Kesslan (Pantheran Paratrooper/Enforcer) (EP Hiatus) -LEVEL!

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Kesslan (Pantheran Paratrooper/Enforcer) (EP Hiatus) -LEVEL!

Postby Kesslan » Thu Apr 19, 2007 10:42 pm

Player Name: Kesslan
YIM Handle:

Character Name: Kesslan Osefice
Alias: Kess
Race: Pantheran (AU)
O.C.C.: Paratrooper (Mercenary Adventures)/ Black Market Enforcer (Black Market)
Occupation: Mercenary
Alignment: Aberrant (Leaning towards Principled)
XP Level (Paratrooper): 8 (Frozen)
XP Level (Enforcer): 6
XP Points (Paratrooper): 69,961 (CS Military Specialist XP Chart, P295 RUE) (Frozen)
Next Level (Paratrooper) @ XP: 69,961 (CS military specialist XP chart) (Frozen)
XP Points (Training: Enforcer): 1,971 (Enforcer XP Chart Rifter 62) (Training completed)
XP Points (Enforcer): 34,623 (Enforcer XP Chart Rifter 62, P46) — ● — [Updated 6/1/2020] RT
Next Level (Enforcer) @ XP: 31,881 (Enforcer XP Chart Rifter 62, P46)
XP Points (Total): 95,620 — ● — [Updated 10/01/2017] DSM
Sentiments/Non-Pantheran: He's slow to trust other races, this includes other feline races unless they are also Pantheran. That said other feline races are given more preference in the trust department and a whole lot of curiosity. Regardless, other felines, even Pantherans are a predatory race and should always be treated with some caution. He once saw Elves, Humans and Atorians as all the same identical species but he's learned to tell them, and their habits, apart after having lived several years on Earth. This has lead him to rethink his stance on other races, yet he still remains cautions and prone to assuming the worst though his more recent experiences with humans, elves and others that look like Atorians has done much to temper his distrust of such races.
Sentiments/Atorians, Mantella: He's extremely distrustful/hateful of Atorians and Mantella. Likely to shoot first ask questions later.
Sentiments/Thropo: Extremely wary and distrustful. However they actually tend to have a sense of honour so he's likely to at least hear them out.
Sentiments/Intruders, Necrol: Avoid or Kill on Sight.
Sentiments/CCW, TGE, UWW: Neutral. He doesn't even blame the TGE for being out to kill him and his crew. He doesn't presently consider such efforts as being personal. It also helps that quite a few in the TGE share a similar sense of honour as he does (Aberrant), especially among Wolfen and certain other races.
Sentiments/Wolfen Quatoria: Warry. He's been on the wrong end of the law in regards to them before.
Disposition: Wary of strangers, slow to trust others not of his race. That said he will work with strangers towards a common goal. He is also willing to put aside his feelings (Such as loathing of a person) to accomplish what ever mission he's set out to do, but only so long as it is necessary. With time and earned trust he can become quite friendly on a case by case basis but even then he tends to keep a certain mental detachment from others.
Insanity: Reclusive

I.Q.: 18 (+4% to skills)
M.E.: 20
M.A.: 21
P.S.: 28
P.P.: 18
P.E.: 22
P.B.: 13
Speed: 33

PPE: 13
HP: 79 (+1d6/level)
SDC: 157
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 219lbs

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: +1 (+5%)
Trust/Intimidate: 65% (75% Vs Armed Forces Personnel)
Charm/Impress: 25%
Max. Encumbrance: 144.54 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 560 lbs. (700 lbs. in Naruni Armor)
Max. Lifting Weight: 1120 lbs. (1400 lbs. in Naruni Armor)
Max. Jumping Ability: Standing: 42.6' length & 21.6' height. Running: 71 length & 36' height (15ft/15ft Racial Base, +PS +Gymnastics)
Can move (See Here) yards each action

Special Abilities
-Takes 1/2 Damage from Radiation
-Can See UV Spectrum
-Immune to HF
-No Fear of Heights
-Immune to torture through Pain alone (Requires other methods)
-Hold Breath: Can hold breath for 6 minutes without ill effect
-Can make Aimed/Called shots while running, swimming, parachuting or from a moving vehicle without penalty
+3 (+15%) Perception pertaining to possible incriminating evidence.
Intimidation (Special): 88% +2%/L (+2% Per MA point over 15)
Sanitizing a Crime Scene (Special): 84% +5/L
Steady Nerves: Driving Penalties 1/2
Street Rep (Hardcase to be Feared): HF14 when Angry/Threatening.
Wheelman: +10% to Roadwise
B&E Man: +5% to Pick Locks
Suave and Debonair: +15% to Seduction, Public Speaking and Wardrobe & Grooming
Leadership: +5% Trust/Intimidate vs Armed Forces Personel @ at levels 7,9,11. +5 Charm/Impress to everyone levels 8 & 10. +5% Military Etiquette.

Black Market Benefits:
All 3 benefits are available to the character. Most enforcers do not have another business and if they do it is only one.
As per deal with Dark Lord, Kesslan must pay 10% of his pay at the end of every mission to the Black Market to remain in good standing.

Character Flaw/Handicap:
Mildly Radioactive: After 2 Weeks of (Unshielded) exposure 30% chance of others getting radiation sickness (Roll once per additional week). See Control Radiation Major Super Ability for effects of radiation poisoning.

Bionics & Cybernetics
Molecular Analyzer
Toxic Filter
☞ Filters most toxic gases out before they enter the lungs
☞ Effective against tear gas, smoke & purely chemical fumes
☞ 80% chance it will work against nerve gas

Optic Nerve Video Implant
☞ Allows user to see video feed/visual overlay from implants and devices plugged into headjack.
Bio-Comp Self-Monitoring System
☞ Monitors pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar level, respiratory rate and difficulty breathing, and the presence of foreign elements in the bloodstream (indicating the presence of drugs or poison) to the cybernetic eye.
Clock Calendar
☞ Can tell the time and date down to the 100th of a second.
Depth Gauge
☞ Pings for every foot and vocal indicator every 10ft, sounds alarm when nearing dangerous depths.
Standard Gyro-Compass
☞ Can always tell north, and upwards.
Internal Comp-Calculator
☞ A tiny computerized calculator (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, algebra, geometry, and calculus)
Advanced Speedometer
Amplified Hearing
☞Range: 360'
☞ Bonus: +1 to parry, +2 to dodge, +3 to initiative, (+3 per House rule)
☞ Can hear one decibel at 75’
☞ Can hear ten decibels at 150’
☞ Can hear thirty decibels at 360’
☞ Can hear seventy decibels at 1000’

Language Translator
☞ 98.7% accuracy when listening to 1-2 speakers, 70% at 3-6, & 22% if more than that
☞ Languages: English, French, Russian, German, Euro, Gobblely, Spanish, Dragonese, Demogogian, Techno-Can, Faerie Speak, Trade (1, 3, 4, 5 & 6), Promethean and Necron

Sound Filtration System
Sound Identifier
Holds up to 12 recordings and can track, pinpoint and identify specific vehicle, device or individual by it's distinctive sound.
Ultra-Ear (+2 (+10%) Perception as per house rule)
Universal Headjack & Ear Implant
☞ Radio Receiver & Transmitter: (long range radio system): Range 50km, 100km when plugged into additional long range telescoping antenna.
Radio Signal booster
☞ +25% range to Radio signals.
☞ Can record up to 1hr of audio
MDC Skull Case
☞ 22MDC
Ultimate Perfection Skin Care System (Triax 2)
Reinforced Metal Bones: P89 Bionic SB
Recycler Bionics Sourcebook Pg 89:
☞ Character can survive up to 1 week without food or water, 30 minutes with 1 lung full of air or 12hrs with 50% the usual oxygen intake

2 Oxygen Storage Cells Bionics Sourcebook Pg 33:
☞ Can go 30 minutes per cell without breathing. Takes 1hr normal breathing to recharge cell

Advanced Bionic Headjack: P85 Bionic SB
Tracer Bug & Tracker
☞ Linked to his other cyberware the tracker provides a HUD style display in the corner of the eye with the estimated distance to a tracker bug linked to the implant.

Beacon with Hair Antenna
☞ To activate a Morse Code like password is tapped into the teeth. A slight tingling sensation indicates it's on. The beacon can transmit the user's location up to 10km away (Signal booster boosts this range to 12.5km). It can also send (But not receive) information from the user by using the teeth tapping code, and can be followed by a bug tracking system keyed to it's frequency.

Psionic Electro Magnetic Dampers
Psychic opponents find it difficult to read the thoughts and emotions of the user. Also provides the following bonuses: +1 Save vs Psionic Attacks, Magic Illusions and mind control, +2 Save vs Possession.
Internal IV Feed
☞ Implanted in the Torso the implant provides liquid nutrients directly into the blood stream. While the system only holds enough nutrients for 3 days, trained soldiers can stretch that amount to last for 7-10 days. (In the latter case the individual will be able to function but suffer from lingering hunger pains. After this period the user will start to suffer the effects of starvation)

Auto-Doc Tissue boosting (P110 DB06)
Auto-Doc Bone Augmentation (P110 DB06)
Shock Fangs
Damage: Non-Lethal Stun. Victim who is struck is -6 Strike/Parry/Dodge & -50% SPD/APM. Also takes 1d4 SDC damage if zapped in the mouth from a lip to lip kiss. Stun Duration: 1d4+1 Melee Rounds, +1d4 if from a lip to lip kiss. Save vs Stun: 16+ vs non lethal poison. A successful save means the character looses Initiative and 1 APM for 1 Round. Character must save every time they are hit. Note: Ineffective vs EBA/Powered Armour/Supernatural/MDC beings.
Vehicle Linking Headjack Upgrade (P138 AU:GG)

R.C.C Skills:
Swimming: 159% +5/L
Climbing: 161% +5/L
Rappelling: 161% +5/L

Conversion Skills
Conversion for High-Tech Characters (p.39 RCB1). All skill gained at 3rd Level & All skills from R:UE
-10% Penalty when using skills to operate in unfamiliar, high-tech Rifts science & engineering fields.
Computer Operation 99% (+5%)
Language: Spanish 84% (+3%)
Literacy: Techno-can 84% (+3%)
Piloting: Airplane 94% (+4%)
Piloting: Motorcycles & Snowmobiles 116% (+4%)
Piloting: Helicopter 74% (+5%)
Navigation 99% (+5%)
Weapon Systems 99% (+5%)
W.P. Harpoon/Spear Gun
W.P. Shotgun
Lore: D-Bee 84% (+5%)
Lore: Psychics & Psionics 84% (+5%)

O.C.C. Skills
Math: Basic 109% +5/L (Frozen)
Navigation: Land 116% +4/L
Native Language: Pantheran 113% +1/L
Native Literacy: Pantheran 99% +5/L (Frozen)
Language: Atorian 92% +3/L (Frozen)
Parachuting: 114% +5/L (Frozen)
Pilot: Hovercycle 108% +3/L (Frozen)
Pilot: Motorboat & Hydrofoil 109% +5/L (Frozen)
Radio: Basic 139% +5/L
SCUBA: 114% +5/L (Frozen)
Wilderness Survival: 99% +5/L (Frozen)
Basic Mechanics 109% +5/l
Detect Ambush 119% +5/l
Find Contraband 62% +4/l
Intelligence 70% +4/l
Interrogation 99% +5/l
Zero Gravity Movement & Combat 120% +4/l
  • Sense of Balance 124% +3/l
  • Work Parallel bars & rings 82% +3/l
  • Back Flip: 117% +2/L
  • Climb/Rappel rope: 76% +2/l
Pilot: EVA 74% +5/l
Pilot: Small Space Craft 82% +3/l
Prowl: 124% +5/l
Streetwise 60% +4/l
Surveillance 76% +5/l
Tracking (People) 69% +5/l
Electronics Basic 84% +5/l
Locksmith 79% +5/l
Power Armour Combat: Elite Power Armour (Ground)
Power Armour Combat: Basic

O.C.C. Related Skills
Trap/Mine Detection 79% +5/L (Frozen)
Boxing (Frozen)
Trap Construction 79% +5/L (Frozen)
  • Walk Tightrope/High Wire: 94% +3/L
Field Armourer 99% +5/L (Frozen)
Detect Concealment 74% +5/L (Frozen)
Camouflage 79% +5/L (Frozen)
Pilot: Jet pack 83% +4/L (Frozen)
Demolitions: Disposal 104% +3/L
Demolitions 104% +3/L
Under Cover Ops 84% +5/l
(8th Level) Pilot: Robots & Power Armor: 102% + 3/L
(6th Level) Paramedic 79% +5/L (Frozen)
(5th Level) Power Armour Combat: Elite Power Armour (Flying) (Frozen)
(5th Level) Navigation: Orbital 79% (+5%)
(5th Level) Power Armour Combat: Elite Power Armour (Light Ground)
(5th Level) Navigation: Space 59% +5/l
(3rd Level) Leadership (P237 Macross Saga)
(3rd Level) Theater Warfare: Ground 59% +5/l
(2nd Level) Military Etiquette 49% (+5%)
(2nd Level) Electronic Countermeasures 44% (+5%)
(2nd Level) Homemade Explosives: 52% (+4%)

Secondary Skills
Language: Sign 99% +5/L
Jury-Rig 119% (+5%)
Athletics: General
Body Building & Weight Lifting
(7th Level) Language: English 83% +3/l
-Trade 4: 94% +5/L
(7th Level) Literacy: English 84% +5/l
(7th Level) Trade Four 89% +5/l
(7th Level) Sensory Equipment: 84% +5/l
(3rd Level) Lore: Deamons & Monsters 49% +5/l
(3rd Level) Lore: Magic 49% +5/l
-Recognize Magic Symbols, Runes and Circles: 39%
-Recognize Enchantment: 34%
-Identify Magic Artifact: -15% to Identify unknown or alien magic item
(2nd Level) Lore: Galactic/Alien 49% +5/l

Combat Data
Perception: 113% (+3%/l) +15% Perception pertaining to possible incriminating evidence. +5% @ levels 7, 10, 13 from OOC. 55% from Current/Previous OCC + Cybernetics
HTH Type: Commando (Frozen until level 8 )
Number of Attacks: 9
Initiative Bonus: 12
Strike Bonus: 6
Parry Bonus: 11
Body-Flip/Throw: 4
Dodge Bonus: 12
Automatic Dodge: 5
HTH Damage Bonus: 13
Punch Damage bonus: +2 (See metal bones)
Bonus to Roll w/Impact: 13
Bonus to Pull a Punch: 7
+2 Strike Aimed shot (OCC bonus)
+2 Strike Called Shot (OCC bonus)
+1 Strike Burst/Spray (OCC bonus)
+1 Disarm with Called shot (OCC bonus)
+3 Disarm

Robot & PA Combat: Basic
  • +1 Attack
  • +1 to strike in hand to hand combat.
  • +1 to parry in hand to hand combat.
  • +1 to dodge.
  • +1 to roll with impact.
  • Strike bonuses for built-in weapons are limited to bonuses the pilot may have from the skills Weapon Systems and/or W.P. Heavy Mega Damage Weapons (applies to rail guns and missile launchers. as well).
  • Damage: As per Robot P.S. Each power armor description will list the damage under the "Elite" hand to hand stat block. The basic skill,
    however, only lets the pilot do a restrained and full strength punch and an ordinary kick, no leap kick, stomp or special attacks.
  • Power Armor Body Block/Tackle/Ram: 104 M.D. plus a 01-50% chance of knocking an opponent down, causing him to lose initiative
    and one melee attack/action. Counts as two of the power armor's melee attacks.
  • Robot Body Block/Tackle/Ram: M.D. equal to Robot Punch M.D. plus a 0-60% chance of knocking down an opponent that is approximately the same size or larger. Increase the odds of knocking down an opponent that is half the size or smaller than the robot to 01-80%. The victim suffers M.D. and loses initiative and two melee attacks/actions. Counts as two of the robot's melee attacks.

