Lux Baghdach (Atlantean Temporal Wizard)

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Lux Baghdach (Atlantean Temporal Wizard)

Postby Lux BaghDach » Wed May 06, 2020 7:12 pm

Player Name: Teresa
Link to Ledger: Ledger

Character Name: Lux Bagh-Dach
Race: Atlantean
O.C.C.: Temporal Wizard
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 5th
XP Points: 24,626 (Armstrong 13/10/20)
Next Level @ XP: 28,501
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Amicable. All races should focus on working together towards the goal of eliminating Vampires, undead, and monsters.
Sentiments/Coalition: Malevolence. The Coalition has used its power-hungry leadership to try to stamp out magic from history books, destroying anything suspected of being magical in use or nature, and attempting to extinguish D-Bees and mages from their societies.
Worlds or Dimensions Visited: Born on Plane of Sands, traveled to Alexandria, Center on Phase World. Came to Rifts Earth after traveling the Multiverse while completing her Sojourn Journey.
Disposition: Calm and introspective, Lux is comfortable in the quiet of her own thoughts. Not quick to temper, but fierce when pressed.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 19
M.E.: 22
M.A.: 21
P.S.: 25 (augmented)
P.P.: 20
P.E.: 22
P.B.: 19
Speed: 30

P.P.E.: 234
I.S.P.: 45
H.P.: 36
S.D.C.: 104
Age: 35
Sex: Female
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 175 lbs
Description: Tall and lean, with a graceful athletic build; light skin and eyes.

Racial Abilities
  • Healing Abilities (special): Atlanteans recover Hit Points and S.D.C. at a rate of 2D6+10 points per 24 hour period of normal rest and recovery, or 1D6 Hit Points and S.D.C. per hour of meditation at a ley line or nexus point; more at a Healing Pyramid.
  • Ley Line Phasing (special): All Atlanteans are taught how to Ley Line Phase. This is exactly like the Ley Line Walker’s ability. It takes a full melee round (15 seconds) to Ley Line Phase and cannot be used during battle.
  • Impervious to Shape-Changing/Metamorphosis (special): Can not physically transform by any means.
  • Operate Dimensional Pyramids (special): All True Atlanteans know how to operate the Stone Pyramids created by Atlantean Stone Masters and Minions of Splugorth for the purpose of healing, communications, teleportation, and dimensional teleportation. Base Skill: 45% (+5%).
  • P.P.E. Recovery (special): 10 points per hour of rest or sleep. 15 points per hour of meditation.
  • Horror Factor/Awe Factor: 12
  • Recognize Vampires by Appearance (special): 50% (+10%). There is a +10% bonus to recognize Secondary Vampires and a +30% bonus to recognize Wild Vampires. It is the cunning and powerful Master Vampire who remains most difficult to identify (-30% skill penalty) unless it is openly flaunting its power and demonic nature.
  • Sense the Presence of Vampires and Vampire Intelligences (special): True Atlanteans can sense the presence of Vampires and Vampire Intelligences within a 1,000' radius, but cannot pinpoint the exact location.
  • Sense Rifts and Ley Lines (special): As dimensional travelers for thousands of years, True Atlanteans are able to sense the presence of ley lines up to 5 miles away, a nexus point up to 10 miles, and sense an open/active Rift up to 20 miles away. They can tell when there is more than one ley line or nexus within their sensing range, but are unable to pinpoint the exact location. They do, however, know the general direction and whether it is close by or far away, weak or powerful, and if a Rift is opened.
Natural Abilities
Perception: 42% (+3%) (+5% for vampires and undead)
Charm/Impress: 45%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 65%
Max. Encumbrance: 105 pounds
Max. Carrying Weight: 480 pounds
Max. Lifting Weight: 960 pounds
Max. Jumping Ability: Length 34 feet; Height 14.5 feet
Can move 25 yards per action

