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Sir Thorn (Tokanii Cyber-knight) -- NAC

Postby Sir Thorn » Fri Dec 30, 2005 12:42 am

Player Name: Steve

Character Name: Sir Thorfinn Skullsplitter
Alias: Sir Thorn, Thorn
Race: Tokanii
O.C.C.: Cyber-knight
Occupation: Adventuring Knight-Errant...
Alignment: Aberrant
XP Level: 10
XP Points: 119,522 — ● — Major Arcana 06/01/15
Next Level @ XP: 131,201
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Wary of demons but treats non-humans as equals without doubt or suspicion
Sentiments/Coalition: Hates the CS, they slaughtered most of his people as they arrived on earth fleeing their own homeworld's apocalypse.
Disposition: Nice guy, friendly but a bit of a schemer
Insanities: Hatred of Insects [Remind him of Xiticix]

I.Q.: 13
M.E.: 22
M.A.: 12
P.S.: 35 [Carry: 1750 / Lift: 3500]
P.P.: 20 [+3 Bonus]
P.E.: 26
P.B.: 7
Speed: 28 [560yds/min, 140yds/melee]

PPE: 45
ISP: 101
MDC: 351 —— [-8 MD, Contribution to Squad HQ Defenses]
HF: 13
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Height: 8'2"
Weight: 520lbs
Description: Thorn resembles a black skinned demon skeleton with teeth the size of steak knives. His light grey exoskeleton plates are almost entirely covered now by Cyber-Armor. Thorn keeps his normally wild black hair pulled back in a tight pony-tail bound by strap.

Racial Abilities
Nightvision 300ft, Climb 95%/90%
Superior sense of smell
Fire/Heat Resistant (½ dmg)
Supernatural Strength & Endurance
Regenerates 2d6+4 MD/day
Regenerate Hands (28MD each), or Feet & Claws (10MD each) (1d4+2 weeks)

Natural Abilities
Perception: 72%
Charm/Impress: None
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: None [HF 13?]
Max. Encumbrance: 676 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 1750lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 3500lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 70.5' length & 30.75' height
Can move 560yds/min, 140yds/melee, 15.5yds/action [Based on 9 APM]

Cyber Armor
☞ A.R.: 17
☞Main Body — 80
☞Upper Legs — 22 each
☞Forearms — 17 each
☞Shoulders — 15 each
☞Back/Shoulder Plate — 22 each
Living Armor - Regenerates 1d6 MDC/hr

Create Psi-Sword (0isp)
Create Psi-Shield (15isp, 5min/L, 80MD)
Meditation (0isp)
See the Invisible (120ft, min/lv, 4isp)
Mind Block (10min/lvl, 4isp)
Object Read (6isp)
Telekinetic Leap (2ft up & 3 ft across/lvl, 8isp)
Telekinesis (60 ft, 2min/lvl, isp varies)
Mask ISP & Psionics (10min/lvl, 7isp)
Healing Touch (6isp, 2d4HP or 2d6SDC)
Commune with Spirits (2min/lvl, 6isp)
Bio-Manipulation (160ft, 4d4 minutes, 10isp)
Super Bio-Regeneration (8d6MD, 20isp, after 1 full min of focus)
Telepathy: Superior (100ft +50ft/L (Probe) // 200ft +100ft/L (Communication), 2 Min/L, 8 ISP)

Psi-Swords--Sir Thorn’s Psi-Swords are massive 5½ foot, Claymore-like weapons that he wields either one or 2 handed depending on his mood.

O.C.C. Skills
Language: American 106% [+1%/L]
Language: Dragonese/Elven 126% [+3%/L]
Language: Spanish 110% [+3%/L]
Language: Gobbley 110% [+3%/L]
Literacy: American 110% [+5%/L]
Lore: Demons & Monsters 95% [+5%/L]
Anthropology 85% [+5%/L]
Paramedic 100% [+5%/L]
Land Navigation 88& [+4%/L]
Horsemanship: Cyber-knight 115/95 [+3%/L]
Body Building
Climbing 105/95 [+5%/L]
Gymnastics (+5% where applicable)
- - Sense of Balance 85 [+3%/L]
- - Work Parallel Bars/Rings 95% [+3%/L]
- - Back Flip 95 [+2%/L]