Power Armor (Flying): (Frozen)
  • +2 Attacks. +1 additional APM at levels 6, 9 and 12.
  • +2 on initiative
  • +2 to strike with ranged weapons
  • +2 to strike in hand to hand combat
  • +3 to parry
  • +2 to dodge
  • +5 to dodge while flying or leaping
  • +2 to disarm
  • +3 to pull punch
  • +4 to roll with impact
  • Punch Damage: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S.
  • Power Punch: Double damage, but counts as two melee attacks.
  • Tear or pry with hands: 1D4 M.D.
  • Kick Damage: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S.
  • Body Block/Ram: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S. punch damage.
  • Full Speed Running Ram: Double Robot (or Augmented) P.S. punch damage, plus 01-60% likelihood of knocking an opponent off his feet if the opponent is the same size or smaller (reduce by half if twice as big). Victim takes damage and is knocked off his feet, losing initiative and two melee attacks/actions.

Power Armour (Light Ground):
Robot Combat Elite Bonuses:
  • +3 extra APM, plus those of the pilot at level one, +1 additional APM at levels 10 and 15.
  • Critical Strike is the same as the pilot's.
  • +1 on initiative
  • +2 to strike with energy and long-range weapons
  • +3 to strike in hand to hand combat
  • +2 to parry.
  • +2 to dodge
  • +3 to disarm.
  • +3 to pull punch
  • +2 to roll with impact
  • Punch Damage: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S.
  • Power Punch: Double damage, but counts as two melee attacks.
  • Tear or pry with hands: 1D4 M.D.
  • Kick Damage: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S.
  • Body Block/Ram: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S. punch damage.
  • Full Speed Running Ram: Double Robot (or Augmented) P.S. punch damage, plus 01-50% likelihood of knocking an opponent off his feet if the opponent is the same size or smaller (reduce by half if twice as big). Victim takes damage and is knocked off his feet, losing initiative and two melee attacks/actions.

Power Armor (Ground):
  • +3 Attacks, +1 additional APM at levels 10 and 15.
  • +1 on initiative
  • +2 to strike with energy and long-range weapons
  • +3 to strike in hand to hand combat
  • +2 to parry.
  • +2 to dodge
  • +3 to disarm.
  • +3 to pull punch
  • +2 to roll with impact
  • Punch Damage: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S.
  • Power Punch: Double damage, but counts as two melee attacks.
  • Tear or pry with hands: 1D4 M.D.
  • Kick Damage: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S.
  • Body Block/Ram: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S. punch damage.
  • Full Speed Running Ram: Double Robot (or Augmented) P.S. punch damage, plus 01-50% likelihood of knocking an opponent off his feet if the opponent is the same size or smaller (reduce by half if twice as big). Victim takes damage and is knocked off his feet, losing initiative and two melee attacks/actions.

All Kick/Foot Attacks
Kick: 1d8 (Or 2d4)
Karate Kick: 2d6
Jump Kick:
KO on nat 20 for 1d6 melees
Body Flip/Throw (X2 damage on all Body Flip/Throw)
Body Block/Tackle
Backward Sweep kick: Knockdown attack (Same damage as body block) Can only be used on targets behind character. Cannot be parried, can be dodged at -2

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

WP: Heavy MD (OCC: L8) +3 Strike (Frozen)
WP: Heavy Weapons (OCC R: L8) +3 Strike (Frozen)
WP: Energy Rifle (OCC: L8) +4 Strike (Frozen until level 8 )
WP: Rifles (OCC: L8) +4 Strike (Frozen)
WP: Energy Pistol (OCC: L8) +4 Strike (Frozen until level 8 )
WP: Handguns (Sec: L8) +4 Strike (Frozen until level 8 )
WP: Knife (OCC: L8) +4 Strike, +4 Parry, +4 Strike (thrown) (Frozen until level 8 )
WP: Targeting (OCC: L8) +3 Strike. Can throw 2 small items (Such as knives, shuriken etc) per action (Frozen)
W.P. Harpoon/Spear Gun (L10) +4 Strike
W.P. Shotgun (L10) +4 Strike
WP: Paired Weapons (HTH)
WP: Sword (Sec: L6) +4 Strike, +3 Parry, +1 Strike when thrown (Includes Fencing Bonus)
WP: Paired Pistols (See EP Ledger)
WP: Blunt (OCC: L6) +3 Strike, +3 Parry, +1 Strike when thrown
WP: SMG (OCC: L6) +3 Strike
WP: Flame Thrower (OCC: L6) +2 Strike
Sniper +2 Aimed or Called shot (Single shot only, applies to Bow, Crossbow, Rifle, E-rifle)
Fencing: +1d6 damage with a sword
Fortune & Glory Signature Weapon (W.P. Rifles): +2 Strike

Saving Throws
IMMUNE to Horror Factor
+1 To all saves (Eye of Odin)
+4 Save vs Magic
+7 Save vs Psionics
+8 Save vs Insanity
+3 Save vs Torture
+6 Save vs Poison
+4 Save vs Toxin
+2 Save vs Pollution
+4 save vs Disease
+6 Save vs Radiation
+2 Save vs Possession
+1 Save vs Magic Illusions
+1 Save vs Mind Control
+24% Save vs Coma/death
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Equipment List

Postby Kesslan » Thu Apr 19, 2007 10:46 pm


On Person:
NE-CS1 Cermalyte Black Nightsuit
Modified NE-BA 55 Exoskeleton Armour
Ultra-300 Huntsman Fatigues
Huntsman’s Choice Gloves
Huntsman’s Choice Track Boots
Protective Tinted Goggles
Simpyr Takedown (Slung over shoulder or in hand)
Iron Sword (Across Back)
Talisman of Armor of Ithan (Worn around Neck)
IDF Commando Wristwatch (On left Wrist)
Set of 4 high quality traditional Pantheran Ear Pins made of precious metals
• 1 indicates Clan (Rasharr), 1 indicates family line (Osefice), 1 indicates profession (Star Claw), 1 Indicates Status (Independent Claw)
Talisman of Armor of Ithan
Talisman of Breathe without Air
Talisman of Invisibility: Simple
Talisman of Lightblade

Attached to Power Armor:
• Grenade Sling: 6 NE-10G HE Grenades
• Grenade Sling: 6 Wilks Blinder Grenades
• Grenade Sling: 2 Smoke Grenades
• 5 Large Ammo Pouches: 20 Clips of Microjet rounds for Stympyr Takedown Rifle
• 2 Large Ammo Pouch: 12 TX-6 Speed Loaders
• Leg Holsters: 2 TX-6 Revolvers

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
• 12 attachment points
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment 1: Brass Cigarette Case (18/20 pantheran cigarettes & Old Worn Pantheran Coin) & Disposable Lighter
• Attachment 2: Pencil & Paper Pad, Demolitions Multi-Tool
• Attachment 3: BTBs for Kesslan (P143 PW)
• Attachment: 4: Dose of Synthetic Adrenaline (P112 Merc-Ops. Injected)
• Attachment: 5: Dose of Block-Out (P112 Merc-Ops.)
• Attachment: 6: Tracer bugs for Tracker Implant
• Attachment: 7: 2 Energy Shuriken (2d6+3 MD)
• Attachment: 8:Eye of Odin (Patron Item)
• Attachment: 9: SPU-5
• Attachment: 10: Micro E-clips for NG-H5
• Attachment: 11: NG-H5 Holdout Ion Pistol
• Attachment: 12: 3 Wilk's Blinder Grenade

"All-in-One" Utility Belt
Locks into the Overland Harness providing for a complete load-bearing system.
• Magazine Pouch (3): 3 - 10 round NE-4 Magazines loaded with standard NE Cartridges
• Magazine Pouch (3): 3 - 10 round NE-4 Magazines loaded with standard NE Cartridges
• Magazine Pouch (3): 3 - Long E-clips
• Magazine Pouch (3): 3 - Long E-clips
• Holster: NG-45LP "Long Pistol"
• Holster: NE-4 Plasma Cartridge Pistol
• Canteen Pouch: M.D.C. Canteen
• Radio Pouch: Handcuffs
• Fanny pouch: Refillable Cigarette Lighter, Wilk's FLIR Binoculars, 4 recording discs, 4 Ration Bars. Signal Mirror, 2 Flares, No Doze (20/20 Pills)

NE-01BP Backpack (35 M.D.C.):
• 9 lbs NG 6 Plastique Damage
• Small Box: 4 Pressure Detonators, 4 Pull Firing Device Detonators, 6 Electronic Time Delay Detonators, 9 Remote Detonators.
• 4 Basic MRE (Meal Ready to Eat, just add water, vitamins & nutrients, heating optional, fairly tasty)
• 16 Meal Bars (meal replacement, bland & not filling, vitamins & nutrients, require no cooking)
• M.D.C. Canteen
• Weapon Repair Kit (Case: complete set of precision tools, spare parts, screws, springs & cleaning rods)
• Weapon Cleaning Kit (Pouch: optical lens cleanser, lens paper, cleaning rods & brushes, swabs & gun oil)
• 4 Flares
• 1 set of Fatigues
• 2 E-Cylinders (For Vibro-Garrote)
• Combat & Survival Shelter (3 person capacity [2 w/room for gear], protection against the cold and rain to to -60°F; water collection system; 5 lbs.; 72 hour interior light)
• Utensil Kit
• 1 can of Lighter Fluid (16 ounce can)
• Box of 200 Water/windproof Matches
WI-GL8 Automatic Shotgun/Grenade Launcher (Loaded with AP Slugs; Strapped to the top)
Field Medic Kit (Strapped to Back)
Inside Field Medic Kit.
  • Hypo Spray injector Uses compressed air to inject sedatives, medicines or even narcotics. No training is required to use.
  • Qwik-clot spray can
  • Universal Anti-Toxin (UAT)
  • 1 Roll of Suture tape (antiseptic tape holds cuts closed)
  • 8 Qwik-Heal (Q)
2 NE-RV03 Ripper Vibro-Sabers (Attacked to Right hand side of backpack)
Bedroll (Attached to underside of Backpack)

Stored in Vehicle:

Stored in Room:
NE-SA40 Stealth Power Armor “Black Fist”
Limited personal clothing
PA-06-A SAMAS power armour - Modified to fit Kesslan
Modified NE-BA 55 Exoskeleton Armour
AH-240 S.D.C. Huntsman’s Choice Jumpsuit
NG "Hunter Utilities" (Jacket) - AR 12 MDC: 20
NG "Hunter Utilities" (Pants) - AR 8 MDC: 10
MDC Tac Vest: 25 MDC (P109 Merc-Ops)
Large Battle harness sized for SAMAS
The Dark Pistol
The Light Pistol
Modified JA-12 Laser Rifle
2 NE-H10 Derringers
Flare Gun
2 Can of Olterak Mace Spray
16 Silver-Plated Throwing Knives
Wilk's Portable Laser Torch
Laser Gyro Navigating (LGN) Aid
3 Cans of Lighter Fluid (16 ounce can)
1 Can of Black Ball Spray Paint
Kitchen Sink (Kohler; Stainless Steel, Double Sink)
Generic Hygiene Products
2 Armor Lockers
1 High End Dresser
1 High End Closet
1 High End King-sized Bed
Ear Mic Radio Receiver and Transmitter (Modified)
Triax Laser Sight: +3 Aimed
Pilot's Survival Kit Pencil Flare Rocket with 5 flares in ammo pouch.
Electric Heater/Stove
3 E-clips for NG-H5
8 Tracer bugs for Tracker Implant
10 NE-H10 Speedloaders
218 rounds of NE-003PC (Standard Naruni Plasma Cartridge, 1d4x10)
216 TX-6 Rounds
280 Microjet Rounds for the Stympyr Takedown Rifle
100 NE-002PC Plasma Cartridges (For NE Derringers)
797 rounds of Heavy Ramjets for WI-MG15
1 10 round NE-4 Magazines loaded with standard NE Cartridges
2 E-Cylinders (For Vibro Garrote)
18 Standard E-clips
30 Long E-clips
10 Signal Flares (Flare Gun)
6 10 round drums of AP grenades for the WI-GL8
3 10 round drums of Frag grenades for the WI-GL8
2 10 round drums of CS/Tear Gas Grenades for the WI-GL8
2 10 round drums of illumination Rounds for the WI-GL8
3 60 round drums of silver shotgun ammo for WI-GL8
1 10 round drum of smoke grenades for WI-GL8
10 WI-GL8 Smoke Grenades
5 Tear Gas Grenade
6 Plasma Grenade
7 Smoke Grenades
3 Wilks Blinder Grenade
3 CS Type 3 Fusion Block
12 NE-10G HE Grenades
12 NE-10G Frag Grenades
20 NE-20G HE Grenades
8 NE-20G Frag Grenades
10 NG NM-9 Plasmore Mines with Sensor
10 NG NM-3 Firefly Plasma Mines
7 GAW-AT6 LAW with plasma warheads
10: Smart NE Micro-Missiles: 6d6 MD (2 Mile Range)
20: Dumb NE Micro-Missiles: 6d6 MD (1 Mile Range)
10: AP Mini Missiles
20: Plasma Mini Missiles
Triax Instant Meal Paste Maker
3 Refills for Instant Meal Paste Maker
20 Meat based Meal Bars (meal replacement, bland & not filling, vitamins & nutrients, require no cooking)
20 Instant Heat MRE (Meal Ready to Eat, just add water, vitamins & nutrients, self-heating, fairly tasty)
20 Basic MRE (Meal Ready to Eat, just add water, vitamins & nutrients, heating optional, fairly tasty)
20 Meal Bars (meal replacement, bland & not filling, vitamins & nutrients, require no cooking)
9 Cans of Zoom (p76 Triax 2. Energy Drink in large can)
2 Boxes of Atomix Powder
8 6 packs of Rat
5 Cases of Zoom (12 cans per case.)
4 Cases of Extra Fine Wine (12 bottles per case)
39 Boxes of Cigarillos (36 Cigarillos per box.)
2 Doses of Qwik-Heal
10 Doses of No-Doze
9 Doses of Block-Out
9 Doses of Synthetic Adrenaline
10 Doses of Pickup
10 Doses of Boing-Go
11 Doses of Rush

Secure Universal Card: 80,611 credits (1/29/20; Rogue Trader)

Gear Stats:
Gear Stats
Patreon Items
CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
  • 12 attachment points
  • Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

Eye of Odin (Patron Item)
Greater Rune Item
Lesser Rune Item Abilities
2. Communicates through limited empathic transmission.
3. Totally indestructible.
4. Made of black metal and encircled with minute runes.
6. Links to its wielder/owner within six months of constant contact. Man & eye can sense each other's presence within a four mile radius.
7. Adds +1 to all saving throws.
Greater & Special Abilities
  • Cast incantations:
    • See Aura (6), See the Invisible (4), Aura of Power (4), Detect Concealment (6), Fear (5), Energy Bolt (5)
    • The Eye knows only the six spells but can cast them in any combination.
    • The number of spells it can cast per 24 hours is limited by its P.P.E. (60)
    • P.P.E. recovers at a rate of 10 every three hours.
    • Spells are equal in power to a sixth level wizard.
    • The P.P.E. of the Eye cannot be drawn upon by the user or practitioners of magic.
  • If the bearer replaces one of his eyes with the Eye of Odin, he permanently loses 2 P.B. but gains:
    • 20/20 vision, Nightvision (600', constant, no cost)), See Aura (constant, no cost), See the Invisible (constant, no cost)
Curse: The eye constantly urges its bearer to replace his own eye with the Eye of Odin. This becomes harder to refuse over time. He will have vivid nightmares about cutting his own eye out every time he sleeps until he has done so. The bearer is -10% to all skills & -1 to all combat actions for the first six hours following sleep due to the effects of the nightmare.
Personality: The Eye of Odin does not communicate or have an independent personality of its own
History: The origin of the Eyes of Odin are lost to the annals of time. Legend has it that they were coveted artifacts during the great Elf-Dwarf war, but after the war and the consequent purge of rune items, most are believed to have been lost. The nightmares that come with the Eye gives some credence that they are somehow psychically linked to Odin.