Temporal Wizard Abilities
  • Dimension Sense: After 1d6+2 minutes of concentration (meditating on a new world or reading an open rift), can tell the type of dimension, how dense the dimensional fabric is, whether it can support human life, magical energy levels, whether it is artificially created, and any other type of unusual dimensional characteristics. When reading a rift, the Shifter can also get a sense of how soon it will close, whether or not it was random, etc, at –10% to skill. Can also automatically sense a dimensional vortex 1d6 +1/lvl minutes before it opens.
  • Dimension Sense (Combat): Dimension sense can also be used to detect dimension-based magic in use (including teleportation, portals, temporal magic, etc.). Activating this aspect of the power costs one melee action; the sensing may be extended for one minute per level by sacrificing another action. If the skill roll is successful, the Shifter can attempt to alter (but not stop) the magic being cast. 55% (+5%)
    Note: Can also Sense Dimensional Vortex 1d6 +1/Lvl minutes before the storm appears. Automatic.
  • Dimensional Travel: The Temporal Wizard can create a one-way dimensional portal for 125 P.P.E., and an additional 25 P.P.E. for each additional person. By performing a special ritual lasting 1d6x10+15 minutes, the Shifter can cast the dimensional portal and re-open gateway spells at ½ P.P.E. cost. The ritual also allows the Shifter to hold the rift open for one minute per level, and manipulate the size of the rift. Maximum size is 10' by 10' per level of experience.
  • Sense Rifts: Automatically senses rifts. Range is 50 miles, +20 per level (130 miles). Can also sense other dimensional disturbances (teleports, dimensional anomalies, etc) within half that range.
  • It's Just a Jump to the Left: The Temporal Wizard with this ability can create a brief time warp around herself to enhance her spellcasting, enabling her to "borrow time" in order to cast spells more quickly in the present at the cost of the future. Temporal Wizards with this power can use it to shorten their casting time by one action for a single spell (to a minimum of one action) cast. For example, a 7th level spell which normally takes two actions to cast can be cast in only one action. However, there is a price to pay for this power, and time exacts a toll in the form of a temporal debt the Temporal Wizard repays by losing one action at the beginning of the melee round following the one in which they use this ability. Temporal Wizards can use this ability once per three Temporal Wizard levels (round up) in any 24 hour period. Note: This debt cannot be repaid with the use of other Temporal or time-altering magic such as Time Slip. Time is a relentless collector, and always collects what it is owed!
  • Special Relativity: Temporal Wizards with this ability may elect to shorten or extend the duration of spells of their own casting by up to 10% per Temporal Wizard level (round down). The ability only works on spells directly cast by the Temporal Wizard at the moment they are cast, and does not work on any other spell or effect including, but not limited to, spells and effects generated by the Talisman spell, magic items the Temporal Wizard is using, magic scrolls, etc.
    P.P.E. Cost: Extending or shortening the duration of a spell in this way exacts a cost in the form of an additional amount of P.P.E. equal to the difference in percentage it is altered by, whether that percentage is positive or negative. For example, if a Temporal Wizard wants to extend the duration of her Armor of Ithan spell by 50%, she would pay 50% more P.P.E. for the spell. If, instead, the Temporal Wizard with this ability chose to shorten the duration of a spell by 50%, she would still pay an increase of 50% more P.P.E. to make the alteration. This ability can only be used at the time the spell is being cast, and cannot affect spells already in force. This ability can be used once per 24 hour period for every three Temporal Wizard levels (round up).
Minor Psionic
Telepathy (4)
Mind's Eye (8)

Magic Tattoos
Heart Pierced by a Wooden Stake (Protection) (right wrist)
  • Cost to Activate: 15 P.P.E.
  • Duration: 1 hour per level or until cancelled.
    o Immune to the Pheromone Induced Seduction.
    o The character is impervious to the slow kill bite, and cannot be turned into a vampire or enslaved.
    o Impervious to all the mind control powers of vampires and related species of undead.
    o When the magic tattoo is first activated, a wooden stake and a cross appears, one in each hand. Both disappear when the duration ends or the tattoo magic is cancelled.
Flaming long sword over a shield (has the Ancient Greek word "ανδρεία", which means “VALOR”, written on the sword blade, and "Service Before Self" on the flaming shield (left wrist)
  • Cost to Activate: 10 P.P.E.
  • Duration: 15 minutes per level or until cancelled.
  • Damage: Long Sword: 2D6 MDC
Falcon (inner left forearm)
  • Cost to Activate: 10 P.P.E.
  • Duration: 1 hour per level or until cancelled.
  • 16 H.P.
  • Damage: Bite 1d6 damage; slashing claws 1d4+2 damage; diving claw attack 2d4+4 damage
  • Average speed flying is 50.
  • Nightvision 300 feet, exceptional vision and hearing, track by smell 65%
Leatherwing (inner right bicep)
  • Cost to Activate: 100 P.P.E.
  • Duration: 30 minutes per level or until cancelled.
  • Major Damage by Location: head/beak 100; wing arms 120 each; hind legs 130 each; wing membrane 130 each; main body 1d4*100
  • Damage: talon strike with lower legs 6d6 M.D.; wing claws 3d6 M.D.; wing slash 2d6 M.D.; bite 1d6*10 M.D.; stomp 1d4 M.D.; diving attack with talons 4d4*10 M.D.

Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: 14

Temporal Magic
Level 7
  • D-Phase (20)
  • Sense Time (20)
  • Time Warp: Send (25)
Level 8
  • Sense Dimensional Anomaly (30)
  • Sense Temporal Anomaly (30)
  • Retro Viewing (30)
Level 9
  • S-Dep (50)
  • Remote Viewing (45)
  • Time Warp: Age (45)
Level 10
  • Dimensional Pockets (20:140)
  • Temporary Time Hole (100)
Level 11
  • Little Force (135)
Level 12
    Level 13

      General Invocations
      Level One
      • See the Invisible (4)
      • Sense Magic (4)
      • Globe of Daylight (2)
      Level Two
      • Befuddle (6)
      • Chameleon (6)
      • Detect Concealment (6)
      Level Three
      • Armor of Ithan (10)
      Level Four
      Level Five
      • Lifeblast (15)
      Level Six
      • Teleport Lessor (15)
      • Tongues (12)
      Level Seven
        Level Eight
        • Lightning Arc (30)
        • Negate Magic (30)
        Level Nine
          Level Ten
          • Magic Warrior (60)
          • Meteor (75)
          Level Eleven
          • Anti-Magic Cloud (140)
          • Create Magic Scroll (100)
          • Energy Sphere (120)
          Level Twelve
          Level Thirteen
          • Sanctum (390)
          • Talisman (500)
          Level Fourteen
          • Annihilate (300)
          • Close Rifts (200)
          Level Fifteen
          • Dimensional Portal (1000+)

          Racial Skills
          Language: Atlantean (Ancient Greek): 103%
          Language: Dragonese/Elf: 89% (+1%)
          Language: American: 89% (+1%)
          Literacy: Atlantean (Ancient Greek): 103%
          Literacy: American: 77% (+3%)
          Literacy: Dragonese/Elf: 77% (+3%)
          Meditation: 93% (+2%)
          Lore: Dimensions: 75% (+5%)

          O.C.C. Skills
          Language: Euro: 87% (+3%)
          Literacy: Euro: 65% (+5%)
          Astronomy and Navigation: 70% (+5%)
          Land Navigation: 77% (+4%)
          Wilderness Survival: 65% (+5%)
          Math: 85% (+5%)
          Lore: Magic: 72% (+5%)
          -Recognize magic symbols, runes, and circles: 62% (+5%)
          -Recognize enchantment: 57% (+5%)

          Lore: Demons & Monsters: 67% (+5%)
          Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic: 67% (+5%)
          Hand to Hand: Ninjitsu/Tai-Jutsu

          O.C.C. Related Skills
          Archaeology: 65%/55% (+5%)
          Detect Ambush: 65% (+5%)
          Surveillance: 65% (+5%)
          -Tailing: 65% (+5%)
          Holistic Medicine: 60%/50% (+5%)
          Streetwise: 46% (+4%)
          -Sense of Balance: 72% (+3%)
          -Work Parallel Bars and Rings: 77% (+3%)
          -Backflip: 83% (+2%)
          -Prowl: 35%
          -Climb: 30%
          -Climb Rope/Rappel: 73% (+2%)

          Botany: 60% (+5%)
          Physical Labor

          Secondary Skills
          W.P. Spear
          W.P. Staff
          W.P. Energy Pistol
          Barter: 47% (+4)
          Appraise Goods: 70% (+5%) (x2 to include magic items)
          Athletics General
          Hovercycles, Skycycles, Rocket Bikes: 78% (+3%, 2nd level)

