Outskirts & Dockside: Maps, Legends & Guidelines

Dockside, Airport, and outskirts of MercTown.

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Outskirts & Dockside: Maps, Legends & Guidelines

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Dockside: Waterfront & Industrial Sector
205- Poseidon Shipwrights
205a- Pierside
206- GAW Dealership
207- The MercTown Power Plant
208- Retrofit Robots
209- Bailey Brothers Construction
210- O'Grady's Vehicle Parts & Scrap Yard
211- Custom Auto-Body
211a- Defunct Titan Industries Warehouse (Crusaders of MercTown HQ)
212- Allen Foods
213- Still Ticking Motors
214- Bits of 'Bots
215- The Goblin's Hole
215a- Headquarters for The Glitter Fangs
216- Dragon's Head Brewery
217- Kentucky Moonshine Co.
218- Braffo Bok's Used Tanks
218a- eXecutive Combat Solutions' Base of Operations
219- Otto's Automotive
220- Kentucky Dairy Products


Outskirts: Immediately outside the City Walls
1- Prouse Memorial Airport
MercTown Air Force
MercTown Airport
Magic Carpet Airships
Air Michigan
Fly By Night
Golden Age Airlines
Private Customers
2- Air North America
3- Randal Rotor's Aircraft Garage
4- The Flight Room
The Carrier Deck
The Crud Bunker
The Wrestling Pit
5- Air Superiority Inc. Compound
6- Headquarters & Stables of Ostrosaurus Express
7- Rat-Race Derby
8- Headhunter Academy
9- Weapon Storage Facilities (Indicated by the black squares)
10- The Outer Wall & City Gates

Paducah Estates:
A- The Paducah Estates
B- Naruni Heights


  • Feel free to waylay, reward, abuse, or surprise PCs walking the streets of any zone however you wish. They are obviously up to no good or looking for trouble. :twisted:
  • Consult this thread regarding pricing for repair rates, materials, and ammo.
  • Consult this thread regarding the purchasing and learning of new spells.

  • You must reply to the location you're wanting to visit.
  • If you wish to "walk the streets" of a district but not be in a specific location, post a new thread to that District Forum with your name in the subject field.
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