Swimming 110% [+5%/L]
WP Sword
WP Blunt
WP E. Pistol
WP E. Rifle
H2H Martial Arts

O.C.C. Related Skills
Prowl 85% [+5%/L]
WP Heavy MD Weapons
WP Shotgun
WP Shield
Cooking 85% [+5%/L]
Detect Ambush 85% [+5%/L]
Tracking 80% [+5%/L]
Intelligence 77% [+4%/L]
Interrogation Techniques 85% [+5%/L]
Streetwise 60% [+4%/L]
Lore: Magic 80% [+5%/L]
Lore: D-Bee [L3] 65% [+5%/L]
Demolitions [L3] 95% [+3%/L]
Military Tactics [L6] 60% [+5%/L]
Field Armorer & Munitions Expert [L6] 70% [+5%/L]
** Mechanics: Basic [bonus w Armorer L6] 55% [+5%/L]
Wrestling [L9]
Fencing [L9] +1d6 to Sword Damage, +1 Strike/Parry w Sword or Dagger

Secondary Skills
Wilderness Survival 80% [+5%/L]
Radio: Basic 95% [+5%/L]
Pilot: Hovercraft (ground) 100% [+5%/L]
Pilot: Hovercycle 100% [+3%/L]
WP Sub-Machinegun
WP Handguns
Pilot: Truck [L5] 64% [+4%/L]
Salvage [L5] 65% [+5%/L]
Skin & Prepare Animal Hides [L10] 35% [+5%/L]
Aerobic Athletics [L10]

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 9
Initiative Bonus: 4
Strike Bonus: 5
Parry Bonus: 8
Dodge Bonus: 8
HTH Damage Bonus: 19 (sdc)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: 6
Bonus to Pull a Punch:
Bonus to Disarm: 7
Bonus to Entangle: 2

● S.N. Dmg − Restrained Punch 5d6Sdc, Punch 4d6Md, P. Punch 1d4x10Md, Bite 1d6md
● Claw Damage = 2d6+2+SN Strength Dmg [DB's of NA, Pg 206]
● Fencing +1d6 to Sword Damage, +1 Strike/Parry w Sword or Dagger[/size]
Psi Sword Totals w all Bonuses -- 8d6Md, +10 Str, +12 Parry
Critical Strike on an Unmodified 18, 19, or 20.
● Can Perform Holds
● Back Flip, Back Flip-Escape
● Paired Weapons Training
● Combat Acrobatics- No penalty to strike when moving or off balance
● Combat Awareness:Basic
    ** Primary Opponent ONLY
    ** Negates any bonuses provided by a Machine or Weapon
    ** Against Tech Opponents: +3 Initiative (+6 v AI's), & +3 Strike/Parry
    ** Tech Opponent Penalties: -2 Attacks, & -3 to Dodge
    ** AUTODODGE - Vs Primary Tech Opponent, = +6 [[ +8 vs AI's ]] [+3 PP Bonus]
● Cloud Sensors: The Cyber-Knight cannot be accurately detected with Sensors.
    ** "Sensors" are limited to those in Robots, Power Armor, Vehicles with Weapons/Sensor systems.
    ** Inexperienced (1st-3rd Level) sensor operators cannot use sensors at all, and -2 attacks per melee everytime they try to figure out what's going on.
    ** Experienced operators are uncertain, hesitate, and lose one melee action, with a -40% skill penalty.
● Combat Awareness: Advanced
    ** All Tech Weilding Opponents
    ** Negates any bonuses provided by a Machine or Weapon
    ** Against Tech Opponents: +2 Initiative (+4 v AI's), & +2 Strike/Parry, +1 Dodge
    ** Tech Opponent Penalties: -1 Attacks, & -2 to Dodge
    ** AUTODODGE - Vs Tech Opponent +6 Autododge [[ +8 Autododge vs AI's ]] [+3 PP Bonus]
● Cloud Targetting Computers and Weapons Systems
** Negates any bonuses to strike from a Modern Weapon System and imposes -2 to Strike with any modern or advanced weaponry.
● Improved Autododge vs Tech