Power Armor
NE-SA40 Stealth Power Armor “Black Fist”
Model Type: NE-SA40
Class: Thermo-Kinetic Ultra-light Power Armor Suit.
Crew: One
MDC by Location:
*Head/Helmet: 65
*Hands (2): 15 each.
Arms (2): 55 each.
Legs (2): 70 each.
**Main Body: 220
* Hard to hit target, called shot at a -4 is required to hit the target.
** Destroying the main body shuts the armor down, making it vulnerable to additional attacks.
*** Integrated P-Field Defensive Field [Phase World Dimension Book 2, Pg 124]
--- Dispersal Effect: 1/10th Damage from Energy Blasts, Beams, Projectile, Missiles, and Explosive Damage

Statistical Data
Running: 50 mph (Fatigues at 20%)
Leaping: 20 feet high and lengthwise, plus 15 feet with a short running start.
Underwater Capabilities: Swimming: can swim at the surface or underwater at double normal swim speed.
Height: +4 inches.
Width: 2 feet approximate, varies by pilot.
Length: 1 foot approximate, varies by pilot.
Weight: 100 lbs.
Physical Strength: Robotic PS or 25.
Cargo: None, but what can be carried by the pilot.
Power System: NE-EB electrical battery good for 96 hours. Can be recharged exactly like an e-clip in 2-3 hours.

Weapon Systems: None.
Hand to Hand Notes:
Restrained Punch: 6D6 SDC
Normal Punch 1D4 MD
Power Punch: 2D4 MD (Counts as two actions)
Kick: 1D6 MD
Leap Kick: 2D6 MD (Counts as two actions)

Robot Combat Bonuses:
+2 Initiative.
+1 Strike. Parry, & Dodge at Levels 1, 6, & 12.
+1 Attack at Levels 1, 4, 8, 12, & 15.
+15% to Prowl.
+5% to Concealment.

Sensors & Features of Note.
Stealth System: 01%-20% chance of being picked up on radar.
Advanced Internal Cooling System: Invisible to thermal sensors/detectors unless with-in 2 feet (10% chance). Has a operational run-time of 2 hours before needing 1 hour to recharge. -70% to Read Sensory Equipment.
Thermo-Kinetic Armor: 25% chance of masking infrared and thermal signature. Normal fire only do 5% damage, MD-Fire, Heat, Plasma, and Magic Fire does ½ Damage. High-Speed Kinetic Impacts do ½ Damage. (Punches & Kicks do full damage). 10 hour Oxygen supply. 2,000 foot Depth-Tolerance.
HUD Visor: Can view as many as 6 different screens.
Optical Enhancements: Telescopic 10x magnification (2 mile range), Passive Night vision (3,000 foot range), Thermal Imaging (1,500 foot range).
Integrated Sensor Pod: Motion Detector and Mini-Radar with 360 degree scanning ability. +3 Initiative, +2 Parry, +2 Dodge, +5 Roll w/, and allows wearer to dodge all attacks including those from behind and/or surprise.

PA-06-A SAMAS power armour - Modified to fit Kesslan
Model Type: PA-06A
Class: Strategic Armour Military Assault Suit
Crew: One pilot.
M.D.C. by Location:
Shoulder Wings (2) -- 30 each
Main Rear Jets (s) -- 60 each
Lower Manoeuvring Jets -- 25 each
Ammo Drum (rear) -- 25
Rail Gun -- 50
Forearm Mini-Missile Launcher (1, left) -- 50
* Head -- 70
** Main Body -- 250/250
* Destroying the head will eliminate all forms of optical enhancement and sensory systems. The pilot must now rely on his own human vision and senses. No power armour combat bonuses to strike, parry and dodge! Can only be hit on a called shot and even then the attacker is -3 to strike.
** Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the power armour down completely, rendering it useless. NOTE: Destroying a wing will make flight impossible. However, even with no wing(s) the SAMAS can make jet powered leaps and hover stationary above the ground.
Statistical Data:
Running Speed: 60 mph maximum. Note that the act of running does tire its operator, but only at 10% of the usual fatigue rate.
Leaping: up to 15' high or across. Jet thruster assisted leaps: 100' up and 200' across.
Flying: hover stationary up to 200' or fly. Max flying speed is 300mph, but cruising speed is considered to be 150mph. Max altitude is 500'
Dimensions: 8' tall, 3.5' wide (10' with wings extended), 4.5' long, 340 lbs without rail gun.
Robotic P.S.: 30
Cargo: None
Power System: Nuclear; average energy life is 20 years.
Weapon Systems:
WI-MG15 "Viper" 15mm Anti-Infantry Machine-Gun
[size=85]• SDC Damage: 1d8x10 (1 Round), 1d8x100 (10 Rounds), 2d8x100 (20 Rounds)
• MDC Damage (Light Rounds): 1d10 (10 Rounds), 3d6 (20 Rounds)
• MDC Damage (Heavy Rounds): 1d4x10 (10 Rounds), 2d4x10 (20 Rounds)
• Range: 4000 feet
• Payload: 200 round belt or drum magazine
• Improved Balance: +1 Strike (Even when Wild)
• Customized Grip: +1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan)
• Mercury Bead Recoil Diminisher: +1 Strike with Bursts

CM-2 Rocket Launcher
• Range: 1 mile
• Damage: AP - 1D4x10, Plasma - 1D6x10
• Rate of Fire: 1 or 2
• Payload: 2

NE-RV0X Ripper Vibro Spines (Forearms, Elbows, Knees, Helmet, Knucles, Feet): 3d6 MD to anyone grabbing the armour or added to melee damage. Silver plated.
Special Sensory Systems of Note:
• Optical Systems: Full optical systems, including laser targeting, telescopic, passive nightvision (light amplification), thermal-imaging, infrared, ultraviolet, and polarization.
• All standard environmental power armour features, plus built-in language translator and depth gauge.
• Sensor Bonuses: applicable to long range weapon combat only, not hand to hand. +2 strike, +1 dodge.
• Phase Field (Runs on separate battery)
* The SAMAS' appearance has been modified and customized so as to no longer be immediately associated with the CS. It likely still resembles enough like it's original configuration to still be identifiable as one after a moment of study.

Modified to fit Kesslan
Modified with NE-RV0X Ripper Spines (8 sets)
Modified with Magnetic contact points for equipment/weapons
Modified with Black Ball Spray Paint (P116 Merc-Ops): Sensor systems are at -10% to Read Sensory Equipment to detect the SAMAS
Upgrades to air supply (P119 PW. As per DL doubles air supply)
Winterized (P256 NG2)
2 AP Mini Missiles loaded into forearm launcher
1 Empty Ammunition Drum (0/1260)
1 Drum of WI-MG15 Heavy Ramjet Rounds (889/1260 rounds per drum)

Body Armor
Modified NE-BA 55 Exoskeleton Armour
M.D.C. by Location:
• Head/Helmet - 100
• Arms - 90 each
• Legs - 100 each
• Main Body - 220
• Force Field: 160
Modifiers: -20% to Prowl, Climb, Swim, Acrobatics, and similar physical skills. Plus one attack per melee. +1 to initiative, parry, dodge, and pull punch.
• NE-F50B Super Force Field
• Phase Field (Kept as backup for when Force Field goes down. Runs on separate battery)
• Advanced Thermal Sights: Allows to see through walls, 4 inch + thick MDC walls required to block vision (Juicer Uprising P74)
• HUD Visor (NE Wave 2 P38 #1)
• Laser Distancer & Targeting: +1 Strike with hand held ranged weaponry, Range 2000ft. (NE Wave 2 P38 #6)
• Optics Enhancements: Passive Night Vision (3000ft), Telescopic (20x Magnification/1 Mile), Macro-lens (6x magnification), Thermo-imager (2000ft), light polarization. (P38 NE wave 2 #7)
• Mini-Radar/Sonar System: Tracks 12 targets, 2 mile range (P38 NE wave 2 #8)
• Pisonic Electromagnetic Dampers: +2 save vs Psionics and Possession, +1 save vs Magic illusions and Mind Control (NE Wave 2 P38 #12)
• Sensor Pod: +3 Initiative, +2 Parry/Dodge, +5 Roll with Impact, allows wearer to dodge all attacks even those from behind and/or surprise. Provides 360 degrees of vision. (NE Wave 2 P38 #9)
• Identification package (NE wave 2 p39 #14)
• Extra Radiations shielding
• 2x Built in NE-28R (1 each arm): Range (1 mile dumb, 2 miles for smart. Smart missiles are +4 to strike and have 2 attacks per melee round), damage 6d6MD, 3ft blast radius. Payload: 4 per launcher (8 total). P56/57 Phase world source book)
Special Features
• Physical Strength: Equal to a Robotic P.S. of 28. (Total Carry Weight: 700lbs, Max lift 1400lbs)
• Standard properties for Naruni Thermo-Kinetic Armour (p.35-36, Naruni Wave 2).
• Upgrades to air supply (P119 PW. As per DL doubles air supply)
• Standard attachment points for a NE-O 1 BP Backpack.
• Speed: Triples the wearer's normal running Spd, and the act of running tires the user al 30% the usual rate of fatigue.
• Leaping: Increases the wearer's usual ability/range by 20%.
• Flight not possible without the NE-05GP Grav Pack or NE-07JP Jet Pack.
Power System: NE-EB electrical battery (72 hours of continual use from a single battery). The armour comes with one battery storage compartment on each hip for spare batteries (2), while the battery in use fits in a housing in the chest. NE-EB's cost 100,000 credits (one tenth the cost of a nuclear power pack), takes 2.3 house to recharge from the same kind of facility that can recharge E-Clips or which draws from a nuclear generator, and are sold separately.
• (3) NE-EB batteries total. 1 Powering suit. 2 in spare battery compartments

Special Note: Due to the modifications drawing more power from the battery, running the additional sensors (installed so they may be switched off) drops the suit's battery life down by as much as 1/2 to 36hrs if run with all additional systems active 100% of the time.
Bonus/Penalty Summary:
+1 Initiative (+4 while Sensor Pod is Active)
+1 Attack
+1 Pull Punch
+1 Parry/Dodge (+3 while Sensor Pod is Active)
+5 Roll with Impact (while Sensor Pod is Active)
3x Normal running Speed
Robotic PS of 28
Running tires wearer only 30% of usual rate
+20% to range of leaps/Jumps
-20% to Prowl, Climb, Swim, Acrobatics and similar skills.
*Missile launchers presently loaded with Smart Missiles

NE-CS1 Cermalyte Black Nightsuit
M.D.C. by Location
• Head: 14
• Arms: 14 each
• Legs: 14 each
• Main Body: 28
Modifiers: Radiation shielding included
*Can be worn under other armour

Ultra-300 Huntsman Fatigues (P41 NG2)
Weight: 7lbs (3kg)
Helmet: 35
Arms: 10
Legs: 14
Main Body: 25
Standard Features:
Tinted, Polarized Eye panel that automatically darkens in bright light and lightens in darkness
Heads-Up Display with data displayed on visor
Built-in short range radio: 5miles (8km)
External Audio Speaker
Upgrades (For Ultra-300 helmet): Helmet Lamp, Gas Mask/Air Filtration, Connectors for Oxygen Tank (60 minute Air supply)
Addons: Custom Insignia Patch, Shaper look, tailoring, colouring etc
Penalties: -2% to physical skills

Armoured Ultra High Quality Dress Uniform
Weight: 4.lbs
MDC: 20

Protective Tinted Goggles
Weight: 1 lbs
MDC: 9

Huntsman’s Choice Gloves
  • M.D.C.: 2

Huntsman’s Choice Track Boots
  • M.D.C.: 6

AH-240 S.D.C. Huntsman’s Choice Jumpsuit or Fatigues
  • A.R.: 16 (+2 with helmet)
  • S.D.C.: 60

Ranged Weapons

NG-H5 Holdout Ion Pistol
• Weight: Under one pound (0.45 kg)
• Range: 200 feet (61 m)
• Mega-Damage: 1D4+1 M.D. per shot
• Rate of Fire: Each shot counts as one melee attack
• Payload: 6 shots
• Hair Trigger: +1 Initiative
• Weapon Balancing: +1 Strike with Aimed Shots
• Customized Grip: +1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan)

Simpyr Takedown
• Weight: 16lbs
• Range: 4,000ft (8,000ft with micro jet)
• Damage:
•• Standard Rounds: 1d6X10
•• Microjet or Explosive Rounds: 2d4X10
• Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto
• Payload: 6 per clip
• Removable Flash Suppressor/Silencer: (Reduces range when attached by to 3,000ft (6,000 with micro jets). Characters within 100ft of a shot only have a 25% chance of seeing it. Outside of that suppressed shots are not visible. A perception roll of 10 is required to hear the shot within 20ft. Beyond this the shots are inaudible.
• Customized Grip: +1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan)
• Weapon Balancing: +1 Strike with Aimed Shots
• Wilk's Integrated Optics Gun-Sight: +2 Aimed (P104 Merc-Ops)
• A PS of 21 or higher is required to fire this rifle without being braced. Those with a PS of 20 or lower and not using proper bracing with the weapon's "Gravity Boots" will loose their next attack due to the recoil. The anchors will hold the weapon steady while resting on any solid surface allowing anyone to fire the rifle normally while braced.

TX-6 Revolvers
• Weight: 5 lbs
• Range: 800'
• Damage: 4D6 M.D (1ft blast radius) per shot
• Rate of Fire: Standard
• Payload: 6
• The weapon can be reloaded in a single action using a speed loader or 1 round per melee action by hand.
• Wilk's "Aimer" Gun Sight: +1 on initiative, +1 to aimed shots
• Hair Trigger: +1 Initiative
• Weapon Balancing: +1 Strike with Aimed Shots
• Customized Grip: +1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan)

NE-4 Plasma Cartridge Pistol
• Range: 500'
• Damage: 1D4x10 M.D.
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 10 rounds per magazine
• Characters with a P.S. of 17 or less are -2 to strike even on an aimed shot
• Wilk's "Aimer" Gun Sight +1 on initiative, +1 to aimed shots
• Hair Trigger: +1 Initiative
• Weapon Balancing: +1 Strike with Aimed Shots
• Customized Grip: +1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan)

NG-45LP "Long Pistol"
• Range: 1,200'
• Damage: 5D6 M.D. per shot
• Rate of Fire: Standard
• Payload: 8 or Long E-clip: 13 shots
• Weight: 5 lbs 6 ounces
• Wilk's "Aimer" Gun Sight +1 on initiative, +1 to aimed shots
• Hair Trigger: +1 Initiative
• Weapon Balancing: +1 Strike with Aimed Shots
• Customized Grip: +1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan)
• Modified to use PW E-Clips

The Dark Pistol
Particle beam pistol of unknown manufacture
• Range: 500'
• Damage: 5D6+4 M.D. per shot.
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only.
• Payload: 10 shots from a custom made eclip that looks like the revolver's cylinder
•Wilk's "Aimer" Gun Sight +1 on initiative, +1 to aimed shots
• Hair Trigger: +1 Initiative
• Weapon Balancing: +1 Strike with Aimed Shots
• Customized Grip: +1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan)
•When both pistols are used simultaneously at the same target the shooter get a +1 to strike

The Light Pistol
Revolver of unknown manufacture
• Range: 500'
• Damage: 4D6+6 M.D. per shot.
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only.
• Payload: 6 shots (the rounds are completely custom made rounds. They look a bit like Triax rounds, though more advanced
•Wilk's "Aimer" Gun Sight +1 on initiative, +1 to aimed shots
• Hair Trigger: +1 Initiative
• Weapon Balancing: +1 Strike with Aimed Shots
• Customized Grip: +1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan)
•When both pistols are used simultaneously at the same target the shooter get a +1 to strike

NE-H10 Derringers
• Range: 200'
• Damage: 5D6 MD per shot
• Rate of Fire: Up to 2 shots
• Payload: 2 rounds. Derringer fires the NE-001PC "Light" Plasma Cartridge; a more powerful round would melt the gun.
• Hair Trigger: +1 Initiative
• Weapon Balancing: +1 Strike with Aimed Shots
• Customized Grip: +1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan)
• Holdout Speed Holsters: +3 Initiative at beginning of fight. Or Automatically wins Initiative if initiating sneak attack

Modified JA-12 Laser Rifle
• Range: Laser: 4000', Grenade 2000'
• Damage: 4D6 MD, 1D6x10+10 MD (burst); Grenade: As per WI Grenade
• Rate of Fire: Single shot or 3-round bursts only
• Payload:
-Laser: 10 Short/30 Long e-clip; 30 w/built in E-canister (1 Long E-clip loaded)
-Grenade Launcher: 4 grenades (4x Frag WI Grenades in Rifle launcher, 6x Spare on sling)
• Bonuses: +1 to Strike on an aimed or called shot
• Wilks Integrated Optics Gun-Sight: +2 Aimed
• Wilk's Laser Flashlight with weapon clamp (Mounted left side)

• Weapon Balancing: +1 Strike with Aimed Shots
• Customized Grip: +1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan)
• Modified to use PW E-Clips
Grenade Launcher has been replaced with Wellington Industries Grenade launcher instead of the usual JA-12's under barrel launcher.

