Magic Item Creation Rules (Assorted)

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Magic Item Creation Rules (Assorted)

Postby Augur » Sun Jul 13, 2014 7:19 pm

Magic Item Creation Rules

There are separate and distinct categories of magic items. These are derived from the different disciplines which are responsible for the creation of these items.

Custom Design Rule: GMs will contact Augur if they wish to make an item that exceeds the following parameters for item design.
AUGUR'S AUDIT RULE: Make CERTAIN that your item can be reverse engineered without difficulty. Items which cannot easily be reverse-engineered will NOT be labored over, but will simply be invalidated.

Naming Conventions
  • A. Techno-Wizardry: TW Items
  • B. Alchemy: Enchanted Magic Armor/Weapons/Items
  • C. Rune Magic: Rune Items
  • D. Deific Magics: Holy Weapons
  • E. Spell Magic (Invocations): Talismans & Amulets

Guidelines on Likelihood of Availability
  • For scroll spells from levels 8-12, there is only a 01-25% chance.
  • For most weapons, armor, fabrics, and magic rings/medallions, there is only a 01-30% chance that a particular item is available.
  • For magic potions, there's a 01-55% likelihood of availability.
  • For magic fumes, powders and common components, there's a 01-75% likelihood of availability. Goblin dust is always available.
  • For common poisons, and herbs, there's a 01-85% likelihood of availability.
  • For truly rare items like rune weapons, holy weapons, crystal balls, dragon bones and similar, there's only a 01-06% chance.
(This is actually about the availability in an Alchemist's shop of such items, but it speaks to the general rarity of such as well.)
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Re: Magic Item Creation Rules

Postby Augur » Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:22 pm

Corrupted Wands & Staves

Powerful alchemists and bio-wizards can alter or "corrupt" an existing wand or staff by purging it of its existing powers and replacing them with new and different powers. Similarly, they can forcibly take twigs and branches from Millennium Trees and create magic items from them. Most of the magic wands or staves on Earth are made of wood from these mystic trees. In all cases, corrupted wands and staves are not quite as powerful as those created and given freely by the tree. All possess the same basic features unless otherwise stated, but have the following limitations.

Abilities & Limitations of Corrupted Millennium Wands & Staves
  • 1. Available Spells:
    • Wand:
      • Low Level: 4 spells from levels 1-6
      • High Level: 2 spells from levels 7-12
      • Combination: of 1 high level spell & 2 low level spells
    • Staff:
      • Low Level: 8 spells from levels 1-6
      • High Level: 4 spells from levels 7-12
      • Combination: 1 high level & 2 low level spells
  • 2. Spell strength:
    • Wands: 3rd-5th level
    • Staves: 4th-7th level
    Truly powerful alchemists and bio-wizards can increase the power by an additional two levels of spell strength.
  • 3. Spell casting frequency:
    • Corrupted Wand has 1 spell: cast each spell 6 times per 24 hours
    • Corrupted Wand has 2 spells: cast each spell 3 times per 24 hours
    • Corrupted Wand has 3 spells: cast each spell 2 times per 24 hours
    • Corrupted Wand has 4 spells: 6 total spells per 24 hours
    • Corrupted Staff has 2 spells: cast 4 times per 24 hours
    • Corrupted Staff has 3 spells: cast 3 times per 24 hours
    • Corrupted Staff has 4 spells: cast 2 times per 24 hours
    • Corrupted Staff has 5-8 spells: 8 total spells per 24 hours
  • 4. The so-called "constant" or additional powers or abilities provided from true Millennium wands and staves are not an available feature.
  • 5. Damage:
    • Damage inflicted by a corrupted wand as a weapon: 1D4 S.D.C. (1D4 M.D. to vampires)
    • Damage inflicted by a corrupted staff: 2D6 M.D. (4D6 M.D. to vampires)
    • Additional damage can be added at the expense of low level spells:
      • Damage: 4D6 M.D. for -1 spell
      • Damage: 6D6 M.D. for -2 spells
      • Damage: 8D6 M.D. for -4 spells
  • 6. Bio-wizards can use the wooden shafts and their storage of P.P.E. to supplement and power other magic devices. The magic stick may be the handle and true source of magic for a scepter, cane, spear, club or mace, or can even be built into or concealed in a helmet, crown, armor, box, or other enchanted object. These magic items will have the same range of spell casting powers as a corrupted wand or staff. If a Millennium wand is corrupted to be part of a weapon, the weapon can inflict 1D6 M.D. at the cost of one low level spell the same as the corrupted staff, up to a maximum of 4D6 M.D.
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Re: GM Rules & Resource: Magic Item Creation

