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This is the parent forum for EU's site-wide rules, and the house rules for Rifts.
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Miscellaneous Rules

Fri Nov 16, 2007 6:43 pm

The EU default regarding Palladium's material is to not accept that which is potentially implicit, but to restrict interpretation to that which is explicit.

Encumbrance Rules

The average character can effectively carry and fight with no more than a third of his body weight in TOTAL Gear, Armaments, Armors, and what have you.

Strength & Weight Max of Gear Carried
Normal P.S.: 30% of Body Weight
Augmented P.S.: 60% of Body Weight
Robotic P.S.: 80% of Body Weight
Supernatural P.S.: 100% of Body Weight

Encumbrance cannot be greater than the character's maximum carrying weight without incurring penalties.
+10% to max. calculated weight for Men at Arms O.C.C.s
+20% to max. calculated weight for Indefatigable characters

Penalties from Over-encumbrance
up to 10% over encumbrance limit: -10% to the character's Speed attribute.
up to 20% over encumbrance limit: -20% to the character's Speed attribute.
up to 50% over encumbrance limit: -50% to the character's Speed attribute, -1 APM, -4 to Initiative, -2 to all combat bonuses.
Beyond 50% over encumbrance limit: the character is essentially immobilized and unable to defend himself.

Common sense goes hand in hand with the above rules.
When listing your equipment on your PC Sheet you MUST detail where items are typically located.
For example, a Gunslinger carrying 10 handguns has to note the location of each (2 in hip holsters, 2 in boot holsters, 2 strapped to thighs, etc.).
Failure to do so may result in GM intervention and/or the disappearance of those items.

Gaming Notes:
Palladium is somewhat inconsistent about listing weights for items. When it comes to weapons, armor, and other big ticket items Palladium is pretty consistent about noting the weight of such things, but all else is unaddressed.
Small stuff that common sense tells us is under a pound (like notebook & pencils, etc.) should simply be treated as inconsequential--no notations are necessary.
Hand-held computers and other small items of that sort should be treated as weighing 1 lb. each--no notations are necessary.

Fri Nov 16, 2007 6:45 pm

Jumping Rules

    Normal, human-type beings:
    • 1 foot of length per 2 P.S. points
    • 1 foot of height per 4 P.S. points
    Augmented/Robotic Strength:
    • 1 foot of length per P.S. point
    • 1 foot of height per 2 P.S. points
    Characters with both augmented/extraordinary strength and speed, or with SN strength:
    • 1.5 feet of length per P.S. point
    • 3 foot of height per 4 P.S. points
  • Decrease jumping distance to 40% of the above if character does not take a running start.
  • Characters that have acrobatics and/or gymnastics skills can add 2 feet per level to the length and .5 feet per level to the height.

Fri Nov 16, 2007 6:47 pm

Supernatural Damage and Melee Weapons

When wielding a hand weapon, supernatural creatures inflict either the weapon damage plus PS damage bonus (in SDC) or their own PS damage as per Supernatural Strength, whichever is greater.


Sir Chubbo (SN PS 30) strike someone full-force with a club (1d4):

His 3d6 MD attack is greater in damage than the 1d4 MD possibile for the club, so his damage is based solely on his SN P.S.

Supernatural beings do NOT add the PS attribute damage bonus to their MD attacks, but may add it to pulled punches that inflict SDC damage instead of MDC.


Sir Chubbo (SN PS 30) strikes a squishy with a restrained attack using a club (1d4):

1d4+15 SDC Damage (Weapon+PS Bonus)

Everyone clear on that now? Notify the appropriate Moderator to handle your PC sheet if you need alterations done to be up-to-date. Sorry if there was a period of confusion about this.

Exception to rule: Gargoyle and Xiticix weapons noted as such.