WI-GL8 Automatic Shotgun/Grenade Launcher
  • Range: 800'
  • Damage:
    • Fragmentary: 4D6 M.D. to a 12' AoE
    • Armor-Piercing: 1D4x10 M.D. to a 3' AoE
    • Large-Bore Shotgun Shells: 6d6
  • Rate of Fire: single shots only
  • Payload: 10 grenades, or 60 shotgun rounds
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Features: Can also fire smoke, illumination and chemical rounds
  • Modifiers: reloading a plastic cylinder of grenades or shotgun shells takes 3 APM
  • Book Reference: p.100-101, MercOps
  • Modifications: Triax Laser Sight (+3 Aimed Shots), Weapon Balancing (+1 Strike with Aimed Shots), Customized Grip (+1 Strike (-1 to all other users other than Kesslan))

Flare Gun
  • Range: 500'
  • Damage: 2D6 per melee for 1D4 melees
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 2 flares
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Features: 300' AoE illuminated (5 melee rounds)
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.116, Merc Ops

Olterak Mace Spray
  • Range: 10'
  • Damage:1d4 S.D.C. plus Penalties.
  • Penalties: No initiative, -5 to strike , parry and dodge, reduce attacks per melee by half and reduce Speed attribute by one third. If a successful save vs non-lethal poison i s made, all penalties are reduced by half.
  • Duration: 1d6 melee rounds for the penalties, but the stink lingers for 1d6 hours and sprayed victims are +20% to track by Dog Boys and other beings who can track by smell.
  • Rate of Fire: single shots only
  • Payload: 6 uses
  • Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Features: None.
  • Modifiers: None.
  • Book Reference: p. 108 MercOps

Melee Weapons
Silver-Plated Throwing Knife
  • Range: Close Combat or 40' (thrown)
  • Damage: 1d4 S.D.C.
  • Weight:
  • Features:
  • Modifiers:

• Damage: 4D4 MD
• Payload: 1 Hour of continuous use

NE-RV03 Ripper Vibro-Saber
• Damage: 4D4 M.D.
• Weight: 3 lbs

NE-20G Micro-Grenades (High Explosive)
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: 4D6 M.D. to 6' AoE

NE-20G Micro-Grenades (Fragmentation)
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: 3D6 M.D. to 20' AoE

NE-10G Grenades (Fragmentation)
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: 4D6 M.D. to 30' AoE

NE-10G Grenades (High Explosive)
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: 6D6 M.D. to 12' AoE

Wilk's Blinder Grenade
  • Range: 120' when thrown, double with SN P.S.
  • Damage: none; blindness effects
  • Payload: 1 Charge. Can be recharged
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Features: 1.5 second (duration), 30' AoE
  • Book Reference: p.209, WB14

Smoke Grenade
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: -5 to combat actions in a 20-30' AoE

Tear Gas Grenade
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: -1 APM, -3 to initiative, -10 to combat actions in a 25' AoE
  • Duration: 1D6+1 melees; save vs. non-lethal toxins

Plasma Grenade
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: 6D6 M.D. to 12' AoE

Type 3 Heavy Fusion Block
  • Range: Intended for placement, but can be thrown up to 60'
  • Damage: 4D6x10 M.D. to a 10' AoE
  • Rate of Fire: N/A
  • Payload: single-use item
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Features: keypad for programming time of detonation; 30 second delay minimum
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.260, R:UE

NG NM-9 Plasmore Mine
  • Blast Radius: Special; Directional conne shaped blast 100' long along a 120 degree arc.
  • Damage: 1D4x10 M.D. for direct hit (w/in 12'), 1D6 M.D. to everyone else in the radius
  • Rate of Fire: N/A
  • Payload: single-use item
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Features: Sensor (detect human-sized target up to 12' away)
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.216, NG1

NG NM-3 Firefly Plasma Mine
  • Damage: 5D6 M.D. (6' radius), 1D6 M.D. (40' radius)
  • Rate of Fire: N/A
  • Payload: single-use item
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Features: Pressure Detonator (50 lbs) or Trip Wire.
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.216, NG1

NG 6 Plastique
  • Damage: 1D6 M.D. per ounce or 2D4x10+20 M.D. per pound

GAW-AT6 LAW with plasma warheads
  • Range: 3,200'
  • Damage: 1D6x10 M.D. (20' radius)
  • Rate of Fire: Single use.
  • Payload: 1 missile per launcher.

Magic Items
Talisman of Armor of Ithan
Rare Enchanted Amulet
M.D.C.: 100
Magic Features
• Usable 3 times before depleted.
• • Duration: 10 Minutes or until M.D.C. is depleted, can be reactivated with another charge.

Talisman of Armor of Ithan
Magic Features
  • As per the Armor of Ithan spell at 3rd level
  • Charges: 3
Book Reference: p.150, BoM

Talisman of Breathe without air
Magic Features
  • As per the Breathe without Air spell at 3rd level
  • Charges: 3
Book Reference: p.150, BoM

Talisman of Invisibilty: Simple
Magic Features
  • As per the Invisibility: Simple spell at 3rd level
  • Charges: 3
Book Reference: p.150, BoM

Talisman of Lightblade
Magic Features
  • As per the Lightblade spell at 3rd level
  • Charges: 3
Book Reference: p.150, BoM

Iron Sword
Enchanted Long Sword
M.D.C.: 50
Damage: 5d6 MD
Magic Features
• Increased Damage

Miscellaneous Items
Pilot's Survival Kit
    • Multi-Tool/Knife, Signalling Mirror, Map, Compass, Basic First Aid Kit, Strobe Light & Tracking Beacon, Long-range Walkie-Talkie (10 Miles; 72 hours)
    • Emergency "Space" Blanket, Half Liter Water Bottle, Water Purification Tablets, Emergency Food Ration (3 day supply)
  • Shoulder Holster:
  • Ammo Pouch: Pencil Flare Rocket with 5 flares
  • Ammo Pouch:
  • Modifiers: Cannot stack with other harnesses; +25% to Swim
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Book Reference: p.110, MercOps

IDF Commando Wristwatch
  • A.R.: 14; S.D.C.: 60
  • Features: Waterproof to a depth of 3,000', Alarm vibrates, Altimeter, Remote Detonator-capable
  • Book Reference: p.116, MercOps

Wilk's FLIR Distancing & Recording Binoculars
  • Range: 2.5 miles
  • M.D.C.: 1
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Features: passive IR thermal-imaging w/laser distancing; 4 hr. video recording
  • Book Reference: p.105, MercOps

Wilk's Portable Laser Torch
  • Range: Close Combat
  • Damage: variable settings
    • Low-Powered: 1D6, 3D6, 6D6, 1D6x10
    • High-Powered: 1D4 M.D. (1), 1D6 M.D. (1), 2D4 M.D. (2), 3D6 M.D. (3), 4D6 M.D. (4)
  • Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Features: Dual E-Clip holder
  • Payload: 50 uses per E-Clip (high-powered use costs indicated in parentheses)
  • Modifiers: +5% to applicable skill checks
  • Book Reference: p.269, R:UE

Laser Gyro Navigating (LGN) Aid
  • E-clip powered, 96 hours of use
  • Computerized map & compass gives exact position in latitude & longitude, precise time, altitude & rate of travel
  • Modifiers: +20% to Land Navigation skill

Black Ball Spray Paint
  • Features: It can be sprayed on any object to give that piece of equipment a rudimentary stealth capability. Attempts to detect any object coated with Black Ball paint using radar suffer a penalty of -10% to the Read Sensory Equipment skill. Each can holds enough paint to coat two suits of man-sized environmental body armor.

Triax Instant Meal Paste Maker
  • Features: device combines the ingredient pellets with hot water to form a thick paste. The paste dispenses into a bowl under the appliance, similar to a soft-serve ice cream machine. Original meals can even be programmed into the Instant Meal Paste Maker, allowing users to have their sauerkraut paste with more or less salt and pepper, or even something more obscure like cumin, paprika, or chili powder.
    Thick fruit smoothies, energy drinks and nutritional supplement drinks can also be made with the IMPM.
  • The Instant Meal Paste Maker creates a meal in under forty seconds, takes up only a small amount of space and can even be fitted into a vehicle.
  • Payload: 30+1d10 meals per refill.

Electric Heater/Stove
  • Can be used as a stove.
  • Can heat a 10'x10' shelter to room temperature even in arctic conditions.
  • Powered by an E-clip; 6-10 hours of continuous use (depending on conditions) per clip.
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Book Reference: Merc Ops pg 116.

Ear Mic Radio Receiver and Transmitter (Modified)
  • Can receive and transmit messages.
  • Built in Scrambler
  • Range: 1 mile

Medical Gear and Drugs
Field Medic Kit
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Features: all necessary supplies for routine & emergency medical treatment
  • Modifiers: +10% to applicable skill checks
  • Book Reference: p.118, MercOps

  • Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Features: When used on an open wound, bleeding instantly stops.
  • Duration: 10 minutes; long enough to bandage.
  • Book Reference: p.119, MercOps

Universal Anti-Toxin (UAT)
  • Features: Neutralizes most poisons. +10 to Save versus Poison/Toxins
  • Book Reference: p.119, MercOps

Qwik-Heal (Q)
  • Duration: 4D4x10 minutes
  • Bonuses : No blood loss, pain and exhaustion penalties are halved, and bio-regenerates 2D6 S.D.C. or Hit Points every 10 minutes.
  • Penalties : When the drug wears off the character feels exhausted and his body aches for 1D4 hours; reduce Spd and all combat bonuses by half, skill performance is -10% for the duration.
  • Level of Addictiveness: Medium . Addicts believe they need Q to fight at their top level or to survive serious combat. A hit of Q has the usual effect for the usual duration , but the addict can fight for an additional 1D4 hours at his normal level before the penalties kick in. Without Q, however, the addict fights poorly, as if all combat bonuses and skills are half, and he is -1 melee attack. Furthermore, the Q-junkie is paranoid in combat without the drug and fears he will die in combat. This takes away all bonuses to dodge and the warrior is -3 to save vs Horror Factor and illusions.
  • Book Reference: p.112, MercOps

A powerful stimulant that is roughly equal to drinking five pots of coffee and taking a hit of speed.
Duration: 24+2D6 hours per dose.
Bonuses: The user will not feel fatigued or the least bit sleepy and is +1 to initiative. The character is alert, energetic and will not (cannot) sleep for 24+2D6 hours. This means his level of productivity could be increased by three to four times when the character works for a full 24 hours.
Penalties: Hyper, fidgety and easily bored. Even if the character gets done with his work early and/or feels a need to sleep, he will be unable to do so until boing-go wears off. When the
user finally comes off the high he will feel exhausted and need 10 hours of sleep. If forced to function without sleep, the character will be in a daze: all combat bonuses, melee attacks,
speed and skill proficiencies are reduced by half!
Level of Addictiveness: High.
Prolonged use of boing-go (one or more times a week for over a month) or frequent use (three or more times in a single week) will lead to addiction, with the following penalties: inability to sleep, annoying hyper-activity and fidgeting, difficulty concentrating (reduce skills by 5%), and dramatic weight loss despite the fact the user has a voracious appetite (loses 5 pounds per week). After a few months, the boing-go junkie will have a thin, frail appearance with dark bags around his eyes, and a sickly pale complexion. After the fourth month, the character will collapse from physical exhaustion and will require detox treatment. A reformed addict will become instantly hooked if the character ever takes the drug again.
Cost Per Dose: 30 to 60 credits.

Atomix Powder
Duration: 1D4 hours
Bonuses: Taking two doses adds the following bonuses. +1 Initiative, +1 P.S., plus feels stronger, good looking, more confident and capable.
Penalties: Reduced awareness results in -10% to Perception rolls, -5% to skill performance, -20% to save versus Seduction, -2 to Save versus Mind Control or Psionics that play to individuals inflated sense of self.
Level of Addictiveness: Minimal even in large quantities.
Cost Per Dose: 40 credits a box

Duration: Pick-Up has no effect for the first 45 minutes after it is taken, but when it kicks in, it lasts 1D10+2 hours, after which there is an hour-long 'cool-down' period where the user returns to normal.
Bonuses: Improves alertness and clarity, +05% on Perception Rolls, + 1 on initiative, +5% to skill performance and skills are done at a fast pace, plus the character does not feel the effects of fatigue, instead he feels energized.
Penalties: When the high is over, the user feels exhausted: -10% on Perception Rolls, -2 on initiative, -10% to skill performance and skills take twice as long as normal to complete, plus the individual can barely keep his eyes open and needs to get 1D6+7 hours of sleep to feel like he's back to normal. Penalties remain in place until the user of Pick-Up can get that sleep.
Level of Addictiveness: Very High, After about a month of using Pick-Up, the character feels like he can only function well under the the influence. Without it, he feels he is ponderous and stupid. Most people who drink Pick-Up do so before they go to work so they can become more efficient. Without it, they feel like their work is not as good, and they need Pick-Up to get back to that level of efficiency.
Cost Per Dose: 50 Credits per Pack of 10 pills.

Duration: Two hours for humans, half the duration for D-Bees.
Bonuses: Drinking two cans provides humans or D-Bees a nice "buzz" and mellow feeling. Drinking more has a similar effect as drinking beer or wine, reducing the individual's inhibitions and making him feel more at ease and friendly. At the same time the drink is able to shrug off the effects of fatigue and lack of sleep for hours. Does not have the hangover effect of alcohol.
Penalties: When "buzzed" (2-3 cans an hour) the drinker is -1 on initiative, -10% on Perception Rolls, -1 on all combat moves and -10% on skill performance. Double penalties if the character is "blitzed" (has drunken 4+ cans an hour). The thing is, most people drunk on Rat don't realize they are impaired.
Level of Addictiveness: Roughly the same as drinking alcohol.
Cost Per Dose: 10 credits per six-pack. One can is good enough for a hit.

Duration: 1D4+2 hours forD-Bees (half the duration for humans).
Bonuses: Drinking three cans provides + 1 attack/action per melee round, + 1 on initiative, and the ability to shrug off the effects of fatigue and lack of sleep for hours.
Penalties: Those who become addicted to Zoom feel sluggish and lethargic: -2 attacks/actions per melee round and -15% on skill performance, except when drinking Zoom. After drinking one can, the individual feels normal for 1D4 hours (no penalties), but then sluggishness returns, so another can is desired. When something exciting or important is going on (school exam, party, dancing, etc.), the "zoom effect" is desired and three or four cans are drunk within one hour to get the bonuses above. Those addicted to Zoom drink at least three a day and need only four hours of sleep a day. However, this is an illusion and most are suffering from exhaustion without realizing it. Without Zoom for a day to keep them going, the users sleep for 2D6+ 10 hours straight and penalties are double for 1D6 days, before their metabolisms adjust and return to normal. Double the duration of penalties for humans.
Level of Addictiveness: Minimal unless consumed in large quantities of 3+ cans most days of the week for three weeks or more in a row.
Cost Per Dose: Three credits per can.

Synthetic Adrenaline (Rush)
Duration: 1d10+10 minutes.
Bonuses: +1d4+2 to P.S. and + 1d6+6 to Spd attributes, +2 to save vs poison, drugs or disease, +1 on initiative, +1 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge and + 1 attack per melee round!
Penalties: Once the effects wear off the character feels exhausted, clumsy and lethargic . Reduce speed by 30%, -2 attacks per melee round, -2 on initiative and - 1 to strike, parry, dodge and other combat moves for one hour.
Level of Addictiveness: Medium .
Cost Per Dose: 500 credits.

