Contest Rules/Guidance Update Thread

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Contest Rules/Guidance Update Thread

Postby Augur » Mon May 20, 2019 7:21 am

What could be used to make these kinds of contests better?

Original Contest Guidance & Rules wrote:This April 2019 EP Contest will be to update to R:UE standards the Temporal Wizard character class from World Book 3: England.

  • Only one submission is allowed per player.
    Grammar and spelling are important to create a quality submission, so you need to seriously proofread your work!
  • Submitted format should follow that of contemporary O.C.C.s.
  • Make sure that any image used is no more than 300 pixels in height.

Explanatory Notes:
The contest ends May 15th. Augur will validate/invalidate each submission at this time based exclusively on the quality of the writing, the author's following of the format, and if he considers the submission to be broken and/or munchkinized. Augur will add a poll to the contest, and the EU community will vote for their favorite submission. (Time to bribe your fellow players!)

The contest judgment begins on May 15th, and will be concluded by no later than May 22nd (IRL permitting!).

1st Place: +10 EP & The submission will be added to EU canon as the official replacement of the original O.C.C.
2nd Place: +5 EP
3rd Place: +3 EP
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