● Mounted Combat through Horsemanship: Cyberknight
** +1 Initiative @ 1, 5, 9, & 14
** +2 Parry/Dodge
** +6 Melee Damage (either Sdc or Mdc)
** +2 Strike for the Horse

Weapon Proficiencies
WP Sword [4/3/2]
WP Blunt [4/4/2]
WP E. Pistol [5/-/-]
WP E. Rifle [5/-/-]
WP Heavy MD Weapons [4/-/-]
WP Shotgun [4/-/-]
WP Shield [2/4/-]
WP Handguns [5/-/-]
WP [L5] Knife [2/3/3]
WP [L5] Targetting [-/-/2]
WP [L5] Spear [3/3/1]

Saving Throws
Master Psionic (Needs a 10 to Save)
Save v HF +11
Save v Magic +6
Save v Psionics +3
Save v Insanity +5
Save v Disease/Poison/Drugs +9
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Postby Sir Thorn » Sun May 20, 2007 10:10 am


MercTown State Bank Account
(1) Secure Universal Card: 161,225 credits (12/27/14 Major Arcana)
(1) Secure Universal Card: 201,000 credits (3/6/15 - Major Arcana)
(1) Unsecured Universal Cards: 1,000,000 credits (1/8/14 - Malach Ra)

Group Funds
(1) Secure Universal Cards: 9,000,000 credits (09/21/2012 Oracle)
(2) Black Market Cards: 1,000,000 credits (12/21/13 - Malach Ra)
(1) Unsecured Universal Card: 551,000 credits (3/18/15 - AoS)
(3) Unsecured Universal Cards: 100,000 credits (1/8/14 - Malach Ra)
(1) Unsecured Universal Cards: 90,000 credits (05/09/14 Thorn -60k for Crotalo)


Worn on Person

Battlefury Blade
• Weight: 17 lbs.
• Damage: 6D6 M.D.
• M.D.C.: 200, regenerates 20 M.D.C. per day.
• Powers: By channeling 40 P.P.E. into the weapon, the wielder can invoke the Battle Fury. While this fearsome ability is active, the weapon inflicts a whopping 2d4x10 M.D. with every hit. In addition, every time the wielder makes an attack with the sword, they get two attacks instead of one; the weapon striking with blistering speed (opponents are -5 to Parry the unexpected, super-quick, second attack). Finally, for the duration of the enchantment, the user is encased in a suit of magical force with 100 M.D.C.
• The Battle Fury lasts for 3 minutes.

Einherjar's Folly
A visibly worn shield, which shine seems to never fully fade. The Kite Shield has gone through many battles and even more valiant warriors. Nearly all of them have died shortly after receiving Einherjar's Folly.
• M.D.C.: Virtually Indestructible
• Resizing: As the wearer puts the item on, the straps elongate to fit around the wearers arm. The Wearer can even elongate the straps so the shield can fit on their back.

[2] NE-10XL Plasma Cartridge Pistol
• Range: 1,200'
• Damage: 1D4x10 MD
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 40 shots
• Modifiers: +1 to Strike. Designed for Larger Humanoids and PA's. 2 Magazine's of 20 shots each

• Clips -- 10 Fully Loaded Clips [40/40]

AR-M36 Rifle Mini-Missile Launcher
pg 181 Warlords of Russia
Range: Per mini-missile type
Dmg: Per missile type
Payload: 8
Rate of Fire: 1, 2, or 4 missiles
● 4 Fragmentation Mini-missiles
● 4 K-HEX AP Mini-missiles (1d6x10)

WR-12 Giant Ion Pistol
• Range: 600'
• Damage: 2D6 MD
• Rate of Fire: single shot
• Payload: 30 shots E-clip

• [4] Clips

Titan EBA Plate Armor - Heavily Modified to look like Mega-Juicer Armor
M.D.C. by Location
• Helmet: 85
• Arms: 100 each
• Legs: 125 each
• Main Body: 250
• Force Field: 75
Notes: Modified to look like Mega Juicer Armor, Integrated Forearm Grenade Launcher x2 (Voice Activated), Integrated N-F20A Medium Force Field, Psionic Electromagnetic Dampers - +2 to save vs.Psionic attacks and possessions +1 vs magic illusion and mind control.
Modifiers: 280lbs, For wearers with a normal P.S. of 40+ or a supernatural P.S. of 25+, reduce speed by 10% and the character is -15% to prowl and -5% to other physical skills. Weaker characters reduce speed by 40% and are -30% to prowl, and -15% to other physical skills. Characters weaker than P.S. 25 normal or P.S. 20 supernatural can not wear this armor.