No Doze Stimulant (Sleep Away)
Duration: 12 hours per dose.
Bonuses: For the duration of the effect the character does not require any sleep and remains alert.
Penalties: Once the character stops taking Sleep A way he immediately feels the effects of prolonged fatigue, finds it near impossible to stay awake and is -10% to perform skills (increase the skill penalty -10% for every 24 hours without sleep). An exhausted character is -5 on initiative, -4 on all combat rolls, Spd is -40%, and reduce attacks per melee by half!
Level of Addictiveness: Medium . Junkies are fidgety, hyper, seldom sleep more than 3 -4 hours a day, and often go 3-6 days at a time without sleep.
Cost Per Dose: 1 00 credits.

Duration: 1d6x10 minutes.
Bonuses: +3 to save vs psionic attacks, +4 to save vs mind control and illusions.
Penalties: The user tends to be a little irritable and gets a dull headache that lasts 1d4 hours per dose of Block-Out. Taking more than three doses in one day may also interfere with one's ability to sleep .
Level of Addictiveness: Low.
Cost Per Dose:,200 credits.

”Rush is another combination of drugs that heightens the user' s senses, speed and reflexes.”
Duration: 1d6x10 minutes.
Bonuses: Add one additional melee attack, +3 on initiative, + 1 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge, +3 to roll with impact, and + 10 to speed attribute . General skill performance is increased by +5 % and +10% on skills requiring dexterity and control such as surgery, forgery, lock picking, piloting, acrobatics, gymnastics, climbing and juggling. In addition, the character is keenly aware of his five senses, particularly smell, taste, hearing and touch .
Penalties: Bad and good smells are twice as potent, a lot of different sounds jangle the nerves and disrupts concentration (-10% on skill performance), and the character tends to be irritable and cranky.
Level of Addictiveness: Medium. Using rush more than four times a week will make the character an addict. Drug dependency makes the character crave the drug 1d4 times daily ! The addict will have all the bonuses listed while high, but becomes so emotionally dependent on it that he thinks he is clumsy and incompetent without it. When not high, the character is minus one melee attack, -3 on initiative, -2 to strike, -3 to parry and dodge , -3 to roll with impact, -10% on skill performance, and the speed attribute is reduced by 20% . In addition, the character' s senses seem (it ' s all psychological) dulled. Food and drinks taste bland, the hands seem clumsy and cold, sounds seem muffled and odors smell unusual.
Cost Per Dose: 64 to 100 credits.
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Like every story, there must be a beginning, though some stories have not yet reached their end. I am Warrior Kesslan Osefice, Sky Claw of Clan Rasharr of the Pantherans of Seriv. Listen now to the tale I tell for it is a tale of warning and hard learned lessons...

*Background noise: The humming of large propeller engines*

Seriv. The shining jewel of our people, our homeworld. Our only world. Here magic and technology mix. The Spirit touched are gifted with psionics, magical abilities, super powers and more. Some, some rare few are even immortal. Seriv however is a deadly world, constantly bathed in radiation and its air swirls with toxins. Still, our kind adapted to survive like so many other creatures of our world long ago. We were a young race at the time, but we were smart and we were as curious as a child. I had grown up as a member of the Warrior caste of Clan Rasharr, trained to be a Sky Claw. Those Warriors who would strike from the skies, be they pilots or, such as those in my case, paratroopers. A role that in time, after the arrival of the Atorian spread to hover bikes and air borne powersuits.

*Background noise: Distant thumping of flak shells exploding*

I had a simple start, a simple desire brought on by how we were raised and taught. The Greater Good. One took care of The Clan first, The Family second and The Self last. This was the way of many clans, though not all. This was the way of most Pantherans, but not all. This is why the Warrior Caste existed. To protect others and fight those who would destroy our way for their own selfish reasons. It was not malice that drove us, only duty and honour.

*Background noise: The thumping explosions draw closer, slight rattling of metal shrapnel against the aircraft's hull*

And so we'd come by air to fight our enemies. Another group, not really what one could call a Clan had banded together and was raiding Clan Rasharr territory, killing our people and stealing that which belonged to Clan Rasharr. This group however, had turned out to be unusually well equipped, and unusually large. Still, it was not a fight bound to last long at this point, the war had gone on for almost a year but we were closing in on the last bastions, ready to kill the beast, and spare those that would surrender.

*Radio: Two claws to drop point*
*Yelling: Alright, you know the drill. Check Gear! Check Gear!*
*Background noise: Sounds of feet shuffling as men line up, each checking the others gear and their own. First of the man in front, then the one behind, with extra attention paid to oxygen masks and parachutes*

Or at least that had been the plan. Little did we know our entire world would soon turn into our prison and unite Seriv in ways we'd all only ever dreamed of. But the cost.. oh by the great spirits the cost was to be more terrible than anyone had ever dared fear.

*Radio: One slash to drop point. Equalizing cabin pressure. Prepare for drop. Prepare for drop*
*Background noise: There's a low thunk as the cabin lights light up blue*
*Yelling: Alright you worthless kits! Hook up and get ready to bail. I repeat! Hook up and get ready to bail. *
*Background noise: A slight hiss of hydraulics and the rushing of wind as the rear hatch of the aircraft opens to the sky*
*Radio: One slash to drop point*

I watch as the fang leader makes his way down the line, doing one last personal check and ensuring his paws are ready to fight. Here and there, where necessary assurances are made amongst those making their first combat drops.

*Radio* We are over the drop point. I repeat we are over the drop point*
*Background: Another low thunk and this time the drop light goes yellow*

The fang leader starts to yell and push the men towards the open hatch. "GO! GO! GO! GO!" I barely have time to put on my breath mask and turn on my night vision goggles before it's my turn and I dive out the open hatch. There's a rattling of some of my gear and the constant rush of air ringing in my ears as I drop into free fall. At this height one couldn't even see the ground in the dark, and so I spin about to look behind me amidst the flash of flak shells detonating in the night sky, the explosions white hot dots in the glow of the night vision goggles. In the shrinking distance I can see the rest of the fang unload from the aircraft, and not far away another is dropping a second fang. The aircraft were flying too high for the flak to be a serious risk, they'd likely come back with a few holes and a whole lot of new dents. The real risk was to us as we dived through the zone where the flak was deadly, but that was all planned for. We were making a dangerous jump, even more so. This wasn't a standard jump, this was a HALO. We'd loose less men to the ground fire that way, and if you were too slow to pull your chute? Well, unfortunate but they'd made sure we were well trained for this. And now and again, your chute wouldn't open, or malfunction. The only ones that could save you then were the spirits themselves, and they almost never interfered directly in the mortal realm. I slowly spin back to face the ground, arms and legs spread out as I try and make sense of what I see. The altimeter on my suit helps, but I'd always preferred to trust my eyes.

*Radio* Don't forget the rendezvous points. And make your prayers now men. *Dry humour tone* At least if your chute fails you'll already have your grave.

That one sounded like the skull leader. Blunt, to the point, rarely bothered to actually reassure you in any manner, but he'd earned his place and the respect of all that served in his skull. We could only aspire to try and be as great a warrior, that perhaps, some day, one of us might just be as good, or better. And then I see the ground in the distance rushing up at me. Had to time it just right.. too soon and I'd be a sitting duck for any infantry on the ground, too late.. well. He wasn't kidding about having your grave dug for you if you hit at this speed. I pulled the ripcord on my chute. The jagged tops of Ykzal trees looming below me. The sudden stop jerks me hard about in my harness as my free fall is suddenly and viciously slowed. It also makes my entire spine pop with the strain.. I always hated that feeling but I don't have time to linger on it as the tree branches soon rush up at me and I'm sent crashing through them.I hit a large branch hard and bounced off before my chute caught and I came to a sudden, harsh stop that causes my harness to crush the air from my lungs. I almost blacked out from that one. Could have ended for me all right there too because of it. But fate it seems.. had other plans for me... plays with me like a kitten does a Unari field rat. Just as I'm reaching for the harness release I can hear the sounds of others talking. Worse yet, a scant moment later my night vision picks them up coming towards me so instead I go for my pistol with one hand, while the other clutches on the release pin... And then I wait. Hoping they don't notice me. Of course, I'm just not that lucky. Their almost right below me when one happens to look up. Maybe I'd made too much noise. I don't know... it just didn't matter at that point. To pause was to die, to act? Well, that was my sole chance of survival.The one directly below me hardly gets a chance to shout in alarm, his sliver rifle already coming up towards me when I pull the release pin dropping me a good twenty feet or so to the ground. At the same time I squeeze off a quick series of shots two rounds each. Both fighters dropping dead even as I hit the ground, gritting my teeth at the pain as I roll with the hard landing. It saves me from a broken leg, but I still wind up with a pretty hard sprain as a result that would take several days to heal without the help of the spirit touched. Fortunately the rest of the mission was an easy one. After limping on over to the drop point and getting my foot seen to by the medic it was a simple two hour job to mop up. We took casualties of course, both from the drop and the subsequent fighting. However, in the end they were too disorganized, poorly trained and, by comparison, poorly equipped. Then there was the matter of the sky. The sky lighting up with a thousand small suns. A hundred battles ended that night, only to be replaced by a war that would leave no part of Seriv untouched.

The Atorian had arrived on Seriv.

We had long dreamed as a race of travelling the stars, our space programs were still in the infant stages however. Several clans working together for mutual benefit had certainly helped things along. The Atorians offered us all we dreamed of, and more.

But they lied.

They came upon us from the distant stars. Full of promises. Promises they kept at first. Knowledge of sciences beyond our understandings. An offering of a new space station to act as a bridge to send our people into the stars. All in exchange for land and mineral rights to build factories and power plants. Ones that would further pollute our planet in a way that would kill most races, but our kind would hardly notice the difference for we had long adapted to the harsh environment already present and the factories would do little to make it worse. The space station that was to launch us into the stars was soon turned into a garrison for the Atorian Empire. Factories and power plants going well beyond accepted boundaries. Entire cities placed under martial law, the inhabitants forced into thinly disguised slavery as 'workers' in the new plants. Many of our Mystics lured off world with promises of power and riches. Many more pressed into, or willingly joining the service of the Atorian Empire. A lucky few managing to escape one way or another into the stars beyond to find a new life. They rightly think us primitives compared to their own kind, but in doing so they badly underestimated us. We know there is little we can do to free our planet from their grasp now.. possibly forever more, yet there is much we can do to free our people.But the cost.. how terrible it can be. It was all over the news, world wide by the time we got back to base. The clans were speaking with each other in ways often thought impossible. Co-operation was at it's highest as we all turned to the matter of dealing with this beings from the stars and their wondrous technology. A month later negotiations had been settled, and then less than two years later, the Sky Fangs, now with the aid of off world troops, equipment and weapons soon made short work of the rest of what rebellions and wars were left.

Three years after that the unrest began again. Promises were not being kept. Cities were being demolished without consent to make way for more plants. Any places that saw a lot of protests were promptly put under martial law. Executions for 'treason' and other 'crimes' started becoming more and more common. Those of us who were in the military? Some quit in disgust. Many were transferred off world, either by choice or assignment. Officially we were all disbanded and reformed as a new arm of the Atorian Empire. And how sorely our loyalty was soon put to the test. Riots put down by force with our own people while our new Thropo masters looked on. Large.. brutish ape people. Willing lap dogs to the Atorian Empire. Though.. some of our people were no better by that point. So grew the seed of a new rebellion, and it was one which soon found me within it's ranks. Though the Atorians never knew it. I'd 'earned' trust you see. Sacrifices made for the greater good as I'd been told by my old Skull Leader. He's the one that brought some of us into the plan. A soldier become spy master. We came to be hated by our own people as the worst kind of traitor one can imagine. Willing lap dogs of the Atorians, just as the Thropo were, and worse yet, traitors to our own kind. Brutally suppressing and executing our own in the name of this oppressive alien Empire. Even kits were not spared at times. 'Their fault for getting in the way' our handler at the time said. At least he didn't die well.. some one saw to that soon enough. You see once we had established ourselves as 'trust worthy' we began to use the better treatment, and relaxed security to begin smuggling food, supplies, occasionally even weapons and armour to the underground. Now and then we would be 'ambushed' and 'barely make it out alive' complete with 'casualties'. Most fake.. though more than a few were all too real. After all just to be sure we wouldn't turn as a whole the Atorians kept some of their various lackey races among our ranks. They could not be trusted and so had to be eliminated. Of course there were those of our own kind we couldn't trust, so they too had to die. To add to this the odd ambush was all too real. Appearances had to be kept and so too did its secrets. To the outside we patriots were seen as traitors to be shot on sight by rebels. Only a few handful knew the truth of the matter, knew where all their intelligence and vital supplies were coming from.

All this leads me to how I got to where I am today of course. We could only keep up appearances for so long before some one found out. I suppose however, now I should mention that not all the Thropo were evil, nor those of other races we encountered. Many served our Atorian masters for they knew no other way, especially among the Thropo. One could find a strong sense of honour and decency among the the Thropo. They had a hard, unforgiving way of life, but some showed kindness towards our kind.Where we could those who treated us well were spared. This was, unfortunately, not always considered possible. On operations like the one we as a unit were to undertake it was too big a risk. We had finally begun drawing unwanted attention to our actions. As a result it was decided the time had come where we would join the rest of the underground. Plans were drawn to assault a 'rebel base' and the trap was set. Another air drop, this time utilizing Jet packs over the now mostly outmoded parachutes. The added mobility was simply too big an advantage. Blades and bullets soon felled the outsiders in our ranks. Those of our kind who's loyalty was questioned were taken prisoner. And of course, here came the hardest kill I ever had to make in my life as I held my gun to the head of one of the Thropo drop troops I'd actually come to think of as friend.I think what hurts the most all these years later is that he wasn't even angry at me.

"You realize.. your's is a lost cause?" he asked in an almost sorrowful tone.

"Yet it is one you understand?" I asked, my finger slowly squeezing on the trigger, I hated myself for what I was about to do. Had to do.

"I do." he replied in that same tone, showing a strange level of acceptance of the way of things.

"Then you understand why I must do this." It was a statement, not a question, my features turning hard. I could have just shot him and walked away, but that just wasn't the honourable way to do things.

"It is not needed. Not all of us agree with what has been done." he said, much as a teacher to a student.

"You think by saying this I shall spare you?" The problem was, even if I did spare him, it wouldn't matter. The others would kill him anyway, and it was only that I had called him friend that this conversation was allowed at all. I'd argued with the others against it, but they would not listen. One way or another he would die, and the others would not care. Thus it was I had volunteered. At least this way some one would remember the crime, some one would bear the cost of what it was we were doing.

"No. Only so you truly understand what it is your about to do. This makes you no better than the Atorians."

Those words stung with the sound of truth and I inwardly winced. "Unkindly words, but forgivable. I do what I must, even though I take no joy in it." and there was such horrible truth in that, but at least he'd know. Hear it in my voice, see it in my face.

"Beware that the evils you fight so hard against, and sacrifice so much for. For that same evil may consume you Kesslan."

How true that warning would turn out to be. In the end, it had a little already and later on would almost destroy everything that I was. "It may already be too late for that. Maybe in the afterlife you can find it in you to forgive me." I paused, almost stopping, almost doing what I should have done, turning not to shoot him but the others. But I was weak, corrupt. I spoke the last words he would ever hear. "Goodbye... Friend."

With that I pulled the trigger.

While I swore after that it would be the last possible innocent to fall by my hand, I failed in that oath. It would be several years beore I realized I'd forgotten what the concept of innocent was that day. That day, I had not only killed a friend, but a part of myself. We soon took what equipment we could, leaving the dead behind. He was right though, by force of arms and mystic might alone the cause was indeed lost. None the less current plans were extended and new ones were formed. Most of our experienced mystics had left our world, chasing their dreams of power or adventure. A few however remained, training the next generation, most of whom would also leave, but they would present us with a new idea. For some of the mystics, be it through hard earned arcane knowledge or knowledge learned off world, found how to open mystical gate ways. Bridges between worlds where perhaps other help could be found. Always a team went. One mystic to open the way back home, and always at least five to guard. However, as I mentioned earlier. Some of our race, truly were the worst kind of traitors....

As I had betrayed a friend, so too did fate have a friend betray me.

