The Quiet Warrior Inn (80)

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The Quiet Warrior Inn (80)

Postby Augur » Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:27 pm

There is absolutely nothing spectacular about the place. Like many small inns around the world, it is run by a couple of average humans. Upon entering, you see several of Merctown's less aggressive adventurers (mostly scholars or scouts) hanging about the common room, chatting with each other about life experiences.

The owners of the inn are an elderly human couple who always seem to be fighting but obviously love each other very much. The man appears to be rather skinny and seems to drink and sleep quite a bit, while the woman is larger and obviously loves to cook. Several of the Merctown locals have taken to calling her "mom" and she is known for bringing baked goods and soup to residents who fall ill or injure themselves.

Rates: 60 credits per night, includes breakfast. Dinner add an extra 10 Credits. Psychic Healing available upon request.
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