the sphere to as a gift or reward (in this case, only that person can draw upon the energy). The sphere is typically created when a practitioner of magic knows that he will need a large amount of P.P.E. to cast a high level spell, ritual or a number of spells beyond his normal limit (i.e. combat, construction, dimensional travel, etc.). This spell, said to have been created by Thoth or the legendary Old Ones, is sometimes used by gods and demon lords to give their mortal minions and or champions additional power to accomplish great feats.
The energy reserve in the sphere must be used within a limited period (typically within a matter of days) or the sphere and the P.P.E. will be wasted when it fades away. The person to whom the Energy Sphere belongs can draw on the P.P.E. reserve in any increments from a few points 81 a time to whatever its total power reserve may be in a single spell. The sphere is impervious to most attacks but can be destroyed by 500 M.D. points and loses 2D6x10 P.P.E. per minute in an Anti-Magic Cloud. A successful Negate Magic will drain it of 6D6 P.P.E. each time a negation is cast on it, but Dispel Magic Barrier has no affect on it. Psi-Stalkers and most other P.P.E. vampires can not draw upon this concentrated and protected energy source.
  • Cannot be moved or stored.
  • Cannot receive P.P.E. after creation.
  • Moves with mage over one shoulder.
  • Only the creator can gift it to another.
  • Immune to draining by P.P.E. vampires.
  • P.P.E. Capacity: 100 per level of the caster.
  • Loses 2D6x10 P.P.E. per minute in an Anti-Magic Cloud.
  • Duration: 2 days per level of experience, or until used up.
  • Negate Magic will drain it of 6D6 P.P.E. per each negation.
  • Only one Energy Sphere can be maintained by a mage regardless of who possesses it.

Level 12:
Range: Holder/wearer of the amulet.
Duration: Exists as long as the medallion is not destroyed
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Two Hundred Ninety or more.
The "Amulet" is a potent invocation that instills a medallion or charm with mystic properties that will protect an individual from magic or supernatural forces. The only requirement of the invocation is that the amulet be made of one metal purified by fire or made of semiprecious stone.
The sole purpose of an amulet is to protect. Protection is provided in several different ways. Any one of the following can be created by the amulet invocation.
  • Charm: A general ward against magic that provides a bonus of +1 to save versus magic and psychic attacks. P.P.E. Cost: 290.
  • Protection Against Sickness: Amulet that specifically protects against the eighth level magic invocation "Sickness." Bonus of + 6 to save. P.P.E. Cost: 290.
  • Protection Against Insanity: Adds a bonus of +4 to save against all magically induced insanities. P.P.E. Cost: 320.
  • Protection Against the Supernatural: Adds a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor and +2 to save vs possession. P.P.E. Cost: 300.
  • See the Invisible: Enables only the wearer of the medallion to see the invisible. P.P.E. Cost: 500.
  • Sense the Presence of Spirits: The amulet changes color whenever an entity(s) is in the area. Range: 60 feet (15.3 m). P.P.E. Cost: 310.
  • Turn the Undead: A charm that will prevent any of the undead from physically touching them while they wear or hold the amulet. The amulet works much like a cross does against vampires. Effective against all undead including mummies, zombies and vampires. P.P.E. Cost: 400.