The team had been assembled and the portal to a new world recently found opened for us to explore. As the most experienced of the group among the men at arms, it was my job to scout first. Little did I know it was that my one time friend allowed me a form of escape from the treachery that was to come. He had found a way to spare me in a way where I had not spared the Thropo. As soon as I went through the open portal, an elite team of Thropo and Mantella stormed our hideout. Arr'tah had made a trade of information for power over other Pantherans. As the Atorian troops stormed in the rest of the team spread out to cover the mage. Amid the gunfire, there were just two left near the portal. The mage that was to come with us and Arr'tah, my friend the traitor who shot the mage in the back even as he bid me a long life in freedom.

It didn't take long after that for the portal to close, trapping me here on a strange world that I would one day find some called 'Earth'. It took me a long time to get used to this new place and I still do not understand the languages of this world very well. Worse yet, without possibility of a resupply of ammunition I wound up having to trade off most of my things for equipment native to this world. At least I seem to have managed to get a reasonable bargain for it with some mystic who was interested in all the 'alien devices' I carried. Some of it had been Atorian, much of it of Pantheran make. Kind enough was he as well, to tell me a little of this world before I went on my way. I traveled this world as a mercenary for hire. But who to trust? None of my kind are to be found here. I had thought the races of the Atorian Empire were many yet I soon learned it pales in comparison to this one. I eventually found myself in a place the Humans called "MercTown". It was there that I found work and gained the augmentations I now possess. I travelled with others but after a time came to be with a group that called themselves 'The Crusaders of Merctown'. It was a group that wound up sharing much of the same bad fate that I had on Seriv. I first met with a man who called himself 'Rogue' and a 'D-Bee' called Twitch. Rogue later was eaten alive by some large wolf like creature where as Twitch stepped on a rift mine. There were others too however, Lynx, a warrior much like myself though he was human. He used a powersuit and fought well. In time however he fell, shot down out of the sky and did not survive the crash. And there was Tanner, killed I belive, though I no longer recall the details. Tara Cyan as well, lost in a battle with some bandits when our group was on it's way back to MercTown after a contract. The others, the others left when we broke up. Dundee, a 'Grackletooth' who had taken over with Twitch died. We never got along, though it wasn't for Dundee's lack of trying. He just, didn't try in the right way. Tried to buy loyalty when all he had to do was take the time to talk. Of course, I'm still not the easiest one to get to know these days, and I was far worse back then.

Then there was Rose, a 'Warrior Woman' who had been of some race that was enslaved to 'The Splurgoth'. Of all those I've known so far, I liked her most. She left us though at the call of a mighty spirit, what those of this world call a 'god' and after a time a priest by the name of Leander went off on a quest for his gods. The others, Domingo, Mrs Smith, Mekay, S'Saar, Samantha, Eddie Bee.. they all left for their own reasons, drifting to the winds to places unknown to me. When the group split I followed Bellephobe, she was what is known as an 'elf'. Of all those save Rose, she spoke to me of home the most, tried to see if she could help me find a way back. So it was that I followed her and we joined The Templar, a group already fighting at a place called 'The Alamo' where there were bandits besieging a community. A worthy cause and the money offered was badly needed. On the way there a man called Ricardo had found himself tied up and dumped amid our cargo. While he landed safely enough, he was sadly soon lost to a direct hit from an enemy mortar shell. That had left Tur, Sir Lascivus, Connor, Natalie, Daisy, Asuka, Sir Benjamin and Aletuilatl. To say Tur and I did not see eye to eye would be a grave understatement. Still, the fight was won and most of us returned to Merctown, yet I had lost yet more friends. Bellephobe and Sir Ben, far as I could tell after two days of searching had been killed by the bandits. I heard rumour later on that Sir Ben lived, though I've never manged to track him down, always been more important things....

Once we returned however Connor, Tur and Sir Las left, and recent needs have seen Daisy and Natalie depart as well.There's new memebers now at least, but I find myself at a loss finally. I've lost my way, my purpose. I have been made to see by those I travelled with how blind I was, how filled with hatred and bitterness my heart has become. It is not too late to change, to pull back but it will not be easy, and I have so many, many horrible things to atone for that it would take more than my natural life time to even begin to make up for it.

Spirits forgive and help me for I can not forgive myself. I was wrong, so horribly wrong.I sought death, destruction. I sought to end it all in one last battle, yet the spirits did not allow it, forbade it. Twice now I have survived odds that I should not. Twice now I have come out unscathed as others have died. Endless times now I have slaughtered the enemy without the mercy I was raised to show. Endless times I have proven that I became that which I hated most. Yet the spirits still seem to protect me.


I must find that answer, I must find my path again. Though I do not deserve to live, I shall cherish what time I have and try to amend for the things I have done. The things I can never repay. For Honour. For Duty. For Clan, Family and Self.

For the Greater Good do I go onward.

June 110PA - Earth
That was.. how long ago now? Months? A year or more? The mind grows fuzzy already with trying to recall. For a time I fell in with a group known as the 'Spook Squad'. A collection of unusual warriors from the terrifying visage of the Cyber-Knight known as Sir Thorn to the mysterious spirit caller called Vheld and the Cyborg known as Carl. Jaryk and Rianna a Grackletooth and Human... l think they might actually have been lovers. Then there was Alabaster and Mierin, Erg and Crotalo even the fallen spirit caller Krevek. By far the strangest mix of personalities I have ever travelled with and fought along side of.

What a fight it was. Were it seen by other eyes I suppose as the humans say it would have been the tale of tales by the bards. Eight of us stood and fought against what was called an 'avatar' of some human god named 'Kali'. A dark spirit if there was ever one, it's form manifesting in flesh from smoke as it poured out of the prison that had contained it for untold years. We struck while it was still weak and able to be defeated but we still lost the spirit touched named Krevek. Strange and possibly twisted as he was, he died for a worthy cause, even if he'd only fought for the money he was never to claim. The job done we moved on to collect our pay and move on to the next job where at long last I crossed paths with the supposedly mighty Coalition States and it's forces and the strange race of insects known as the Xiticix. Didn't seem like much though their equipment is fairly good by the standards of this world and still far more advanced than the technology of my own kind. Good enough certainly to help in the fight against the Atorian Empire.

I wonder how Seriv fares now? Does it burn? Does the yolk of slavery settle over every living thing now? Bellephoebe once spoke of the possibility of trying to get me home. Since then I've learned there are meany 'realms' or 'universes' that cross over through spirit gates. Ordinary mortal creatures and spirit realms both. One such organization is Naruni Enterprises, hailing from some distant place and selling their wares here in Merctown. I wonder if perhaps they know? Knowing them the price would be quite high but still.. they've yet to fail to deliver on what they promise so far.

I keep trying to remind myself that the gods supposedly have a plan for all mortals and that while there are degrees of free will and choice, sometimes paths are more set than others. If it had not been that I've personally seen gods and their avatars with my own eyes, I honestly think I would have remained a skeptic. Oh, I've always honoured the old ways out of duty and respect for my elders and the history of my people, but I'd never really believed. Not at least until that priest Leander back in the Defenders of Merctown had his god appear before him to grant him with some boon and then swept our companion Rose away. And then of course there was that run in with some dark god by the name of Kali, or at least some 'avatar' of hers. I still don't understand what humans mean by the term but it's apparently something like fighting a small fraction of the true gods power, for which I'm thankful. We lost enough people fighting that monster as it was and it wasn't even at full strength, weakened as it had been from it's long confinement.

I guess that's why I believed Sarik when he approached me. I mean I had left Seriv behind years ago now and had given up hope of ever finding my way home. And then he finds me, a son I never knew I had that it turned out was nearly my age! Impossible the mind races to say yet he knew so much about Jurrni Rasharr that he had to be her son as he claimed to be. That he also claimed that I was his father, born after our.... relations on the battlefield was suspect. If this was true, how could it be that I meet him now at the age he is? Still the details and the explanations made sense and he knew the answers to all the questions I could think to ask of him and many I had not even asked. Ultimately it boiled down to 'time travel'. A rare but potential hazard of travelling through the spirit gates most races call 'Rifts'.

We spent several days just.. talking. By the gods how nice it was to just have another of my own kind to speak with, though I still don't know how to handle these claims of him being my son. He seemed so sure of it however and.. well. Like I said, the proof fit oddly. Eventually we split up again, intending to go our separate ways but what he had told me of Jurrni's fate, and what had become of those that had escaped from Seriv only rekindled my resolve to return to Seriv once again. To that end I spent all my spare time consulting with the mages of Merctown and following up every lead I had ignored over the years in finding a way back home. Bellephobe, a mage of some considerable power that I had once known and fought along side had been convinced of the ability to open a gateway back to Seriv not only being possible, but likely given sufficient effort. This theory turned out to be true though I now rather regret the source of that discovery.

I am as I was raised to be. A soldier, a warrior, an honourable member of the Pantheran race. But I have also been confronted in the past with the fact that I have been walking a very dark path for many years. At first I was in denial about it, but my time with the Templar and my talks with Al and Sir Las showed me the truth of it. I have fallen far. My talks with Sarik only furthered that sense. That I fell in again on dark times and wound up with a group as... questionable as the Spook Squad I think just reinforces that. I guess that's why in the end, despite all my desires to avoid dealing with such people, I eventually turned to the Black Market of Earth. Merctown of course was a hub of such criminal activity. Dark Caste, Outcasts. Scum. But even some, indeed many of these individuals had a sort of sense of honour. Keeping one's word was important. Lie, swindle and cheat too often and no one will deal with you.

The group I wound up dealing with goes by the name The Immaterial Hand. Smugglers mostly who deal in magical goods and services. Of all the powers in North America, few called upon the spirits to rip asunder the fabrics of space and time as much as the members of the Immaterial Hand. More to the point, they were also far closer to deal with than trying to travel all the way to Lazlo or New Lazlo and they promised (and ultimately delivered) results. There was of course a catch. I could in theory have afforded to pay them in money but they were not so interested in that as instead insisting on being able to call in a 'favour' as they called it. An exchange of services for services. I had my reservations about it but eventually they managed to convince me and honestly the fact they were able to demonstrate the ability to actually deliver on their promises went a very long way in their favour. So I agreed. In exchange for passage for myself and Sarik (should he choose to come with me) they would open a gateway to a world where I could then find my way home to Seriv. They couldn't get me directly to Seriv but close enough I could apparently book a ship that would travel the very stars and eventually reach my destination. In return.. well.. they would expect certain services.

Sarik was actually rather quick to agree to it when I sent him word, though I never did tell him about how I made the deal. I had already realized he remains pure of purpose and direction and I have no desire to sully that. Especially so if he really is my son. Regardless the deal made we went through and found ourselves in the largest city I have ever seen. Center on some place called Phase World. From there not only did I find out a staggering amount of what had happened but even ran into other Pantheran though they spoke a very strange version of our tongue. It was eventually realized that some how Sarik and I had travelled forward in time at least a thousand years in the future. Something called the Khreeghor Dominion had, well over 900 years ago conquered the Atorian Empire and absorbed it before moving on and taking over even more empires such as the Wolfen (Or at least parts of it. They were some sort of canine like race that looks like a CS dog boy) and eventually turning into the 'Trans Galactic Empire'.

Pantherans it seems were free to travel the stars. My cause, so long held to my heart was stolen from me. Seriv had moved on without me and worked with this Khreeghor Dominion to overthrow the Atorian and the KD, now TGE had, unlike the Atorians, lived up to every promise they had made in exchange for the aid of my kind. They wouldn't ever be equals to the more technologically advanced Khreegor, but they would at least get to travel the stars and be free. Mostly. And so they had gone, scattering themselves to the winds of space.

They didn't need me any more.

No one did.

I hadn't realized the bitterness and pain that caused me for some time however. Too caught up in the wonders of this Center and just.. everything. It had left me in a daze of sorts. Still eventually I seized upon my initial purpose. Perhaps I couldn't aid Seriv any longer but at least I could show Sarik his heritage while rediscovering our people along side him. That would at least set me back on a good path. I should have known this wasn't to be. We had parted for a few hours to wander and study this new place. Struck with a sense of melancholy I had eventually dirfted into some bar full of strange races I had never seen and ordered several drinks. Given that the city was fairly safe and I could handle myself I'd stored the majority of my weapons and armour in lockup, and so I wore only a basic protective shielding suit and only my pistols and knives. It was then that I'd felt the tap on my shoulder.

"Kesslan Osefice?" the human man asked in Trade 4. An odd language much like English that shared so many similarities it hadn't been hard to pick it up at all as I surprisingly already understood much of it.


"We've come to collect on that favour."

"Who is 'We'?" I asked in a somewhat irritable mood now, not wanting to be bothered.

"You know exactly who 'we' are." he said with a somewhat threatening tone I hadn't liked at all.

"No, this one does not." I insisted, somewhat intoxicated but also quite certain I had no idea what he had been talking about. I'd had people try to swindle me before, I was no fool after all. I certainly wasn't going to just wander off with a stranger on their say so, especially some low life like this.

"That so? Well maybe me and my friends here ought to remind you.." even as he said this I had already picked up on the two other men stepping up beside him. More scum like him. Thugs really. No doubt about it, criminals the lot of them and entirely beneath me. The only important part was that they had already threatened me and I knew they were going to turn to violence possibly before they did. Certainly acted before they did. Key point here by the way, never send some barely trained street thug to try to muscle a Pantheran Sky Fang (or really any trained soldier worth their salt). I'm not even sure I meant to break his neck like that.. I just.. did it. Acted without thinking and with lethal intent. I had no interest in prisoners and even less interest in being bothered. His backup on the right suffered a similar fate, his trachea crushed in then torn out with my bare claws. The one on the left was luckier. I only broke his leg, dislocated his shoulder and broke his clavicle when I disarmed him. He gave up the fight then and there so I simply walked out. Angry and annoyed. Still too drunk and too stupid to realize what I had actually just done.

It set off a chain of events that put me in the situation I find myself today. A somewhat unwilling member of the local Black Market.

6 hours later...

The door to the hotel slid open and a big Seljuk stepped in, looking ready to kill. "You've got some serious explaining to do Mickey."

Mickey was a shifter and a member of the Immaterial Hand. He'd come to Center partially to hold up his end of the deal with the radioactive D-bee cat man and partially because the local Black Market had some items for trade the Immaterial Hand said it would get for one of it's clients back on Earth. While the two branches were technically competitors, the group on Center stayed on Center, and the group on Earth stayed on Earth. Trade and exchanges however between them were as common as with any other Black Market organization. More profit was to be had after all in co-operation than mutual destruction.

"Whoa whoa, what the fuck is this Raddock? Explain about what?"

"Your Pantheran 'friend' just backed out of his end of the bargain Mickey. Killed two of my guys and hospitalized the other. That's coming out of your hide. And his. You vouched for him, said he was good for it"

"Whoa.. whoa.. what? I told you, let me talk to him about he deal man! He trusts me. I told you not to fuck around with this guy. He's some sort of special forces deal back on Earth man, he's not some rube to mess around with like he was another shop keep or some druggie!"

"You said his debt is transferred to us Mickey. That was the deal in.."

"Hey! That is the deal, but I told you he doesn't know the score yet. You can't just.."

"I don't care what he knows or doesn't know, we can't just let that sort of thing go unpunished."

"Well no shit, but let me fix this man! We can salvage this still. Trust me, he's worth it. The group he was with back home..."

"I don't care what he was on that backwater pisshole. I've got a reputation to maintain!"

"Ya but it's your people that screwed up! Not mine! Anyway, I can fix this. Just give me a few hours to track him down again. Just let me do the talking, it's what I do. I promise. I'll cut a deal that will make up for all this but you gotta let some of this slide. He doesn't trust us man, but he keeps his word. I swear it on my life."

Raddock growled threateningly at Mickey "You have two hours." He wouldn't normally have gone with a deal like this but Mickey was rarely wrong, true enough. Besides that damn human just always managed to be so convincing some how.

"More than enough!" Mickey said feeling somewhat relieved. Mickey wasn't a fighter and Raddock scared the hell out of him. But then Mickey always seemed to talk his way out of everything and convince people to see things his way. That was his real gift....

20 minutes later...