Xiticix dagger (1d6) wielded by a Xiticix with SN P.S. 30 (3d6):
1d6+3d6=4d6 damage

AS PER: http://forums.palladium-megaverse.com/v ... 37&t=79150
Palladium FAQ wrote:Question: I am getting conflicting info regarding the damage a char with the ability to do an MD punch can do with an MD weapon. i saw a thing in the old rules stating that on a "supernatural creature" gets the PS bonus on top of the weapon damage(or their punch damage, whichever is greater). But, the Splicers book mentions getting the punch damage PLUS the weapon damage PLUS the PS bonus. Can you help me out, anyone? Thanks.
Answer: For SN str in splicers, you get whichever is better of punch or weapon with NO damage bonus for PS (p172/3). It's been argued that weapon + punch makes more sense but by the book, it's weapon *or* punch, not both.
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Fri Nov 16, 2007 6:49 pm


Normal Beings
  • All R:UE guidelines for squishy beings will be followed including blood loss for each injury sustained.
  • Optional pain or trauma rules are strictly up to the individual GM to use or not as he pleases.
Mega-Damage Beings
  • Psychic Healing of M.D.: direct conversion of S.D.C.-M.D.C., costs twice as much I.S.P.
  • Magic Healing of M.D.: direct conversion of S.D.C.-M.D.C., costs 50% more P.P.E.
  • Medical Treatment of M.D.: Requires state-of-the-art facilities and costs 5x as much as standard medical treatment.

Fri Nov 16, 2007 6:55 pm

Body Armor Rules & Clarifications

General Body Armor Categories
  • "Light" armor: 30-50 M.D.C.
  • "Medium" armor: 55-80 M.D.C.
  • "Heavy" armor: 85+ M.D.C.

Categorical Armor Modifiers
  • "Light" armor: None to -15%
  • "Medium" armor: -5% to -20%
  • "Heavy" armor: -10% to -30%
  • Common Modifiers: prowl, physical skills, and movement (speed attribute).
  • The technological level of the materials & fabrication are the primary factors considered when applying modifiers to a custom suit of armor.
  • Flavor text regarding perceived classes of armor varies wildly in Palladium books (when it can even be found), so the above is a simple and objective metric to define any class of armor.

M.D.C. & Armor Rating
  • A.R. regarding M.D.C. armor reflects the extent of coverage.
  • Any roll over the A.R. hits the person, not the armor.
  • GMs are going to equate that to a limb strike as main body is always the primary focus of armor coverage.

Protection inside Powered Armor
  • Armor cannot have spikes or large/flaring features.
  • Only "Light armor" can be worn inside a PA suit.
  • Force fields cannot be activated when within a PA suit.
  • Robotech Mecha are unique cases and will be handled as such.

Armor with Camouflage/Invisibility Features
  • The Naruni camouflage feature does not extend to anything outside of the armor.
  • Things hidden behind the back or concealed in similar manner may be hidden though simply due to line-of-sight.
  • This rule applies to other armors with similar effects.

"Suit-Up" Time
  • All "Men of Arms" O.C.C.'s take 1d4+4 melees to suit-up.
  • All other O.C.C. archetypes take 1d4+4 minutes to suit-up.
  • This rule also applies to suiting-up in Power Armor Suits.
    • If the pilot has a prep team assisting with the process, reduce to one minute.
  • Mounting a Robotic Mecha takes one full melee regardless of O.C.C.

G.I. Joe Rule
  • If a character's M.D.C. protection is destroyed by an attack, the remaining damage does not transfer to the character.
  • The character is likely to be disoriented and devoid of any gear he had on his person at the GM's discretion.

M.D.C. by Location
  • If no M.D.C. is listed by location, Main Body is treated as the base protection upon which the rest is determined.
    • Helmet: 70% of Main Body M.D.C., but no higher than 100
    • Arms: 60% of Main Body M.D.C. each
    • Legs: 80% of Main Body M.D.C. each
  • Example:
    CA-4 Dead Boy EBA
    M.D.C. by Location:
    • Helmet: 70
    • Arms: 60 each
    • Legs: 80 each
    • Main Body: 100

Force Fields
  • Force fields cannot be worn over existing armor.
  • Force fields can be integrated into Environmental Body Armor, Powered Armor, and Robot Combat Vehicles.
    • Normal installation fee: 30,000-40,000 credits, takes 1D4 days.
      • Rush job: double or more normal fee.
    • All rules on force fields still apply to integrated force fields.
    • Force fields integrated powered from a nuclear power supply can be run indefinitely but are still subject to overload restrictions.
    • Large Scale Force Fields
      • Have twice the M.D.C. protection as the standard model
      • Cost 20 times as much
      • Are only available for borgs, vehicles, or robot combat vehicles with nuclear power supplies
  • A force field must be drawing energy from an E-clip ("on") in order for the field to sense incoming attacks and defend against them.
  • When a force field's M.D.C. is depleted, it overloads and cannot be reactivated for 12 hours.
  • Force fields offer no protection against environmental effects.
  • All force fields regenerate at a rate of 1 M.D.C./melee round, that's 4 M.D.C./minute.
  • Force fields draw their power from standard E-clips only.
    • E-clip Duration:
      • Super-Heavy: 6 hours
      • Heavy: 8 Hours
      • Medium: 10 Hours
      • Light: 12 Hours

