RUE Standardized older classes

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RUE Standardized older classes

Postby Orbital Master » Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:31 pm

I'm wondering if anyone has thought of converting some of the older classes into RUE standards? I've been working on the mercenary ideas for a Mercs 2 (which would update the classes to RUE standards) and wondering if anyone has thought of doing the same? With so many new options, the super spy is a dud, Merc Soldiers have pretty much eclipsed many of the Mercenary OCCs, and even the city rat is a better thief than the professional thief.

But has anyone thought of updating the Atlantis classes? Maybe rules that adjust existing characters into slave tattooed warriors. Why would anyone pick a Marine from Underseas when you can just be a Pigman Mercenary? So many classes just tossed to the wayside.

Actually, this gave me an idea for an EP contest now.

Take an older pre-RUE character class and update it to RUE standards. First (and possibly second if there are so many good entries) become EU Canon modifications.

Anyone else think this is a good idea or shall we just ignore the older books?
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Re: RUE Standardized older classes

Postby Tiree » Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:29 pm

I would need to check my copy of the Secrets of Atlantis RAW, to see if there were some inclusions of updated classes.
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Re: RUE Standardized older classes

Postby Captain Marks » Thu Dec 22, 2016 12:47 am

I've felt that old standards are just a way of looking at power levels; some are really strong and some aren't, but they have certain flavors to their play. We have EP that allows players to tailor within the skillset of an OOC/RCC, etc the preferences in development. Rewriting older classes starts to blur the difference between EU's usual methods to only clarify rules. It is significantly different to rewrite ooc's than to create house-rules that affect all across the board.
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Re: RUE Standardized older classes

Postby Orbital Master » Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:06 pm

I look at the older classes and know that there are better options. Why play a professional thief when the City Rat outshines the thief. I'm just asking if we should expand upon the older classes. I know Lloyd put the idea of updating a pre-RUE class in the EP suggestions thread, which means he either liked the idea or he saw the potential in the idea.

And that's not to say that all pre-rue classes need to be changed. The T-Warrior and T-Wizard in England will not need to be touched, but maybe a RUE upgrade to the Knight will do wonders for the class. An upgrade to the Professional Thief would do wonders to bring out that specialty instead of relying on the City Rat because it has better skills and abilities over the pre-RUE Professional Thief. Maybe including options for a Domesticated and Loyal Slaves for the Atlantis books, allowing for unique options for T-Men and T-Monster Men (higher SDC and possibly an extra tattoo over the normal T-Men and T-Monster Men, which they themselves have had their skills redone).

Updating these books can also be good for some of us adventurous writers, perhaps an Africa 2 or an England 2 could not only update the classes, but also update the world that they are in. I'm always in favor of getting writers together and hammering out ideas :D
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