Level 13:
Range: Varies with type of spell.
Duration: Talisman exists until destroyed.
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: Five Hundred
The term "talisman" is believed to have its roots in the Arabic language and means "to make marks like a magician." Indeed, that is what a talisman is, an extension of magic, an item that contains magic power.
A talisman can be made from almost anything, although it is most commonly designed as a medallion, necklace, mantle, pin, charm, small statue, headdress, or hand-held symbol. A talisman is designed to perform one function only. The invocation enables the spell caster to empower an ordinary object with magic powers. The only substances which can not be used are iron and plastic, and the object can not be larger than two feet (0.6 m) tall, long or wide. Once an object is transformed into a talisman, the mage can empower it with one magic spell. The spell can be selected from Levels One through Eight, excluding illusion types. Of course, to implant the spell the sorcerer must already know it and it must be a spell invocation, not a ritual.
After its initial creation, the magic talisman can be used to cast its one spell for a total of three times. After all three have been cast. the object is drained. The practitioner of magic who created it can replace its three exhausted spells by casting that same spell invocation combined with part of the Talisman spell or ritual. The cost of the recharge is 50 P.P.E. plus the cost of the spell invocation. Note that the process must be repeated for each of the three identical spells (each at a cost of 50 P.P.E. plus the spell 's P.P.E. cost). Thus, to recharge all three identical spells would cost 150 P.P.E. plus. Three spells being attributed to a magic talisman may be the source of legends that grant three wishes.
In the alternative. a talisman can be a P.P.E. battery. A talisman can be used for one purpose other than spells. The mage can elect to make it a potential psychic energy battery. Instead of spells, the mystic can put up to 50 P.P.E. into it initially and recharge it with 30 P.P.E. at the cost of 60. The talisman can then be used at a later time to bolster the character's normal P.P.E. reserve. A P.P.E. battery can never hold spells.
A talisman can be destroyed by smashing it. That is all there is to it. If the spell caster who created it is killed or can not be found, the talisman will be good only for whatever number of spells or P.P.E. that are currently inside it and can not be recharged (except by a god or Demon Lord). Typically, only the mage who created it can recharge it.
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Postby William Summers » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:01 am

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Perception: [dice]1d100[/dice]/48%
JIC: [dice]1d20[/dice]/[dice]1d100[/dice]

Level Up Rolls
Level 8: HP: 1d6 = 1 PPE: 2d6 = 7
Starting ISP: 2d6+15 = 19

EP Rolls
(1 EP) Attribute Boost: IQ (applicable to attributes under 16, +1D6) 1d6 = 6
The Man in Black

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William Summers
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Diamond Level Patron
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Postby William Summers » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:17 pm

July 25, 110 P.A.
Will's Letter wrote:Hey Brianna,

It's Will from Eyelor. Or the Roughnecks. You know what I mean. How's it going?

I'm on a mission and there's vampires and Sploogs everywhere. We're going to be out for a while and it's crazy here. We're on a submarine with a weird ghost in it right now, but we got rifted to a space station after we blew up an entire vampire city. I met the craziest Techno-Wizard. He taught me a bunch of magic and built me some really cool gear. I feel like my team is probably completely different from when I saw you last. Just me and Sir Wakiza Blackhoof left from Eyelor. Speaking of which...

I heard you transferred to AAPS from Explorers! What happened to the old team? Two of my teammates have swords that talk to them and it made me think of you and Maia. How is she?
Maybe some day we'll both be back in MercTown and we could grab some food at the Café on the Corner or Sunrise Bakery & Cafe (I like their muffins). Or if you want to get fancy, we could go to the Elfin Tea Room.

If you want to write back, just drop your mail off at the Roughnecks Compound for me. I don't know how, but I'll get it picked up.

May the Brothers bless you,
William V. Summers
The Man in Black

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William Summers
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Diamond Level Patron
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William Summers' XP Chart

Postby William Summers » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:04 pm

Battle Magus
1 0,000-2,120
2 2,121-4,240
3 4,241-8,480
4 8,481-16,960
5 16,961-24,960
6 24,961-34,960
7 34,961-49,960
8 49,961-69,960
9 69,961-94,960
10 94,961-129,960
11 129,961-179,960
12 179,961-229,960
13 229,961-279,960
14 279,961-329,960
15 329,961-389,960

1 0,000-2,300
2 2,301-4,600
3 4,601-9,200
4 9,201-18,400
5 18,401-26,500
6 26,501-36,600
7 36,601-51,700
8 51,701-71,800
9 71,801-96,900
10 96,901-137,000
11 137,001-188,100
12 188,101-229,200
13 229,201-279,300
14 279,301-340,400
15 340,401-400,000
The Man in Black

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William Summers
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Diamond Level Patron
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