• Forearm Launchers Loaded with: [4] High Explosive Grenades

Talisman: Time slip [1/3 Charges @ Lvl 8] -- Leather Strap Black (Tied to Belt @ Left)
Talisman: Impervious to Energy [3 Charges @ Lvl 8] -- Leather Strap Grey (Tied to Belt @ Right)
Talisman: Shadow Meld [3 Charges @ Lvl 8] -- Leather Strap White (tied to Shield Strap)
Talisman: Carpet of adhesion [3 Charges @ Lvl 8] -- Leather Strap Black (tied to Shield Strap)

Ring of Frequency Jamming
• Frequency Jamming - per the spell (BoM pg. 112) at 5th Level - 3x per day
• Range: 500 feet
• Duration: 10 melee's
• Notes: Interferes with 1 targeted machine

Ring of Cleanse
• Cleanse - per the spell (BoM pg. 93) at 5th Level - 3x per day
• Range: Self
• Duration: Instant
• Notes: The spell cannot be used on body armor, buildings, vehicles, streets, or anything else, only living creatures and clothes/fabric.

Utility Belt -- Worn
• [4] Stun Grenades
• [6] Flash Grenades
• [4] Black Smoke Grenades
• [2] White Smoke Grenades

Belt pouch left side (30 lb capacity : D-Pocket (Created by Krevek will last for two years))
    • Wilks Laser Flashlight
    • Short Range Radio (1md)
    • [4] Day Rations
    • [1] Encrypted Ear-Bud Radio Transmitter (1 mile range)
    • [6] High Explosive Grenades
    • [8] Plasma Grenades
    • [1] Cans of regular Spray paint (Black)

***Stored in/on Brimstone***
● [2] Dino-Skin Saddlebags (30 MDC)
● [1] Sets of Maps of Tolkeen (400 miles North, plus information of Ley Lines and Hives)
● [1] Type-2 NE-MAT-3 Anti-Matter Anti-Tank Mine [25lbs, 500ft Radius, 1d4x100MD, Remote Detonation Modified]
● [4] NE-003PC Box of 96
● [12] K-HEX AP Mini-missiles (1d6x10)
● [4] Plasma Mini-missiles (1d6x10)
● [4] Light Fusion Blocks
● [2] Medium Fusion Blocks
● [6] Heavy Fusion Blocks
● [10] Day Rations
● [2] rolls Duct Tape
● [5] Protein Healing Salve
● 150ft of Mega-rope
N-F20A Medium Force Field
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Force Field: 75
Weight: 10 lbs.
Modifiers: none
  • 10 hour duration per E-clip
Book Reference: p.122, DB2

New Purchases
Wilk's FLIR * 2
Wilk's FLIR Disks * 10
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Postby Sir Thorn » Wed Aug 29, 2007 11:04 pm

Thorn’s Robotic Warhorse


IQ: 9
PS: 40 [Robotic]
PP: 24
PB: 9 (14 w/ fake synthetic hide)
SPD: 215 (146 mph)

MDC By Location:
Head 150/150
(4) Legs 150/150
Main Body 350/350

Leap 15ft High, 40ft Long w/ running start

Large Horse Frame
Height: 20-Hands High (6’9” @ the shoulder)
Weight: 3000lbs
Carry up to 1 ton,
Pull up to 8 Tons

— ● — Concealed Micro-Hoverjet System Linked to Nuclear Power [Pg 27 Revised Sourcebook 1]
Max Spd: 200MPH
Max Altitude: 500ft

Skill Programs
Standard Robot Military Combat, Communications: Language Program, Military Intelligence Skill Program, Domestic Skills [Revised SB 1]

