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Dabbler Magical OCC

Postby Orbital Master » Sat Jun 30, 2018 2:22 pm

Good day everyone

I'm trying to get back into my gaming mode and dusted off a much beloved idea for a character class, the Dabbler. I would appreciate any constructive criticism, question, or suggestions to make this class a lot better and to be playable. Without any further delays, may I present, the Dabbler Magical O.C.C.


The Dabbler is a spell caster who has taken bits and pieces of magic that he or she has learned but is not a full spell caster as others would be. They are considered to be jack of all trades or “Vagabond Mages”. These Dabblers often times have either lost their teacher, been banished by their teacher or have learning issues. Whatever the reason, they have the ability to pick up magic secrets as they advance in levels, but are always a few step behind those who are actual spell casters.

Because of their reduced training, they often times have a lower P.P.E. base and fewer spells. They make up for that with ingenuity and cunning. And then there’s the secrets they can pick up through their travels.

AKA Vagabond Mages

Attribute Requirements: M.E.: 13, P.E.: 14
Racial Requirements: None, anyone can become a Dabbler, however it is much more common in Humans than any other race (it is suspected it was a human that started the process).

Special Abilities
1) Sorcerers Secrets: One of the deadliest abilities a Dabbler has is their ability to potentially learn many different forms of magic, but even that takes time. Select 1 Sorcerer Secret at level 1 and another every 3 levels starting at level 3. Unless noted, the secret can only be selected once.

1. Rare Magic: The Dabbler can select 1 additional form of magic from the following list. They can cast these spells without doubling their P.P.E. and can learn from practitioners. Selecting this secret does not grant additional spells but allows one to select from that spell list in addition to normal incantations. Spells from these selections are not limited to the Dabbler restriction of only able to learn spells from level 1-6. This secret can be selected more than once, for an additional type of rare magic.
a. Shaman (All Shaman spells are combined into one list, must be of Native American heritage)
b. Necromancy
c. Temporal
d. Living Fire
e. Ocean
f. Space (Phase World)
g. Demonic (Demon and Soulmancy, must be of anarchist or evil alignment.)
h. Flesh Sculpter (from the Nightbane Universe)
i. Biomancy
j. Shadow (Secrets of the Atlanteans)

2. Elementalism: The Dabbler has a link with the elemental planes. Select 1 type of elemental magic. In addition to the normal spells selected, the Dabbler can select 1 additional elemental magic spell at each level up to the level of the character. Also, elemental magic is allowed to be selected when new spells are selected. The Dabbler can not select level 7 or 8 spells until level 7. This can be selected more than once.

3. Advanced knowledge: The Dabbler normally can not learn any magic over 6th level. With this secret, the Dabbler can select 2D4 additional spells from levels 7-15. This can be selected more than once.

4. Shifter/Summoner: The Dabbler has picked up the Shifter’s ability to Rift home (for 150 P.P.E.) and has the special ability of halving the P.P.E. cost of spells that are Temporal or Ley Line related.

5. Ley Line Walker: The Dabbler has opened their mind and body to that of the Ley Lines. They can sense Ley Lines at 10% +5%/LV, sense Ley Line Nexus at 20%+5%/LV, and Ley Line Rejuvenation.

6. Vampiric Study: the character gains the ability to be immune to vampiric mind control and Pheromone abilities similar to a Necromancer. The character also gains Lore Vampires at 40% (+5%) and Vampire Combat knowledge as per Vampire Hunter

7. Necromantic Study: When selected, the character gains the abilities of Union with the Dead and Augmentation with additional appendages similar to that of a Necromancer.

8. Tattoos: The character is likely to be friends with an Atlantean or a Chang Ku Dragon. When selected, the character can select 1D4+2 Magic Tattoos. Tattoos cost twice as much P.P.E. to activate. Note: Even if the character has less than 6 tattoos, this selection can not be selected more than once.

9. Psychic Abilities: The character has awakened their psychic abilities. The first time it is selected, they are considered to be minor psychics with 2 powers from Healing, Physical, or Sensitive power categories and have an I.S.P. of ME + 2D6. Selected a second time, they are considered to be major psychics and gain 6 additional psychic abilities from Healing, Physical and/or Sensitive power categories and gain an additional 1D6*10 I.S.P. If selected for a third time, the character is a Master Psychic and gains 8 additional psychic abilities from any minor category and 3 Super Psionics. This time, the character gains 2D6*10 I.S.P. This ability can only be selected 3 times (Up to Master Psychic).