"You've gotta understand things from my viewpoint Kesslan. It makes me look bad. I mean hey .. hey I know what you're thinking. And you're right. But it's just a misunderstanding is all, a real screw up. But I still gotta make good see? And so do you. But they also can't just let something like that go by. You get it right? Honour and all. Can't show weakness or people won't respect you in this Biz. And that's all it is. Business. It's nothing personal. And hey, I know it wasn't for you either but you still iced two of his people man. You gotta pay for that some how or he looses face. He's got bosses too see? Chain of Command and all that. So.. now you owe him what you owed us.. and now you also owe him for the uh... incident. Your part of it I mean! Sort of an apology for going a bit too far see? This way he doesn't look so bad and this way we don't draw unwanted attention and we don't wind up with a bunch of bodies in the street capiche?" Mickey held his breath. He was pretty sure he'd figured this 'Pantheran' out. Or at least enough of him to know what buttons to push, what things to say. Just like he'd landed this whole deal in the first place.

Kesslan frowned, eyes slitting behind his visor. "This one does not like."

"Well.. ya ok I get that. You don't like it but you get where I'm coming from right? Eye for an eye, life for a life sorta stuff. Service for Service. 'Cept this time some people got iced. That's a pretty big mark against you, but they were small fish and they went over the line, so we can still fix this nice and civil. You... just gotta work even harder now to pay it off. That's all. They paid their part already right? I mean.. two guys dead one in the hospital. Now you gotta own up for your end.."

There was a very long, uncomfortable silence for Mickey at that point. God this guy gives me the creeps. he thought to himself.

"Kesslan Agree."

Mickey felt a flood of relief. It wasn't that he cared what happened to this D-bee or really this whole other operation on Center. But this was his street cred on the line here and if he could pull this off, he could maybe move up in the world. Prove he could wheel and deal with the best of them. That's all he cared about. "Great! Let me just make the call...."

1 day Later

The comm chimed and Raddock hit the accept call button. He didn't say anything, his people knew the protocol. "Hey Boss. Listen, that new guy you sent in as back up..." the voice was hesitant. "Dead?" Raddock asked in a non pulsed, unimpressed tone. "Dead?! Are you kidding me or what Boss? I mean I know you wanted to send a message to the gangs in the zone but don'tcha think that was a little overkill?" Raddock paused, his great saurian brow furrowing. "What are you talking about?"

"That new guy. Shows up packing enough hardware for an entire army. Some weapons most of the boys have never seen before and this custom Naruni job. Wiped em all out. The Slammer's clubhouse is just a smoking hole in the ground now. Our boys barely even had to lift a finger. I thought we were just going to ice a few of em, get he rest to toe the line. Not take them all out!"

Raddock paused.


"And the other gangs?"

"Oh they're all playing ball now Boss."


Raddock hung up, then hit another call button. "Jannet, tell Officer Lenard were are calling in a favour. Tell him I want to know everything that the new guy has in his storage locker. And tell him I want that list yesterday." Several minutes later Raddock was looking over a fairly hefty listing. Most of it seemed to be a little on the primitive side but he saw more than a few Naruni items on the list along with some he didn't recognize. Good hardware, explosives, lots of ammo. Big range of guns. Power Armour of some sort and it was modified, right along with the slightly shot up suit of Naruni armour that he'd been told about, also heavily modified. Hell the damned Pantheran even literally had a kitchen sink in there too!. The rest was all heavy duty merc soldier kind of stuff. From all the other reports the cat was a capable veteran special forces soldier of some sort. Meshing that up with what Mickey had told him and Raddock gave a slight grunt. Ok, so the kid had been right. It was a good deal.

Raddock hit the call button again "Tell Kesslan I have another job for him...and get the boys in Sector 14 ready to roll. It's time we start doing a little house cleaning...."

1 year Later

Kesslan sat in the clinic patiently waiting as the doctor treated the knife wound in his side and spent the time in silence, thinking about where life had lead him. A dark path indeed but it.. suited him for some reason. He felt comfortable here, needed. He even managed to do a little good. Of course he had to put the squeeze on the people when the boss said, take out others that didn't toe the line. Almost invariably the people he was ordered to kill were criminals so he felt no pitty or remorse in his actions. By this point they were even paying him fairly well for his work, his major debts already paid off. He'd even learned quite a few things while he was at it. His skills and considerable experience as a soldier had paid off and then some. It was pretty easy most of the time though, given that many of those he leaned on or were sent after tended to be comparatively inexperienced gangers, thugs, drug dealers and other sorts like that. Now and then, as he'd had tonight, he found himself in a serious fight with a real challenge and he didn't always get out of things unscathed. Meanwhile he'd actually done some real good in the more slum like areas he operated in, using his pay or connections to do favours for people he thought were worthy of helping or leaving food for the needy. Other times he simply.. removed seriously problematic individuals because it was 'the right thing to do'. All of this had earned him a reputation in the poorer areas of Center.

Few actually knew his name but they all knew who or at least what he was, an Enforcer for the Black Market, but more importantly some one who would often help when no one else would. Sure, he was a criminal, a 'scum bag' like most of the Marketeers but most people also saw he had a good heart and a few even managed to figure out he hadn't really wanted to be part of the Market. He was in too deep to get out now however. This wasn't a line of work you could just retire from. He was still an outsider to the Black Market however in many ways, just some guy that got suckered in but now he knew too many dirty little secrets, had too may contacts to just get rid of. Besides he was also too useful to simply be thrown away. You don't just toss away a valuable asset, even if you don't fully trust their loyalties.

He still wondered to this day if the Market had set him up for a fall with that Wolfen Quatoria. Then again he had to admit those early days he was a pretty 'loud' individual. Explosions, weapons fire and more importantly death had trailed in his wake as he'd been sent after rivals of the Black Market in the lower levels. Centre Security had mostly seemed not to care so long as it was kept contained but that damnable Quatoria had hunted him down and after several running gun fights finally managed to take him down. Rather than kill him like had happened to several of his compatriots he'd been hauled in for sentencing and run up on an almost dizzying number of charges. Probably to make some sort of statement. The Market however had stepped up to the plate then, bringing in a legal team that seemed to know every loophole there was. They'd managed to keep him out of jail and he'd been slapped with some community service time as a result but otherwise got off scott free.

The Quatoria had been pissed.

What had followed over the past year turned into almost a game of sorts between the pair. Kesslan always trying to stay one step ahead, the Quatoria always trying to catch him in the act or get something to stick. They'd even developed a somewhat friendly rivalry in the end for two individuals intent on shooting each other anyway. A respect of sorts had been formed. Eventually though the Market had, had enough. Kesslan was sent in with a hit squad to take the Quatoria out on his home turf. Now that had been a fight Kesslan hadn't seen the like of in a long time. It had eventually boiled down to just the two of them left standing, sort of. Kesslan's suit had taken a serious beating but the Quatoria had lost out in the end. Kesslan had managed to corner him, the Quatoria missing an arm, sporting a badly damaged leg and several sizable holes in his chest. Kesslan had just stared at his nemesis for a while, gun drawn and pointed at him poised to take the final shot. The Quatoria raised his own pistol and pulled the trigger but it failed to fire, it's ammunition depleted.

"At least make it quick." the Quatoria had replied somewhat bitter and defiantly, though Kesslan had picked up the weariness and resignation in his voice. But he just stood there, finger squeezed on the trigger a hair from firing and then... he just holstered his gun. "No." he'd said rather softly. The Quatoria cocked his head to the side, studying him a moment, skin hanging off of artificial components beneath in a gory sight. Kesslan wasn't even sure he could see propertly. The Quatoria just grunted slightly then and pulled his badge from his tattered suit, rubbing some blood and mechanical fluids on it and tossing it at Kesslan's feet. Kesslan looked back at him with some mild confusion and surprise. "Hey, I know when I'm beat. Time for me to vanish and move on." he had explained. Now it was Kesslan's turn to grunt. "Help me up?" the Quatoria had asked and Kesslan hesitated a moment before taking the step forward and reaching down to help haul the Quatoria to his feet, expecting it to be some trick.

It hadn't been though, the Quatoria had just turned to walk out, pausing in the doorway "Shame you weren't one of us. You'd be good at it. You should get out of this biz."

"Kesslan can't. Too much owe. Would not honourable be to not pay back."

The Quatoria sighed and just gave his head a disappointed shake. "Where there's a will there's a way." he paused turned to go then paused again. "I'll see you around again. Some day." Then he was gone. I didn't see him again after that. Far as I could tell he got himself patched up and slipped off world heading to the outer fringes of the CCW. He was still out there though, and part of me wondered if I ever would run into him again and how it might play out. He had been a worthy adversary but even if I'd failed to kill him the Market would have just called in an even bigger team until he was dead. I could still respect him for knowing when to back off and try his luck elsewhere. As far as the Market knew though he was dead. I'd handed in his badge and what had been left of his shot off cybernetic arm. They assumed he was dead, but had never actually asked me if I killed him and I never bothered to actually tell them I hadn't.


It wouldn't have been honourable but most of these people couldn't see it that way.

"Ok, looks like we are all done here. You're free to go Mr Osefice."

"Thank you Doctor. Hope no offence taken but Kesslan hope not see again soon yes?" he even managed to smile, meaning it somewhat in jest. "Better if not have to be patched up."

"Ha! Right you are. Well.. have a good day!" and with that the doctor turned and left the room and Kesslan gathered up his things and made his way to the reception desk to pay the bill. "Hi again Kesslan!" the..

Kesslan paused.

He still didn't know what the hell she was.

Some alien species he'd not yet identified and he didn't want to ask lest he offend her. He blinked then pulled out his credstick

"Oh don't worry about that this time. Least we could do after you helped with our little situation the other day."

Kesslan paused again then put the credstick back in his pocket. "Thank you." he said softly, not really knowing how else to respond before he turned and left, checking the time on his watch. Good, he still had another hour before the meeting. Just enough time to get cleaned up and dressed into something more appropriate. He didn't know what the whole story was, only that Raddock had told him some serious big shot named Thraxus was calling in some serious favours the Black Market owed him. What ever the man wanted, Kesslan would find out soon enough and Kesslan knew better than to show up late when someone like Thraxus called. Kesslan knew nothing of the man other than all the wild stories, but that was still enough. Meanwhile all his things were already being packed up and shipped off to the space port to be loaded up for some sort of trip. Kesslan wondered what it could all be about, but he was patient and knew the answers would come soon enough.

One year Later:
A year on Phase World is enough to learn that you don’t fuck with someone like Thraxus. He always gets what he wants; your best bet is just to go along with it. Fortunately, this time, what he wanted wasn’t that far off from what you wanted. An end to all this dirty criminal business. The chance to do some real good, to make a positive difference. A cause- something you had been searching for since you learned of the fate of your people.

You’d known for some time that he was aggressively recruiting mercenaries all over Center. If you hadn’t had other commitments, it might even have been a tempting offer- certainly there are worse patrons to have. Like the black market for one. Fortunately, Thraxus offers you a way out.

The conversation was short, sweet, and to the point. He needed someone with your skills and experience. Someone with a code, but who was willing to get his hands dirty when the need arose. He talked about a team of mercs he had working for him. Do-gooders, by and large- lots of ‘peace and love’ types. While they were a force to be reckoned with, Thraxus said, their mission- to collect certain unspecified items of great import- had been stalled of late. Thraxus was concerned that they were letting sentiment get in the way of the job. That’s where you’d come in.

The godling wanted to put you in command of the team. Said that your sense of honor should make the transition palatable to them, but that you would do whatever is required and make sure the rest of them did the same. In exchange, he would use his influence to ‘convince’ the black market that your debt had been fully paid. You’d be free and clear, provided you agreed to work for Thraxus, and Thraxus exclusively, for a year. After that, you were free to renew your 'contract' or leave as you saw fit. In the meantime, you’d be paid normal rates, of course.

You know a good deal when it hits you, and doing criminals’ dirty work had been getting old for a while now. You agreed. Thraxus directed you to a small shop on Level 4 where you could meet his contact- but before heading there, he asked you to locate some additional talent for the team. Someone skilled in infiltration and assassination, and who likewise was not burdened by an overabundance of scruples in the face of a job that needs doing. You assured him you’d take care of it.

An hour later, your black market employers were now contacts- their fear of Thraxus far outweighing their greed for what you could do for them. You made a few discreet inquiries, and located a psychic named Emerson Kendall who had just the resume you were looking for. A quick transmission later, and the two of you were meeting outside the aforementioned shop.

A tattooed human met you there, escorted you into a back room and through a magical circle etched in the floor. You materialized on a landing near the top of Center- outside and with an admittedly breathtaking view. Your host escorted you inside and bade you wait in a small room off to the side. A few minutes later, the door slid open, and you and Emerson emerge into a spartan antechamber with a rather eclectic bunch arrayed before you. These, presumably, are your new troops.
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Character Description

Postby Kesslan » Sun Apr 22, 2007 8:19 am

Conveniently I had a pic of a CS Battlecat/Head Hunter Assassin character of mine commissioned few years back. And it's rather suitable for this character as well. So here's the link to the artists page: ... n%3Ascraps

Thats why the eyes are yellow (as opposed to matching the following character description). There is however a slightly more updated version here:


Kesslan stands at a respectable six feet two inches, and is unmistakably inhuman. Though his actual species is hard to tell by look alone, save to say that he's a member of some sort of feline race. Possibly a CS Battlecat. However, if this is the case he's more than likely a rogue.

One of the things that almost instantly stands out about this particular being is that his very sleek coat of fur is black as soot and his eyes are a pure milky white. That is of course until one dares to look very closely at his eyes. Only then can one make out that the pupil and iris are an extremely pale blue and green.

The overall appearance, to some at least can be quite threatening, especially when he speaks as he has a fair tendency to growl and hiss words with a good showing of a set of very sharp teeth in the process. In action the feline carries himself like one who has little doubt about himself, and curious about the world around him. Yet at the same time he always appears a little as if he's on edge. Not so much waiting to pounce as waiting for the first chance he sees to disappear.
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General Goals, Beliefs & Motivations

Postby Kesslan » Tue Apr 24, 2007 2:03 am

Ok figured I'd add in a bit more to all this, mostly for the benefit of the GMs in case I go on vacation, cant post for a little while or what ever and need to be NPC'd for a bit.
(Updated: Dec/2015)

Kesslan has an overall desire for self-sufficiency that could cover almost every conceivable situation, this is why cybernetic augmentations are of such interest to the Pantheran. He's not able to cast spells or use psionics like many of his team mates, nor does he have any super powers that many of his kind posses. Thus over the years he's looked to compensate and cybernetics is the clear (if expensive) choice. He once desired to try and get back home but he's given up on that goal as one that would no longer serve a purpose. Beyond this, due to his reclusive nature he's rarely driven by the usual need for social interaction with others. Even the few times he might be, there's more than likely to be multiple barriers in place, partially from language, but more importantly due to his radioactivity. None the less when it comes to members of his team Kesslan's code of honour and ethics compels him to work with them as best he can. When it comes to actual friends though, he has extremely few left. However, for those he considers friends, Kesslan wouldn't even think twice on going through the underworld itself and beyond if need be in the most literal sense possible. When it comes to loved ones however, there simply are none that come close. None have bothered to try and Kesslan himself has never expressed interest due to what is ultimately a very fatalistic outlook on the world, coupled with his radioactive nature that makes it effectively impossible to have romantic relations with most other races and he rarely encounters his own kind.

Short Term Goals:
To continue to improve his grasp of English/Trade 5, and some day learn to actually read the language and perhaps learn a few other languages as well. He is also always on the lookout for new technological advancements, cybernetics and has a passing interest in magic though he's never seriously considered it due to the fact he can't use the vast majority of them and permanently enchanted items are rare.

Through his exposure to others over the years, and more recent events while travelling with, and fighting along side the Templar, Kesslan has started to question his own morality. Once, long ago he'd been 'good' if not quite principled. Honour, Duty, Family, Clan.. The Greater Good. This all drove Kesslan towards his actions and the dark path he walked. It was only when he started skirting with turning diabolic in alignment while all those around him refused to turn to darker urges, or at least chose to confront them that he realized that he might be wrong about his view of the world. There was a dream that was The Greater Good. The united Seriv. There was a dream that would have seen the Pantherans reaching out to the stars. That had been before they realized the lies of the Atorians and their minions. Deep down he still hates them, worse yet he's come to hate himself for failing to stand up for what he'd known all along was right. He has only recently started to admit to himself that he'd been wrong all along but for now lacks the proper motivation to better himself and isn't even sure at times what's 'right' anymore beyond the strict (and all too often unforgiving) letter of his code of honour. More recent failures to actually help those he's tried to have not aided him. Though he now realizes many of his acts are far beyond what is considered 'good' even by his one time standards, he's started to wonder if he's simply cursed or meant to be the way he is, doubly so after he learned upon his arrival to Phase World that the Pantherans were now free, or at least effectively so. This has caused him to cast some doubt upon his outlook on the world, and yet every time he turns around, some one needs to make the hard calls.