          Combat Data
          HTH Type: Ninjitsu/Tai-Jutsu
          Number of Attacks: 6
          Initiative Bonus: +4
          Strike Bonus: +4
          Parry Bonus: +8
          Dodge Bonus: +8
          HTH Damage Bonus: +10 S.D.C./+2 M.D.C.
          Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +6
          Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
          Bonus to Disarm: +0
          Snap Kick: 1d6+10
          Knife Hand: 2d4+10
          Paired Weapons
          Cartwheel Attack: +2
          Backflip Escape: +2
          Backflip Defensive: +2
          Backflip Attack: +2
          Palm Strike: 2d4+10
          Leap Attack
          Axe Kick
          Tripping Leg Hook
          Backward Sweep Kick

          Weapon Proficiencies
          Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
          Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
          Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
          Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

          W.P. Spear +2 to Strike/+2 to Parry/+1 to Strike when Thrown
          W.P. Staff +2 to Strike/+2 to Parry/+1 to Strike when Thrown
          W.P. Energy Pistol +3 to Strike

          Saving Throw Bonuses
          Coma/Death: +12%
          Magic (varies): +8
          Lethal Poison (14+): +4
          Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +4
          Disease: +6
          Insanity (12+): +5
          Psionics (12+): +4
          Horror Factor (varies): +10
          Illusions: +2
          Mind Control: +2
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          Re: Lux Baghdach (Atlantean Temporal Wizard)

          Postby Lux BaghDach » Wed May 06, 2020 7:14 pm


          Vehicles/Mounts are listed first.

          Carried/In Hand
          Bone Staff

          Worn on Person
          Ring of Sanctuary (Patron Item)
          Silver Cross Necklace
          Clothing including tunic, trousers, hooded cape, and boots
          Mage Armor, Enhanced
          Secure Universal Card: 89,990 credits
          374,800 universal credits
          CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
          • 12 attachment points
          • Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
          Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

          • Attachment: Metal Knife (1d6 S.D.C.)
          • Attachment: Laser Scalpel
          • Attachment: TW Shard Pistol
          • Attachment: Globe of Daylight Flare
          • Attachment: Storm Flare
          • Attachment:
          • Attachment:
          • Attachment:
          • Attachment:
          • Attachment:
          • Attachment:
          • Attachment:
          • Attachment:

          The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
          • Space: (2) Wooden Stakes
          • Space: Mallet
          • Space: Air Filter and Gas Mask
          • Space: Mini-Oxygen Tank (15 minutes of air)
          • Space: Laser Distancer
          • Space: Lighter
          • Space: Flashlight
          • Space:
          • Space:
          • Space:

          Stored in Vehicle

          Gear Stats

          Mage Armor, Enhanced
          M.D.C. by Location:
          • Helm: 50
          • Arms: 25 each
          • Legs: 45 each
          • Main Body: 90
          Weight: 22 lbs.
          Modifiers: -5% to physical skills
          • 1st TW Feature: Invincible Armor (30 P.P.E., 6th Level)
          • 2nd TW Feature: Open to later addition
          • 3rd TW Feature: Open to later addition
          Book Reference: p.17, Rifter 22

          Ring of Sanctuary (Patron Item)
          Legendary Enchanted Ring
          Magic Features
          • Spell of Legend: Sanctuary
            • Can be cast once per month.
            • Cannot be worn under armor & spell effects don't travel with wearer; fixed location.
            • Range: 500' radius from caster location at time of casting
            • Duration: 10D6 hours so long as ring remains on finger of wearer
          Curse: None
          History: Crafted in the workshop of the legendary alchemist Erick d'Alain during the tense golden age leading up to the great Elf-Dwarf war, each of these rings was intended to forestall any kind of hostilities should the long peace be broken. The rings are never mentioned in the Tristine Chronicles, but the chronology makes it clear that d'Alain's efforts were ultimately doomed to failure.

