M.A.R.S. Compound (213a)

Dockside, Airport, and outskirts of MercTown.

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M.A.R.S. Compound (213a)

Postby Tyrannosapiens Rex » Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:11 pm

M.A.R.S. Compound

Building is secured by a joint venture between the Merchant's Association and the Collegiate Arcane, this security service is among the best money can buy taking full advantage of magical and mundane technologies. Equal to "Paranoid" in the Mercenary Company Creation Log. Installation Fee & Set-Up Fee: 150,000 (includes permanent magical enhancements) plus Monitoring: 120,000 annually.

The company uses Ironfist Field Systems for the rooms, repair bay and lab facilities. These are basically cargo containers pre-loaded with gear designed to be dropped in the field to produce bases, mining communities, etc. Each one is 40' x 8' x 9'6". There are 11 containers in total. Residential units are on top of the lab and mechanical units. The upper levels are accessible by the catwalk.

1x Lab Unit
1x Mechanical Unit (for taller vehicles you can work in the garage area but would have a container to store your tools)
1x Medical Unit
8x Residential Unit - two rooms with shared bath, kitchen, and laundry

Lab Unit
Includes basic equipment and tools such as computers, microscopes, spectrometer for chemical analysis, containers for storing specimens, an examination/autopsy table, a couple of lab tables, four desks, shelves, an isolation chamber, quarantine room, and other equipment for a lab. The door can be locked, and has 30 M.D.C.

Mechanical Unit
This unit includes basic robotics and vehicular tools, diagnostic computer, design computer, laser mold making system, a small lift and two heavy welding/bonding systems. It can be used to repair most human sized robots, power armor, and vehicles. The laser mold allows for making custom parts, one at a time. The tools are suitable for larger robots and vehicles but a larger lift is needed.

Medical Unit
One main examination room, two very small examination rooms, one sick room with four beds that fold down from the wall for the seriously ill, and a small doctor’s lab comprise the med-bay. There is medical equipment and capabilities roughly equal to a small clinic, including x-ray machine, EKG, EEG, and so on. Advanced med systems such as a half dozen of each of the following: Bio-Comp Monitors, Compu-Drug Dispensers, IRMSS (Internal Robot Medical Surgeon Systems), IRVT (Internal Robot Visual Tansmitters), RAU (Robot Antiseptic Units), RMK (Robot Medical Kits), RSU (Sedative Units), Palm Bio-Units, Micro Scales, a Portable Bio-Scan, Bio-Lab, Portable Laboratory, one Portable Scan Dihilator, one portable language translator, and a Multi-Optics Helmet are all standard equipment that come stocked in the Iron Fist Systems med-lab. The door can be locked, and has 30 M.D.C.

Residential Unit - 2 Room
Similar to a small two bedroom apartment. Features a small kitchen, sitting area, bathroom and two small bedrooms with room for a bed and small desk. Certainly an upgrade from the cramped barracks-style of most module designs. A little privacy and comfort in the field.
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