Climb 96% / 86%
General Repair & Maintenance 80%
Mathematics Basic 98%
Military Etiquette 96%
Pilot: Hovercraft 92%
Weapons Systems 90%
WP Paired Weapons **
WP Blunt **
WP Knife **
WP Rifles **
WP E Rifles **
H2H: Expert **
Understands & Speaks all 9 Major Languages @ 88%
Camouflage 80%
Detect Ambush 75%
Detect Concealment 75%
Intelligence 90%
Land Navigation 96%
Tracking: People 80%
Cooking 85%
First Aid 90%
Housekeeping 90%
Preserve Food 90%
Radio: Basic 94%
Recycling 92%
Sewing 92%
Wardrobe & Grooming 92% (includes cleaning of all kinds)

** @ Lvl 6 Proficiency

APM: 6
Init: +1
Strike: +7
Parry: +9
Dodge: +8
RWP: +2

Critical on 18, 19, or 20
+3 to Strike with Ranged Weapons
+4 to Strike & +6 to Parry with Vibro-Blade/Knife/Swords

Hoof Strike (Front): 2D6 MD
Hoof Strike (Rear): 4D6 MD

Weapons Systems:
● Dual Ion Blasters built into the eyes
(3d6/6d6, 640ft, unlimited payload) (New West Pg 196)

● [2] Ion Blaster Shoulder Turret
(3d6/6d6 (dual firing), 1200ft, unlimited payload) (Bionics Sourcebook, Pg 93)

● [2] Mini-Missile Launchers
(Capacity = 6(total), Range = 1 Mile, Damage = Per Missile) // (Bionics Sourcebook, Pg 95)

Retractable Mining-Drill type Horn (Silver-Plated, Akin to a Unicorn)
(18in, 3d6 MD)

5-Yr Nuclear/Fusion Power Source
Gyrocompass (SB1 Pg 30)
Clock Calendar (SB1 Pg 32)
Bug Detector (60ft range) (SB1 Pg 28 )
Radar Detector (SB Pg 30)
8 Large Compartments (12”x6”) with locks (New West Pg 196)
Eyes: Passive Nightvision (2000ft range) (SB1 Pg 29)
Eyes: Thermal Imager (3000ft range) (SB1 Pg 29)
Eyes: Searchlight (SB Pg 29)
Built in Radio Receiver and Transmitter (w/ Scrambler/Decoder) (20 Mile Range)
Retractable/Concealed Mini-Arms [PS: 15, PP: 10]
Human Voice Synthesizer [Pg 28 Revised SB 1, ]

● Barding akin to MI-B2 Medium Infantry-Borg Type Armor [Pg 77 of Bionics book] 310 MD x2
Matte Black, Coated with Naruni fibre-optic materials to allow for camouflage [+10% to Camouflage & +5% to Prowl]
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Re: Sir Thorn (Group Leader)

Postby Sir Thorn » Sun May 20, 2012 1:13 am

"We are a lost people. Refugees from one worlds ending. Rejected by the savage powers of this land ... But we will find a way." -- Khrathron Skullsplitter

Thorn grew up in the southernmost area of the Pecos Empire in the Grande Range bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Born of the Ronii tribe of the Tokanii that split off from the Kreenae . His father (Khrathron) was a prominent warrior, and hunter. He grew up with stories of the Tonanii's lost homeworld, and many losses (sights that will never be seen, places of his heritage). His mother, a gifted healer who would speak of and show visions of times and places now lost to oblivion before the leap of faith that brought them to this "Cursed Flat Land" and the brutal trail of blood and tears stemming from the the Deadboys and their SAMAS'. The Tokanii were slaughtered from a distance ... like shooting fish in a barrel for the better armed but squishy natives.

Thorn was the 8th born of 10, the 6th son ... though 2 of his elder brothers died as he grew to maturity. At a tender 14 Thorn joined his brothers Skteyll (14 years his senior) and Murian (23 years his senior) who had taken up raiding with a pack of Simvan Monster Riders hitting up merchant caravans, CS patrols, even the occasional group of bandits. At 14, he was near 300lbs and stronger than any human. The team lived high for just over a year before disaster struck in the night ... a dozen mechanized Brodkil, a few Greot Hunters, a Bruutusaur, Troll, and a pair of Witches. Murian was pinned by a trio of Brodkil and dismembered. In utter horror Thorn found himself powerless to help ... then came the chains and the darkness.