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:57 am

Multi-Function Weapons

W.P. Rifle only applies to the conventional S.D.C. round that the JA-11 and similar multi-function weapons are capable of firing.

If a character only has W.P. Energy Rifle he is proficient with the energy rifle function of the JA-11. He is not proficient with the conventional S.D.C. round function of the JA-11.

See R.U.E. page 328 for rules of using a modern weapon without the required W.P.

This rule also applies to similar multi-function weapons.

To fully utilize all bonuses with all aspects of a multi-function weapon you must have all the required skills for the various functions of the weapon.

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:20 pm

Robotech Mecha Conversions

Only stats from 2nd Edition Robotech books will be used.

Macross-Era Mecha
  • VF-Series Valkyries
    • SLMH-V is purely for use in space. Once the 48 hour supply is exhausted, all bonuses in space are halved.
    • Fuel Capacity: Average, useful life span of 12 years before needing a new energy system. With constant use, the life span is cut by half.
  • Destroids
    • Fuel Capacity: Average life span of 22 years before requiring re-energizing. Constant use will reduce that time by about half.
Masters-Era Mecha
  • SLMH-V is purely for use in space. Once this supply is exhausted, all bonuses in space are halved.
  • All ASC mecha operate primarily on fusion power and have an operational lifespan of about 8 years before plant replacement is required.
    • The Logan carries enough SLMH-V to operate continuously for 7 days.
    • The Ajax carries enough SLMH-V to operate continuously for 7 days.
    • The Hover Tank carries enough SLMH-V to operate continuously for 7 days.
    • The Myrmidon carries enough SLMH-V to operate continuously for 10 days.
    • The Chimera carries enough SLMH for 36 hours of constant flight in space.
    • The SC-32 Roc/EC-32 Raven Shuttlecraft carries enough SLMH onboard to get into orbit and operate for two hours. The reusable detachable fuel tank allows the ship to operate in space for 12 hours.
Shadow Chronicles-Era Mecha
  • Protoculture Fuel Capacity: Shadow Chronicles-Era mecha use small protoculture fuel cells about the size of a can of motor oil.
  • Frequent heavy activity and combat reduces the cell"s fuel life by half.
  • Invid protoculture cells are the same as used by the UEEF and are interchangeable. Replacing spent cells and recharging empty Protoculture
  • energy cells requires somebody with the Bio-mechanical Maintenance or robotechnology Engineering skill.
  • The mecha can function with half as many cells for half the period, but the maximum speed and the usual combat bonuses are reduced by half.
    • Alphas & Betas: Sixteen fully charged protoculture cells gives the mecha a reasonably active combat life of about one month.
    • Cyclones: One fully charged protoculture cell gives the mecha a reasonably active combat life of about one month.
    • Silverbacks: Four fully charged protoculture cells gives the mecha a reasonably active combat life of about one month.
    • Condors, & Bioroid Interceptors: Sixteen fully charged protoculture cells gives the mecha a reasonably active combat life of about one month.
  • All armor, mecha, and vehicles designed and built in the Masters Era or later feature laser resistant armor: -50% to damage from lasers

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:37 am

Psionics Clarifications & Revisions

R:UE, p.366 wrote:Psionic powers will not work on "someone in a sealed, environmental vehicle, like a tank, APC, Robot Vehicle or heavy power armor (250 M.D.C. or more for the main body)"

Note: This is a two-way street. Neither can powers be used from within to effect the outside for the same reason.

Telekinesis (Super)
If Telekinesis (Super or Hyper) is used as an attack against an NPC or Player Character, an attack roll is required and the intended victim receives a saving throw as standard.