10. Enhanced Power: After learning enhanced meditation techniques, the Dabbler has learned to channel more energy within their body. The Dabbler gains 2D4*10 P.P.E. and can regain lost P.P.E. at the rate of 8 by sleep or 15 via meditation.

2) Initial Spell Knowledge: In addition to the Sorcerer Secrets, they are spell casters but without a lot of strength. At first level, a Dabbler can select 2 spells for every level 1-6 (for a total of 12 spells). These spells can only be selected from Invocations only unless a Sorcerer Secret allows for a different specialization.

3) Learning New Spells: Unlike a normal mage, a Dabbler can not learn magic from other sources. Instead, like a mystic, a Dabbler must meditate for one week after gaining a new level. After that week, the Dabbler can select 4 new spells with the same restrictions and additions gained by Sorcerer Secrets.

4) Curse of Dabblers: Ironically, while the Dabbler can learn many different forms of magic, their training does prevent the Dabbler from learning spells above 6th level. The reason why is that the Dabbler sacrifices their ability to learn higher levels to learn multiple forms of magic. Only through Higher Knowledge or specific Rare Knowledge can get around this restriction.

5) P.P.E.: The Dabbler is a living battery for magical energy. The Dabbler’s P.P.E. starts at 1D6*10 plus P.E. The Dabbler gains 2D6 P.P.E. at every level of experience, starting at level 2. P.P.E. can also be drawn from Ley Lines, Nexuses, and people.

6) O.C.C. Bonuses: +1D4 M.E., +2 Vs Horror Factor at level 1 and +1 at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15, +1 Vs Disease/Poison, and +4 Vs Magic

O.C.C. Skills
Language (Native) at 93%
Language (Any 2) (+10%)
Literacy (Native) (+15%)
Literacy (Select 1) (+15%)
Basic Mathematics (+20%)
Radio Basic (+20%)
Cook or Fishing (+10%)
Dance or Sing (+10%)
Intelligence (+5%)
Physical Labor
Motorcycles & Snowmobiles
Lore: Magic (+30%)
Select 2 Ancient W.P.s
Select 1 Modern W.P.
Hand to Hand Basic
Hand to Hand Basic can be upgraded to Hand to Hand Expert at the cost of 2 O.C.C. Related skills or Martial Arts at the cost of 3 O.C.C. Related Skills.

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 5 other skills. Plus select 1 additional skill at levels 3 and 6, and two additional skills at levels 8 and 11.
Communications: Any (+15% to Language and Literacy Skills)
Cowboy: None
Domestic: Any
Electrical: Basic Electronics (+5%) or Computer Repair
Espionage: Detect Ambush, Detect Concealment, and Wilderness Survival only (All at +5%)
Horsemanship: General or Exotic Animals only
Mechanical: Any except Mechanical Engineer, Robot Mechanics, Weapons Engineer, or Bioware Mechanics.
Medical: Animal Husbandry, Brewing Medicinal, First Aid, or Holistic Medicine only
Military: None
Physical: Any except Wrestling, Acrobatics, or Boxing.
Pilot Skills: Any except Military vehicles (+15%)
Pilot Related: Any
Rogue: Any except Safe-Cracking (+5%)
Science: Any (+10%)
Technical: Any (+10%, +15% to Lores)
W.P.: Any (except Heavy Military Weapons and Heavy M.D. Weapons)
Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills: Select 3 skills at level 1. Select 1 new skill at levels 2, 5, 9, and 11.

Standard Equipment: One suit of light M.D.C. armor (Seldom wear heavy armor because it reduces their speed and mobility in half), rope or cape, set of clothing, set of traveling clothes, backpack, 100 feet of lightweight cord, small 2 person tent, tinted goggles or sunglasses, air filter and gas mask.
Weapons will include a survival knife, one modern weapon (as per W.P.), and 1 additional weapon of choice. Dabblers love to supplement their spells with techno-wizard weapons.

Money: Starts with 1D6*1000 credits and 2D6*1000 in black market items.

Experience: Use the Techno-Wizard experience table
Orbital Master

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