Heroes Unlimited: UK style..

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Heroes Unlimited: UK style..

Postby Wi-Fi » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:30 am

Had a few thoughts on a London/UK setting and wanted some opinions.
-This is a setting so the groups will be aware of and interact with each other.

-The Secret Global Agenda was inspired by: Planetary (the comic), Iron Maiden - Empire Of The Clouds and the crash the the British Airship R101 crash. this group will be renamed. But I do like the the name "Agenda".

-The royal Flush gang and Knight watch will be renamed.
super teams:
Europe (they are less organized and are a group of independent heroes and teams. Some with government support others with out)

Common Wealth Defender teams:
The UK has taken a more active role in how it manages it's meta humans. They have a branch that acts as liaison to the Military, civilian rescue and Law enforcement dedicated to ensuring metahumans are accounted for and held responsible for there activity. the program is met with some resistance by both the metas and population but has so far worked well. People are safe and Meta's have some measure of safety. Recruitment centers to aid people who are metas are in all major cities of the Dominion. The major arm of the program is the Meta Control Division, it is a volunteer force that contains and deals with Metahuman threats. It operates autonomously of local forces. They do co-operates with local law enforcement and rescue as well as military forces to better achieve goals and better serve the people.


*Captial of Gozo, an Island off of Malta
**an island off of Malta and Gozo. Recently the unused Island has become the Malta Branch of the CWD and MCD.

England -
"London" (Forcefield, Energy Expulsion -telekinetic,Superhuman PS, PE and Flight)
Scotland -
"Edinburgh" (Hardware: Weapons specialist)
Wales -
"Cardiff" (Teleport, Portals)
Northern Ireland -
"Belfast" (Force aura, Directed Force and Chameleon and Flight)
(Britannia was considered for the spot of London until event in century Station occurred.)

Commonwealth Defenders (each state/Nation will have a hero Named after the countries/Regions Capital similar to the UK defenders)
the various Commonwealth nations have their own Capital/Regions Capital code-named heroes. Most are not on the same power level as the UK defenders but have strength in numbers.

Knight Watch
Undead/Supernatural hunters (unnamed they don't usually get noticed):
A group of Symbiotic spirits that bond with people at the moment before death to preserve life. Many have noted histories and even a legendary following.
They choose vitcims of or those that have suffered at the hands of the superntural evil as there hosts. They do not possess the living only those that are near death or dieing. There is always 6 on this team. Should some members be permanently destroyed they will be replaced by those near or others worthy that perish in battle against evil.
The Mariner (Preferred host Sailors, powers-Water control, SDC, SN PS and PE)
The Ghost of the Navigator (Preferred host Sailors, specifically those skilled in Navigation, Powers - Sense of Direction, Psychic (Psychic SDC, SN PS and PE)
The Nomad (Preferred host Wilderness survivors/specialists, Powers: Teleporter, SDC, SN PS and PE)
The Mercenary (Preferred host Soldiers of Fortune: Powers of not: Firearms master, SDC, SN PS and PE)
The Trooper (Preferred host Soldiers, He is the Clansmens replacement, powers: Firearms master, SDC, SN PS and PE)
The Detective (Preferred host Law enforcement, He is the teams detective and problem solver after defeating a spirit that was murdering prostitutes in London he was inducted into the group after his employers death. He currently serves as the master tactician and strategist. he was the aid to Sherlock Holmes. The one and only John Watson powers: SDC, SN PS and PE Abilities: Detective and Medical investigation)

Former Members:
The Clansmen (Deceased, He was destroyed saving the other five against a demon possessing Edward Longshanks in Engleand. The legendary William Wallace was the name he used at the time. He was replaced by a fallen soldier that fought along side him that slew Longshanks while Wallace distracted his target. Powers: Ancient weapons master, SDC, SN PS and PE )

Armor Team:
This team is often found street level or in a support role. They as Chieftain says "watch out for the little guy" while London and his team fight the bigger threats that overshadow the common folk.
Chieftain (Team Leader)
Leopard (reserve)
Crusader (reserve)

Royal Flush gang: (Vigilantes)
Masks worn by various people sometimes not the same people. All have one thing in common. A strong dislike for Villains. Even out of mask they remain part of the network and assist in non-combat methods by suppling or aiding currrent members. Those that are injured or retire are still considered Royal Flush members and protected should they need help. The network at present is 38 people of various backgrounds and walks of life. Below is the current roster.
Ace (James Manchester: no other aliases - Psychic)
King (Coldshot: real name unrevealed- Mutant EMP expulsion/Electro Magnetism)
Queen (Menagerie: reeal name unrevealed - Mystic with a Symbiote suit)
Jack (Jarvis Blood: no other aliases, a powerful Asian Earth elemental with a measure of invulnerability and an ability to breathe fire.)
Ten (Vera Manchester: no other aliases - Super soldier)

The Secret Global Agenda
Each of these seemingly immortal individuals are part of a group of meta humans born or inducted are part of a goal. The goal is to improve and re-educate the human race. these goals were eventually altered and they now to promote and protect humanity instead. They do so via goverment and secretly funding heroes and other deffense initative. This includes a variety of covert teams as well as offical teams via well placed goverment and military officals that are Agenda members.

The Royal Flush gang is said to be one such front but there is no proper evidence to support this. While it would an ideal front no member of the Agenda claims this. They do however turn a blind eye and on occasion assist the vigilante group. Other groups across the UK and British Dominion as well American assets receive aid on occasion from them with out knowing it.