Psi-Sword Clarification
Psychics other than Cyberknights must spend I.S.P. for each Psi-Sword manifested.
Ergo, two swords = x2 normal I.S.P. cost.
P.S. damage bonus does not apply to Psi-Swords.
The Psi Sword is a physical attack done through a psionically created weapon.
Previous rule on supernatural strength wrote:When wielding a hand weapon, supernatural creatures inflict either the weapon damage plus PS damage bonus (in S.D.C.) or their own P.S. damage as per Supernatural Strength, whichever is greater.

Bio-Manipulation Revision
Bio-Manipulation: (Any)
Range: 160'
Duration: until successfully saved against
I.S.P.: 10
Saving Throw: Standard; if a character successfully saves against the attack he is not affected at all. This applies to all seven bio-manipulative attacks. Each melee after the first, the effected target of the attack may make a saving throw to throw off the effects of the manipulation. Each melee subsequent to the first, the target gets a +2 bonus to his saving throw. (+2 on 2nd melee, +4 on 3rd melee, +6 on 4th melee, etc.)

Telemechanics Clarification
R:UE, p.183 wrote:Range: By touch or up to 5 feet (1.5 m) away.

Should read:
Clarification wrote:Range: By touch

At no other point in the psionic power description is anything but BY TOUCH stated.

Astral Projection Clarification

Projection Type One: Coexistence
  • Description: The psionic projects his astral form into the dimension in which his material body exists.
  • Astral Abilities: Float or fly at up to 670 mph, see the invisible (LOS), intangibility, invisible to sensor systems and cameras, can see and hear as usual.
    Astral Limitations: Must use telepathy or empathy to communicate, cannot speak to, smell, or touch anything on the material plane.
  • Usable Powers:
    • Detect Psionics
    • Induce Sleep
    • Psychic Diagnosis
    • Suppress Fear (Self Only)
    • Alter Aura
    • Deaden Senses
    • Ectoplasm
    • Mind Block
    • Nightvision
    • Telekinesis
    • Telekinetic Punch
    • Telekinetic Push
    • Clairvoyance
    • Commune with Spirits
    • Empathy
    • Mask I.S.P. & Psionics
    • Mask P.P.E.
    • Presence Sense
    • Read Dimensional Portal
    • Remote Viewing
    • See Aura
    • See the Invisible
    • Sense Dimensional Anomaly
    • Sense Evil
    • Sense Magic
    • Sense Time
    • Sixth Sense
    • Speed Reading
    • Telepathy
    • Total Recall
    • Bio-Manipulation
    • Electrokinesis
    • Empathic Transmission
    • Group Mind Block
    • Group Trance
    • Hydrokinesis
    • Mind Block Auto-Defense
    • Mind Bolt
    • P.P.E. Shield
    • Psionic Invisibility
    • Psychic Omni-Sight
    • Pyrokinesis
    • Radiate Horror Factor
    • Telekinesis (Super)
    • Telekinetic Acceleration Attack
    • Telemechanic Mental Operation
    • Telemechanic Paralysis
    • Telemechanic Possession

Projection Type Two: Entering the Astral Plane

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:00 am

Approved Rifter Material for EU

  • This list is not comprehensive.
  • The default answer to whether something from a Rifter is allowed is no.
  • I will add approved Rifter O.C.C.'s and other specific material to this list on a case-by-case basis as such is proposed through the regular submission process. Classes should be inquired after during your chat with Augur regarding your character concept, and other Rifter material should be explicitly inquired after in your submission. Please note that "explicitly" means you must directly inquire whether something is permissible. If you leave it up to me to infer such a request, I will simply deny that request.
  • Occasionally, I will also add approved Rifter material to this list on a case-by-case basis as such matters come up in the course of gameplay.
  • DMs can choose to exclude any of this content, but they cannot choose to include anything not approved here.

