High Powered Characters Lists

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High Powered Characters Lists

Postby Augur » Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:50 pm

Please note that I am keeping the unwritten rule of demographics in place, so you'll never see a trio of Dragon Hatchlings, or Promethean Phase Adepts, etc. on site. More than likely, I will limit each of these "high-powered character classes" to a SINGLE instance. This list is not comprehensive. There may be entries added in the future as needed.

NPC Only
N&SS Dedicated Martial Artist
HU2 Ancient Master
Most "Monster Races" (this will be updated on a case-by-case basis)
Any of the "Dying Races" (PFRPG, WB14)
Temporal Raider (WB2)
Lizard Mage (CB1)
Lanotaur Hunter (WB30)
Monster Were-Dragons (WB21)
Alchemist (PFRPG)
Second Stage Promethean (PW)
Repo Bots

Rifts High Powered Characters List

From Various Sources
Dragon Hatchlings (R:UE)
Demigods and Godlings (CB2)
Cernun Mystic (WB3)
Malvoren (WB30)

From World Books 6 & 9: South America
Achilles Neo-Humans
Anything Megaversal Legion
Rune Warriors
True Inca Demi-Gods

From World Book 7 & 32: Underseas & Lemuria
Sea Inquisitor
Sea Titan Note: Special Skills section is NA; Dual O.C.C. option must be obtained through standard means (WB7)

From World Book 10: Juicer Uprising
Dragon Juicer

From World Books 24 & 25: China
Chun Tzu

From Palladium Dimension

From Heroes Unlimited Dimension
Immortal (PU2)
Mystically Bestowed (by demon/deevil/corrupted good)

From Phase World Dimension
First Stage Promethean
Royal Kreeghor
Machine People
True Naruni
Megaversal Hero
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