When the young Tokanii woke he found himself in a foul smelling pen 1/4 mile off the beach with Skteyll, who had been badly beaten and was missing his left hand, a dozen Cactus People, and a lizard creature. An large eagle headed creature was standing guard over them (Shedim Demon). About 1/3 of their comrades were in the next pen over mixed in with a bunch of Human and Orcish peasants and a number of men that looked like mercs of some kind. A third Pen was set up roughly 50 meters away. The following sunset, a ten Horune came into camp on a pack of hovercycles, and left with 2 dozen humans and the Cactus People. This left the two Tokanii and just over a dozen other captives in the Brodkil's tender mercies. The next few days were a haze of beatings as the Brodkil and their comrades amused themselves smacking around little Thorn, a slave who could survive more than their squishy human stock.

About a week later a skeleton walked into the camp and right up to one of the Witches. This sort-of-ended the beatings as the Slavers broke camp and began marching their captives North along the beach. Thorn and Skteyll made a break for it on the third day. They were hunted down by the Shedim and 3 Brodkil within a day. Skteyll lost an eye, Thorn was staked in a circle and ended up screaming his way into unconsciousness.

When he woke, young Thorn was being carried by Skteyll on the march. There were fewer Brodkil when he woke, but it was days before he could walk on his own again so there was no way they could take advantage of it. They were apparently headed into the Eastern Forests or the Magic Zone to a town or something owned by the Witches' master. Sometime after that 4 of the missing Brodkil met up with the caravan, they had a dozen captives and a near-dead Hill Giant (2 broken legs and a broken arm ) in tow. From then on, Thorn and sometimes Skteyll carried the smelly unfortunate creature on the march. It begged to die, but the Tokanii were told they could all expect to spend their nights in the Circle after a daily march if the creature didn't survive. One night he was roused in the middle of the night as onf of the cursed Brodkil putting 1 knee on his chest and driving a syringe full of ... something ... into his neck, then they marched through a portal into the snow, and into the mines.

It was a year in hell. Always working, always fearful, always hungry, usually in pain. There were three failed escape attempts ... hours then days in the Circle of Pain ... but nothing scared Thorn so truly and deeply as when Skteyll refused to try a fourth. Thorn was simply heartsick to see a brother he had idolized as his will crumbled before his very eyes. The young Tokanii hauled tons and tons of stone and dirt out of the mines for some twenty hours a day hauling refuse for 2 dozen darwven slaves as they dug at the direction of the witches. Thorn lost track of how long this went on, but the arrival of some 5-dozen head-bagged and iron-bound prisoners under the 'care' of a trio of witches and necromancers coincided with the completion of a massive 5-sided cavern. It was becoming a regular coven of the dark arts ... and they were preparing something, some sort of ceremony for an upcoming event.

Thorn didn't want to be there for whatever it was. He steeled himself to an attempted escape without his brother and made a break for it. He didn't even make it 1/4 mile out through the snows when the world went black. He stumbled on for a while in the snow before being siezed by a tentacles and rubbing up against teeth. Knowing that he's been run down by Brutis the Dark Behemoth kept as a guard dog and carried until strapped to a frame of some kind. Thorn lost his voice screaming in pain even as his vision returned, then soundlessly howling as unconsciousness overtook him.

Salvation came at the end of a blade. The young Tokanii recalls waking in the Circle of Pain, and through a haze of agony, hearing alarms raised by a few of the Brodkil that something was afoot. Two of their number went missing, then the radio crackled and there was smoke rolling into the tunnel entrance. Thorn did not hear it all, but he remembers hearing messages becoming more and more urgent.

He recalls seeing 4 Brodkil fall back with rifles to the room where his punishment Circle was and hearing scream before a cloud of smoke began billowing though the doorway. Thorn watched helplessly as man ... just a squishy little human walked out of the smoke, a bar of white light in one hand, striding in to face 5 bionically augmented Brodkil who began unleashing bursts as though they were facing a CS platoon. The man's speed was preternatural. It was like he knew before they did where they would aim and fire (well except for the idiot that was screaming "Where is he??? I can't see him!! Where is He??"). He danced among them lashing through to carve off hands, open up bellies, and chopping up rifles, and Thorn lay there feeling the beginnings of hope that maybe, maybe he could get the hell out of here.