Rifter 5

Rifter 12

Rifter 19

Rifter 21

Rifter 25

Rifter 32

Rifter 37

Rifter 52

Rifter 45

Rifter 50

Rifter 55
Triax Update Revised O.C.C.s from Rifts World Book 5: Triax and the NGR

Reviewed Rifter Material Not Allowed On-Site
Rifter 3
Rifter 10
Rifter 12
Rifter 17
Rifter 25
Rifter 29
Rifter 30
Rifter 31
Rifter 52
Last edited by Augur on Thu Jun 11, 2020 7:31 am, edited 34 times in total.
Reason: Added Assassin only to a few skills that are listed as assassin only in the Rifter

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:42 pm

Dual O.C.C. Rules


Dual O.C.C. Definition
The term "Dual O.C.C." can be misleading. This process may be better termed "switching O.C.C.s." You may never advance in more than one O.C.C. at a time, but you can switch from one O.C.C. to another. You may only switch O.C.C.s a maximum of one time (with some specific exceptions, listed below), but you may switch back to your previous O.C.C. (again, only once, no hopping back and forth between O.C.C.s).

Conditions that Must be met to Switch O.C.C.s

O.C.C. Categories that you can Switch to.

Racial Character Classes

Conversion Characters

Juicers, Borgs, Crazies and Other Procedure Based O.C.C.s

The Process of Switching

What Happens to the Old O.C.C.

Old Skills

Old Special Abilities

What You Get from the New O.C.C.

Rules For Hand to Hand Combat and Other Bonuses


Switching Back to the Old O.C.C.

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:14 am

M.D.C. to S.D.C. Conversion Rules for the HU2 Dimension

Living Creatures
Armor Rating

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Sat Oct 12, 2013 1:18 pm

Prowl Clarifications

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:10 am


Rifts, Ultimate Edition, page 93: wrote:Rogue Scholar Special O.C.C. Ability
Storyteller & Teacher
Rogue Scholars are natural born storytellers and educators with a flair for making dry subjects like history, science and math sound exciting and fun. A passion that enables them to teach others over a period of time (equal to a Secondary Skill after 1D6+8 weeks of lessons; with at least 12 hours a week devoted to the teaching and another 10 hours of study by the student).

Working this out in a PBP format is problematic and necessitates consistent if arbitrary rules.

General Temporal Facts
The amount of time required as noted in the skill description is significant.
Most adventures on EU take around 6 IRL months to complete.
Most adventures on EU usually span a week or two of in-game time.
Most adventures on EU usually span a few months of MercTown time.

Arbitrary rulings derived from the above facts

Rogue Scholar Application
Only Secondary Skills can be taught.
Rogue Scholars can teach a single Secondary Skill to all the willing members of their group.
Any character so involved must be present for the entire duration of the period of instruction.
--A consistent post rate and no untracked absences in this period is required.
The period of time required to teach a skill is TWO FULL-LENGTH ADVENTURES.
--In-town mini-adventures/encounters do not count toward this total, though if a GM runs a full-length adventure in MercTown this is an acceptable equivalent.

Non-Rogue Scholar Application
Only Secondary Skills can be taught.
Non-Rogue Scholars can teach a single Secondary Skill to only one member of their group at a time.
Non-Rogue Scholars must be 6th level or higher in a given skill in order to teach it.
Any character so involved must be present for the entire duration of the period of instruction.
--A consistent post rate and no untracked absences in this period is required.
The period of time required to teach a skill is TWO FULL-LENGTH ADVENTURES.
--In-town mini-adventures/encounters do not count toward this total, though if a GM runs a full-length adventure in MercTown this is an acceptable equivalent.

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:30 pm

China 1 & 2 Rules & Clarifications

Losing the Power of Chi
All Chi-based powers are diminished outside China, even in places where there are numerous ley lines and powerful magic. The channeling of Chi is unique to China, and though Chi can be found everywhere to varying degrees, it is weak and much more difficult to tap, channel and use outside of China itself. The following modifiers apply to all China characters who use Chi-based powers and abilities, including Mystic Martial Art Powers, anywhere else on Rifts Earth (and most of the Megaverse for that matter).

Trained to Sense and Manipulate Chi

Gun Master O.C.C.

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:44 am

Default Secondary Skill Progression

If an O.C.C. has no listed secondary skill progression, and it is not explicitly stated that the O.C.C. receives no new secondary skills, it is assumed that this is an editorial oversight, and this default will be applicable:

Default Secondary Skill Progression: +2 new secondary skills at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15
These secondary skills are still limited to either the O.C.C. Related Skills tree of that class, or to the (general) Secondary Skills tree, depending on which (setting-dependent) skill system is being used.