          Bone Staff
          Necromantic Construct
          • Damage: 4D6 S.D.C. to S.D.C. targets, but 3d6 M.D. to M.D. targets
          • M.D.C.: 80, but only takes damage if deliberately targeted
          Magic Features
          • Double damage to animated corpses, skeletons, crawling hands & mummies, but not to undead or zombies
          • Turn the Dead (equal to a third level spell, P.P.E. Cost: 6)
          • Holds vampires at bay as if it were a holy symbol
          Source: Necromancy Item; BoM p.196

          TW Shard Pistol
          • Range: 700'
          • Damage: 3D4 M.D. per shot or 4d6 M.D. per burst
          • Rate of Fire: Single shots or 3-shot bursts only
          • Payload: 12 shots per P.P.E. Clip
          • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
          • Features: None
          • Modifiers: None
          TW Characteristics:
          • Nothing listed
          • Book Reference: p.113, FoM

          20 bulbs of garlic
          20 bunches of wolfbay leaf
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          Re: Lux Baghdach (Atlantean Temporal Wizard)

          Postby Lux BaghDach » Wed May 06, 2020 7:15 pm

          Background Story

          Lux is Latin for “light” and it was a name that was not representative of the world she was born into. But instead, was her family’s hope for the future. She was born to her mother Agalia and her father Haluk, into Clan Bagh-Dach.

          Her father was of Clan Bagh-Dach, but only by marriage. Haluk was born into the lineage of Clan Aurelous, but Clan Aurelous has long been scattered across many dimensions after the evacuations. Clan ties for Haluk do not run deep, but the skills of his family do. Haluk learned his father’s trade, namely botany and holistic medicine. He and his small group traveled across multiple dimensions as nomads, relying on their skills as healers to assimilate into each society they traveled through. Haluk learned to cultivate plants in virtually any climate, and create healing concoctions using whatever was on hand.

          On their travels, Haluk encountered a sizeable group of Clan Bagh-Dach, where he met Agalia. Haluk quickly settled in, using his skills to assist with food production. He also grew medicinal herbs, which he used to create tinctures and salves, aiding the clan in holistic medicine. Despite being a desert, the Plane of Sands is green, vegetation grows readily.

          In stark contrast to Haluk’s gentle, healing nature, Agalia was born into a long lineage of women raised to be warriors, as most in Clan Bagh-Dach were raised to fight for their lives. Agalia was a master of combat, trained in Tai-Jutsu. She was a remarkable warrior, with thousands of kills in her wake.

          Lux was raised to be a warrior, like her mother. From the time she could walk, she could fight. Lux demonstrated a remarkable grace when she fought. It was almost like watching a well choreographed dance. And while her physical strength was notable, it was her inner strength, her calm and her quiet nature that made her a most remarkable fighter.

          As a child, every day, after her training with her mother, she would join her father in the gardens, learning about how to tend to the plants, propagate new species, grow food for sustenance, and what combinations of plants can be used to heal certain ailments. While in the garden, she would ask her father to tell her stories of other dimensions he had encountered, battles he had seen, she wanted to know what else was out there.

          Her father told her stories about noble warriors from the Aerihman Clan – the Tattooed Defenders and Undead Slayers. When her father told stories about the seemingly unbridled power held by the Tattooed Defenders, she often found herself unconsciously running a finger over her own tattoos, her mind drifting away to the powers that she possessed, the skills she was capable of.

          He told her stories about Atlanteans who were friends with dragons, Atlanteans who built remarkable pyramids, and Atlanteans who thrived in a space wasteland.

          She learned the storied history of the Great Cataclysm. And while much of it was unfounded conjecture, she was fascinated by the explosive return of magic, even if it brought with it overflowing ley lines, unpredictable rifts, and the violence that broke out across Earth.

          Then there were different lands across Earth – North America, Europe, the New German Republic. Each with its own sense of magic and wonder, each rife with its own challenges. She knew these were places she had to see for herself.

          While Lux became an accomplished fighter like her mother, she had her father’s personality, a quiet intellectual, who was comfortable with silence, enjoyed the company of her own thoughts. She enjoyed the calm that came over her when she tended to the gardens. There was something cathartic, something rewarding about creating utility with your own two hands.

          Lux also felt her father’s nomadic spirit growing stronger in her soul every day. When she was 18, she left the Plane of Sands on her Sojourn. She needed to see these distant lands, she needed to meet other Atlanteans, to slay her own vampires. Lux needed to forge her own path.