Postby Augur » Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:46 pm

Netosa wrote:PFRPG book 6, island at the edge of the world, pgs 88-104.

Crystal Psionic items should be treated as equivalent in rarity to rune items as such:
Rings = Lesser Rune Items
Rods = Greater Rune Items
Wheels = Greatest Rune Items

Please post the content so it can be posted & formatted for inclusion.

Dark Lord wrote:Through the Glass Darkly P. 44-45 has a little blurb on minor charms.

Incompatible to the Rifts setting.
Perfectly fine for Nightbane.
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Re: Magic Item Creation Rules (Assorted)

Postby Augur » Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:30 pm

Source info: page 150, Book of Magic
A talisman is designed to perform one function only:
  • to hold 3 charges of a given spell effect
  • or to function as a P.P.E. battery
Materials & Durability
  • A talisman can be made into almost anything, but iron, alloys, and plastic cannot be used.
  • Cannot be larger than 2' tall, long, or wide.
  • A talisman can be destroyed by smashing it. That is all there is to it. (S.D.C. materials only)
Spell Effects & Limitations
  • A talisman can hold one magic spell from levels 1-8, excluding illusion types.
  • The spell must be a spell invocation, not a ritual.
  • After its initial creation, the talisman can be used to cast its one spell for a total of three times.
  • After all three have been cast, the talisman is drained.
Recharging a drained talisman
The practitioner of magic who created it can replace its three exhausted spells by casting that same spell invocation combined
with part of the Talisman spell or ritual. The cost of the recharge is 50 P.P.E. plus the cost of the spell invocation. Note that the process must be repeated for each of the three identical spells (each at a cost of 50 P.P.E. plus the spell 's P.P.E. cost). Thus, to recharge all three identical spells would cost 150+ P.P.E..
P.P.E. Battery Talismans
  • Instead of spells, the mystic can put up to 50 P.P.E. into it initially.
  • It can be recharged with 30 P.P.E. at the cost of 60 P.P.E.
  • The talisman can then be used at a later time to bolster a character's normal P.P.E. reserve.
  • A P.P.E. battery can never hold spells.
Creator Exclusivity
  • Only the mage who created a given talisman can recharge it.
  • Gods and Demon Lords are the sole exceptions to this rule.

Per the Level 12 Invocation
The "Amulet" is a potent invocation that instills a medallion or charm with mystic properties that will protect an individual from magic or supernatural forces. The only requirement of the invocation is that the amulet be made of one metal purified by fire or made of semiprecious stone. The sole purpose of an amulet is to protect. Protection is provided in several different ways. Any one of the following can be created by the amulet invocation.
Types of amulets:
  • Amulet of Charm: A general ward against magic that provides a bonus of +1 to save versus magic and psionic attacks.
  • Amulet of Protection Against Sickness: Amulet that specifically protects against the eighth level invocation "Sickness" Bonus of +6 to save.
  • Amulet of Protection Against Insanity: Adds a bonus of +4 to save against all magically induced insanities.
  • Amulet of Protection Against the Supernatural: Adds a bonus of +2 to save versus Horror Factor and +2 to save versus possession.
  • Amulet of See the invisible: Enables the wearer of the medallion to see the invisible.
  • Amulet of Sense the Presence of Spirits: The amulet changes color whenever an entity(s) is in the area
  • Amulet of Turn the Undead: A charm that will prevent any of the undead from physically touching them while they wear or hold the amulet. The amulet works much like a cross does against vampires. Effective against all undead.
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