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Sun Mar 08, 2015 10:15 am

Carpet of Adhesion


House Rules

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:59 am

Commitment of Interest

Whenever deemed necessary, players must create their next character with a lot more depth. For every flaked character a player has on their ledger, the player must increase the required background length by one paragraph. If the player has any number of retired characters, they must increase their required background length by one paragraph. These requirements stack. To show your commitment of interest to the new character, you must complete the following steps.

Step 1
20 Questions
[list=1][*]What emotion best describes your character?
[*]What emotion does your character evoke in others?
[*]What does your character need most?
[*]What is your character’s goal in life?
[*]How does your character believe this goal can be accomplished?[/list][b]Background[/b]
[list=1][*]Where did your character come from?
[*]When did you grow up?
[*]What values does your character hold?
[*]How does your character dress?
[*]What are your character’s means?[/list][b]Details[/b]
[list=1][*]What are your character’s personal tastes?
[*]What are your character’s opinions?
[*]What is your character’s comfort zone?
[*]Who has had the biggest impact on your character’s life?
[*]What are some of your character’s unexpected quirks?[/list][b]Play Details[/b]
[list=1][*]What kind of story does your character belong in?
[*]What role does your character fill?
[*]What should the other players know about your character?
[*]What is your play style?
[*]How do you want your character to die?

Step 2
Wish List & Goals
Step 3

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:59 am

Interdimensional Character Transfer

No character who has spent any time in the Phase World setting will ever be allowed to transfer to the Rifts setting.

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:33 pm

Dimensional Origin Conversion Skills

Newcomers Welcome Thread wrote:Upon attaining their next level, characters with a Dimensional Origin will receive Conversion Skills as per page 39, CB1r.

Ancient/Fantasy Characters

20th & 21st Century characters
(Includes: BTS, Dead Reign, HU2: CS, Nightbane, Systems Failure)

High-Tech characters
(Includes: Chaos Earth, Robotech, HU2:G, Phase World)

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:32 pm

'Borg Physical Beauty Options

The following are aesthetic options regarding all 'Borg characters in any setting:

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:31 am

Death Blow Rules Revision

Death Blow: A special attack designed to kill an opponent in one or two strikes!

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Sat May 12, 2018 1:06 pm

Consistent Knockdown Rules & Modifiers

Knockdown Modifiers

Knockdown Effects

Maintain Balance
The target of a successful knockdown attack can attempt to Maintain Balance. Either a successful Sense of Balance skill roll, or a successful roll (over the opponent's strike roll) means that the character will immediately regain his balance and remain standing. He can continue to fight but the act of retaining balance means he used up one melee attack/action. Maintain balance is mutually exclusive with roll with impact.

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:47 am

Holding Breath

Holding One's Breath is equal to the character's P.E. in melees if still; if active, 1/4 that total, 1/2 if the character has a swimming skill.

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:32 pm

Black Market Benefits

Black Market Sourcebook wrote:Unless noted otherwise under a specific Black Market O.C.C., a Black Marketeer character can start with one criminal enterprise of choice, from the list below. This represents his personal business within the Black Market.

Can indicates the capacity to do a thing, not that such a thing is a given.

As such, and because PBP is not a perfect translation of a tabletop experience, it is required that any such enterprise be earned through the course of gameplay on site. The GM of a Black Market character will oversee this process.

Since it's already described that "A successful business should be making twice what it spends on operating expenses. A very successful business should be making 3-4 times its operating expenses," the character's business can fail like any other enterprise. As there's no legitimate way for a character to roleplay earning revenue via his business in the course of gameplay, all that a GM can stipulate are the operating expenses of the enterprise. What revenue the character earns will first be consumed by the enterprise as operating expenses. The character's GM has sole control over this. If a character cannot earn sufficient revenue to cover the enterprise's operating expenses each quad, the business will be shuttered/fail as being unable to pay its bills. Players of Black Market characters and their GMs should work out such details prior to the character's first adventure.

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Wed Jun 19, 2019 7:04 pm

Gold & Universal Credit Conversion

16,000 universal credits to a pound of gold is the standard conversion rate.
As gold coins are variable in weight, the calculation of such will vary based on the gold currency type used.

Re: Miscellaneous Rules

Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:37 pm

Experience Tables for Rifts Black Market O.C.C.s
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