          Lux left her clan with a small group of other Atlanteans, on their path of self-discovery. They spent their first few years traveling across other dimensions, before finding themselves on Earth. The group began in Europe. Most of Europe was undeveloped wilderness, spotted with pockets of societies. Some of these societies were human-based with deep-seated fears of non-humans. Others were non-human societies, both friendly D-Bees or a collection of dangerous monsters. Their time in Romania was the first time Lux had to genuinely fight for her life, where she killed her first vampire.

          After traveling across Europe, Lux eventually found herself in North America. There were parts of this land that were just as bit as mystical as her father had told her about. But the feelings of unrest were palpable.

          As the Coalition spread propaganda and misinformation about other beings and other powers, fear led to hatred, and a war was coming. Non-humans, those who worked in magic and mystic, were being hunted. Thankfully Lux quickly joined up with a misfit group consisting of Atlanteans, wizards, D-Bees, and other CS outcasts as the Tolkeen War raged on.

          Lux and her small group made their way up through CS territory on their way to Tolkeen. She had never seen a display of power quite like a Chi-Town Parade. It was just one after the next of tanks, robots, full body armor that glinted in the sun, dress uniforms that just oozed with authority. The parade stretched for miles long, and every wave of new infantrymen brought with it a new wonder. It was easy to see how so many people were bamboozled by CS propaganda with such an awe-inspiring display of power and wealth. But to even be there for one of these parades was dangerous, Lux had to keep her head down, her tattoos covered, and avoid the Dog Boys who could sniff out her magic. Chi-Town was a dangerous place for a mage.

          Lux found herself in the throws of the Tolkeen War. But not as a soldier. Instead, Lux worked in a makeshift hospital, using her holistic medicine background to create tinctures to heal the wounded. She also reset broken bones and sutured lacerations. Her most rewarding, but most challenging job was aiding in the recovery of soldiers who had undergone cybernetic reconstruction.

          Cybernetics were absolutely fascinating to Lux. She had seen robots before, but not like this. She had never seen an Atlantean with any body modification, other than their tattoos. So to now see men with artificial eyes and ears or to have a weapon where an arm used to be was unlike anything she had ever imagined. The healing process for cybernetic reconstruction was particularly grueling. Getting the body to accept something so foreign as if it were its own completely drained the body of whatever strength it had left. The pain these soldiers went through as their bodies regenerated was unlike anything else she had seen before. The screams these soldiers would let out during their drug-induced sleep would haunt even the most grizzled man. While Lux worked all day in the hospital, she spent her evenings researching herbs to create a potion or salve to alleviate the pain of cybernetic reconstruction. The gratitude these soldiers expressed to her was a reminder of why she strove to be a healer first, despite her rigorous warrior training.

          But as the War tore on, and fighting for the side good and right became muddled in the politics, Lux knew it was time for her to leave Tolkeen. She never wanted to stay in one place for very long anyway. A number of others left Tolkeen to head North to Lazlo, seeking out a sanctuary for practitioners of magic. But Lux headed West, making her way across the New West to the West Coast. Her father told her stories about large swaths of craggy landscape covered with alien vegetation, flora found nowhere else on Earth.

          On her journey out West, Lux encountered a smattering of refugee camps dotting the landscape. D-Bees, mages, and Cyber-Knights living amongst Native Americans, outside the grasp of the CS. Lux moved from camp to camp, staying for a few months at a time, making new allies, learning new skills, honing her abilities.

          Along the way, she was told of opportunities to put her skills to use and actually make some money by joining a mercenary group. So, after a few years of living in camps across the American West, Lux headed South, in search of MercTown.

          Temporal Wizard XP Chart
          5. 20,001-28,500
          6. 28,501-38,500
          7. 38,501-52,000
          8. 52,001-72,000
          9. 72,001-105,000
          10. 105,001-140,000
          11. 140,001-190,000
          12. 190,001-235,000
          13. 235,001-290,000
          14. 290,001-350,000
          15. 350,001-520,000
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          Re: Lux Baghdach (Atlantean Temporal Wizard)

          Postby Lux BaghDach » Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:05 pm

          I.Q. 1d6 = 4
          M.A. 1d6 = 5
          P.P. 1d6 = 5
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