Then, as though in slow motion he watched as a black 14ft tall minotaur breathing smoke (a Gallu Demon Bull) stepped up behind the human with a sword a full 6ft long. The creature swung at the human from behind and young Thorn's mind screamed out to stop, and with a mental 'click' like a lock's tumbler falling into place the Demon-Bull seized up ... paralyzed mid-swing.

The human didn't even notice until the Brodkil had all been dispatched. The idiot Brodkil that couldn't see the human or his sword of light was the last. As the others lay there twitching on the ground, it was as though a curtain had been pulled back for that Brodkil. He suddenly found himself 1-on-1 looking at the human and his sword of light.

"Who are You?!?!" the Brodkil demanded. "My name is Sir Roth creature. I've come to stop your master's plan. I offer this choice once, only once, if you want to live, just drop the weapon and head out," came the response. It shouldn't be a surprise the creature ran.

That was when the Knight saw the Gallu, standing there like a living statue with a massive blade mid-swing at his own neck level, and quickly pieced together the assist he'd received. Roth walked up to where Thorn was chained and struck the bonds in 3 clean blows. As the Tokanii found his feet, the Knight extended his thanks, and a request to release the Demon. Thorn refused flatly stating both that he didn't know how, and to do so was insane because the thing was big enough to kill them both. The Gallu broke free just then, cutting the entire debate off as it roared back into action. It was then that Roth's 2nd blade flashed into existence, and within a minute the Gallu's blade clattered to the floor, an arm still clutching it. The creature screamed and flashed from the Earthly dimension.

Thorn recalls picking that blade up and carrying it behind Roth for the rest of that bloody night. Meeting up with another Cyberknight (Sir Tristram Starbuck), a couple mages, and a half-dozen assorted Noli Bushman and N'mbyr Gorilla Men. Destruction of the cave ceremony to draw the Witches' monstrous master through a rift to build an empire, and freeing the slaves, especially his brother.

Everything changed that night. Thorn and Skteyll were freed, and the recent prisoners who were largely mages brought in as sacrifices for the ceremony opened portals to Tolkeen, Colorado, and Houstown (down in Lone Star). The Tokanii returned home, Skteyll stayed, Thorn did not. This time though he left with Sir Roth, wandering the Pecos Empire, fighting Vampires and bandits alike. Thorn's skills grew through years of training and in the course of their trip northward following a vision Roth had to rid a town of its sudden Xiticix seige in the Winnipeg area. The Tokanii was a powerful psychic with a drive and will to see justice done. Sir Thorn took the Code of Chivalry to his heart, even though he had his own interpretations on occasion.

Thorn's path then led him to Merctown, where he worked with a tattoed atlantean named Xavier and a gypsy named Natasha briefly. They parted ways and the D-Bee knight formed the Spook Squad, along with a tactiturn gunslinger Alabaster Rutheford Hayes, and a Psi-Ghost named Ghost. Thorn's fledgling crew picked up a few referrals from Fixer at the Job Market Cafe, Carl a quiet swordsman, Mierin a deadly professional sniper, and Oneil, a power armor pilot. Between the 6 of them, they eviscerated the Cyberstreet Gang and collecting the bounty on their Troll leader beginning to build their own reputation.


Sir Thorn would like to divest himself of the Insanities/Inclinations which seem to have recently afflicted his mind.
Sir Thorn would like not to be dehydrated so often ( :wink: ).
Sir Thorn would like to go after some Slavers, or Xiticix, or Vampires ... get a request for rescue from a mentor? or a Bounty on someone fleeing into Mexico?
Sir Thorn would not mind taking a mission or 2 on other peoples' backgrounds (though Mierin's would require him to be in costume all the time if he needs to visit the CS).
Sir Thorn would love to strike the CS in a manner that would not be traceable back to the Spook Squad or Tokanii ... largely because they conducted a wholesale --- fish in a barrel slaughter of his people who had no way of really defending themselves (maybe someday he'll get over this).
Sir Thorn would be fine if Kesslan's radioactivity gave them all superpowers :mrgreen:
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