Long Term Goals:
Kesslan has met many of the long term goals he's kept in mind. For now he seeks to simply increase the array of cybernetics he's acquired with an eye to 'keeping it under the skin'. If presented with actually tangible possibilities he'd also peruse the chance for immortality or some near proximity to it, not out of a fear of death but because there's clearly so much left in life he would like to lean about. He is after all a Pantheran and they are, as a general whole, very curious about everything. Beyond this he seeks a real purpose in life again. A worthy and ultimately noble cause. A cause worth fighting for. A cause worth dying for if need be. Secretly though he longs for his own kind. To have family, to have clan. To belong. His reclusive nature however almost guarantees this will never come to pass however, even if he ever manages to some how meet up with his own kind or even return to Seriv one day. Still, one can dream.

Personal, Spiritual and Religious Beliefs:
Kesslan is at a bit of a mixed odds with his species spiritual beliefs. On one hand, as a mundane there's just so much out there he can not experience, on the other even as a mundane he's experienced, witnessed and taken part in events that he simply can not explain any other way other than it being the will of the gods, the spirits and other such things, and he's twice now encountered gods or at least their Avatars. Specifically Balthazar and Khali, the latter of whom he fought and defeated along side the Spood Squad. Where his actual spiritual beliefs fail however, his belief in championing the cause of the 'Greater Good' transcends into outright zealotry. Kill one to save a hundred, kill a thousand to save a million, kill a million to save an entire species. His own experiences with the Atorians and their treatment of his race as well as others has made him equally stand against slavery to the point that he would not presently think twice to simply shoot a known slaver to punish them for their crimes regardless of who or what they enslaved. That said he does not stand against certain forms of indenture. His strong sense of honour demands that debts be repaid when ever possible, be it his own or those of others. The greater the debt owed, the greater the lengths he believes one should go to, to repay said debt. Thus as long as the indentured individual is actually and truly free when the dept is paid, then he doesn't view it as slavery. That said he also feels those the debt is owed to should threat the indentured fairly and honestly, and not aim to abuse their position in any manner possible. This also means Kesslan understands the concept of a 'life debt' though it's not a concept he personally prescribes to.

Ultimately Kesslan believes in what amounts to a modified and slightly darker form of romanticized chivalric ideology. Honour, Duty, Clan, Family, Law, Order, Freedom. It is only in the lengths he has gone, and is presently willing to go to, to ensure these rights for others, that he once failed to see just how far he drifted from his initial and principled beliefs. Now, instead of viewing the suffering of others as a terrible misfortune, it is merely the simple requirement of life for the greater whole. Regardless of if it is his own suffering, or that of others. So long as the whole benefits, clearly it must be worth the cost. That said, he's still far more willing to force himself to suffer than make others do so.

Changes to outlook brought over time:
As Kesslan has adventured with others, especially the varied mix of people that made up his previous group the Crusaders of Merctown which included humans, an elf, a Grackletooth and even one of the notorious Blind Warrior Women, coupled with his time among The Templar he's come to learn that Humans are not quite like the Atorian, nor are Elves. With further exposure to the members of The Templar and the loss of yet another rare individual he'd started to consider a friend he's started to rethink his life and his views. The continued losses only add to the wall he puts around himself. While he remains cordial and civil to his fellow group mates and most others, he none the less keeps himself apart, for as much as his heart yearns for companionship and friendship, he's literally lost every friend he's ever had one way or another. As a result as much as he desires love and companionship, yearns for the feel of intimacy with another, he will ultimately always push everyone away, no matter how dear to his heart they may be. While he is, by all accounts entirely fearless, it is only in that he harbors something bordering on a death wish, and the fact that he has practically nothing to loose, combined with being a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Deep, deep down however, there is but one true fear, and the reason he keeps himself apart from others. It is because he's afraid of being hurt by loss yet again and all the excuses he uses, especially his radioactivity, while genuine reasons are really in part simply excuses he's used so much he almost believes it himself. Even then fear has never prevented him from taking action, though it's possible it has stopped him in the past from taking the correct one.

Code of Honour:
Pantheran above all: Without unity there is chaos. What benefits one Pantheran could potentially benefit all. With sharing comes learning, with learning comes knowledge, with knowledge comes responsibility and power. The power to make a better life and world for everyone.

Clan; the needs of the many: Ultimately no matter how idealistic there will always be divisions in beliefs. Support the causes you believe in most. In supporting the clan you support the family and the self. What benefits the clan will ultimately benefit many families and individuals. A strong clan assures the future. A strong clan means the young can grow up without fear, the poets can write, the artists, artisans and scientists can dream and create an even better future.

Warriors; the protector: A warrior's duty is to the future of the whole race as much as the clan. A warrior's duty is to face the enemy, protect those who can not defend themselves and ensure that future generations can survive in the face of even the worst adversity. No matter the cost. Life, limb, financial ruin. None of these matter if the greater whole isn't protected, even if it sometimes has to be protected from itself. Inevitably one is brought into clashes with other races. Those races that would see others destroyed or enslaved or simply wish to wage war should be targeted and eliminated for the good of all. Still, genocide should rarely be the intended goal. Other races can potentially bring new ideas and advancements to Pantherans as much as Pantherans could bring such things to them. Mutual understanding and co-operation is usually best but not always possible.

War; The great moral test: War should generally be treated as a last result. Still, especially when dealing with other races, war is liable to be the end result. Even among Pantheran clans this has held true. The best decision a warrior can make in war is the decision that will guarantee the least number of lives lost. If that means having to kill one individual or millions, actions should be carried out swiftly and without pause. Allowing aggressors such as bandits and thieves to escape almost always leads to additional harm to the innocent down the road. If taking such individuals out calls for the sacrifice of a few innocent, so be it. Better they suffer and die with the enemy so that the enemy can not return to harm even more later. Those who are not true warriors will not understand. With this understanding however also comes the realization that you must sometimes be that sacrifice. Better you die than the innocent. Better the fewer innocent die or be harmed than the many. Better the many die than the entirety perish.

Other Castes; What you are fighting for: Be they Builder, Scientist, Servant or any other caste, what does it matter? Do not expect them to be able to fight well. Support those that desire to fight with you for the greater cause. Aid them and teach them. Some may even turn into great warriors just as great warriors can grow weary of war and turn their hands to other things. Not all can be warriors, not all can be builders or scientists. Always be mindful of the potential each may have to helping the greater whole. Without everyone the Clan is nothing. Without the Clans, the Pantheran are nothing.

Family; your cherished past and future: Without family there is only the individual. Without family there is no future. Family means young, family means taking care of the old and elderly who have given so much to see the future come to pass. Family means the loved. Family means taking care of the young, even if they are not directly of your line they can be as brothers and sisters or as your own children. The family is what the Clan should be. The family is what all Pantheran should strive to be.

Your word is your bond: Strive to always do what you say you will. Realize it is sometimes impossible. Try never to promise that which you can not do or say what you do not mean. Without your word you are nothing. Without your word you can not be trusted. Without trust there is no growth. Without trust there is no future.

The Greater Good; The Ultimate Goal: Ever keep a vigil eye to the future. When all is lost and all is bleak continue to seek a better way. Even if the light of Seriv and all Pantheran fades from the stars do what is right. Do what would make all future races see the Pantheran and strive to be as we are. Strive to teach unity, justice and kindness. Strive to better all and ensure that even when all else is lost, some one carries on. In this way the Pantheran will forever live on until all the stars themselves cease to be.
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Running Speed notes

Postby Kesslan » Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:12 pm

Speed Notes
Just wanted to figgure out Kess's actual running speed in his exo-suit and figured it would be a good time to just work it all out.

Normal: 30.7kph
Per Minute: 640 Yards/Meters
Per Melee Round (15 seconds): 160 Yards/Meters
Per Action: 17.8 (Based on 9 actions)

In NE-BA55: 92.1kph
Per Minute: 1,680 Yards/Meters
Per Melee Round: 420 Yards/Meters
Per Action: 42 yards (Based on 10 actions)

With a PE of 22 he can run:
17.6km at 15.35kph before having to stop if running at half speed
5.87km at full speed before having to stop.

With a PE of 22 and the 30% fatigue reduction his armour grands him he can run:
22.88km at 46kph
7.63km at full speed.
Kesslan's Character Sheet
HP: 79 SDC: 157
MDC Skull: 22

Constant Effects:
Autododge +5, Mildly Radioactive, Can see Ultra-Violet spectrum of light, Takes 1/2 Damage from Radiation, Immune to Horror Factor, No fear of heights. Cybernetics: See Character Sheet. Can make Aimed/Called shots while running, swimming, parachuting or from a moving vehicle without penalty. Steady Nerves: Driving Penalties 1/2. Street Rep (Hardcase to be Feared): HF14 when Angry/Threatening.

Rose (To Kesslan): I don't suppose you're planning an assault on all free kind are you?
Daisy (OOC) Figures big crowds don't seem to be his thing, unless he's firing on them.
Rex: his ears rotate like dishes towards Kesslan's roar and the response from his foes, "trouble."
Al: Listening to the roar Al nods. "That would be Kesslan. Which most of the time means the exact same thing."
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Postby Kesslan » Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:00 am

Wishlist Items: (Includes some very long term goals along with short term items that can simply be purchased)
Synthetic Voice Enhancer: 6,000
Shock Fangs (P48 Bionic SB)
Sonar: 25,000
Sonic Echo-Location: 60,000
Ambidextrous: 65,000
Fangs: 90,000
Empathic Transmission Blocker: 90,000 (P88 Bionic SB)
Hyperlink: 100,000 (P88 Bionic SB)
Armoured Eyes: 150,000
Combat Computer: 150,000
Genetic Weapons (Claws): 175,000 each hand
Mind COntrol Blocker: 200,000
Cyberlink Interface: 250,000 (P55 Bionic SB)
Augmented Digestive System: 650,000
Augmented Lungs: 750,000
Augmented Kidneys: 900,000
Augmented Immune System: 1.1M
Augmented Brain: 1.2M
Adrenaline Surge: 1.2M
Augmented Senses (P145 AU:GG) 2.2M each
Vehicle Linking Headjack Hardware (P138 AU:GG) 60k For headjack software upgrade, 30k for vehicle upgrade
Augmented Attributes (5M each, 2.5M for SDC, 50M for regeneration. P144 AU:GG)
Natural AR 14 (Advanced version) 6M

TW Power Shuriken (P300 BOM. 500cr. Much cheaper than Energy Shuriken & Counts as Magic Damage)
Elemental Shuriken Set (Or similar) P294 BOM (Or in Japan book)
Tanto of Hellish Poison
Ghostly Katana of Soulslaying or some sort of rune sword
Supernatural Damage Fetish
Australian Molokoi 'Warrior's Blade" ? (P317 BOM or Australia book. 20-30k)
Kesslan's Character Sheet
HP: 79 SDC: 157
MDC Skull: 22

Constant Effects:
Autododge +5, Mildly Radioactive, Can see Ultra-Violet spectrum of light, Takes 1/2 Damage from Radiation, Immune to Horror Factor, No fear of heights. Cybernetics: See Character Sheet. Can make Aimed/Called shots while running, swimming, parachuting or from a moving vehicle without penalty. Steady Nerves: Driving Penalties 1/2. Street Rep (Hardcase to be Feared): HF14 when Angry/Threatening.

Rose (To Kesslan): I don't suppose you're planning an assault on all free kind are you?
Daisy (OOC) Figures big crowds don't seem to be his thing, unless he's firing on them.
Rex: his ears rotate like dishes towards Kesslan's roar and the response from his foes, "trouble."
Al: Listening to the roar Al nods. "That would be Kesslan. Which most of the time means the exact same thing."
Theme Songs: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive , Disturbed: Indestructible , Johnny Cash: Hurt , UNKLE: Burn My Shadow, The Kinks: I'm not like everybody else, The Equalizer theme song, X Ambassadors: Jungle (feat. Jamie N Commons)
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Kesslan Level Up Info.

Postby Kesslan » Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:00 pm

F&G and Level Up Info
Level up & misc dice rolls:
HP: 1d6:


Fortune and Glory 35 Patron Milestone Roll:
Roll for Table: 1d10:
(Mighty Weapon)
Sub Table Roll: 1d4:
(Trademark Weapon)

ME EP Boost (16+): 1d6:
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Kesslan's Character Sheet
HP: 79 SDC: 157
MDC Skull: 22

Constant Effects:
Autododge +5, Mildly Radioactive, Can see Ultra-Violet spectrum of light, Takes 1/2 Damage from Radiation, Immune to Horror Factor, No fear of heights. Cybernetics: See Character Sheet. Can make Aimed/Called shots while running, swimming, parachuting or from a moving vehicle without penalty. Steady Nerves: Driving Penalties 1/2. Street Rep (Hardcase to be Feared): HF14 when Angry/Threatening.

Rose (To Kesslan): I don't suppose you're planning an assault on all free kind are you?
Daisy (OOC) Figures big crowds don't seem to be his thing, unless he's firing on them.
Rex: his ears rotate like dishes towards Kesslan's roar and the response from his foes, "trouble."
Al: Listening to the roar Al nods. "That would be Kesslan. Which most of the time means the exact same thing."
Theme Songs: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive , Disturbed: Indestructible , Johnny Cash: Hurt , UNKLE: Burn My Shadow, The Kinks: I'm not like everybody else, The Equalizer theme song, X Ambassadors: Jungle (feat. Jamie N Commons)
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Re: Kesslan XP Chart

Postby Kesslan » Sun Oct 20, 2019 2:57 pm

XP Chart
XP Charts:

CS Military Specialist
1: 0,000 – 2,120
2: 2,121 – 4,240
3: 4,241 – 8,480
4: 8,481 – 16,960
5: 16,961 – 24,960
6: 24,961 – 34,960
7: 34,961 – 49,960
8: 49,961 – 69,960
9: 69,961 – 94,960
10: 94,961 – 129,960
11: 129,961 – 179,960
12: 179,961 – 229,960
13: 1229,961 – 279,960
14: 279,961 – 329,960
15: 329,961 – 389,961

Black Market Enforcer
1: 0,000 – 1,970
2: 1,971 – 3,940
3: 3,941 – 7,880
4: 7,881 – 14,880
5: 14,881 – 21,880
6: 21,881 – 31,880
7: 31,881 – 41,220
8: 41,221 – 54,440
9: 54,441 – 74,660
10: 74,661 – 104,880
11: 104,881 – 139,220
12: 139,221 – 189,440
13: 189,441 – 239,660
14: 239,661 – 290,880
15: 290,881 – 335,000
Kesslan's Character Sheet
HP: 79 SDC: 157
MDC Skull: 22

Constant Effects:
Autododge +5, Mildly Radioactive, Can see Ultra-Violet spectrum of light, Takes 1/2 Damage from Radiation, Immune to Horror Factor, No fear of heights. Cybernetics: See Character Sheet. Can make Aimed/Called shots while running, swimming, parachuting or from a moving vehicle without penalty. Steady Nerves: Driving Penalties 1/2. Street Rep (Hardcase to be Feared): HF14 when Angry/Threatening.

Rose (To Kesslan): I don't suppose you're planning an assault on all free kind are you?
Daisy (OOC) Figures big crowds don't seem to be his thing, unless he's firing on them.
Rex: his ears rotate like dishes towards Kesslan's roar and the response from his foes, "trouble."
Al: Listening to the roar Al nods. "That would be Kesslan. Which most of the time means the exact same thing."
Theme Songs: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive , Disturbed: Indestructible , Johnny Cash: Hurt , UNKLE: Burn My Shadow, The Kinks: I'm not like everybody else, The Equalizer theme song, X Ambassadors: Jungle (feat. Jamie N Commons)
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