Base of operations: Mobile
Former base of operations: The R100
(The Agenda breifly used the R100 in an effort to stop the Empire faction. It was destroyed in the endeavor and the project was not re-instated after the R100 and R101 were destroyed in favor of more reliable means of travel.)

The Known: All recieve the power of immortality effects as a Mega-Hero:
Dr. Axel Brass (Alive, active, Abilities: Hardware specialist)
Jenny Sparks (Alive, Active- powers: Electrical APS, Teleportation, She is the daughter of Nikola Tesla)
Hark (Alive, Active- Abilities: Sorcerer and enhanced ME, MA and IQ)
Bret Leather AKA the spider (Alive, Powers: Swarm self -spider abilities: Abilities: Hardware Weapons Firearms)
Baron Von Frankenstien (Alive, Former Agenda member his monster was killed bying him time to escape the "empire of the clouds" prior to its destruction.)
Madeleine Edison (Powers: Psychic Abilities: Inventor)
Nikola Tesla (Alive, Active- powers: Electrical APS, Mechanical intuition and mechano-link, He is the father of Jenny Sparks)
Sherlock Holmes (Alive, Powers: Criminal Intuition, IQ, ME and MA, Abilities: Detective)
Clara Immerwahr (Alive, Powers of note: Catalyst aura, Catalyst Expulsion, Abilities: Chemist and Medical Investigation. Catalyst is the ability to alter chemicals and compounds similar to telekinesis. This can be to create medicine or poisons and render dangerous chemicals inert or more deadly. This ability is unique to her family line and doe not randomly occur nor can it be purchased via EP by others. Thomas has not shown this ability, but it is likely he has the potiential to as well.)

Former Agenda memebers: Empire of the Clouds
They built an airship called "The Empire of the Clouds", and once they turned the ship was destroyed in the ensuing battle between the Agenda and Empire Members. Prior to the Empire using it the ship was the British Airship R101. the story of Captain Nemo was based on Edison prior to his leadership with the Empire's formation. The Nautilus was damaged and salvaged to reinforce the R101 after the Empire claimed it.

The "Empire of the Clouds" noted members:
Thomas Edison (Deceased, Psychic and Elesticity, Abilities: Invnetor and trained in varius industrial sciences as well traind astronaut)
Kassandra Dornberger (Deceased, Invisibility/Forcefields Abilities: Sciences and engineering. notably Rocket and propusion systemsas well traind astronaut)
William Leather (Deceased, Energy generation field,a combination of force aura and energy expulsion Abilities: Mercenary/Criminal as well traind astronaut. he was the son of the Spider.)
Jack Green (Deceased, Powers: Strength, Endurance APS Plant/clay- abilities: WWI Pilot and Vehicle Hardware specialist as well traind astronaut)

Confirmed Deceased Agenda members:
Dr.Jeckle (Deceaesed, he was poisoned in when Clara Immerwahr altered his transmutation chemical as he used it. In his Hyde persona he possessed regeneration, Enhanced Physical attributes, High durability to physical damage and could leap/climb as a spider. Including the ability to stick to surfaces able to support his 7 foot 8 inch 800 pound frame.)
Invisibleman (Jack Griffin, a villain created by Dornberger. he dies of mortal wounds cuased when debris randomly struck him in the airship blast.)
Count Dracula (Deceaesed, he was frozen solid and destroyed in Air ships blast along with Coffin. It was unknown to him placed on the airship as leverage by Thomas Edison.)
Henry Ford (Deceased, Fled before the fight with the agenda, later was killed William Leather for his Cowardice Prior to his death at the hands the agenda)
Harvey Firestone (Deceased, Fled before the fight with the agenda, later was killed William Leather for his Cowardice Prior to his death at the hands the agenda)
Thomas Alva Edison Jr. (MIA, He was much like his father but betrayed the empire because he is not evil. His fate remains unknown but it is likely William leather killed him.)

Centurion (Ironman) and Alvis Sabre (Warmachine)
Conqueror (Dr.Doom type Mystic with Tech armour)
Wi-Fi's character sheet
OOC Comments
Bonuses in green apply only when force aura is active.
PPE: 15
ISP: 128/140
HP: 30 (34 with aura)
SDC: 47 (260)
Aura: 0/260 (Aura also gives superhuman strength)
Swarm status: 5 (all healthy)
SDC: 50/50/50/50/50

SDC: 50
AR: 6

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
• 12 attachment points
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment: Clip (Rocksalt)
• Attachment: Clip (Rocksalt)
• Attachment: Clip (Armor Piercing)
• Attachment: Clip (Armor Piercing)
• Attachment: Clip (Shok Lock Cartridges)
• Attachment: Clip (Shok Lock Cartridges)
• Attachment: Clip (Multi-ball -Low Lethality)
• Attachment: Clip (Multi-ball -Low Lethality)
• Attachment: Flash Pack
• Attachment: Flash Pack
• Attachment: Voice recorder Pack
• Attachment: Voice recorder Pack

Shock Gloves:
• Range: Melee
• Damage: None. This gloves discharge an energy charge that short circuits the nervous system. Victims are dazed, -10 to strike, parry and dodge for 2d4 melee rounds.
A successful saving throw means the person has successfully fought off the effect and is unimpaired. Roll to save against each strike. Saving throw versus toxins.
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only, five shots total per melee
• Payload: 10/10 shots per charge (no clip)[/size]
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