Golden Age Relics (58)

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Golden Age Relics (58)

Postby Augur » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:55 am

An antique store that deals mainly in refinished furniture, old books, archaic jewelry, curios and pre-Rifts relics. The age of the items is reflected in the price, the older it is, the more it costs. The shop is always interested in buying pre-Rifts artifacts and pays 10-50 credits for things like bottle caps, soda bottles, tin cans and common household articles in good to excellent condition; half that price for items in poor condition. Old books , manuals, newspapers and magazines get 40-160 credits, computer and video disks 100-800 credits, jewelry and old furniture 200-1200 credits, and rare working weapons and electronics 400-2400 credits per item, sometimes more. Of course, the shop owner cleans up the items and sells them for 4-10 times what they paid.

+5% to one roll to find pre-rifts items of ultra rare or Legendary rarity
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